Friday, July 31, 2020

My Lord, so sweet

(1656)  Jani tumi bhalabaso amay

I know that You hold me dear;
You say nothing, don't give speech;
And yet I know with certainty.

There was no one mine when in grime I'd been;
Brushing off the dust, onto Your lap You've taken.
No great name had I, not even place for dwelling;
Darkness dense was there.
You came down, and up You raised me;
Gratitude, how do I present to Thee?

Detached from You, there is little left besides;
And that as mine, it does not abide.
All sentiment and tender feelings,
Their quintessence, it is You only.
On the pathway, squired by splendid beauty,
You are all-pervading.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sad and lonely

(1655)  Path bhule ek pathik esechi

As a pilgrim who had lost his way I have come;
Knowingly I have stumbled...
I have run on just the balance due for my blunders.

Inarticulate, I was solitary;
There was no activity...
Not a thing to hear or see.
Inclined to go from being lonely and unseen,
Humbled, I've descended only to perform deeds.

For me none were present, foreign or my own;
Naught was close, naught remote...
That's a burdensome yoke.
But I have mattered, I have loved–
I have scattered color.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Even though You don't love me...

(1654)  Tumi nahi bhalabaso

You don't love me,
But I am in love with Thee.
So absentmindedly, like in a deep sleep,
Under Your attraction I come running.

You are my day's light,
And You are the moon of night.
Awake, dreaming, or asleep,
About You only I do think.
Mid dark night or tempests mighty,
Your smile is what I see.

Oh You are my flower's nectar,
And You are blunder's perception.
On the footpath, joyously,
You fill up the realm of psyche.
Without You I am nothing;
About this I brood constantly.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

All the year round

(1653)  Varasa tumi ketakii surabhi

You are monsoon and the screwpine fragrance;
Joyfully with pollen You float onward.
You are autumn and the moonlight cordial;
Hope You rouse in the chukor's[1] heart.

Dear, You are the summer-heat's stream of water,
In both form and quality, indescribable.
In pre-winter, at Your feet's border,
With snow You pack the Himalayas.

Amid winter's foggy mists
Resound Your jingling anklets.
With spring's hues incipient,
You speak in motley language.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Eying the target

(1652)  Bakul bichano pathe

On a path, bakul-littered,
Come this day, oh my Beloved.
Only for Your sake do I await,
Garland strung, Peerless One.

With the flowers is my nectar
Amid petals rosy colored.
Hoping for Your advent, on that resin
Mind drifts aloft, just like pollen.

Naught do I covet in Your presence;
Mine already is the Formless Gem.
Ever seeking at core of the psyche,
I will surely find You, my Darling.

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Missing You

(1651)  Tomar path ceye chilum din katiye

Watching Your arrival path, I've been passing days;
Why did You not come, please do explain.
The unblown petals opened as they fell;
Escaped not the hidden nectar that they held.

That nectar was amassed over the course of ages,
One hundred nebulas on the outskirts of the stars.
At the very tip of both first and last limits,
Into Your mind was it not poured, that nectar.

Coming or not coming, hope or desperation,
For You, there's no glee or lamentation.
But for me, such love is disunited;
Though this fact be known, do You realize it?

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Coming and going

(1650)  Harano ganer harano surete

In the lost melody of lost lyrics,
With a magic flute You've raised my spirits...
At mind's depths in solitude and in silence,
Dark of night was finished.

The tune that's got lost so far away,
To reclaim anew I did not crave...
I was musing, contemplating:
Later, it may not swing.

In Your cosmos not a thing is lost;
It comes and goes each and every moment...
This key truth I could not grasp;
So ever weeping I have been downcast.

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Though You have gone away

(1649)  Tumi esechile ashoke bakule

You had come with ashoka and bakul,
Life's every border honey-coated by their blooms and fruits.
Fresh and new, they had wakened alongside Your feet
With a sweetness unique and music in many beats.

Memory of the same exquisite beauty, that song heavenly...
Essence of that love-nectar still sways, shining brightly.

Away You have gone, but the love sails on even today...
In heartcore's every cadence is an impetus beyond compare.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

I miss Him

(1648)  Alojhalamal purnimate

Like full moon, resplendent
He had attended
With love and devotion inside floral pollen
Coated with mind's sweetness on a honeyed wind.

Full-moon night has gone, and darkness has descended;
Under a scorching heat, the floral dust has withered.
Lines of colored phaag that on cheeks were etched,
They have been consumed by the days past.

Deprived of exquisite beauty and crushed by neglect,
Like a blade of grass I've collapsed at His foot's edge.
When will my Love gaze at me smilingly
To remove all of mind's gloominess?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The power of His love

(1647)  Dureri priyatama

My far-distant Darling,
He calls and calls to me,
With lure of flute on heart and psyche
Within rifts of my reverie.

I don't want to give reply,
But He goes on calling day and night,
With exotic melody at the house of core feeling,
Amid boughs of mind blossoming.

That very same darling, He is time-transcendent,
Beyond thought, the Unseen Sweetness.
Love's moon, it is only He,
Smeared by pollen of ecstasy.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


(1646)  Tomare ceyechi rage rupe ami

I have gazed at You in beauty and affection,
With a broad, honey-filled implication,
All of my weariness having got obliterated
By the scrubbing of every fault.

Impeccable, in royal garb please come
With an entourage freed from dark fog,
With moonlight-fascination of bright ocean,
With the golden glow of nacred shore.

Hey You, Most Great One, beyond speech and psyche,
Inside You the whole of Creation is residing.
Higher than time's limitation, You are never-ending;
That is why one and all, they long for Thee.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Making all the difference

(1645)  Kon andhar nishiithe alodhara sathe

On which gloomy night, together with a stream of light,
Had You arrived, my most Beloved?
Sleep-deprived and grief-submerged,
Like twining vine had I been churned.

There was none for me to see,
Sweet inspiration pulling near.
There'd been no accomplishment, no effort to achieve;
Yet You were there, unaccompanied, oh my Peerless One.

The dark night has retreated far away,
But till now I have not forgot that tale of lunar day.
Each moment, in recollection's interstitial space,
That same story, it peeks out in my psyche.

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pining regretfully

(1644)  Man cahe herivare tomare

Mind yearns for seeing Thee;
My eyes cannot, due to shyness.
Blocks insurmountable betide and surround me,
Abashed by reflection on my many defects.

Inside flower's petals I had been;
But beset by insect-bites, I departed.
In the blossom with its nectar I had been;
For black bees I became a morsel.
I arrived with the daylight;
That light veiled by blindness I retired.

Now You are my only haven;
Do come smiling, fulfilling vain aspiration.
All the love of my heart
To You I gave till it was exhausted.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Micro- and macroscopic

(1643)  Nandita tumi vandita tumi

You are honored and revered,
Director of the seven spheres.
Kissing the reddish lines on tender leaves,
Affection You have strewn.

Twixt high and low You make no distinction,
God of Love, heavenly in splendor.
Perfect is Your sublime knowledge,
Hey my rhythmic Object of Worship.

Any dirt that is to me intrinsic,
Any mental corner's filthiness,
By Your touch, elsewhere it drifts,
Hey Singer of the Song Cosmic.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Inside out

(1642)  Manete esecho tumi

Inside the mind You have arrived;
Embrace You've granted only within mind.
Psychic Gopal,[1] dwelling at the mind's core,
You have been diffused throughout the cosmos.

You have made the mind effusive...
With grace and affection, dance and song,
It races toward the Infinite.
Earth's craving and heaven's nectar,
They get lost and become one.

You have made the mind distracted...
Under lure of the always-novel,
It races toward the Limitless.
Earth's border and heaven's greatness,
They have become wedded.[2]

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Shiva the Merciful

(1641)  Candanasare manthana kare

Having churned with the sap of sandalwood,
Who are You that came at this hour inauspicious?
Around Your clavicle is a necklace of three worlds,
Bearing a sweetness-dabbed implication.

Ever restless, adamantine,
Bound to statute, You are a heart-thief.
On Your face, a glow heavenly
Intoxicates the earth through both virtue and beauty.

Free from attribute but resounding rhythmically,
The singular Shiva, Master of everybody...
Never have You ceded defeat
To any devil's foolish audacity.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Great Benefactor

(1640)  Arup theke tumi rupe esecho

From the formless You have come into form;
All beauty have You outpoured.
You've deferred to sweet, enchanting thought;
With tethers of love have You bound everyone.

Heavenly handsome, You are the Abiding Patron,
My love's Most Beloved, Ocean of Ambrosia.
Beyond the imagination, You have come in ideation;
With all its virtues the universe You have stuffed.

Yourself I do contemplate in a mute astonishment,
But with words articulate I would hold You captive.
You transcend voice and mind and sensory experience;
Is that why at heart's core accommodation You have taken?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


(1639)  Aranya marmare alakha abhisare

Like a rustle in the jungle, Unseen One at lovers' tryst,
You had arrived with a springtime's swaying motion.
In the looking glass of mind, like the essence of love's honey,
That same advent Yours, its memory shines brightly.

Remaining overlooked, there is no ignoring;
I did not forget that meeting.
On strings of soul's heptachord,
It rides on a jingling hum.

In a grove blossoming with sweet notes extolling,
In a rumbling paradise coated with sweetness of psyche,
That unique contact, Your faint sign, gets retained;
From the kohl etched under eyes, it exudes profusely even today.

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Echos of the ocean

(1638)  Sindhura ranane shukti anvesane

Having searched in oyster shells for echo of ocean,
That acquaintance had come after intoning of songs.
Waves frolic in the midst of cadence,
And in the heart a hope of getting You awakens.

Underneath the moon's light, Earth had become bright,
The clouds smiling, together with a sandy coastline.
We had been seated near, but perhaps I was not there,
After observing You on the time-stream everlasting.

Having gone to think on You, my I-feeling does not last;
Life and death, they turn into an unbroken sadhana.
Tied am I by cords of love, by beat and tune of eternity,
My sorrow and happiness, interconnected with Thee.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020


(1637)  Andhar nishay tumi diipavalii

On the dark night You are light's festivity,
Oh Beloved... You, my Dear.
In the dense forest, a low-sweet murmuring...

At bosom of dry wilderness, You alone are water's stream...
On the dull and haggard visage, radiant hope-filled beauty.
The defeatist weariness, it gets lost in Thee.

What I do not wish at all, Yourself does it besiege;
And what I do not get at all, in You it is replete.
After giving You what I deserve, then I will be leaving.

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Clouds cannot hold the moon

(1636)  Bhalabesecho amare tumi

Myself You have loved,
Therefore You encircle me through a hundred forms.
Despite being truth absolute, everlasting,
Down to Earth You descend, to state of duality.

Your cosmic game is profound and vast;
Even grasping that, to understand is a task!
Intellect and intuition that observe and contemplate,
To them also, with own hand, You give shape.

You do not submit to cobwebs of argument,
But You get trussed up by heart's shackles.
With philosophers and orators,
Like the moon with clouds, ever You sport.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

A flute of bamboo

(1635)  Dakhina pavane anamane

Under a southern breeze, absentmindedly,
For You only, I had strung a garland, my Dear.
By a window, murmuring,
Bumblebees had amassed, tier after tier.

Mind had gone off floating to some remote site;
Like a spore of screwpine at the tune of bamboo pipe.
Myself forgetting on a love-stream overflowing,
In my heart's deep, I have searched for Thee.

So many days have passed; the time, it has flown...
Upon psyche's looking glass, images aplenty have rode.
With form and color, they've all granted their embrace,
Hey Elixir of Ambrosia, undying always.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Noumenon and phenomenon

(1634)  Madhura carane anupa ranane

With sweet feet, matchless in sonority,
On a gentle wind, oh Who did appear,
Oh You Who appeared, oh Who did appear?
On light-sleep's placidity at psyche's depths,
Like a pearl necklace You bedecked.

On Your contact, the south wind gets rapt,
At Your pleasure, nectar is entranced.
Preserved is that rumbling, Mohan's[1] echoing,
Upon life's golden beach.

The bud soundly sleeping arose blossoming;
Exuding was the honey, once petal-concealed.
With the touch of love, existence got filled...
On blue firmament, soul's ornamental girdle.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Take a break

(1633)  Tomari asar ashe

With expectation of Your arrival,
In many gardens flowers have blossomed.
Stepping slowly You please come
With cadence and melody, meter and song.

To attain You, that's what everybody wants;
With Your hue, their color mingles.
The whole world sways to Your liila;
One and all, they race in Your direction.

You are Supreme and everyone just atoms,
Core pollen spores, stimulated by Your rhythm.
Motionless, their speed becomes rapid,
Having thought about You in a mental corner.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

When He enters

(1632)  Madhur parashe harase

With influence, sweet and joyous,
You entered the room, Most Beloved.
Delighted and smiling,
The flowers welcome Thee.

Amid all the honey, love is overflowing;
Amid songs aplenty showers down ambrosia.
With novel implication and much prosody,
My homage I embellish with articles of worship.

The dance-sweetness in my psyche,
In both leaf and flower it does spark.
From Paradise the Mohan[1] of memory,
His splendor rises, piercing the dark.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Singer of Light

(1631)  Tumi esechile diip jvelechile

You had come; a lantern You had kindled.
With what force of incantation You dispelled the darkness!
In mind's mirror You embellished, layer after layer,
With thought and form, ringed by tune and music-measure.

You told: "Have no fear;
A love-song I sing.
By the moment, by the instant, I desire purity.

"Arriving am I;
Into mortal sphere I dive.
I stay night and day, heedless of right or wrong time."

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

His unseen splendor

(1630)  Tomar sure hrday bhare

With Your melody heart is replete,
Laughing and crying for Your sake only.
You alone, in the coffer of psyche...
You are love and overflowing.

At dark night, You alone are effulgence;
On a desert's thirst, water You lavish.
In a form-vessel of ideation's ocean,
Is departure and arrival with but You in attendance.

Endless is the unseen splendor,
A song of love having no comparison.
With bright smile on the psychic firmament,
Rhythmic and elegant is heart's language.

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

My Bumblebee

(1629)  Phulavane ase ali

In the flower garden comes the bumblebee;
What words he whispers in the flower's ear!
In the mind's garden You are the bumblebee;
Through many songs those words You speak.

I want to keep hidden;
But to hide, that I don't accomplish.
O'er the clouds on mountain peaks
And at depths hard to reach, You are there.

The words that I would utter,
I don't find the confidence.
Heart's deepest secret, the private pain,
It rides upon Your melodic strains.

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Friday, July 3, 2020

My one request to You

(1628)  Ek manete ektarate

With single mind, on one-stringed lute,
In just one tune I've called to You,
To You, Master, to You.
No great load of virtue was mine,
Nor was there insight erudite.

The time I wasted not, lazily preoccupied,
Reciting juicy memories of days gone by.
All that I have gained I've utilized,
Into love's garland I have twined.

At risk, I asked not that You rescue me;
No boon did I ever entreat.
I have begged, both pride and fame forsaking:
In work, myself, oh engage please.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Let's call it quits

(1627)  Kata kache chile dure cale gele

So near You had been, but You went far away;
You did go away.
In hope of Your advent, I had been waiting;
You did not appear.

The song that You composed and taught to me,
Not hearing it from my throat, You departed.
You thrilled the world with the lute-string,
But that string You were breaking.

Oh Callous One, with this divine game of Yours,
Both worldly and unworldly, scurrying they become.
Those who are with thought to get Your closeness,
Only they burn in the fire of separation.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Descending and transcending

(1626)  Bhalo basiyachi tomakei ami

I am cherishing You only,
In both name and form, and also in formless.
Churning the sweetness of psyche,
I have been a decoration to love's altar.

In Your proximity there is nothing I desire...
It's as if Your luster drifts in the mind all the time.
Like the spring wind on a smiling blue sky,
With me You keep satisfied.

Hey the Ocean of Ambrosia, I exist in You only...
Diffused in Your being I have been amalgamated.
Of this fondness, of this yearning for salvation,
The Supreme Desideratum, Lord, it is in Thee.

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