Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Otherwise not worth a cent

(1934)  Tomar varata baye jai

I go on carrying Your tidings;
With Your work I keep myself busy.
My everything is on account of You only;
These are the words well-formed I continue singing.

On stellar sky, like mote of dust, I have arrived;
On mental sky, hey my Love, Yourself I've acquired.
My going and coming, my weeping and laughing;
At their root is Your compassion only.

But for You I don't exist– this fact I perceive;
On strings of Your viina, a jangle I bring.
Your champak-touch, scope gauged for novelty,
Having felt that, I proclaim my respectful greetings.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

My Lord, so sweet

(1933)  Maneri gahane madhura carane

Into depths of my mind, with honeyed feet
Please come, oh Beloved, revered by everyone.
Expecting Thee, alert am I seated,
In this self-discipline of silence.

The silence You dash, You bring grandiloquence;
Into a glum life, fine gentleness You dispense.
The history of me, my ballad of distress,
In Your looking glass is its portrait.

My faults and my virtues, You know each one;
So draw me close, to my sins granting pardon.
Upon me do confer the purest devotion[1]
To traverse a shoreless ocean.

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Do stay but don't stop

(1932)  Anek diner pare, tomare pelum ghare

After days aplenty
I discovered You in home.
Please stay at my abode, having lit up psyche;
Far away I won't give You leave to go.

I know not how the penance of many ages
Made my dark-moon night get distanced.
But the night-meditation, it has fetched
Sun at dawn to doorstep.

This morn, that for whole life it remain
And keep me glad throughout each day,
By Your touch, in delight let sway
Mind and heart always.

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Saturday, June 12, 2021

To what effect His advent?

(1931)  Phaguner upavane maner gahan kone

In a springtime garden, at a remote psychic niche,
With which hope a fire You ignited?
Not a thing did You desire,
But not tiny was what's left behind...
And not a thing You told, even by hint.

To a smiling palash arbor You'd come with loving geste.
And neath silk-cotton trees they had peered a-frequent,
Mango buds, both eyes trained in Your direction...
Into the air You infused imagination.

Oh the Unknown Traveler, You are never unfamiliar;
In a lonely niche of mind, You reside, forced to go often.
To find You, I fly up to the sky, wings outspread;
Your not wanting to be close, I look to the heavens.

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Friday, June 11, 2021

I am He

(1930)  Dhara dile dharatale

To the surface of the earth You resigned;
You went on filling with moonlight.
You will return, but when I do not know;
When... I do not know.
Sweetness in abundance You supplied;
You took control of the mind.
Right or wrong time... You did not note.

With a smiling face You had arrived
Maintaining contact eye to eye.
Touching life with Your life,
Oh what did You not bestow!

Anything that is benign, You are that only;
To what is harmful, never are You sparing.
You have moved, evil subduing;
Vacillate in fear You don't!

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

His love makes all things right

(1929)  Bhav khunjechilo bhasa

Mood had searched for speech,
And speech had craved melody.
Mental state races past imagination,
And tune capers round about Your anklets.

You arrived with love's effulgence,
And with cadence You did fill.
With a jangle You delighted,
And the heart had been bewildered.

I have got acquainted with Thee
And the why You've come descending.
Dancing You go on incessantly,
Having distanced any misery.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The supreme shelter and protector

(1928)  Arun tomar ruperi liilay

Morning Sun, with your divine play of form only,
A surging ocean starts overflowing.
One speck of that form rises from sleep,
And ten million of the sky's nebulae sing.

Hey Makeup Artist, what is this you are doing!
You have filled the world with love's sea.
Into form and yet transcendent you are stooping;
You have gone dancing in the study of beauty.

In Liila's game your peer is not there;
You make the three realms[1] laugh and cry constantly.
Musing on that state, I don't attain profundity:
Sheltered I've arrived, dependent on mercy.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Only a pit stop on the greater journey

(1927)  Kena sajal cokhe ceye acho

Eyes wet, why are you staring?
Mop away the tears, mop away the tears.
Why have you gone around, rain falling untimely;
Heed my words: What had come about; do say please!

Upon just a sky, azure-blue and temperate,
Flights of geese glide afar to farther still.
Neither do those geese cry nor quake with fear;
In this My goose, in her, who infused grief?

Into many lifetimes comes a gusty rainstorm;
Many a tranquil nest, it does sail off.
But on sky having relied, you be firmly confident;
Go ahead boldly toward the nest everlasting.

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Monday, June 7, 2021

Brightening everybody's psyche

(1926)  Eso kajal rater andhare

Please arrive in the dark of ink-black night,
Having made hearts bright...
With love's matchstick having lit this lamp mine,
Wakening human kindness.

Without You this ignorance will not get lifted;
Excluding You, humanity will not be awakened.
For cosmic weal, in everybody's meditation do appear
As the sterling tier of worldliness.

I have wanted You in the darkness of a prison,
Throughout life Yourself I have sought;
Your smile, sweet and bright, heaven's nectar heaped,
It will dispel all sorts of gloominess.

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

The love is not enough

(1925)  Tomar parashe pathar gale jay

At Your touch a stone gets overcome with emotion.
So this heart of mine, will it not melt?
Upon Your delight, the world grows intoxicated;
Away go the hard times and darkness dense.

All I want is that You grant Your contact please.
I won't take anything more; rather, You take me.
To give my sense of "I", Your refuge to assume,
My eyes, in profusion have they wept.

Go and do what You wish; not a thing do I speak.
Devise what You contrive; nothing do I think.
Just keep me in mind, look on with eyes of compassion;
Your thread of affection, kindly never rend.

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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Deeper and deeper still

(1924)  Amay jadi bhalo na baso

If You don't hold me dear,
Yourself I will not forget;
I will go on calling.
You're the colleague everlasting;
On just Your assurance,
Yourself I will not forget.

Upon the sky remote, I will go floating;
To love's pollen I will give a scattering.
I will carry, up to throat filling,
Song's exquisite elegance.

To the cadence in each mode of music;
On the strings of a viina, in their jangle;
In the sweet rise-and-fall of the heart dormant,
With You attainment happens.

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Friday, June 4, 2021

The ride of my life

(1923)  Amay niye calle tumi

You departed, taking me
To someplace unknown, to someplace unknown.
Why does my boat that is tugged downstream
Upstream want to go?

Buying-and-selling having finished,
Give-and-take accounts having settled,
Your boat will get rowed
To a fair Arcadia.

When the high tide had come in,
No oarsman or tillerman had there been;
Now at twilight I am ready and equipped,
Rescued, upon You reliant.

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

And still I get lost

(1922)  Tumi kabe asbe bale

Oh You, having said You'll return a long time back,
Hours and days I am counting ever since.
Shedding tears on Your arrival path,
Thereby do I keep bathing it.

Age after age, they pass away;
Many a memory fills me with pain.
Many hopes like blooms to fall are made,
Yet unperturbed at my cherished goal I gaze.

One block of time fades into another;
The outer world moves within.
Filled up with the flavor of Your liila,
Dumbstruck, myself I'm defeated.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

You tailor my clothing

(1921)  Jiivane amar he rupakar

Into my life, hey Couturier,
Won't You enter, won't You enter?
Always bearing my load, days will transpire;
And the trip, won't there be an end to it?

Daily the sun rises, and it will decline;
There's no variety in what is realized.
Food and sleep carry on in the same style;
Any stop or pause, it does not persist.

Hey the Ever-New, You convey novelty;
To my life You contribute tendency.
And Your song You provide along the journey
To complete an exploration.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I must go home

(1920)  Niil se sarovarer tiire

At the edge of that blue mere
There had been one champak arbor.
On the water a red lily, it had bloomed,
While I'd sat inside the garden.

Flights of geese are on the wing,
Having crossed lands far and near.
To which cozy nest left empty
Was every return?

In a deep recess of human psyche,
That nest invites secretly:
"Please come back, mind appeased;
It's been twilight time enough!"

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