Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Divine calling

(647)  Tumi je esecho aj

You have come today
To consider suffering humanity's plight,
To rub out the stain on collective mind,
To confer love on everyone alive.

For your coming a static world was waiting,
Its body scarred by grievous wounds aplenty.
All echoes of joy had long disappeared
Neath the steady load of torments heartrending.

In the bosom of earth, ignite a brighter light;
Within hearts oppressed, pour out more ambrosia.
Send forth a clarion call to one and all
To march ever onward with head held high.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Dark longing

(644)  Tomari lagiya tomare smariya

Remembering You and for You only,
On Your relentless path I've journeyed.
Come into my heart with affection sweet;
See how many thorns were trod on by my feet.

So many storms upon my head I've suffered;
So many comet flames I have endured.
In great despair, great agony,
Painfully bent was my knee.

Seasons pass me by, the sun sinks in the sky;
Evening's dark shadows, they draw nigh.
A golden dream fades into nothing;
With fallen flowers I've strung my wreath.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

In His mind

(643)  Ami to tomare bhavini jiivane

I could not imagine You in my life;
Yet You've been thinking about me.
In a hidden, hard-to-reach place in my puny mind,
You've made Yourself a lodging.

The clouds that had gathered in my mind,
An accumulation of vanity and pride,
You drove those clouds so far away,
And drew me near through countless acts of grace.

Heavenly light, the one way out for the hapless,
Oh, soul of life, please accept my obeisance.
Patiently attending me, You've given inspiration;
Now, having awakened me, You've given realization.

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Friday, October 7, 2016


(630)  Tomar katha bheve bheve

Always thinking of Thee,
My days, they go by.
You have not arrived.

On roadways and riverbanks,
Trading in the marketplace,
Many people came and went;
My once-full current has dried out,
So where art Thou?

Along an unknown land's unknown waterway,
When will You come, plying Your ferry?
For that advent I am keenly waiting;
My heart, it is breaking.

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