Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Our bright companion

(1417)  Tomar mamatva tomar mahattva

Your affection, Your nobility...
In the three worlds all are gladdened.
With a speck of Your unearned mercy
Every person gets complete satisfaction.

Throughout time, those who live come and leave;
They arrive and depart by dint of Your compassion.
For all eternity, everybody You accompany
With full sincerity, at the side of everyone.

Forever the Beloved You will go on being;
Every sorrow You will keep demolishing.
You will scatter luster for all eternity,
With boundless implication, resonance that's sweet.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

It's not working

(1416)  Katha diye kena nahi ele

Having given word, why did You never appear?
You did not appear.
Mid the night, evening malati is going sere;
Fruitlessly, why did You deceive me?

Sacred art I apply on door and house, and on street;
On the lampstand of my heart, I kindle the light of ghee.
To somber life's gladdened tears
Why did You pay no heed?

Maybe such cosmic game is just to cherish and hold dear,
Or maybe You can't comprehend psyche's agony;
But with me, this Your sport, You make it deceitfully.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

My love is strong

(1415)  Tomari tare phulasaje saja

Because of You, punishment is dressed in flowers;
Just for You, the tress of hair is braided.
For Your sake, strung is the malati garland;
And for You, the tune is practiced.

On moonlit nights are Your words considered;
On dark days, a ray of light is kindled.
On autumn morns, parijat collected,
With a strand of love, the garland is threaded.
For the sake of You only, gazing at path anxiously,
Sitting alone are those who laugh and weep.

In me You are cherished, but You've gone and forgot;
From mind, myself You have dropped and mopped.
I won't forget, no, I will not expunge
In this life, whatever obstacle may come.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

The brilliance of Your presence

(1414)  Alo jhara jharana dharay

In light-spilling cascade,
Who are You that came?
With beauty's shine and sweetness,
You made mind oblivious.

Eager Earth, with love filled,
In hope of You it had waited.
With sweet melody's intoxication,
To Your side You had drawn it.
With bewitching tune and goodwill's pull,
The heart You did conquer.

With crimson-colored fondness
And morning's floral pollen,
An undying splendor overflowing–
You made it stream.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Glimpses of a mystery

(1413)  Dakhina pavane cittavane

With southern wind in psyche's forest,
Who are You that came, oh Lord Unequaled?
With honeyed smile and flute seductive,
In a trice, Dear, You made mind oblivious.

One hundred times I've seen You, in one hundred forms;
But You I could not get to know, not even just once.
Your acquaintance You've kept hidden
With Divine Game's stratagems, oh Sweetest One.

I've caught sight of You on mountain peak
And in the ocean waters, dense and deep.
I've noticed You on tableland-of-intellect's very brink
And in light and darkness, like undertow of feeling.[1]

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ego gets in the way

(1412)  Priyatama prabhu amar

Oh my Lord, my Darling,
For You only
Eyes do stream constantly.
You've gone to some distant place,
Leaving me behind on river bank.

My love, it knows You only;
My song is for You to please.
All my pride and whatever vanity,
It revolves round and around Thee.

Could it be I did not make any effort–
In me was no merit or propitious thought?
Is that why, leaving me, You went far away–
Why You left, and back You never came?

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The light-brigade

(1411)  Alo jhara sharat sanjhe

On light-dripping autumn evening,
In the fog of my psyche,
Nothing did I get to see;
I was in a darkness gloomy.

Light in hand came those for whom
The emblem of light was theirs.
Enlisting with them to take leave,
I could not, due to vanity.

With the light went those for whom
Light's wayfarers were they.
Along with them to proceed,
I could not, due to frailty.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


(1410)  Varsarate tomay ami peyechilum pashe

On monsoon night, I had found You beside me
In the same inebriated ecstasy.
My sleep-deprived eyes were gazing at Thee
Under circumstances honey-sweet.

The day, the bright moment, I've forgotten;
I have kept in mind just a tiny recollection.
Though the flowers I've forgotten,
I have held on to their fragrance
With love's joyous passion.

Many are the years bygone;
Many springs have come,
And many falls have floated off
With lost jubilation
From mind's month of April.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Just please come soon

(1409)  Tumi eso mama jiivaner mule priyatama

Come, You at root of my existence, One Whom I love most;
Come to me, my Darling... come to me, my Very Own.
So much is my desire to get You close;
Hey Peerless Master, please fulfill that hope.

Throughout ages I am waiting, having been purified;
Defilement of psyche... what I've got, I've set aside.
With mind's blooms Your altar I have beautified;
Hey One Most Sanctified, You please arrive.

The petals of my ornamental flowers have fallen;
Floral garlands, they have gone and withered.
Afflicted by the heat, mind's honey has evaporated;
With rain-shower, please arrive, oh my God of Thunder.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Unconditional surrender

(1408)  Kantaka patha dhare klesha varan kare

Along a path of thorns, trouble having borne,
On this very day I come to You, my Lord.
Gaze at me with kindly eyes, neglect merit and demerit;
Appear inside my mind, dressed in charming raiment.

By Your grace all bashfulness has vanished;
All my thoughts are dedicated to Your ideation.
You and I exist– the universe I've forgotten;
With Your name, to its beat and cadence I do caper.

Come to me time and again, an incessant flame of love
Having lit inside my psyche; I beg compassion.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

It's Your choice

(1407)  Bhalobesechilum bhule jeo

That I had been in love, please neglect;
My story do not recollect.
I've given You all that was given me;
Yet You did not come– what a deceit!

On gentle breeze, the flower gets a cradling;
Does wind forget any flower's honey?
With the moon's light, high tide does arise;
Does moon stay blind to water at any time?
About me You went and forgot;
Do not come close, no, come not!

When You gave a jolt inside my psyche,
Like high tide, the heart got overflowing.
At that time, just like the moon, You smiled from afar;
Do not look, no, look not any longer!

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Only You can satisfy

(1406)  Ganer parash dao pranera pare

Under shade of bakul tree, scattered flowers lay;
At the path I had been gazing...
Mayhap You forgot this fact.
There was rain in the eyes, agony pitterpat;
But the sky was clear
As You arrived, keeping pace.

A breeze was blowing upon that tree's body;
In fifth note the cuckoo sang his sweet hymn.
Branches had swayed, honey-coated was the southern wind;
With eyes opened we have viewed each other, You and me.

I had said: My blind attachment, it has finished;
You had told: In that case only, do come near.
Along the course of time from antiquity, betwixt You and me
Is the love like a river that is constantly abrim.

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