Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Absence of darkness

(683)  Jeo na ogo prabhu

Oh Lord, please don't go;
There's so much left to tell.
Please come back to my abode;
In my home, alone I dwell.

In joy and suffering I call unto You;
In memory of You, all work I do.
Finally, after losing everything,
I long for You wholeheartedly.
Neither solace nor happiness do I crave;
Simply keep my gloom constrained.

Come deep into my mind's core;
I leave unlocked the mental door.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Boundless Lord

(1027)  Tomare cai je ekante

You're the One I desire privately,
Vishnu, my Boundless Lord.
I know You surround me in every direction;
Still, I grow weary seeking You constantly...

In the waves of the billowing ocean are You;
You are in the trill-filled forest and in solitude.
On every pathway You are always with me,
Silent but unfailing...

In the clear blue sky beside the constellations
And in woodland gardens with sweet floral essence,
Amid all that is explained and among what's unexplained,
Ever tranquil You've remained...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Then and now

(558)  Tumi je diyecho nara

It's You Who gave me a stir
At life's start, my Master;
Never will You be forgot.
Due to You, my everything
Is swaddled in moonbeams.

In a corner I did lie,
Deaf and mute in life.
Then came You secretly
Into my heart-cave.
This Your coming,
Never is it without meaning;
Each minute You gave me a shake.

In a world of light,
I've worn clothing smeared with ink;
But in every thought and deed
Chimes only Your divine desire.
Though that I do not see or hear;
Sleep rent, Your love-game I've conceived.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fitting in

(665)  Amay chariya kotha jao e nirajane

Forsaking me where do You go in a place so lonely?
Why do You make me cry while You smile inwardly?

Well have I loved You,
And You know well what would soothe;
Better for me would it be
If You did not play Your game continually.

To love You there are
Creatures by the crore, in myriads of garbs;
And so within Your heart,
Nowhere is there space for me, awake or asleep.

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