Saturday, April 30, 2022

Perhaps He knows this

(2252)  Ekii abhinava bhalabasa

Such a love unprecedented!
What by one hand You did give,
By other hand You took with,
Adrift in guise of nectar-sweetness.

When pondering the enigma,
I see my all You apprehended.
And the secrecy did not persist;
It got mixed with Your effulgence.

Everyone's last yearning deepest,
You grasp all of life's distress.
Having remained omni-pervasive,
Please view everything, crying and laughter.

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Friday, April 29, 2022

I cannot forget Thee

(2251)  Tomay bhule thaka kena nahi jay

Staying oblivious to You, why it doesn't succeed:
When I see black, closing eyes,
On that black You cascade light,
And that light cradles me.

As much as I think light-rays I'll not see...
To mind Yourself I will not bring...
Blindness, the self-same conceit,
It makes me still more worried.

I keep hearing You reside within mind...
Upon the psychic lotus You sketch a smile...
Is that grin's rising on light's beauty why
Aswoon it goes on mirror of inmost psyche?

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

I won't be deterred or dispirited

(2250)  Ami tomay khunjechi giriguhay

Yourself I have sought in mountain caves;
I've looked into molecules, each and every.
Always seeking, tired I've become, Lord;
At a distance You have wished to keep.

My every yearning, fulfilled will it be–
All my aspiration, it will be complete–
When Yourself I will get, passionately,
In my existential feeling.

Why You remain hidden, I don't understand;
How You stay making cry, also that's hard to grasp.
Yet I'll go on seeking– only through seeking will I find–
Catching You, it must yield.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

No question about it

(2249)  Phagun elo mane na janiye

Springtime entered mind without warning,
With blooms the mind's garden decorating...
Mid a parched and withered psyche,
Having sketched a portrait juicy.

On the branch, there had been no flower;
There had been no leaf or bud either.
To it having brought green leaves,
You infused a floral beauty.

There had been no honey in the cogitation;
There had been no moon on the firmament.
But hey, that same everlasting Lover,
Having strayed, with those too You appeared.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Let me make amends

(2248)  Tomare ceyechi sakal madhurii diye

Affording all my sweetness I have asked for Thee,
Like a light-strewing moon the earth entreats.
I don't know why You came not; couldn't You see?
Or perhaps You'd come– I looked not within psyche.

Constantly on the outside I've been searching;
I did not take notice of what's inside of me.
You have gone away again, is it for that reason:
Maybe a pain stings from lack of hospitality?

This time, I will look amid my deeps;
I will see the formless glory that is king.
Yourself I will dress in newer clothing,
With my floral guise in spring.

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Monday, April 25, 2022

What a fool am I

(2247)  Priitir dharay tumi ele

You arrived upon love's stream,
In my mind, oh, in my psyche.
I could not appreciate
At the moment You appeared.

In Your presence, I wished nothing;
I did not beg You to stay in psyche.
That You grant a boon I'd craved:
Toward my Aim to proceed.

You arrived in shape complete
Mid the scented resin of my psyche.
You had told that You remain
With everybody secretly.

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

With no anticipation

(2246)  Tumi path bhule jadi ele

When having strayed, then You appeared–
Came You not intentionally,
You did not come, You did not reach.
I cannot make invitation
When You came by inattention, notwithstanding.

I don't own a throne golden
Or a chair cloaked in silk from China.
The way having decorated with a rice-paint holy,
I retained no faith in the case You came mistakenly.

In this my hut, there's no profusion;
Ostentatious riches too, there are none.
Only with sweetness is the mind replete...
You did come, my dearth of hope ignoring.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

By my sea of tears

(2245)  Ei usar upakule

On this same, salty shore,
Days I go on counting.
There was word of a coming much before,
But sound of footsteps I don't receive.

On light's chariot, please arrive, You my Beloved;
Kindly eradicate the last trace of darkness.
I am Yours; that please do remember;
Except You I never crave anything.

You are everybody's family-relation,
In fortune and misfortune, along with everyone.
Excluding You none is there, no acquaintance;
Around You they all are surviving.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

I will go to Him

(2244)  Rekha enke dilo alo

Light-beams traced a line...
From what place unknown was it, I don't perceive.
And yet a pathway it defined;
Just along that road I walk; only it do I heed.

I've gone ahead free from fatigue;
I've kept the goal in front of me.
Impediments I've scorned as trifling;
Distance I draw near to me, constantly.

Journey's start, I know not from when it was;
Just this I know: it's my life's sadhana.
But for Ideal, nothing I acknowledge;
For Him alone all sweetness I bring.

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

However long it takes

(2243)  Ogo ajana pathik, kache eso kache eso

Oh the Wayfarer Unknown,
Please come close, please come close;
Then having approached, at my home a seat do take.
Fruitful let it be: remaining path-vigilant,
Keeping myself awake for Your sake.

I've forgot the day and moment, Darling Dearest,
When the search I have first started.
I know but that You're the One most intimate;
There's no other, in a life mundane.

I will go on waiting for time without end;
So long as You won't rend illusion's web.
Your saga only, at sunup and sunset,
Tearfully ever I will contemplate.

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By seeking

(2242)  Eso tumi raune rupe

Come You with colored beauty
Into every particle of my psyche.
How I've been wandering in search of Thee,
Throughout life, from country to country!

Yourself I did not get anywhere far away;
Close by as well I view, yet I don't attain.
At holy sites in a forest or a mountain range,
Not having found You, in solitude I weep.

At a glance I see that in psyche You reside;
You have been growing a flower in the mind.
On a mental bud with a bunch of honey,
You are grinning, seated imperceptibly.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The enemy is my friend

(2241)  Sajala pavane jhainjha svanane

With the clatter of a storm, on a humid wind,
You had come in the form of thunder.
In both my ears You had uttered:
"This form also, it is Mine; did you notice?

"With imaginative fancy ever I stay busy;
I am composing cadence per My own liking.
Coming and going, smiling and wanting–
For all things I make laws to be complied with.

"With shooting stars and rainstorm's panic,
On the cosmic vastness My dance rises.
I am the Lord of Dance, I keep performing deeds;
Easily, obstacles I topple."

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022


(2240)  Din cale jay sandhya ghanay

The day fades away; evening draws nigh.
Racing in, a messenger from paradise summons:
"Come to the festival of light!

"From place to place I journey, full of love;
Happiness I bring for everyone.
With thrilling dance and sparkling humor,
My day passes by.

"The cosmos I make bright with vital glow.
Small or great, I don't evaluate;
One and all, dear I hold.
I'm thinking of everybody's tale;
I think, seeing every face.
Leaping over hurdles with everyone,
To go forward yearns the mind."

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Lovers of the world, unite

(2239)  Jara tomay bhalabase, tomar tarei kande hase

Those who hold You dear,
For You alone who laugh and weep,
My message, into their ear
Let it pierce.

Them I cherish and respect;
Them I always recollect.
I rove about just seeking them,
Wishing their success only.

Them alone, they are my kin;
Just with them is my existence.
The dream multicolored is authentic
On their touch loving.

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Foreshortened, it was not enough

(2238)  Kena ele jadi jabe cale

Why did You appear if You would come and leave?
Such an arrival, it is not labeled so,
No, no, no.
Having observed a bit, purging memory,
Wasn't it an agony to go?

Many ages, they have passed in waiting;
A dam has got broken, mind's expectancy.
As You came, so forever please remain;
Myself don't forsake, torn by a bloom of hope.

At someplace are You not called an ocean of grace;
Coming close to me, did You forget the name?
Your high prestige and my wounded ego–
Among those two, please don't keep a hoax.

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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Must it be the sky above?

(2237)  Dure theko nako kache eso

Don't stay remote, kindly come nigh;
Come Dear, please appear inside my mind.
More than everybody, Yourself I admire;
And You cherish me, this too I realize.

On a white autumn night, in hope of Thee,
Toward the sky I look with eyes unflinching.
Passionately glide the flights of geese;
Meanwhile, like the moon, brightly You smile.

In springtime, with a sweetly scented breeze,
Because of You, to the vast azure they peer.
Upon earth and in heaven, everyone unitedly,
They declare: You sail on psychic sky.

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Friday, April 15, 2022

I am His ray of light

(2236)  Se je eseche man jay kareche

He has appeared; mind He has vanquished,
And He has scattered
A stream of light in all directions.
Fancy contrives not,
Psyche does not want,
Anything other than Him.

Whatever may emerge, any anxiety,
Whatever inertia may keep on surrounding,
Having suppressed all, mind goes forward
Toward Him only every single moment.

From Him have I come, to Him will I go,
And at present I am under only His shadow.
Having sung just His song, with just His thought,
Myself I engage in just His occupation.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

With Him naught is lost

(2235)  Ganer mala amar kanthe tomar

My garland of songs on the collarbone of Yours,
I've yearned to drape throughout life,
Throughout life.
Close You came not, gave no scope to embrace;
Kindly state: To drape, how do I?

Watching the arrival path so many days have transpired,
And with this contemplation have passed so many nights.
Lost have gotten oh so many songs of mine,
What I'd been composing all of that time.

Those missing songs of mine,
Tunes that have combined with boundless sky,
Afresh they will come back, if You but desire;
Around You once again they will smile.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

He is a consummate raconteur

(2234)  Asibe bale kena na ele

Having told You will come, why did You not show up?
Evening thickens; day, it leaves...
A bloom grows dry, kept alive for Thee;
The wreath strung carefully, in the dust it weeps.

At break of dawn there was hope within mind:
The despair will get excised; You will arrive.
But impassioned speech, it went quiet;
Waiting got mixed in with mist dense and deep.

My Darling, this deed, don't repeat it ever;
Any word having given, please never break it.
The heart expectant, seconds she keeps counting;
At a lazy hour, about her also please do think.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The effect He makes

(2233)  Kon alakara loka theke ele

You arrived from some realm of paradise
Inside of mind-arbor mine.
Infusing fruit and bloom You obliged
My desert that, very dry.

What is not, it came to be; Who comes not, appear He did.
My heart aggrieved got filled with bliss.
All fatigue went far away, with light it went abrim;
For a sweetness arrived in the daily grind.

I've perceived who is mine; none anywhere, a stranger;
Taking everyone along will be to give acquaintance.
Today in amity complete, there's no talk of scarceness;
He has had an impact with spellbinding attire.

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Absolutely unique

(2232)  Kon ajana hate esecho bhaver srote

From someplace strange You've arrived with thought-stream;
Master, You did launch it in every sphere.
Yourself I don't recognize nor am I aware of;
But the mind You captivated in a trice invisibly.

Hey the Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Revelation,
For all ages, You're the enterprise of everyone.
All desire and acquisition, all exploration,
Every moment it is throbbing within You only.

From the dawn's sunrise to evening's reddish tint,
In fruits and flowers blown, with a tender majesty arises
Your boundless kindness, affection unprecedented,
All stay understanding in the realm of inmost feeling.

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Love is its own reward

(2231)  Tomare shonate

That it may be heard by Thee,
Throughout life a song I've gone on singing,
Making life replete.
Whether You hear or not, I don't mind it;
Still I sing for the sake of You only.

At abode of my psyche, please appear;
And exposed, remain there in victory.
With You I'll stay fearlessly;
It's my prayer neath lotus feet.

There's no place where You are not,
No thought where You I do not spot.
Mind doesn't admit, but still I say "Come, sit";
From the eyes exudes longing.

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Saturday, April 9, 2022


(2230)  Pather shes kothay

Where is the path's finish;
Tell me, You!
Even a start I don't see, I don't see an end;
Center I do get, but what's the use?

A path You've created, and You have motivated;
For grasping the goal, You have given intellect.
You have given everything, arrears You've not kept;
Please take pity that Yourself I may deduce.

You have gone out since a time without start;
You have been moving, neglecting pause or interval.
Hey my Cherished One, my devout aspiration:
Having become Your tool, this world I festoon.

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Friday, April 8, 2022

In the 'I' of a puny creature

(2229)  Jyoti ujjval pranocchal

Oh the light lustrous and lively,
You are dear, You are dear.
With a grave sonority on a restless wind,
Ever You've remained fit to welcome respectfully.

With many strings I would keep binding Thee;
With many real, many unreal, I go to achieve.
But constantly I stay busy with my I-feeling;
So this 'I', take it please, making Yours.

With my own strength I won't get to apprehend;
I'll not manage to restrain with my spider-thread.
Accordingly, being gracious, please do yield;
Remember this, my entreaty earnest.

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The end

(2228)  Shes halo jata kanda hasa

An end was there; all the tears and laughter,
All coming and going whatsoever...
Having found and made You mine,
Every gain was fulfilled.

Throughout life, I've been only supplicating;
By mistake, I've not thought about donating.
After getting You today, I have perceived:
Inside getting, giving lies hid.

My ego I've laid down as an offering;
Then alone, Lord, Yourself I've received.
Go on making liila, longing awaken,
So that all asking gets finished.

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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Your love's emissary

(2227)  Manovane ele

In my mental garden,
The mind You captured, mind You took captive.
I did not wish to yield, did not want to answer;
Notwithstanding, You became my psyche's ruler.

Where the heavens mingle with distant horizon,
Only the smile of moon touching on that border,
At the final limit of my love and Yours,
A flow of Your effulgence You emitted.

I was naught, still naught is there;
Of Your love, a book introductory.
One who owns not a thing, I flow from Thee;
With flood of Your joy, my mind You filled.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

You are my destiny

(2226)  Tomar arun alo amar laglo bhalo

Your crimson light-beam, to me it felt fine;
Now upon my brow pour yet more specks of mercy.
You are inside every vessel, Your machine am I;
The You within me, go on doing Your own deeds.

But for You there is naught, no one in this world!
So this fact I don't forget ever or in any manner,
There's a tie twixt You and me with love's thread;
That string I make fast, hey the great King of Kings.

Ever taking Your name, I keep moving on Your path;
I'll never be restrained, not a bit, by any snag.
Your love is unique, ever new all the time;
Decorate me with apparel to Your liking.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It's a new day

(2225)  Sagara pare ek se parii

On far coast of sea is an Uncanny Being;
Life He had colored.
Ever with a billow He comes floating;
Floating comes His song.

Auspicious day when He had called I know not;
I am going toward Him, impediments I disregard.
Roadblocks will I smash, certainly I'll proceed;
My egotism, far away is it flung.

I am moving, knowing that to none He is foreign;
By heart and mind I'm plumbing His acquaintance.
Dyed in only His hue, adverse pebbles shattering,
I march onward singing just His song of triumph.

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Monday, April 4, 2022

An offering

(2224)  Tumi jadi nahi ele, manke bojhai ki diye

Had You not appeared,
How would I soothe the psyche;
With You I am just surviving!

A bloom's honey, oh the Moon Celestial,
The sweet moon of troubled hearts,
Due to You full-up is an offering:
I am here, watching and waiting.

Known or unknown what is there,
It's been lying hidden within Thee;
Yourself having reaped eternally,
All the yearning gets complete.

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Sunday, April 3, 2022


(2223)  Tomar name tomar gane, bhasiye dilum surer tarii

In Your name, in Your song,
A ship of tune I set adrift...
Skyward spewed by stream of love,
It has yearned for all of its existence.

At no time is anybody solitary;
Smeared with Thee, this my melody...
Drawn by You in Your direction,
It floats swimming through the heavens.

There is no pulling back, there is no anxiety;
Only round the One is coming-and-going...
In singular company, tethered to the One,
With liberation's mantra just One I remember.

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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Wise up, and look inside

(2222)  Kon ajanar buk theke ele

You came from the bosom of some unknown sphere;
To some kingdom everlasting you go sailing off.
You are made of same stuff as consciousness;
Say what exactly do you crave at the cosmic core?

Throughout ages yourself you had been forgetting;
Treasure you had sought exclusively externally.
At your interior has remained everything;
Swivel eyes around in that direction.

The One Who is your refuge is the refuge of all;
Past and present, He knows your particulars.
Also the future lies dormant in Him only;
Having forgotten that, at whom do you gawk?

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My love is true; I won't let You down

(2221)  Tumi asibe baliya ele na

Saying that You will return, You did not appear.
Day goes away with many an aspiration;
Word was given, but the pledge You did not keep.

In a broken heart, the evening thickens;
Whenever I glance in own direction,
All is there, but alas You are not...
Acquisition did not happen in respect to You only.

I will stay proceeding, Your path along;
Your name I'll retain constantly upon the tongue.
Only thoughts about Thee will I think of;
I will not forsake You in the least.

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Friday, April 1, 2022

Dancing to victory

(2220)  Andhar sagar pare ke go ele, jyotir dharay dhara bhare dile

Oh Who came from far bank of a dark ocean:
Earth You filled with splendor's current.
Yourself I don't recognize, Yourself I don't realize;
Yet my mind You took and conquered.

Within forms aplenty, in each You are fond of dancing;
In the heartbeat, You have become overflowing.
Am I able to discern Thee,
If Your grace be absent?

Lone You've stayed in many a receptacle;
Lone You've kept on showing all the path.
When telling Your tales there's no last;
You retained no limitation.

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