Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Can I forget Thee?

(1714)  Tomare ceye tomari gan geye

On You having looked, Your song having sung,
Gazing at just Your path, I am awakened.
All good is Thine; You are light in darkness gloomy...
You remove the black hue inside of anxiety.

When I've forgotten You, I have nothing;
But having clung to Thee, I get everything.
You alone are my love and hope and peace;
In hardship and prosperity, You accompany.

In the bloom You are honey, colored-petals-concealed;
On the sky You are the moon, heaven's-nectar-besmeared.
In the three worlds only You exist, oh Sweet Lover Dear,
Thoroughly pervading and circling each and everybody.

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The last answer

(1713)  Amanishar tamisra cire

Having hewn the gloomy ignorance of dark night,
With the light a-buzzing, Who are You that arrived?
Everything I've desired, everything I've obtained–
By means of the last answer that You gave.

From one concern worldly to the final interest,
Psyche has rushed to the outermost limit.
After so much time, with momentous revolution,
Mind You took and made it Yours.

All of my wishes, they have been accomplished;
With bliss of attainment, mind has gotten filled.
A restless wave has become tranquil–
Underneath Your feet, eternal.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Nothing is negated

(1712)  Kajal kalo ankhir taray

In the pitch-black pupil of the eye,
Lord of Light, do reside.
With rainclouds of powder dyed,
Keep on coloring the mind.

Side by side with the light and ebony
Is free mixing of both joy and grief.
Taking them with me, onward I proceed;
And You observe the movement's speed.

Well-known between You and me
Is heart's message since eternity.
Of crying and smiling, emerald and ruby,
Inside of divine light they also have meaning.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

You got me ready

(1711)  Sei durjog bhara tamasii nishiithe

On that same inclement night of vice,
I have found You in surroundings mine,
Inside mind, Dear, inside mind.

At that time, with daybreak there was much delay;
Mind's consciousness, by sleep was it veiled.
To a terror-stricken life, its thinking impaired,
Decked in smiles, You yielded embrace.

There was not a thing for me to tell;
I had no viaticum for travel.
For me there was no burning hope's quest,
With sweet modesty having been overwhelmed.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

A long-distance relationship

(1710)  Tomake bhalobesechi ami

Yourself I have loved.
Oh Unknown One, I don't know the reason;
I don't know the reason.

I have seen You inside dreams;
I've conceived You through my musing.
I've received You with a mild shivering;
Except for You no other thing do I heed.

In the bud of psyche, You exist;
Dancing with my heart's pulse, You've proceeded.
In the blood of veins, You've remained mixed in it;
But though You are close-by, afar is Your residence.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

My light, my refuge

(1709)  Kane kane kaye jao

In private pray tell
At which place You dwell...
Please say what You want to get!

Day and night You are in my company,
With light and breeze on life's stream.
With tune and mode on the rise and fall of notes,
You don't let me be kept alone!

The pilgrim since times olden,
Nowhere do You desist for a moment.
You alone are the ruby of sweet psyche;
In the darkness You flash brightly!

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Nearer to me

(1708)  Tomari madhura hasi

Only Your honeyed smile,
It drives out of mind
All my grief and need, pain and shame, in a trice.
That magic flute of Yours
It surely does bestir
Those lulled to sleep with its fully sweet rapture.

Memories of joy and songs of pain,
I had saved with their petals upraised...
I never let them get erased.
Whatever type may be the memory,
On its crimson contact it excites greatly.

Oh my dearest Darling,
Please do appear closer to me...
Kindly exude a heart-filling melody,
With its hope of Your attainment only.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

His grace cannot be gauged

(1707)  Jadi tare na bhalo basi

When I do not hold Him dear,
Why then does He dote on me?
When I don't please Him with my psyche,
Why then in my thinking does He beam?

Time of sunshine, time of shade,
With Him only do I play.
Boundless are His games untold,
And through them to me He comes close.

By the day's light or night's black,
Through all the mundane good and bad,
With varicolored rays of thought,
He grants embrace in fun, in form.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

His calculus

(1706)  Sabar apan sabar priya

Everyone's very own, everyone's Darling,
At the core of everybody He is there.
Having adopted everyone, He weeps and beams;
He dances inside everybody's psyche.

In the mind of everyone, in perfect secrecy,
Every minute, He is embodied.
In the throbbing of each artery,
Crimson-colored, He dwells graciously.

He considers not if anyone be far or near;
For upper-class or lowly, there is no tendency.
Great is He, the noble One, most generous;
He appraises the touch of love.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

He makes beauty bright

(1705)  Tumi esechile rupe ucchale

You had come with lively beauty
Deep inside of mind's alcove,
At the ornate pleasure grove.
Without glory and unworthy,
I had been ashamed.

A body drenched with glowing tears was I,
The rain's reply, a rainbow upon sky.
As offering I did give all things mine
In a song of longing and despair.

Without You no one else is there;
In exchange for all, I desire only Thee.
I continue, thinking of just Your words only,
Vigilant both night and day.

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Though it hurts

(1704)  Ei ashoka tarura tale

Neath the same ashoka tree,
At evenings of Chaitra, without work or busy,
On some pretext I was sitting.

At springtime, with its sweet and gentle breeze,
Hoping for nectar poured were the black bees coming.
Distressed leaves, wet with tears of grief,
Seared by pangs of separation, they were crying.

That ashoka tree has gotten withered;
Now its leaves and flowers have vanished.
This path the black bees have abandoned;
With tears of memory cries the tree lacking nectar.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hope springs eternal

(1703)  Tomar katha bheve bheve, din je cale jay (1703)

About You ever thinking,
Days, they go by.
In thought's stream absorbed am I;
No bank on it is there.

Like a bubble on the ocean
Is my worth to the vast sky.
And yet I am its most beloved;
Such a hope does shine.

Will end to thought ever arrive,
Myself received as Thine?
Yes, You will make love bright
At heart's paradise.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Nothing of this world lasts forever

(1702)  Niilakashe balaka bhase

Upon the blue sky rides a flight of geese;
It proceeds, do tell please, unto which country.
In company with blue yonder, what is that crossing?
Ideation, it moves on, ultimately.

All the stars, amazed and lacking speech,
They remain staring at that crossing only.
Moonrays by the heaps, having plied through nothing,
They provide encouragement, smiling and smiling.

Earth's human beings, upward facing,
Grant adieu with songs aplenty.
Drawn to the color of Dawn's Mountain in the east,[1]
For mingling with the heavens they also want to leave.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Time, place, and person

(1701)  Andhar sagar pare se eseche

He has arrived, crossing over the dark sea,
Just like a font of light at the core of psyche.
Having cleft the bulwark of resistance, He has beamed;
My heap of good fortune, to the brim He has increased.

There is no right to get Him; of that I never think.
Yet, with the essence of ambrosia He has come near.

There is no pain of non-attainment... at no time, losing.
From a place higher than time, His love is exuding.

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Hankering for the unknown

(339)  Udasii hiyate kajala rate

With stoic mind on pitch-dark nights,
Why does it happen to be…
Oft and again, when time stands still,
My soul longs for the unrevealed.

Where are You; where do You stay hidden?
I am searching through the seven worlds.[1]
Deeply afflicted, tears flowing,
My heart yearns to find Thee.

The ocean of light, the mire of gloom—
Thoroughly I seek in every direction.
You've remained, that I assume;
But I can't hold You in apperception.

Nearest and dearest of my life,
Why this game of hide-and-seek with me,
Coming and standing in front with a smile,
Beyond the sea of suffering?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ever Onward, Ever Upward

(326)  Tumi nityashuddha paramaradhya

You, the ever-pure and supremely reverend,
You've brought a tidal wave in the sea of light.
You've filled the world with hue and form,
You've animated with new life.

At Your touch the cosmos has awakened;
You rouse all-inclusive exuberance.
With Your cheer the universe has become jubilant;
Everyone delighted with effulgence.
You are one, but You have come in countless modes
Bestowing life in countless flows.

You have kept the blue sky alight
With myriad colors and abundant stars.
You've appeared before disconsolate lives
Arrayed as everybody's Polaris.
You are just one, but You come in a hundred incarnations,
To perform for all the muktisnán.[1]

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Only He

(325)  Sakal manete sthan kariyacho

You are making Your abode in every mind;
Your seat is in every home.
You are the heat of every life;
Other than You there's nothing more.

We are but a tiny candle flame;
We get our fire only from You.
Our candlelight is just Your blaze;
We carry on our brow its soot.[1]
You exist, so all exist;
We find You in the public midst.

Tenderness and affection, love and compassion,
Knowledge and comprehension... all that we attain,
By Your grace, everything occurs;
Under Your shelter, we make headway.
Into our heart of hearts, come regally;
We want to hold You near.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

But what was the need for us?

(1700)  Ashar vartika niye ele

With a lamp of hope You did come;
Oh Who are You, Effulgent One?
Linguistic sweetness, along with rhyme You strung
In rhythm and melody, Embodiment of Song.

Yearning had arrived, plying Whose riverstream;
The wish was fulfilled by loving Him only.
Eternity's history, that thing bringing,
Praiseworthy Avatar of Consciousness... You are He.

Through form after form Creation's cataract proceeds;
Ruin of what's been created, it can never be.
With the flow of liila, forever You will be remaining,
He Who is resplendent in His own beauty.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Perhaps He too has limits

(1699)  Tumi aloker pratibhu

You're the Agent of Effulgence;
You're the Supreme Master.
You're the restless southern wind;
You're Ruler of the Universe.

Beckon of the Infinite You give;
Neglected folk You take and uplift,
Neath the shade of only Your umbrella,
Oh fully great Custodian.

You bring close the unknown persons;
You take and elevate the lowly ones.
You go on granting undeserved compassion,
Hey the Deity Self-Born.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020


(1698)  Ajana pathik thamo go khanik

Unknown Traveler, do pause for a moment;
Upon You a garland I will place.
Blossoms with pollen and smiling devotion
Having arrayed... I have brought my wicker tray.[1]

To please You I am moving, songs a-singing,
With tunes in tempo I am practicing at Your sangeet;
For a mind honey-coated by love's awakening,
A sweetly sonorous girdle of psyche.

To choose You[2] I dance in many a rhythm,
Happiness surging on a stream of ambrosia.
I don't wish to take a thing; I want but to give
Adoration, heart poured out.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Haven't I suffered enough?

(1697)  Urdhva akashe tarar mela

In the sky above a host of stars is there;
And below, the earth, she is bustling.
Having sat in solitude upon leaves rustling,
Because of You I weep unaccompanied.

To wipe my eyes there is no one;
None ever comes to give solace.
With suppressed emotion and heart flustered,
I cannot endure Your liila.

You are the emerald-radiance;
Forgiving faults, You remove heart's darkness.
At Your feet I prostrate a million times over;
Do not make me anxious any longer.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Suddenly I could see

(1696)  Tumi esecho mor madhuvane

Inside my pleasure garden You have entered,
Brimming with sandalwood scent.
Gently You have laughed each and every moment;
Emitted was a celestial river.

In this my garden, I had been solitary;
Then I'd discovered You with luster smeared.
My eyes were fixed upon that very light only,
Exuding love and overall prosperity.

Throughout one age after another I am lonely;
I have sought You, calling in melody and beat.
But lo, after so long, in person You appeared;
Yourself You gave up cheerfully.

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Passing strange

(1695)  Tomari stutite tomare bhajite

To worship You through Your praise,
Why do I go on, Lord, You please say...
Please do say, please do say.
Homage to embellish with Your flowers,
Why did this become a weakness?

With Your lamp and with Your wick,
Offering Your greeting, what does it accomplish?
Transcending both mind and speech, You do not persist
Within chains of hymnal praise, even for a minute.

For holding You we build shrines
To Him Whom even the vast heavens cannot bind.
Scriptures will not suffice; they cannot describe...
Did He arrive and take leave, idols inside?

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

God's grace is all there is

(1694)  Ajhore aj jhare pareche

Now in torrents has rained down
A drop of Your grace, oh Master.
It's Your kindness, it's Your kindness.
Skyward having looked, I exist;
But I cannot think, not a bit.

From the dark-cloud fringe of her saree
Svati's tears in love's stream
To oyster's bosom suddenly
Became pearls well-pleasing.

None brought with them anything,
And nothing leaves on their heels
Nor lingers above or beneath...
What remains is Your implication only.

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Saturday, September 5, 2020

A future loving world

(1693)  Sei sonalii svapane ami

I am in that golden dream!
Oh I have seen one country
Where there is no cheating,
And nobody gives misery.

There the blooms are filled with nectar;
Furthermore, there are no thorns.
There, piercing dark-night's gloom,
Sparkles light of the moon.
There, Someone secretly in a region hard to reach
Has sung a song that is unending.

There the river is filled to high-tide,
And in her there is no decline.
There the breast is filled with empathy,
And its stream of amity is overflowing.
In that lustrous kingdom, myself having come,
I have found a faint echoing sound of love.

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When the light came

(1692)  Alor dhara elo neve

A stream of light descended
'Pon this earth tormented.
Dancing, dancing, on it went
Through the human psychic layers.

None was there who was omitted,
Gloomy-faced and trouble-ridden.
Vices seared, hurdles crumbled,
Light proceeded, piercing darkness.

Expectations myriad throughout the ages,
And tender affections wholehearted,
Together mixed with fruits and flowers,
Got infused into all strata.[1]

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

My gracious Lord

(1691)  Bhalabasi tomay ami, cai na kichui vinimaye

I am in love with Thee;
In return I ask for nothing.
But as You are always busy,
Please take rest at my dwelling.

You are my hope's light;
Of all that is auspicious, You are still more bright.
You lay to waste the touchstone-black of mind;
With You is this world of mine.

Hey Rudra,[1] hey my Dearest,
Your dominion is just like ambrosia.
Your throne is on the topmost pinnacle,
And that is why I keep gazing upward.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

To yearn for Thee

(1690)  Akash jethay sagare misheche

Where sky has met with ocean,
The ocean has wanted it.
Cow's hoofprint wants to catch the moon,[1]
And mind wants to obtain You.

Unlimited is the tiny-I's wish;
So the horizon it wants to outstrip...
And so it yearns for Ultimate in private,
Yourself inside of own psychic nest.

For all people, You are their dearest
And too their one thought most intimate.
So You're the One Whom everybody wants to get,
Lastingly, by means of own strings of love.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Come to me on this fine morning

(1689)  Suprabhate ei rauna alote

On this fine morning neath the crimson light,
Who are You that arrived to fill up the mind?
With floral fragrance a wave does smile,
Frenzied by reflected beauty You did supply.

With dance-beats aplenty, oh You have come;
And You've laughed like the dancing gold in opal.
You have risen upon mind with a sapphire's color,
To make very zesty the face that is glum.

There is no impediment, so step forward please;
You rouse and uplift with love's touch only.
Mind wants to go and merge in just You, my Dear,
Through rhythm and song full of heart's intense yearning.

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