Friday, December 30, 2016


(610)  Vandita tumi vishvabhuvane

Throughout the universe You're extolled;
Worshipped are You in every mind.
You are vibrant in both air and sky,
Pulsating the cosmic Om.

In Your infinity, nothing is lost
Never does anything cease to exist.
Those who were once will always remain,
Absorbed within Your consciousness
As solos in Your musical scale,
Flutes resounding per Your conception.

All that has been since time out of mind,
It goes on drifting in streams of melody,
Bondage or freedom to realize
In the sound of One versed in prosody.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

In whose heart

(608)  Eso go priya tumi mor hiyate

Come into my heart, my dear...
In every cell of every body,
Let psyche be smeared with my sweet affinity.

Many nights of crying have elapsed
On balconies waiting and watching Your arrival path.
In love that was colored by sun's red rays
Lies the mystery of mind, both night and day.

Age after age, countless times I've prayed:
Please light love's lamp in my heart always.
In bad times I don't waver, in good times I don't scorn;
In Your cradle I sway to the beat of Your song.

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Alter ego

(607)  Bhaver ainjan ankiya ankhite

Tracing on my eyes perception's kohl,
All wants I have banished, oh Alter Ego.[1]
No more shall I be alone.

On dark nights I've walked, solitary;
Many a path I've crossed in tears.
I could not imagine that moving with me
Were Your relentless chariot wheels.

The kohl, You Yourself applied it;
And into my heart You poured devotion.
In dark and dire straits, You showed the way;
Coated with love was the touch You gave.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


(606)  Tomare peyechi krsna tithite

I have found You on a dark lunar day[1]
While mingling with the stars.
I have loved, and I've known pain,
Drowned in other hearts.

Once a star in the sky, you became the star of my eyes;[2]
In You my intuition is lost.
When about to fall, hope returned a hundredfold,
It overwhelmed my heart.
Imbued with thoughts of You, clinging to Your tune,
In Your sweet flow I am awash.

Eternal companion, come to me in new form
With the lamp of life and the incense of love.
With the psychic sweetness in every atom of my being,
You won me over by what You've given.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


(605)  Eso eso eso

Please come, oh Lord, please come;
Please come, oh Lord, please come.
Bearing the one light we rely on,
Making resounding proclamations,
Filling hearts with ambrosia, please come.

With Your ever-new affection and a vibrant fragrance,
Enter the sky of mind, smeared with honeyed pollen.

The torments of hearts lost, a history untold,
All that anxiety is overflowed just because You dote.

Your boundless love, a song woven by beat and tune,
Won't permit any cause of sin or sorrow to continue.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Both tender and severe

(604)  Akash vatas bhare giyechilo

The sky and air were steeped
In dumbfounded heaven's grief.[1]
Flute in hand, You were standing,
With floral scent, the sweet attending.
In the dew-drenched atmosphere,
Your pink lips were angry.

Your message of love was revealed,
Creating stir in the seven spheres.[2]
Euphoric prelude to Your song surging,
A plangency came on genial breeze.
With moonlight were Your eyelids smeared.

A sound poured forth that was heavenly;
It sprawled beneath Your lotus feet.
Those with no voice, then they appeared,
That their intentions be made clear;
Your tenderness was veiled with severity.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Divine visitor

(603)  Maner majhare e kii tava liila

Inside my mind, what is this game of Yours?
In life's crucible, what is this stir?
What is this stir?
Music's charioteer, heart full of love,
My Visitor, what garland have You brought?

The song of gloom is suffused with Your tune;
Amid that desert are despair's notes consumed.
Today, with heart and mind brightly arrayed,
In Your work comes movement on the way.

All my yearning has been consummated;
Only with tears can I pay respect.
At dark of night, treading a tortured path,
On my heartstrings, a flash of light was cast.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Since time immemorial

(602)  Tomari lagiya tomare bhalobasiya

Loving You, holding to You steadfast,
I go forth, adhering to Your path.
Anywhere I look, there's none Your equal;
Thinking of You, I keep doing the work at hand.

Even before the dawn of my life,
Your crimson glow had won my mind.
Since then, throughout the day and without break,
In Your cradle, my life's cadence has swayed.
Singing Your name and chasing You alone,
I fight all obstacles; I mean to reach my goal.

Your inspiration and Your awareness,
Had lent me struggle[1] that You I might attain.
Ancient[2] Companion, feeler of my every pain,
Regardless of the day, I sing Your invocation.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Unwavering support

(601)  Cao prabhu ankhi tule

Lord, turn Your eyes and look my way;
Please disregard my grave mistakes.
From the garden of my psyche,
I've picked flowers I'd give to Thee.

With meditation, You I can't embrace;
The depths of hell I roam in pain.
In Your work I'm not immersed;
With sin my days, they slip away.

I dwell within a thorny brake;
In hopeful hues, pictures I trace.
Despite it all, to You I call,
My companion in these final days.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016


(693)  Tandrar pare taruna tapana

On the other bank of slumber, a fresh sun
Dispelled the gloom of dark-moon's night.
Half-awake were the inarticulate ones;
Their eyes did open at that time.

The world embraced innovation;
With a novel complexion[1] all came into sight.
In new beauty and love arose the dictum:
This earth is our collective birthright.

Sleeping minds were wakened and galvanized;
The wanton self-interest got restrained.
Delirious pride was recognized;
No more was universal conscience far away.

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