Monday, September 18, 2017

In the course of life

(14)  Aj mane pare harano dinete

Today it springs to mind, in days gone by,
At the auspicious dawn of my life,
By crying did I come to know Thee,
Lord of mine, in the form of tiny things.

So many days arrive and then retire;
Many a night does hide the light...
Above the realms of light and darkness,
You've remained, full of effulgence,
Lord of mine, in the form of grand expressions.

Beyond emotions from what's known or unknown,
There's the sweetness of devotion, for eternity;
It has endured, revolving around Your two feet,
Ever-transcendent, filled with honey,
Lord of mine, in the form of song.

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  1. After coming to know Him, we get to enjoy the bliss of loving Him.