Friday, May 31, 2019


(1349)  Prabhater alo kar tare dhalo

For whom do You pour the morning light?
Who is that saint, the one who wiped Your mind?
Asleep or awake, on Your face a smile bright,
By whose attraction is this life crimson-dyed?

In Your divine paradise, what is not a delight?
Did not parijata's splendor win Your mind?
Even with all that's there, You became unsatisfied;
A retinue's sympathetic resonance You desire.

For respite You don't get an opportunity;
With unit and composite links, cosmos is replete.
You are made happy, You are revered;
But still in unit psyche, You are hard to reach.

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Our union

(1348)  Tomar patha dhare ami cali

Having clung to Your path, I proceed.
Birth after birth, in life and death,
Crushing thorns, I go ahead.

On rainy nights, on gloomy nights,
From Your path, I did not decline.
The honey-bud of Your thought am I.

On fair nights, alone with Thee,
Having strung a garland for our meeting,
Love-diffusing, I am walking.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Deadbeat Dad

(1347)  Aji kena ele amar mane

Why came You into my mind this day?
All the flowers, they have fallen down;
In psyche's bower only thorns remain.

Once there was floral beauty,
There was honey, there was pleasing subtlety.
My sweetness, it was overflowing;
In those days, though invited, You did not appear.

Fragrant was my altar, decorated well;
Had You but come and graced me then.
Even now I think about it without end;
In a mental recess, pain is kept, suppressed.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Once and future dream

(1346)  Snigdha sajal meghakajjal tithite

On auspicious day, rainclouds dark and cool
Had been witnessed along with You,
On jasmine-lined avenue.

On Your feet had been ringing
Anklets of a hundred suns,
While in my hands a puny lamp-flame was.
In Your eyes was a blooming
Giant tree, very sweet;
On my eyes a tear-cascade was traced.
There was nobody twixt You and me;
It was a wedding of small and Great.

You'd arrived at a cheery, smiling gait
With fragrance of pollen;
While I had moved with trembling heart,
Sensation of a strange place.
Since then I am forgetting,
When oh when was the day I'd been
In the state of perfect knowledge?

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Monday, May 27, 2019

A woman's lot

(1345)  Amay marura maya dake

The desert's magic summons me;
Oh, it is calling and calling...
It calls in the breaks mid stormy tears.

Wearing skirt and orna-covered,
Coated by both harsh and tender,
Desert's daughter goes ahead
On tier after tier of sand.

Oh my silent, arid desert,
There may dwell not one green plant,
But with you I am in love,
Mute at your coronation,
A silk-cotton tree amid flames-of-the-forest.

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

His causeless grace

(1344)  Ami tomar tare kichu kari ni amay

Nothing at all I did for Thee, but me...
You've raised up from the dust of street.
Oh Lord, to Thee I never did pay heed,
But You have graced me unaccountably.

You have gifted me with open hands;
For me You've made room on parental lap.
With ample love my heart You've filled;
Up to empty, honey You have lavished.

Under sunshine: a parasol, food, and dress;
In blazing desert-heat: mercy's sweet oasis...
I've kept strung in mind all I've received;
Is there aught You have not done for me?

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Saturday, May 25, 2019


(1343)  Van paharer rauner mayay

In painted magic of hill and forest,
I'd become... I'd become absorbed;
I'd been colored, like the fruits and flowers.

Full of color are creepers and trees;
Dabbed with color is humanity.
Each living being has held color
At the root of notion.

Sun-bursts atop mountain peak
Get dispersed at each eye-blink.
The mind longs to reach distant heavens,
Every knot unfastened.

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Friday, May 24, 2019


(1342)  Nutanera alo elo aji

Today the light of the new arrived...
With your appearance in my life,
My need for warmth got satisfied.

Drifted away is any predilection for dogma...
With a space-time sense built by aggregate vessels.[1]
All my burden, forthwith it got banished;
On this day my heart was filled.

With You was acquaintance in new manner...
All sentient existence became Hari's embodiment.[2]
All that's left to me is supplication at Your feet;
On this day You made the flow of devotion stream.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019


(1341)  Ami cai na ei sabhyata

I don't want this kind of civilization;
I don't want dissimulation.
On an unleashed wind I want to drift
With the simplicity of a bird.

I want open air and more light,
A star-studded azure sky,
The mental firmament steeped in wisdom
That will rid all complex confusion.

I retain Paramapurusa always in mind;
Upon His benediction sweetness I apply.
Dabbing white sandalpaste on me,[1] I will go on painting
Over any filth, anywhere.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


(1340)  It patharer stupe

With bricks and stones in a heap,
My mind, it got buried
In a deeply dark cavity.

Never seeing the grass green,
Or the lines of beauty on leaves,
Lone and thronged by inert things,
In what form shall I find relief?

The human moves just like machine,
Chief watchword being to earn money.
Many a game of insincerity
Stands in the way, hard to exceed.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lord's reply

(1339)  Alo amar alo tomar

The light of Mine, the light is yours...
The light, it is for everyone.
With light and light the world is full;
With light gloom is removed.

The light dwells in the realm of knowledge,
By the side of ignorance and illusion.
Into human mind the light penetrates;
The demons it casts far away.

A beacon it supplies on new-moon nights;
Guidance to those in the dark it provides.
On candle's lap is lit the wick;
All in the world are made bright by it.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Pessimist's complaint

(1338)  Ami pather hadish pai ni

No trace of the way did I receive;
So toward You I failed to proceed.
Acquaintance between You and me
With odd darkness it had been concealed;
Hence, I sought not intimacy.

I was thinking maybe there was none for me,
That love and fondness was not in my destiny.
Filled with carelessness and apathy,
Worth to existence I did not concede.

In life many a spring has arrived;
Now the fall twilight pours out its dye.
I have kept myself off to the side;
With no one's hues could I become bright.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The one constant in life

(1337)  Ei vihan belay aj ekelay

Today, at dawn and feeling lonely,
I remembered... it occurred to me
That with You on a same light-dripping morning,
We had met on the mountain-peak,
On the mountain-peak.

Then, in that remote kadam bower,
There had been a floral sweetness and a sweetness mental.
In that mental paradise, with the chiming of obtainment,
Myself had they been binding with fetters of love,
With fetters of love.

Today, by a mound of snow the flowers have got covered;
And the pleasure garden, it has lost both form and color.
Yet still today, privately, in the psychic bower,
Your love has stuck around, full up to the brim,
Full up to the brim.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

We are one

(1336)  Apsarader deshe ese

Having entered realm of nymphs divine,
I came to know the mind...
And having loved by crimson light,
The day I did recognize.

With green leaves and colored flowers
At the foot of blue sky's altar,
Man, mountain, and woods-elf,
One in genesis... I did accept.

Color's afterimage, eye it struck;
In bosom arose a sweet touch...
Heart's favor, an enchanting song,
On psyche I did draw.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Himalayan mountain

(1335)  Abhramlehii himacal giri

Himalayan mountain, kissing the clouds,
Whom do you summon with your snow-crown;
And what mind-thief has held spellbound
Your ice-cold heaven?

Neath sunbeams raining without end,
With snow melting, tears of love are shed...
Situated all alone in Whose meditation pose
Mutely are you ever-tranquil?

In the forest wide, slimness decorated,
Lengthwise dressed in grace and fragrance,
At Whose acquaintance hearts get traded
When inside this divine realm unparalleled?

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

A crane came

(1334)  Tumi kon sudurer balaka

You, a crane of somewhere far away,
To this land you came.
A golden crown upon your head,
Wings you did spread.

On the bank of a lake under shade of a tree,
Or on a slow-sweet, cold breeze,
What is that country's dappled dream
You did etch in mind only?

The hill is filled with light of day,
Love's glow upon its face...
Along its side and nigh embrace
You did make a dwelling place.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Towering tree

(1333)  Su uccashir vanaspati

Head held so very high, you are the tall tree.
Having shunned everyone, forsaken everybody,
Toward Whom do you peer and pray for mercy?

At your feet has stayed the ground, firm and stern;
Head upraised you've gone away, kissing blue heavens.
Gazing up and chanting songs of the Boundless,
In a life without speed, you've attained dynamism.

From someone else nothing do you want or get;
There is no boasting right in a bird's nest.
Though Earth's hostage, you don't bow to others;
Ever with your head held high, them do you humble.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


(1332)  Jharna tartariye nace

The waterfall skips rapidly,
Having painted a silver streak
Across the hills and into forest.

To no proscription does it pay heed;
By the roadblocks it is never stymied.
With cheerful notion does it speed
From the heights to below the trees.

Lord Shiva's matted hair set free
With a great impetus for descending,
All along the way, blithe and lively,
It craves liberation in love's tears.

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Monday, May 13, 2019


(1331)  Meghe pahare khela

Play between the clouds and hills,
It has endured in presence of the forest.
Twixt blue and green is the bhilwa,
While seasons, they have floated on.

You are the huge mountain,
Lofty ground mid echelons.
Downward have the clouds come,
And they have brought flecks of love.

And snow creeps in
O'er mountain peak...
On blue and green and black,
In white has it fallen around.
Oh, whom has it held dear?

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Grand are the Himalayas

(1330)  Devatatma himalaya

You are the sacred goddess, Himalaya;
And you reign in glory as monarch of the mountains,
You are ever tranquil, rapt in grandeur.

Snowcapped, you are the self-evident
Home of noble sire, Shiva.[1]
At your feet, by your deliverance,
A million glaciers disperse upon Earth.

From age to age, your head upheld,
You've remained the watchful sentinel.
Vexed by summer's heat, the cloud from ocean
Makes rain fall, with Your compassion.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

He owns everything

(1329)  Timiravrta amaratrir

The new-moon night, darkness-covered,
Piercing gloom, You have come.
Everything of mine having flooded,
Your seat in a niche of heart You've taken.

I've no fear from anything;
For everything is stored in Thee.
I keep musing on You constantly,
And certainly You've remained mine only.

I will never scorn anyone;
Your liila includes everybody, Lord.
You're the surety for the vast cosmos;
You have gone on telling this axiom.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Krsna, where did I go?

(1440)  Cand tumi amar pane

Oh moon at me,
Like that why do you gaze?
I want to stay forgetting;
Nonetheless, you look my way.

Inside of Elysium which dream did come?
Dust of the mortal world became crimson-colored.
Could it be you want to hear her every story,
And so you make your glance overlay with honey?

Some jilted-lovesick maid, where does she cry all alone?
Having seen a cloud on moon's light, her peahen-call invokes.
In what Vrindavan, upon viewing Kanu,[1]
That gopika had got you sing, in cadence and in tune.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Even if I must build my vision

(1328)  Ami bhul pathe cale esechi

Onto a wrong road I have veered;
I did not wish to come here...
I was wanting to go to light's sphere.

I was wanting to go where
No one dies from lack of food
(With "service-unworthy" none are duped),
Where entry pass to wisdom's kingdom
Everybody is receiving...
That land I have viewed in a dream.

I was wanting to go where
Thinking is suffused with love
(Fondness exudes from mind's core),
Where every head is getting shelter
(All live in a merry nest),
Hearts full of thorough contentment.
That land I have etched in color.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019


(1327)  Tumi na bale esechile

You had arrived, unbidden;
Today, unbidden You departed.
I had been sprawled in street-dust,
But You did lift me up.

My garments had been ripped and ragged;
Not a morsel to eat had I, or discrimination.
Everything You gave me; everything You taught.

I'd not comprehended human jurisdiction;
To attain You, I'd not made an effort.
Sadhana You taught me, and You gave success.

I'd not found the stature of a human;
My terrain was wet and caustic.
You made honey pour from me, made me articulate;
You raised me up onto Your lap.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Your tree

(1326)  Ekla amay phele

Leaving me behind in solitude,
Oh where did You vanish to?
Ever with me You had been;
Why did You go without advance notice.

The tree You had planted,
Now it's decked with fruit and flowers.
The tune You had practiced,
In my soul it rings out each minute.

Under northern winds, I recall,
On biting winter blasts,
With Your touch, the warmth
That to my heart You imparted.

Even now, with a southern wind
Upon my body feeling pleasant,
I recall, under shade of myrtle-bower,[1]
I had been, and You were there as well.

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He brings light

(1325)  Tamasar nisha dure sare geche

The night of darkness has receded greatly,
Golden light-rays, they have been cascading.
Underneath Your shelter, at Your feet,
Life arises, hey Divine One!
You give answers, You break prisons;
You make everybody bathe in splendor.

After long awaiting, finally You came;
And every sin You sent far away.
All the gloom, You erased;
In mind's core You stirred dharmic attraction.

Unbeknownst, age after age had passed,
Stuck in dogma, time and again.
At Your touch, it vanished in an instant;
Love's flood set that dogma adrift.

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

A complex world

(1324)  Tomar mahavishve prabhu

Lord, in Your vast Creation,
For everything there is room.
Light is there and also gloom,
Whichever any have adopted.

Roses are there, and also thorns;
Stones have stayed in the cascades.
In unions there are the estranged;
In candle flames is the black core.

Beside the lotus, mud is there;
Upon the moon blotches have lived.
Planetary polar lights, soundless and placid,
O'er piles of snow, they've been surrounding.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Go inside

(1323)  Bhalo basiya cale gele

Holding me dear, You did leave;
Why did You go, forgetting me?
Like the moon, showing full for an instant,
You then ducked behind a cloud-curtain.

In the spring, on smiling flower petal
A fiery heat, why does it fall?
With gentle breeze, with a sweet touch,
April stormclouds You did thrust.

On autumn's cloud-free, azure sky,
From where does the fog arrive?
Mid sweet scent of horsinghar,[1] cool and soothing,
You withdrew, giving me a thunderbolt's hot agony.

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My model of perfection

(1322)  Tomar asar patha ceye thaki

I keep looking at the route of Your coming,
And I simply think about You only.
With form and hue I pack my talk of You;
On my heartsky You are the moon.

Those with whom I am acquainted,
In nobody is Your likeness.
You are one without a second;
In empty life, You are the nectar.

Birth after birth Your high praise
I've gone on singing, oh Most Great.
Hey Flawless One, hey Sleepless One,
Ever unique, You're my faithful lover.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019


(1321)  Tumi esecho bhara dukule

You have come, packing the two watersides,
Twixt the riverbanks of my life...
Removing all anguish and suffusing psyche
With the gentle breeze of perfect peace.

Whoever was, whoever is,
Around You they all caper...
On account of You, to love's ocean
Everybody goes to fill their pitcher.

Oh my God, my very own eternally,
Ten thousand salutations at Your feet...
You alone are movement, You alone are speed;
At root of existence, the glow is You only.

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