Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I want to go

(8)  Ami jete cai tumi niye jao

I want to go; Lord, please go with.
All my binding confines, let them be ripped.

My mental fickleness,
My heart's exuberance,
My capricious emotions,
My everything, Lord, please take with.

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Only He

(7)  Niiravata majhe ke go tumi ele

Oh, Who are You Who came amid the silence,
Our cloud-darkened sleep to demolish...
You dispelled our slumber.

Stricken by storm, our lamp extinguished,
You ignited the matchstick of knowledge.

In our tiny playroom of Your ornate garden,
Those who come are going a great distance.
Today, their path's ultimate target,
You revealed it with the lamp You lit.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


(815)  Tomari name tomari gane

To Your fame, to Your song,
Myself I've committed.
In Your love and affection,
I've been whelmed with bliss.

There's no one who is foreign to me;
As dear as life, everybody is family.
Serving everyone, meaning their well-being,
I've attained fulfillment.

Please come nigh, yet more nearby;
Come into my heart and mind.
By Your grace and compassion,
I have found myself.

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(6)  Bandhu amar

My longtime ally,
My longtime ally
Is encased in golden light.

The bird of morning
Rose up singing,
Coated with pollen of life.

For whose sake,
For whose fame,
I seek Him night and day?
A new light radiates,
And new wings take to flight.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Collision course

(814)  Tava surera tane mama manavitane

In my mental pavilion, with the strains of Your melody,
Spring descended unseasonably.
With my love's upstream course and Your song's vivacity,
A dam-bursting tidal wave has washed over me.

Amid the frenzy, I am seated,
Gazing toward the path, anticipating Your arrival.
Please come speedily, impatient is the earth;
To greet You, it has flowered.

With Your sweet memory, reverie, and meditation,
In my mind I get immense bliss.
Without You, my lute lacks all rhythm;
Come sit by my side, ever smiling tenderly,
Cordially escort me on the path of righteousness.

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Our Lord so bountiful, so beautiful

(5)  Elo anek juger sei ajana pathik

The age-old unknown traveler, He came
With sweet melody of consciousness;
And so my life got filled with song.

Mid the agony of total loss,
Mid the poverty of emptiness,
I've received all with lyrics and beat,
In the invocation of beauty,
Calling, calling, calling...
And so my life got filled with song.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

He delivers

(813)  Sab priitite pran bharecho

With every joy, life You've infused;
Who does not feel it, who does not feel it?
With every song, You've brought the tune;
Who does not hear it, who does not hear it?

When nothing existed, the world but intent,
Utter gloom was there, not a celebration.
You gave a pulse to endless nighttime
With the dream of a cascade of light.

Good and bad, weal and woe, the fragrance of flowers,
Earth's ashen dust, and chirps of the tattler,
Existing amid the void, with Your first work
You descended into the realm of conception.

Hearing of You, thinking of You, giving You mind,
That carries me through any perilous night.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Out and in

(812)  Udayacale mana majhe ele

With the sunrise You entered my mind,
Making my disposition bright.
You filled my life with melodies,
With a beat that just washed over me.

Tuning Your lyre to music's octave,
Seated constantly on my heart-lotus,
With thought absorbed in sublime intuition,
What is that tune that You poured forth?

Opening my eyes, so far as I do see,
Other than You none else is there.
Closing my eyes, gazing inside,
There too I see the cosmic play transpire;
Your divine game takes place all of the time.

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Be my banker

(4)  Sakal maner viina ek sure baje aj

Every mental lute is playing the same tune today
In every heart there is a sweet perfume.
With pleasing garb into this world You came,
Giving everyone the same realization.

Please don't rip the petals off this flower-garland;
They're my entire supply of love.

Please come closer, closer, and still closer;
All I have, take it with Thee.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Break and make

(811)  Alora jharana namiya eseche

A cascade of light has descended
By Your grace, oh Benign Lord.
The minds of this world have sped
Into that light stouthearted.

In water and dry land, and in the vast blue sky,
In thoughts and words, in wind and fire,
In each and everything, intrinsic You have dwelled;
You're at the core of liila, oh Consciousness Made Manifest.

With constellations and with distant nebulae,
In the whimsy of Your game You've strewn light.
Seated in seclusion and yet piercing every psyche,
You break and then You make, Embodiment of Mercy.

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His anointed

(3)  Andhara sheshe alora deshe

At end of gloom, in the light's realm,
News of the crimson dawn
I will proclaim to my siblings, everyone.

Yonder the sky, it is star-studded;
And on the air there is a heady scent.
Living in the midst of all am I,
The flower pollen having smeared my mind.

The soil underneath my feet, lo
It is purer than the purest gold.
In the green shade, deer are entranced;
Consecrated, once again they dance.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Across the sea

(810)  Andhar sagar pare esecho

Crossing the sea of darkness, You have come;
You have come with beauty's splendor.
Dispersing light, You have smiled;
You have smiled, bestowing insight.

What was merely heavenly,
Now that belongs to everybody.
Every living heart is flooded with ecstasy,
As You've appeared upon a stream of melody.

You've come to us with love
To fill with words our deepest thoughts.
Slowly, stately, please enter my hut,
Undulating with Your crests and troughs.[1]
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The curse of grace

(809)  Hiyara viinay nava dyotanay

On heart's lyre, with new significance,
Which tune, pray tell, did You play today?
Amid the heavy rain, with vague assurance,
Why did You bid me my home to forsake?

The blossoms have all fallen, just thorns remaining;
In my flower garden, the fragrance has been lost.
As to the Jamuna[1] of mind, my dying Jamuna,
Please say why You made the current rush upstream.

Effulgent splendor is far removed from me;
Rather, a sheet of gloom has come and smothered.
Into my ravaged life, my destitute heart,
Tell me why You poured the light of novelty.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bridge over troubled water

(808)  Man jadi mor bheunge pare kabhu

If ever my heart should break,
Stay with me, Lord, kindly remain.
If the flame of hope should grow faint,
Matchstick in hand, please come save.

If constantly a cruel destiny,
Frowning and baring its large teeth,
Would put paid to all good qualities,
In my time of need, please see to me.

If by typhoon, tornado, or thunderstorm,
The sweet nectar of life would get absorbed,
On that dark night, gainsaying the pain,
With heart's compassion, call out to me;
Call me, Lord, please do call me.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

He makes changes

(807)  Tumi alor sagar theke esecho

From the ocean of light You've arrived,
Ousting materialism's ignorant vice.
For the sake of welfare, You've built a system,
Piercing the heart and mind of everyone.

With flowers and fruits, forms and flavors, You've smiled;
The path of progress You've opened wide.
You've made the people of the world perceive
That ever You're working for our well-being.

For no reason would You ever permit Cataclysm,
And never will there be a finish to Creation.
Coming and going, again and again,
Breaking and building in all directions,
Among us all You've moved, speaking:
"Equally, I love everybody."

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Saturday, August 19, 2017


(2)  E gan amar alor jharanadhara

This is my song, a cascade of light.
On a rocky road, by day and by night,
I carry on...
I carry on without obstruction,
A cascade of light.

This is my path, rugged and full of thorns.
From the Source on my life-stream,
I keep breaching...
I keep breaching stone-prisons,
A cascade of light.

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Let's go

(1)  Bandhu he niye calo

Oh Abiding Friend, take me with.
Toward yon streaming fountain of effulgence,
Oh Abiding Friend, take me with.

No more can be borne unenlightenment's affliction;
Oh Abiding Friend, take me with.

Shattering my deep sleep with one song after another,
Oh Abiding Friend, take me with.

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His excellence

(806)  Ami sudhar svanane bhasi go

Oh, I drift in a sound most heavenly;
My song I sing to Your melody.
To see You I'm intensely keen;
I watch Your golden mountain peak.

On Your bloom nary a thorn is there;
Your kindliness is not diminished in the least.
The young buds in your flower garden,
Never do they wither,
Keeping in sight the one held dearest;
For without You there is emptiness.

In the light of the moon You smile;
On a floral fragrance You glide.
Filling the heavens with vital sweetness,
You speak the tongue of the infinite.
Viewing Your glory, I think of You only;
Toward You I go floating.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

The best

(805)  Tomakei ami bhalobasiyachi, tomake jenechi sar

I'm in love with You alone–
You're the best one that I've known.
I have danced but to Your beat;
No one else do I perceive.

In my mental vineyard,
Rich in fruit and flowers, there are strata,
In my mental vineyard.
Buzzing in swarms are the bees,
As the wine does drop, plop-plopping.
No delay bear I, so come now nigh...
You are the light of my life.

In the vast blue sky, whatever music mode exists,
And in that mode, any tunes concomitant,
Inside Your mind are all of them...
You are everyone's life breath.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Base of aesthetics

(804)  Chande sure tumi eso prabhu

You arrive with rhythm and with melody, Lord;
You come in splendor, come in splendor.
Lord, You abide with beauty and affection
Every moment, every moment.

You're in the sweet and gentle wind,
In a redolent, efflorescent garden.
Secretly, in a corner of the mind,
You reside, thrilling with delight–
Thrilling with delight, thrilling with delight.

From You there's nobody who is far;
With You all do speak their inmost heart.
In background music for each one's mental state,
Your delicious sweetness, it pervades–
It pervades, it pervades.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Going home

(4370)  Tomar namer tarii beye

Having rowed the boat of Your name,
I will cross the sea...
I will cross the sea today;
I will cross the sea.
Foggy mist and stormy wind,
Ebb and flood tide, I do not mind.

Some from behind would jeer,
And some would unnerve me...
Whatever fearsome tales they speak,
To them I'll pay no heed.

Upon those billows and cyclones
Descends a tranquil glow...
From the far shore of coming and going,
Beckoning me is boundless peace.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Beyond matter

(803)  Nijer aloy tumi esechile

You had come with Your own light
Into the world, making it bright.
The earth became quite elegant,
By Your touch divine, oh Splendid One.

You came with thunderous proclamation,
Dismissing every errant attachment.
You made us recognize lofty thought;
Abstract was Your acquaintance.

To each heartbeat of humankind,
Tenderness, love, and compassion were tied.
You awakened well-being in paradise;
Transcendent is Your honey-packed desire.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another way

(802)  Tomake dekhechi manera mukure

I've seen You in a mirror of the mind,
In frenzied waters of my river-tide.
I've sensed You on a stormy night,
In the absolute absence of light.

I never summon You when I'm happy;
I've but called in grief or calamity.
I've implored You with pain-filled mien,
With aching heart and tears streaming.

My golden life goes by in vain;
For, alas, You never came.
With grief, my dream-bloom fades
On an abraded riverbank.

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