Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reflection on Thee

(435)  Agatira gati sabara pranati

Recourse of the weak, everyone's greeting,
Please be merciful to receive.
Lord of all shrines, object of life's yearning,
Keep us clinging to Your lotus feet.

Due to You, flowers scatter fragrance;
Due to You, nectar fills the flowers.
To realize Your touch in our very essence,
Hearts are constantly filled with ambrosial elixir.

Due to You, a melody floats in the heavenly sky;
But, by Your affection, the distant comes near.
By Your inspiration in the sky of my mind,[1]
With right focus in meditation, I reflect on Thee.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

From blue sky

(434)  Kon sudurer gane ke esecho tumi

Who are You that's come with far-flung song,
Creating billows in the sea of nectar?
Light's fountain capers in a hundred flows,
Engulfing the inmost core of my heart.

At Your mystic touch, a vibration rises;
It proceeds toward the infinite.
At Your delight, a vibrant and thriving earth,
Dances in step with grace and splendor.
Shattered are all binding chains of illusion;
A glow emanates, bearing resonance.

Today, to flowers what whisper the bees?
In all of life, blows a delicious breeze;
This fragrant consciousness, a sweet light,
Is a smile pouring down from the blue sky.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Never forget

(433)  Emana dine tumi kothay

On such a day, where are You?
The trees bow low, heavy with fruit;
But I am only feeling blue.

Tell me, my Dear, please tell me,
Why did You accept all my love
Only to become as hard as stone?
In Your service, what crime have I done?

Whatever Your ruse, I won't forget You;
Plunged into divine games, new and strange,
Clinging to Your feet will I always remain.
Having come now, You've nowhere to escape.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Cloud-covered gloom

(431)  Hrdayakamale eso mor

Lord, please appear in my heart-lotus.
You left, saying You'd return;
But too many a night has passed.

Now, no one is wearing flower garlands;
I too don't fasten one to my chignon.
In my dry eyes, the world has lost its beauty;
You've taken that grace away, oh Heart Thief.

In my mind, not a single song is sung;
Within mind's ambit, no tune is struck.
Beyond earshot they've all been removed;
Marooned am I in cloud-covered gloom.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


(430)  Tumi kothay cale jao

Where are You going,
Love of my life, my sweet darling,
Vacating my heart, oh dearest dear?

I've adorned my heartshrine with flowers;
Richly fragrant is that source of ambrosia.
Do not leave, do not leave;
Pay heed to my yearning.

My life capers to the rhythm of Your dance;
In the pulse of Your tune I've been fused.
Don't withdraw, don't withdraw;
I am Your harmonic chord.[1]
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Saturday, January 23, 2016


(429)  Sabar haite tumi apanar

You are the self of everybody,
And so I've loved You only.
I've got You in lieu of everything,
And I've embraced You wholeheartedly.

Wallowing in the dust is humanity;
It counts each second in hope of Thee.
Those who want naught but their all to give,
Their exuberant hearts are effusive.
All my hope and all my love,
With cupped palms full, I've brought.

In a rainbow-colored, faraway sky,
Lord, I've become friends with You.
By that splendrous hue my mind is dyed;
And my life spews into the formless.
Today, my soul is a fountain of ambrosia,
With its sound, I've become eloquent.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Capricious Lord

(428)  Tumi alo chaya khela khelite jano

You know how to play the game of chiaroscuro;
How to pull the strings of all at whim You know.

You can bring down light in darkest night;
You can discharge darkness over daylight.
You know how to please the dumb by granting tongue;
And You know how to make heart's harpstrings resound.

With Your grace, the world is made colorful;
But, in Your liila, all are subjected to maya.
Casting aside illusion's net, You bring liberation;
You bring liberation, Lord, You bring liberation.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sleep in peace

(427)  Hariye jaoya nidhi abar eseche

The lost treasure has come again
In our eyes, oh, in our eyes;
A heart withdrawn has come back,
Has come on silent feet,
On feet, oh, on feet.

Those asleep under bakul trees,[1]
In the cool shade of a sacred space,
Their hearts are overflowing
In love's sweet reverie,
In reverie, oh, in reverie.

Visions all around on hallowed ground,
Go stately and with silent feet;
Those lying peacefully, their sleep
Do not interrupt with rough sound,
With sound, oh, with sound.
They all are near to the One,[2]
That One we reach with deep contemplation,
With contemplation, oh, with contemplation.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

With music scale

(426)  Alakar prabhu namiya eseche

The heavenly Lord has descended,
His body coated with Eden's pollen.
He has churned the ocean of effulgence;
Upon the earth, he pours ambrosia.

Dormant beings have awakened;
A sun once set now shines at dawn.
With dance, song, and meter never ending,
In bliss the three worlds go on floating.

Oppressed beings have gained consciousness;
Once speechless, they are now articulate.
Hearts inundated by sweet epiphany,
With music scale, what songs they sing!

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Mystic love

(425)  Tomar e ki bhalabasar riiti

What is this style of love that's Yours?
Avidly awaiting Thee, so many days have passed;
So many sleepless nights elapsed!

Into my dew-drenched subconscious mind
Seeps the scent of an unfamiliar flower.[1]
With the rosy lure of sunset,
From negligence, it falls aside.
All love-tinged expectation
Succumbs to the frenzy of illusion.

Callous Lord, what is this maya of Yours?
With a strand of flowers, myself You bound.
Even wanting to forget, I cannot neglect;
In hope of Your footstep, I keep ear to ground.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our secret

(424)  Gopane gopane eso go nayane

Lord, within my eyes come secretly—
No one will observe, no one will know.
Let me hold You in a dream;
There'll be no harm should You do so.

Since time immemorial, I know You are a wayfarer;
So I beg You to make a stop for a while.
Should You choose to stay, then rest assured
In my heart I've reserved a seat for Thee.
With Your touch upon my heart,
No filth whatsoever will persist.

Since time immemorial, You are a singer;[1]
So I want to sing a song for You.
Should You choose to listen, then rest assured
My throat is filled with Your tunes alone.
By singing for You, in my throat
No corruption can endure.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cruel fate?

(423)  Jhariya giyache phulera papari

The flower petals have all fallen,
And withered is the wreath.
In a woeful life, devoid of pollen,
What other song will I now sing?

On muladhara's[1] bejeweled dais,
You've come to take the torments of all.[2]
In my life befell the opposite;
Why You gave that, please tell the cause.

Merciful One, please explain such cruel fate;
My blossoming heart, why did it take?
Why, in my life endlessly,
Does a stream of tears fall from grief?
This complaint is no legal prosecution;
At once, kindly state the reason.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Be gracious, Lord

(422)  Krpa karo prabhu krpa karo

Be gracious, Lord, be gracious;
Lift me from the dungeon of darkness.

Adorn this world more with Your beauty,
Make phenomena dance more with Your beat,
And fill my eyes more with Your radiant splendor.

Broaden collective mind more with Your virtues;
Embed causal mind more with Your tunes.
In Your ideation, make my mind absorbed;
Far away from me, kindly never withdraw.

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Divine mission

(421)  Agun jvalate asi niko ami

I come not to start a fire;
I light candles within the mind.
In wastelands, I exude sweetness;
I decorate the plants with flowers.

To arid bosoms I bring the stream of life;
Marching toward infinity is what I inspire.
Stealthily, in heart's every alcove,
With song and dance, I infuse love.

I provide inspiration to the desperate;
All regret I induce them to forget.
With everyone I constantly remain;
Through all My acts this fact I proclaim.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

The gift that goes on giving

(420)  Hrday uchaliya upaciya pare go

Lord, my surging heart, it overflows;
Far more than I was wanting You did bestow.

Per Your whim, You make things happen;
So kindly mold me as Your instrument—
Far less than I would have it, You accepted.

Of big and small works, little do I fathom;
Whatever You desire, that I'll perform—
Far more than I have spoken, You may discern.

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