Saturday, February 27, 2021

In loco parentis

(1854)  Ami parager rage naci go

Oh I dance with the passion of a pollen spore,
And to the petals I do give a tremor.
With Your love in absence of anklet-jangle,
Long-tongued am I become.

Heavenly summons having given, You then leave;
From upon the skyblue You entice me.
In creation-stasis-dissolution, You go on dancing;
Yet I sing apropos of Your ambrosial essence.

I'm a tiny flower-dust-mote, floating on sunlight;
While You, Lord Krsna,[1] You play the bamboo pipe.
Forgetting You, I had been stupefied;
Now on Your path I run along.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Just a few formalities

(1853)  Mane ele raun dharale

Unto mind You came, and dye You made it grip;
Then, name unspoken, You departed.
Your details, state them please:
Where You were and the reason for Your visit.
Oh, do explain to me!

On top of the mountain, static and impassive,
Snow was there in layers.
You got it melted
Through incantation's feeling.[1]

The mind, lying dormant it had been;
You applied paint on it.
With tune and tempo, rhythm and lyrics,
In it You incited dancing.

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It's a brand new day

(1852)  Ei puspita kanane

Unto this blooming garden,
You had come with a mind full of gladness
And a visage jubilant.

All the distance intervening had sailed off;
Heaven's sweetness, it had smiled inside thought.
Earth's sublime beauty and azure of the sky,
They had integrated with both the heart and mind.

Dormant was the tree, in a state of lethargy;
Stirring, it arose with a newfound glory.
The bud, soundly sleeping throughout course of ages,
Blossoming, it arose with one song after another.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

His magic matchstick

(1851)  Je agun mane jvele diye gele

The fire You kept lighting within psyche,
Putting out that fire, it became a problem.
On gaining even sandal's cool soothing,
Its burning sensation does not get forgotten.

The bloom does not bring any sweet beauty;
Mental bees have no taste for its honey.
At the night moonlit, I don't go on knitting
Rosy dreams of a place heavenly.

Yours is the magic matchstick;
Earth and heaven they are dancing to it.
Illusion's looking glass that You've built,
In it do the three worlds sparkle.

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You sweep me up and whisk me off

(1850)  Ucchala jalataraunga sama tumi ele

Like a surging wave of water You came;
Mixed with life, You went away.
Cadence of brisk river as the lure, the world
Onto Your lap upraised You took.

The tune I've rehearsed I sang not in public;
People did not know the oath accomplished.
Amid done and undone, I maintain a hundred works;
The sum and substance You made heard.

Earth got its life upon Your touch;
Upon Your pleasure, everyone is rapturous.
By Your tremendous gift in songs full of fondness,
With splendor You did pack existence.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Not an option!

(1849)  Bhulite cai tomay ami

To forget about You should I wish,
By no means am I able!
Gently smiling, on mind risen,
The import You give.

You dwell at core of my psyche;
In the thought-realm's every deed.
A mind far removed from You,
Lone it does not remain.

When was it, on which autumn evening,
That You'd come dressed in jasmine?
You told me: "I am yours;
Don't forget about Me."

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Deeper and deeper

(1848)  Tomare jabe dekhechinu

When I had seen You,
I knew not Your details.
Mentally discerning Your face,
The Avatar of Song I had hailed.

Your smile and looking at You
Satisfied all of life's yearning.
With a sea of melody amid thought's darkness,
In You, the Avatar of Mind I discovered.

I found at Your core
Humankind's necklace of love...
And in gaps among Your summons,
What a jangling sound of life unbound!
Mind's heptachord, in You absorbed,
Free from hesitation, at that time it sang out
With Your music's devotion,
Songs but Yours, hey Avatar of Consciousness.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Loving inspiration

(1847)  Kon ajana aloke alokita kare

Illuminated by which unknown light beams
You gave, Most Beloved, please tell me.
Eyes I believed not; even seeing, I saw not...
When You came to my dwelling.

You came bearing nectar of the worlds three;
Each and every emptiness You imbued with zeal.
With endless happiness, with a touch unseen,
Yourself You dispersed, a love complete.

Hey Lustrous One, the wheels of Your chariot,
They are my guide; never am I unattended.
A golden target by effulgence coated
Is a fixed flame at the base of existence.

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Friday, February 19, 2021

It's the dawn of a new day

(1846)  Nivira nishiitha shese

At finish of a thick night,
A purple dawn, having smiled,
He arrived, oh He arrived!
Lengthy penance removed, the dark moon,
It withdrew, getting crimson-dyed.

No more is there fear or dread;
The aim of Creation is not distinction among men.
Dressed in light today, our job is just to progress;
The newly risen sun, it appropriated mind!

Oh friend, sleep no more; see with eyes opened wide.
Illusion's web of olden times, rip off and cast aside.
Everyone taking along, honey of amity coated by,
On this day the Unknown One, He complied!

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Thursday, February 18, 2021


(1845)  Sabar mane rayecho gahane

Deep in the mind of everybody You have been;
You stay hidden, for what reason please say.
On tinder's crackling, on love's happy shiver,
Restless, You skip away.

You depart, dancing off from remote to more distant;
After having come close, whereto do You go again?
A desert's mirage is Your dreadful apparition;
Like a stream's murmur is the sound of tearfulness.

Lord, this grievance, please do get rid of it;
Let Your own person be brought more to the fore.
Shaking off lethargy with dance pose impassioned,
Oh you static one, become active!

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Both soft and hardhearted

(1844)  Ke go tumi ei abelay

Oh Who are You on this late afternoon?
To my house You came but then did leave.
Uninvited, unproclaimed, You appeared;
You departed on love's stream.

You know magic– I perceive;
You know sport– also that I concede.
My perception, my concession...
On Your anklets do they ring?

You know how to make smile and make cry;
But having held dear, You draw one nigh.
With an aggregate of contradictions,
Yourself You have fashioned.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

On waking

(1843)  Tomari surer srote aj prabhate

On Your melodic stream this morning,
A wreath I have strung.
Whether or not You want to don it,
I have loved; let it be acknowledged.

From a fountain at the place of mystery,
Into my life melodies come floating.
With vocal modulation, cadence, and beat,
I have tried to appease Him through songs aplenty.

A tune sails off into the sphere unseen
On the clattering of a dormant psyche.
But with an unnamed song of inner feelings,
Suddenly, Himself I have seized.

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Through it all, despite everything

(1842)  Shudhai ni nam ke jena balilo

I did not ask the name; did someone say
That to my house You are coming.
Having heard, I'd understood: finally
You are thinking about me.

Vanished has the time, year after year;
So many autumn evenings, they have disappeared!
Dew-drenched, night-jasmine have been crying
Upon roads with name unknown aplenty.

An age has sailed away on an epoch's heels,
And what am I keeping upon mirror of my psyche?
Rainstorm and hurricane, after disregarding,
Remains the image of Yourself, lovingly.

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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Let me serve You always

(1841)  Bhevechilum bhule gecho

I had thought that You have forgotten;
Now I see that nothing You forget.
You have taken stock of what I'd wanted;
What You've given bears no likeness.

With the leaf You've remained as sweetness inside beauty,
You have been pollen's fragrance in the floral body.
With love's vessel, You are an ambrosial stream,
Yearning that is magically enchanted.

You have supplied what I do not crave;
Form and flavor filling mind, myself You've upraised.
Outer and inner realms You are making them the same;
Selfless[1] is this sadhana.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

A helpful tip

(1840)  Tomar madhurii makha nayane

Through Your eyes sweetness-coated,
In Your private flower garden,
With You I'd seen the I-feeling
Lonesome at that blessed moment.

In the flower petals was a swaying;
In mental pollen was exquisite beauty.
Without and within, they moved in harmony,
Oh my Darling, on Your invocation.

Yourself I'd cared about deeply;
Total existence given, I bow before Thee.
Since that very day You've belonged to me,
From life to life, in many a song.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Both love and beloved

(1839)  Jyotisamudre jhaunkar tule

Having raised a clatter in light's ocean,
You ignited life's lantern.
In a tongue unspoken, that thought dormant,
You made it talkative.

Buds there had been, but there was no blossom;
Capacity had existed, but there was no effort.
There'd been a will invincible, but no ardent wish;
Then You beat love's kettledrum.

From the darkness, darkness was emanated,
Becoming customary and incessant.
In a gloomy forest, sitting in seclusion,
You had been the Beloved behind a curtain.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Can You be untrue?

(1838)  Manus cak ba na cak

People may like it or not;
You continue loving.
Regardless if someone responds,
You invite everybody.

Staying in the darkness of self-interest,
People fail to remember You.
Calling after falling into danger,
They request You to please rescue...
And You know Your duty;
You don't judge unfairly.

On the stream that blade of grass glides;
On the wind that pollen-spore smiles;
And on eyes that fondness does rise...
Everyone You see with impartiality.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

His having arrived

(1837)  Susmita candraloke

Under a sweetly smiling moon's light,
Who are You that turned up, anonymous?
Throughout the world glorified,
The effort to attain You is endless.

At the human heartcore, any filth there had been,
The poison, the malice... they had been kept nourished.
Them You banished in the twinkling of an eye...
It's a small particle of Your kindness.

Even if a man be not weak or extremely needy,
Happy days will come again upon stream of Your mercy.
You stand awaiting, closer having arrived...
You satisfy hope and aspiration.

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Monday, February 8, 2021


(1836)  Phagun eseche manete heseche

Springtime has set in, upon psyche it has grinned;
It has frolicked in the mental garden...
Springtime has set in.
Within the blue firmament, stars do sing;
And a flight of geese has taken wing.

The rays of a sun mist-covered;
Nowadays cleared have they been...
Flirting and laughing is the whole world;
With whole heart, it has risen dancing.

The One all about Whom is this grand celebration,
From Whose inspiration derives existential liquor...
With heart vanquished, all who were and all who are,
Today He has made them believe.

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Sunday, February 7, 2021


(1835)  Pather shuru khunje paini

Having sought I did not find the path's outset;
And I also do not know the path's conclusion.
While musing on You, I found no end;
Your limit too I do not acknowledge.

Hey Avatar of Consciousness, Yourself
No one can ever describe or represent.
Speech arrives, then goes back again in shyness;
Unknown are both thought and language.

That bakul avenue with flowers strewn,
It has remained saturated with Your dew.
This eye-soothing souvenir of You,
Compassionately, You have kept intact.

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To succeed

(1834)  Ajke bhore phuladore

With floral threads today at morn,
I fasten a cradle of faith.
But fine felt the light of dawn;
And "Don't do this act", You did say.

As mind wants, only so does it receive...
Have you ever seen a thing like that?
Mind does not get what it does not fancy...
Does something like that ever come to pass?
Do not swing in hope's cradle;
Fantasy will get shattered.

Desert's hope is a mirage,
Scorched brow's black tilak.
To attain Him on a path accessible,
Go ahead; don't weave a cobweb.

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Friday, February 5, 2021

In misery's ocean

(1833)  Ekela ese shudhale hese hese

Alone You came and inquired, ever smiling,
"Having loved Me, how are you?
Neath a hurricane's high wind, fallen has the tree;
Of its mental anguish what have you understood?

"Ghee and wick exist, but the flame has been extinguished;
Rain's softness remains, but dropped have the kadam flowers.
You are still alive; the sweetness has persevered...
And the pain of hurricane you have understood.

"Your loving Me, and with Me coming to keep vigil,
Smiling mid the sea of pain, a house of bondage...
I am in company, with this same certainty,
Have you managed to appraise the value of misfortune?"

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Joie de vivre

(1832)  Kishalay ami marme marme

A tender leaf am I at innermost heart;
A song of newness do I sing.
I am a blue lotus sporting with darkness,
While to the crimson dawn I keep calling.[1]

Surging am I with a vigor billowing,
In bloodstream very much frolicking.[2]
All exploration, all inclination,
Being thrust upward do I wish.

Who is an other, who is my own, that I don't fathom;
At the core of humanism I don't recognize distinction.
Enraptured and ecstatic in a dance full of passion,
Having sought I discover only the One.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Knowledge is no substitute for witnessing

(1831)  Kena hese hese dure sare jao

Laughing, laughing many times, why go far away?
Making cry, what happiness You derive, do say!
Oh the Lively Moonlight, Earth's ground surface
By dark cloud, why let it get draped?

Your intrinsic nature, I have come to know;
You keep making sport in a huff or out of ego.
Don't You see me waiting, tugged in directions both;
Having set a test, You then want to go?

Even though Your nature attentively I perceive,
To perceive Your true form, only grace I beseech.
Reliant on just that, even now I am surviving;
With eyes of compassion, when do You gaze at me?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The power of sadhana

(1830)  Tomay kache pelum ami

Yourself I obtained nearby,
Through austerity of many lifetimes.
At Your lotus feet took I
Refuge endless and sublime.

For Your sake, oh Idol Celestial,
Many were the ages I had been attentive.
I have kept on praying with breath bated,
For a cascade of light upon the darkness.

Your splendor limitless, undying:
The smiling laugh, the love unseen,
The rhythmic song mind-galvanizing...
Via sadhana everything may be achieved.

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Your cosmic sound divine

(1829)  Sureri jhaunkare maneri mukure

With a melodic jingling on the looking glass of psyche,
That sound has awakened often and repeatedly.
The mind's subtlety, azure of the firmament
Having poured, it has filled every heart to the brim.

That sound does not sleep; that sound tells a story.
Quite simply, that sound, it has gone on racing.

The significance of You is everybody's exploration,
Counting the days, inquisitive about Your course.
Having united everyone, and imbued every love,
Upon veena strings, it's been seized with a dance funicular.

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Monday, February 1, 2021

He does not like to see you cry

(1828)  Acin desher megh bale gelo

A cloud from some unknown country went on saying:
To your house that Sweetheart will be coming.
You, having wrapped a colored scarf around psyche,
Will arrange the wicker tray[1] for His welcoming.

Could it be that your night, it has come to an end?
Perhaps with the dawn bright circumstances attend.
Wipe Your eyes; in fresh clothing get dressed up...
At your home novelty's luster you will be receiving.

Fair-eyed maiden, the pain of ancient times gets forgotten;
Cry out for the new with a modern imagination.
Tales from nightmares, do not think, do not think about them;
With a smiling face, once again You will be pleasing.

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