Saturday, September 30, 2017


(838)  Ami ar kona kichu bhuli na

Nothing else do I neglect;
Just Your name I'm accustomed to forget.
Nonetheless, I note that love prevails
When I look Your way.

From a bosom full of light divine,
Is the star that came falling;
Its celestial spark within my mind
Filled me with Your sweetness.
The love in which You steeped my life,
Its tenderness with which You stained my mind,
The tune You played... today, with only its melody,
I offer my pranam[1] to Thee.

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Bright prospects

(18)  Ke jena asiya kaye geche kane

It's as if someone came and whispered in my ear...
A new dawn will appear.
Beyond the curtain of fog black,
The golden life will laugh.

Pain and grieving won't remain,
No more will flow just tears alone.
Above the region of all sorrow
Pollen of heart will float.

On planet Earth, tender affection,
Hope and love and pleasant dreams,
Piercing the core every psyche,
Will dispel all specters gloomy.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Is it possible?

(837)  Tomar hiyay amar

In Your heart, for me
Pray tell, is there no place?
If indeed no space remains,
Please say where's my relief.

You're ruler of a mind that's huge;
There is no end to You.
Like a dot am I so wee,
A very puny being.
If You do not make room for me,
It won't grow Your repute.

In desperate hearts,
You're the polestar,
In the rain on nights freezing,
A heat-smearing stream.
You exist for everybody,
But You exist without me.
Without me You are,
And this is Your dishonor.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

He resuscitates

(836)  Pranera aloke tomare peyechi

I've got You in the glow of vivacity;
In blind attachment's sloth, You I've lost.
With flashes of Your beauty every moment,
You revitalize all and sundry.

Just now I keep afloat in endless thought of Thee,
But somewhere will I meet with fatigue and mind's grief.
Please come with Your fresh love and with flower pollen;
You radiate a gentle smile full of affection.

You are the ancient, stolen wreath of glory;
You are the new gift of old melody.
Please come closer and be seated in my mind;
You play a charming flute, graced with moonlight.

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Embodiment of bliss

(835)  Tomar krpay sab kichu hay

By Your grace everything takes place;
You exist, therefore the world is.
Had You not wanted it, in matter and consciousness,
Nobody would have ever stirred.

In the [[:wikipedia:Honeydew (secretion)|honeydew]] and in the floral fragrance,
In snow of mountain peaks and in cockles of the heart,
Keeping link with our existence, personal and collective,
By Your vibration, You've awakened.

In wasteland whispers and in jungle murmurs,
In laps of tender, loving mothers,
With Your smile, affectionate and elegant,
Time eternal laughs.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A little help please

(834)  Tomar krpakana pele ami

A trace of Your grace should I receive,
I could do anything, know that please,
Please know that, know that please.
With the kind touch of Your mercy,
I could make You happy, note that please,
Please note that, note that please.

On this earth I've come to carry out some work,
With worldly body give something of worth.
I don't know much, but I know You are everything;
Upon my lethargy a blow strike please,
Please strike it, strike it please.

I know earth's colors and forms are transient;
Amid them all, You alone are permanent.
In hope of enduring, with earnest yearning,
I forge ahead; so pull me please,
Please pull me, pull me please.

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Meant to be

(17)  Kete geche megh geche udveg

The clouds have lifted; all worries are gone
On our journey to the light.
Some people are calling from the far, blue sky,
From sun's golden chariot.

Come all kinfolk to the great communion
This day itself at dawn.
Earth's voice and heaven's message
Have mingled and become one.

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Monday, September 25, 2017


(833)  Kena aso na amar kache

Why don't You come close to me?
Why don't You come close to me?
You play a love-game from afar,
Lest I hold You in my arms.

In case I want to forget Thee,
In my mind You smile constantly.
Making my affection flow upstream,
You dance a dance that is so sweet.

Tell me where to go, to whom impart
All the words that are inside my heart.

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Amorous play

(832)  Tava liilarase bhese achi

I'm afloat within Your loving game;
In Your game of love I am afloat.
Sometimes You go far away;
Sometimes You come very close.

Sometimes, in meditation, sitting on my eyes,
You arrive and make my nighttime bright.
I think of You both day and night,
I've got You in my mind.

Sometimes, gloom envelops me,
Creating angst, begetting tears.
My troubled heart weeps bitterly;
Then I see I've drifted far from Thee.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Coming soon

(831)  Tomari tare alo jhare

Due to You, light gets spilled,
The sky is filled with such a thrill.
You'll soon be here, You want eyes open
To greet You in that heaven.

In Your floral scent, no mind demands;
With peacocks, even clouds, they dance.
Come take Your seat close by my side;
Cast Your brightly flashing smile.

In the southern breeze nightingales sing;
Mid misery, they emanate glee.
With song and dance You arrive, You mingle with our lives;
You imbue the world, this whole world, with great delight.

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Friday, September 22, 2017


(16)  Sajala pavane

Today, in air rain-heavy,
In dream that was hazy,
The Unknown Traveler appeared.

Upon His own lyre strings,
At limitation's frontier,
The song of consciousness He did sing.

His smile was so loving;
His gaze was sugary.
Breaking the dam of His obscurity,
This same day, become known has He.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

I could live with that

(830)  Tumi jadi jagatjora

If to the world You are coupled,
Am I out of Your universe?
If You are suffering's overthrow,
Why am I so full of sorrow?

I don't want worldly pleasure, what I want is peace;
No boon is granted if such mercy I receive.
I need but a tiny hut in which to lay my head...
A garland of pearls I don't request,
But I reject a pent-up prison cell.

You are great, and I am small;
A flake of snow am I, and You are my Destroyer.
If my body You were to touch,
I'd start to melt as if I'm water;
I wish Earth to be colorful.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Together forever

(15)  Jeona jeona ogo bandhu

Do not leave, do not leave, oh Loving Friend;
For Your sake without sleep am I constantly.
You exist, and so the dwellers of Your cosmos be;
Everybody, one and all, we're in love with Thee.

These light rays and these shadows, these gusts of wind,
On blue with spangles woven is the vast firmament.
To Your melody, to Your beat, everyone is dancing;
For Your love and affection, everyone is praying.
Don't neglect, don't neglect, oh Loving Friend;
Having come near, go on laughing with Your smile sweet.

The laughter and the songs, the brilliant splendor;
Full of pleasant contemplation is the very heaven.
Rhythmically rapt with Your name are all of them;
Only with You they convey the inmost thoughts.
Don't discard, don't discard, oh Loving Friend;
Let this floral bouquet get Your animating touch.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In Him

(829)  Vishva tomar mane nace

In Your mind Earth dances–
You're the life of the whole universe;
All that was and all that is,
Everything is just Your gift.

The world is filled with Your beauty–
Dazzled by Your meter and Your melody,
Wherever I look, there's naught but Thee;
Amid Your forms, everything is lovely.

My heart is full of Your effulgence–
Coated by Your love and lost in song,
All I know or grasp, I heed through Your grace;
With Your attributes, everything is virtuous.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

In the course of life

(14)  Aj mane pare harano dinete

Today it springs to mind, in days gone by,
At the auspicious dawn of my life,
By crying did I come to know Thee,
Lord of mine, in the form of tiny things.

So many days arrive and then retire;
Many a night does hide the light...
Above the realms of light and darkness,
You've remained, full of effulgence,
Lord of mine, in the form of grand expressions.

Beyond emotions from what's known or unknown,
There's the sweetness of devotion, for eternity;
It has endured, revolving around Your two feet,
Ever-transcendent, filled with honey,
Lord of mine, in the form of song.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Juggernaut of joy

(828)  Jale bhara ei varasay

In these heavy rains,
Who is He, going on His way?
Looking, it seems as if
He surely knows me.

From His sweet-sweet smile
And His beguiling eyes
Is shed a truly splendid light.

On a high tide of lively glee,
In myriad forms, all world-enthralling,
He proceeds, yes, He proceeds.

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Could it be because?

(827)  Alor mahotsabe kena

Why, at a massive light-gala,
Will You be not present;
Why will You be absent?
In the lotus grove, in many a swarm,
Will not bumblebees appear?

You're the star in everybody's eyes;
You're their pearl necklace, the essence of light.
In a gentle breeze or on the vast blue sky,
Won't You make known Your mind?

You're the jeweler who trades in sweet thoughts,
And You're the light's defeat with a black fog.
Singing and dancing in stimulating rhythm,
You will exude ecstatic ambrosia.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Keeping Him bright

(826)  Bhorer aloy tomay pelum

I found You by the morning light,
Oh Lord, the sweetheart of my life.
With crimson love, Sun's Charioteer,
Please take the good in me.

Whatever's good, to You I gave;
What's bad remained with me.
I made my offering wholeheartedly
With fragrance alike sandalpaste.
Please take my gift, though trifling,
Oh Lord, the universally esteemed.

Light and dark, both are there;
Within me, they exist, I know.
My black spots, kindly let them go;
With bright clothes I adorn Thee.
Wee though I be, please keep me at Your feet,
Oh Lord, fit for everybody's memory.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017


(825)  Tomar kache ami

In Your presence am I;
I don't want any pride.
I don't want fame or prestige;
That is just vanity.

With morning's light, You
assume a bright attire;
With evening's stars, You
cavort in cosmic dance.
In reach of me is that alone;
It is ample gift.

With the birds singing in my vicinity,
You manifest fine rhythm, oh Lord.
With peacocks dancing midst the clouds,
You show me graceful poses, Master Of The Universe.
Your never-ending beauty pageant,
It pervades my life.

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(13)  Ami shudhu hesechi necechi geyechi

Just laughed and danced and sung have I;
With moon's light I've fraternized.
Everything I've seen or heard or realized,
I've engraved in the jeweled halls of mind.

Tempests blow without mercy
Should the stars disappear.
Having lost all I'd held dear,
Even there, I've kept singing.

Where there is no light, there is no life.
Now I've discovered the god of light.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


(824)  Nayana bhariya dekhivare cai

I want to see, filling my eyes with Thee;
But out of fear and shame, I do not gaze.
I want to live, holding Your lotus feet;
But hesitant, to hang on I don't attain.

In days gone by, on my dark nights,
You used to place Your hand in mine.
I'd strike out on tracks most hard to pass;
But You'd come with... I cannot forget that.

Passed me by are many days;
So many years have slipped away.
Many stars in the heavens,
Untimely have they fallen.
But the age-old memory of Your love divine,
Even now, unfaded it abides.
The memory of what I'm missing, the eternal song,
That I would safeguard in the core of my heart.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Darkest hour

(823)  Tomar tare base base

Waiting and waiting for Thee,
My garland I've been threading.
With the petals of fresh flowers,
Sweetness of heart I've conferred.

Shiuli[1] blossoms fall at night's end;
Hurtful is the dew for them.
Weighed down by grief they cry;
Their plight I've realized.

One who strings a wreath of desire,
In the heart a burning pain resides.
Lord, do You fail to discern
How much torture I've endured?

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Monday, September 11, 2017


(822)  Tomare bhalobesechi nirdvidhay

I have loved You without pause;
A crown of thorns I wear.
On any path, with firm feet I will walk
Cross any stones toward Thee.

Today I travel with no work but Yours;
Yours are the only words I speak.
Great strength and prowess possessing,
All demons I dismiss.

Should the fog of defeat envelop me,
My march won't halt, it will go on.
Taking Your name, keeping You in heart,
I will proceed; I fear no difficulty.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

True worth

(821)  Tumi amare bhalobese

Lord, by loving me
You have honored me.
Certainly, judiciously, You do not look;
For I am but the equal to a grain of soot.

In Your flower garden, there am I
A mite of pollen, a seed vessel inside.
You are more gigantic than the huge;
While I am just an atom in a molecule.
By fetters of attribute am I constrained;
Beyond attribute, You are the most noble and great.

I am but the tiny glow of a firefly;
You are the tremendous sun in the far-flung sky.
I am the soft jingle of ankle bells;
You are the call clarion of bugles.
I drift amid the splendors of Your body;
Beyond the limits of body, You reign supreme.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Have no fear, I am here

(163)  Manke kona chota kajei nabte dobo na

Into any mean deed, I won't let my mind sink;
No, no, no, I won't let it sink.
I'll seat mind in meditation's splendor;
I'll build a new world order.

Relying on me only, earth and heaven,
They await with bated breath.
Consummated are their hopes;
Life's fountain, I will make it flow.

Wiping away the tears, smiles I will bring;
Weeping will go away, and flutes will play.
Upon this earth will come good days;
Grief, suffering, and hardship won't remain.

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Tender love

(162)  Kichu kaye jao kichu shune jao

Keep speaking, hear something;
Please don't go so quickly.
In this universe, Your great azure,
Don't abandon me.

Let me be close with Thee,
On many ways, in many streams.
The nectar of my budding mind,
Don't let it run dry.

I have loved You only,
With joy and grief, persistently.
In mud, I've kept my lotus blooming;
Don't tear off its leaves.

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Too much?

(12)  Nayane mamata bhara

With eyes full of affection,
His smile casting pearls,
The one Unknown Traveler arrived.

My heart is pounding fiercely;
So engrossing, these emotions.
Who is He Who gave to me such bliss?

My mind would see Him always;
But, abashed and afraid, I do not look.
Wherefrom had come this honeyed sweetness?

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Thursday, September 7, 2017


(820)  Tumi na dakitei ele amara ghare

Without my invite, You entered my home...
What kind of love is this, what kind of love?
Without my saying a word, to me You spoke...
What is this surreal affection, this surreal affection?

My despondent heart had plunged into disrepair;
Repeatedly the night found me in a baffled state.
Now my quenched thirst smiles with contentment;
After long, You arrived, borne on flower pollen.

Speak up, maybe I don't merit this Your pity;
But why did You make such a huge deceit?
Pray tell, do You love me or do You not...
Why did You stay far away, with what were You displeased...
Say how You were dissatisfied, what was Your disaffection?

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


(819)  Aji vasante mor phulavane

Today, with a springtime[1] in my flower garden,
Who are You Who arrived, delighting my psyche?
On the edge of hopelessness, in a mental cavity,
What did You speak that made me disillusioned?

To welcome You the hawk-cuckoos keep singing;
The palash blooms look on, their eyes to please.
Red-colored Earth, enlivening with beauty,
To heart's content, it ogles Thee.

Today, with kindly thoughts, compassion seeps;
Upon afflicted lives, wide eyes are looking.
Hearts filled with love, nectar overflowing,
Compose samgiit, honey to smear.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Down to earth

(11)  Nacer tale egiye cale

With the rhythm of dance it proceeds,
This reddish-colored earth.
Know that it's not clay only;
Lo, it is my mother.

In paddy fields on the rice-spikes
Arises a golden light;
Men of the land deem that to be
The purest gold indeed...
The earth, it is my mother.

The stars and sky, the floral scent,
Water and air, sweetly pleasant;
Along with these abides for me
The soil, so eye-pleasing...
The earth, it is my mother.

My Friend, if You do hold me dear,
This very day, please come near;
By Your grace, we will create
True human beings for real...
The earth, it is my mother.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

In the mind

(818)  Eso tumi eso, eso amar dhyane

Come, Thou, please come
Come into my medititation.
Unseen Lord, for Your sake,
Night and day I stay awake.

As far as maya-besotted eyes do see,
Nowhere they detect a trace of peace.
Just Your light, just Your light,
Removing all the darkness,
Would provide serenity in life.

Without coming close, You draw one nigh;
With awesome ties You know how to bind.
Just Your smile, just Your smile,
Making one forget all pain,
Would bring fresh vigor in the mind,
In the mind, in the mind.

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Everywhere and everywhile

(10)  Mayamukure ke kii bhave kii kare

In a magic mirror, what is thought and what is done,
Everything You know, oh my Divine Lord.
Hearts palpitating and lengthy time-cycles rotating,
Every single secret You hear.

What can I do, concealed from You,
What can I think that deceives You?
Mid all that is manifest, You exist in every deed;
You're the silent sweetness.

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How sweet it is!

(9)  Andharer sei hatasha

That selfsame dark despair,
Has been cut away today;
The touch of light have I attained.
Where has been lost my desert-thirst
Under the pleasant shade of sweetness?

In my song, there is no prayer;
In my smile, just acquisition.
My every movement and expression,
Gliding on a stream of sweet grace,
Proceed with aim of radiant effulgence.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Knowing Him

(817)  Tumi amay jano

You know me;
I know You not.
You give love;
Self-centered, I love not.

You are cosmic light; for the devotees You are life.
You are blazing consciousness and liberation's song.
You are always with me, and yet I don't see.

You are the innermost and the most enormous;
I am microscopic, almost subatomic.
You've been kind, and still You're kind;
You will go on being kind, but I don't realize.

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(816)  Jadi nayane na bhase ar karo chabi

When some other image does not rise before Your eyes,
Please see me at Your lotus feet.
When planets, stars, and sun don't occupy Your thought,
Please alight upon the lotus of my heart.

All my psychic honey I've been storing
Very carefully for Thee.
Stately, step into my mental hollow,
Transmuting any barren stone.

Holding me back are my reactive momenta;[1]
Adept are they at setting blocks to progress.
With just a speck of grace those blocks You
Float away. Knowing that, I come for refuge.

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