Sunday, May 19, 2019

The one constant in life

(1337)  Ei vihan belay aj ekelay

Today, at dawn and feeling lonely,
I remembered... it occurred to me
That with You on a same light-dripping morning,
We had met on the mountain-peak,
On the mountain-peak.

Then, in that remote kadam bower,
There had been a floral sweetness and a sweetness mental.
In that mental paradise, with the chiming of obtainment,
Myself had they been binding with fetters of love,
With fetters of love.

Today, by a mound of snow the flowers have got covered;
And the pleasure garden, it has lost both form and color.
Yet still today, privately, in the psychic bower,
Your love has stuck around, full up to the brim,
Full up to the brim.

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  1. Some things get lost in mundane world, but never His love on mind-plane.