Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A rosebud's cursory thought

(1320)  Ami golaper kunri arcokhe heri

A rosebud am I, and obliquely I behold
The course of my existence.
To me, indeed, life there is;
But it is no pearl-studded flow.

In rose garden dressed in glee,
Out of shame, my face I am hiding.
I think of Him, the saga of only His glory,
Anxiously anticipating Him to receive.
To fill Earth with rhythm and song,
Oh I get totally absorbed.

In my bosom still there is honey,
And in my sky the moon is there.
Together with sweet moon, in this life earthly,
I proceed, pouring an ambrosial stream,
Speechless, love-exuding.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

His garland

(1319)  Ami path bhule cale giyechinu

Forgetting path, I'd gone astray;
But You have pointed out the way.
I had craved transient happiness;
But You've filled me with eternal bliss.

Ever sitting in a flower garden,
Futile thorns I had plucked out.
Pulling back the bud's petals,
You've poured nectar in my mouth.
Scenting me with sweet fragrance,
You have strung a floral garland.

With abundant coal surrounding me,
I'd merely been coated with blackness.
Bringing change in my psychology,
Luster of diamond You have kindled.
Casting out my imperfections,
You have taken me and made me Yours.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

A private affair

(1318)  Mor manera gahane

In the depths of my psyche,
Come into the mind secretly.
A flower bud am I, soft and sweet;
Carefully, I've stored my honey.

Windstorm-gales aplenty,
They've blown over me;
Even so, I could not be breached.
I've kept on clinging to Thee,
At the heart of my psyche,
Privately, very privately.

Come in dance, come in music-strain;
Come in resin, come in candle-flame.
Come in monsoon's screwpine canopy;
Come like butter on the kadam tree.
My existence having steeped,
In dream, pleasant and enchanting,
Vibrant with ample kindness, please appear.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Well-directed movement

(1317)  Saorakarojjval svarnima suprabhate

On a sunny morning, golden-glowed and auspicious,
What was the tune celestial that You practiced?
In the eastern firmament with a reddish tint,
As much vexed was my heart, peace You did furnish.

Between You and me whatever distance had existed,
Beaming just one gentle smile, You rescinded it.
You are most gigantic, while I am so diminutive...
Even with this difference, You delivered nearness.

For more sitting to weep or for halting to dawdle,
There was no respite, nor was there any permit.
With Your every beat, transcendent and effusive,
You moved along the path, taking me with.

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(1316)  Kar tare tumi base base kando

For whose sake do you always sit and cry?
Who is it that you think of day and night?
Who's the mind-thief that's snatched away
The spate of laughter from your face?

To the side is fallen jasmine garland;
It's no longer gracing your chignon.
Delight's nectar, where's it gone?
From two wide eyes it has withdrawn.
Do tell His story, a hymn to His glory;
Let that history be revealed.

Life's vessel, it's full of both fruits and flowers;
Why then do you ramble in such shabby manner?
To this day what Krsna in your mind's Gokul[1]
Walks about, having played a magic flute?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Show Yourself

(1315)  Nayan majhare rayecho

Within the eye You have resided;
Thus, the eye cannot see Thee.
In Your true beauty, You have kept concealed.

You are God Almighty, all of us just particles,
Everybody obtaining Your shelter.
Through Your compassion, with Your inspiration,
On Your path, we can proceed.

You are the Divinity, of time beyond reckoning,
With boundless power over the seven spheres.[1]
Oh the Most Beloved, One most near and dear,
At home and abroad, please dwell in joy and sorrow.

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The power of love

(1314)  Eso name eso dhyane

Enter my appellation, enter my meditation;
Onto my heart's throne please do come.
Age after age in company with Thee
Has been my love, knowing-or-unknowingly.

Birth after birth has gone;
Death after death has come...
Our friendship, endless and unfailing,
Lives forever in deep contemplation.

Lord, You are bound with the thread of love;
Through no power will it ever be torn.
Both tiny and large, worthless and great,
By that thread are tied, all borders dissolved.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Game over!

(1313)  Nayanabhirama prabhu

Lord and Master, so eye-pleasing,
On my eyelids when will You appear?
Upon flimsy weeping, why to leave
When the grant of holding Thee must be?

In this world not a thing is in vain–
Your divine game only tells this tale.
Those with tears for Thee,
Will their calls go unavailing?

Gently smiling, open eyes–
There's been enough of Your pastime!
Having thrust me in delusion,
Will You cede me to the dark, temporal ocean?[1]

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

The secret of psyche

(1312)  Aloke eso bhuloke

On Earth in splendor please arrive;
Just residing in heaven won't suffice.
Loving You, there are hearts in this world too;
Naught else do they know but You.

River, stream, mountain, woods, and garden,
Ever they implore You to come.
For You they occupy their lives;
They engage in Your pursuit day and night.

Minds by the many millions – human, bird, and beast –
As their very own they know You to be.
That is heart's conception in the depths of psyche;
It indeed is the worship of You only.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

And so it happens

(1311)  Mahakash pete cay matir parash

Vast sky wants to touch the earth,
And Earth wants to get the blue azure,
The blue azure, the blue azure.
Supreme Consciousness loves the particle,
And the particle loves that Consciousness,
That Consciousness, that Consciousness.

Age after age, the love twixt tiny and enormous,
Every minute, every second, in both form and color,
It had been, it is now, and it will go on staying forever...
In history and in the hint of beauty in a budding heart,
In a budding heart, in a budding heart.

The ties of love, they have abided,
So the distance gets demolished;
Please come near, come near, Master...
I wish to see You every single moment,
Every single moment, every single moment.

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Friday, April 19, 2019


(1310)  Tandra bheunge geche

Broken is my sleep;
Lord, on Your path I will proceed.
The brightness of moonlight
I will sprinkle on the public mind.

I will smear a soothing balm on wretched bosom;
One frustrated I will fill with expectation.
My own self, for the sake of everybody,
I will take and make ready to donate in charity.

Any fog that emerges,
With firm hand I will remove it.
Any grime now gripping mind,
I will purge with bath of light.
Yourself in a lustrous shape,
Every moment I will paint.

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For whose sake?

(1309)  Meghera kena niice nebe ase

Why do the clouds descend
To get the touch of Himalayas?
Why are sky and wind both full of sweetness?
Which celestial nymph came to dress and embellish?

The tall, white mountain-peaks,
They summon whom, gazing aloft?
With its green harvest on fruit-trees,
A smiling woodland has endowed which ones?
In this environment, obsessed with Whom,
Has everyone arisen, feverish and glued?

Oh Sculptor of the far-flung universe,
This sublime beauty and fragrance serves what purpose?
For whose benefit have You lavished it,
Whose heart to capture and make off with?

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

It's a new day

(1308)  Nutan diner nutan surjya

New day's new sun,
On eastern sky it's now arisen.
Nighttime's utter darkness,
Fearful and ashamed, it's gone hidden.

Cast off slough, the dead tissue;
Bare your body to light of the new.
At your gate is splendor true,
It has come this day in new costume.

Gloom's creatures, they are far removed;
Fruitless it's become to embezzle you.
The cosmic mind, which is huge,
Recalling it, only its work do.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time and tide

(1307)  Kaj kare jete esechi dharate

We have come to the world to go on working;
This Earth is a battlefield.[1]
Sitting and reclining, growing immobile,
It is not the flow of life.

Krsna, what You had accomplished,
What You did with discus and a quiver,
That tale immortal, that ode ambrosial,
Trickling here is the recollection.

There's no way to call it quits;
One and all move per Your attraction.
On this Kuruksetra with its Sage Vyasa,
That saga has remained ballad-filled.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Auspicious is the day

(1306)  Citta amar aveg amar

Oh my spirit, oh my passion,
Why now are you wavering?
All penance and aspiration,
Fruitful it seems they are soon to be!

More color does the early-morning sky wear,
And now a sweet lyre rings out in the mind-sphere.
Dullness and subtlety have disappeared;
The celestial trumpet rises, resounding.

Mind races far away, to a great distance;
An impatient stream skips on smiling waters.
The surging heart, singing it advances;
With new music Your hymn is embellished.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

The Flautist

(1305)  Madhumakha sure venuka pure

With honey-coated melody, to my house the Flautist,
You had come in cadence after cadence.
With many a musical key inside mind's pavilion,
You did make ambrosia run mid liila's illusion.

With lustrous anklets smiling bright in ripples,
Sweetly entertaining inside psyche's temple,
In a charming dance-fashion, unenjoyed as yet,
For all of eternity, You produced vibration.

Left unimpeded by that grand enlightenment,
The psychic peacock ever rushes, dancing ahead.
Into Infinity all thought and words get lost,
At exquisite beauty's final shore.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hope springs eternal

(1304)  Din cale jay balaka pakhay

A flock of geese on wing, the days, they go by;
Woe is me, still in my home You did not arrive.

Many crimson dreams of novelty have got broken;
On many tears my breast, it has floated off.
Nonetheless, Your hallowed footfall goes unheard.

Humming, the mind's bumblebee is saying:
"The One you crave, for you He is coming;
Lo, yon He goes, yon He goes, He is
Rapt in spring-fire on the palash tree."

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Oh my God!

(1303)  E ki ucchal jyoti sarita

What is this all-pervading light-current?
What is this fickle sweetness?

With what glee does the stream rush speedily;
By Whose touch does the gloom get bleached?
What is this consciousness of Supreme Being?

What is this wave... it heeds no obstruction;
It moves like a stag in the forest sonorous!
What is this honey-filled intoxication?

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Miffed with bliss

(1302)  Path bhule ajana pathik

Unknown Traveler, having lost Your way,
Into my house You came.
After my calling for so many days,
Attention You did pay.

From dawn to dusk I'd been calling,
In the midst of all my industry;
I'd been calling on nights ebony,
The rain falling aplenty.

I'd been calling on the autumn eves,
Redolent with tender coral jasmine;
I'd been calling in the months of spring,
With moonlight undulating.

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The sweet memory

(1301)  Se ek madhura smrti

He is the sweet memory,
Appearing ever-gleaming,
Every minute, splendid beauty.

On far shore of my ignorance,
Unbeknownst, He waits at love-tryst,
Every moment, every instant,
Every layer, dabbed with fondness.

Luminous, He is holy trance,
The boundless, lustrous ocean,
Beat after beat, little by little,
The ambrosial song, floating in.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Beyond measure

(1300)  Tomare janai pranam

To You I offer salutations,
Hundreds upon hundreds,
With no pride and with no egoism,
Oh One with a propitious mission, ever great and noble.

You are the tendency for all thoughts of welfare,
And You alone are the conviction neath all hope and faith.
I yearn for Your holy feet; Your sanctuary do I crave,
Oh One free from worldly attachment, ever unstained.

Reflected on the unit, You saturate every heart;
Reflected on collective, You gaze at all together.[1]
Your devoted kindness, Your fondness unmerited,
Forever it is vigilant and imminent.

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He is innate

(1299)  Acho chande acho tane

You are in the beat, You are in the key,
You are in the dance, and You are in the melody.[1]
In the melody, You are in the beat.
You are in the hopelessness of ignominy;
And You are in the wounded pride, heart-filling.

On a dry riverbed in bosom of the desert,
Or on a tree-branch with fresh color,
In the love brimming with speech
At early morning's invocation...

Like unto You there is nothing;
All that I attain, it is by Your mercy.
Bearing trace of Your grace, I promenade.
With each breath of life,
With each thought of mine...

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Primordial truth

(1298)  Ami tomakei bhalabesechi, kabe theke ta bhule gechi

Only You have I loved;
Since what time, that I've forgot.
Joining my cast with Your color,
We are forging a new world.

Brushed with Your color,
On eastern sky the sun looms.
In Your color's twilight hue,
To realms unknown it goes off.
Arrival and departure, want and acquisition,
I have got to know only through You.

You exist, and I do too;
But You will stay, and I will not persist.
Only inside You for ages without limit,
My tiny I, it will continue.
This eternal truth is the chief doctrine;
With both heart and mind, today I have understood.

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Soldiers of God

(1297)  Pather upal dui paye dale

Having crushed road's pebbles neath two feet,
Ever we march onward...
For us there is no fear, no fear.
Having smashed hind'ring walls to smithereens,
Ever we gaze forward.

Raising up the flag of victory,
We march straight ahead, not zigzag.
Heads held high we proceed, wagon-wheels advance,
Without the slightest misgivings.

New-age pioneers are we,
Keeping dreamworld to the forefront.
Having pulverized stony prisons,
The song of Infinity we sing.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spring comes...

(1296)  Phaguneri parash diye

Having applied Phalgun's touch,
In what form did You come?
With the succulence of Madhumas,[1]
You pulverized all inertia.

Today the world's abrim with purpose;
Filled with fragrance is the Earth...
Cosmic mind choosing her suitor,
In what cradle did You sway everyone?

In tones and tunes psyche's ecstatic;
Every moment it's filled with a thrill...
Bondage broken, broken the stone-prison,
Beat after beat, it goes to a lovers' tryst.

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Friday, April 5, 2019


(1295)  Phuler vane ekla ele

Alone you came into a grove of blooms
For purpose of meeting with Whom?
Who is the Lover? Having pacified,
He captured your heart's paradise!

A crescent moon in vast blue sky,
As your guardsman, it's on watch at night.
Plants packed with flowers, tantamount to nectar
Flashing beauty, they grow in abundance.
Into this setting in Whose hope did you arrive
With love's kohl etched upon your eyes?

Says history: This way only it takes place...
Twixt God and living being, honey-smeared is the game.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Is my Beloved gone?

(1294)  Ami tomay bhalabesechi

I have loved Thee
Even more than I love me,
My dark-night's travel-mate,
Sweet smile on a mournful day.

My solace mid bereavement's sea,
Love's floral thread drenched with tears,
You've held enthralled eternal time;
You're mingled with rhythm of life.

On moonlit night full-moon attends;
To gentle virtue You are wed...
Into each atom of my thought,
Piercing are You with Your compassion.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

On a dawn delicious

(1293)  Tomare svagata janai

To You I offer welcome
With the sun-at-daybreak's many songs.
What I crave is just to hold Thee...
In every meditation, my whole plea.

Come, Lord, inside my home please take Your seat;
Per worship's dictates, I've arranged everything.
Among the flowers, fruits, and tepid liquids,
I await with tone and tune, recital of music.

I've cast aside all the filth,
And I've infused sweetness.
With passionate emotion
I'm composing song, on a dawn delicious.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Living the dream

(1292)  Akash ghiriya ache ksudra dharake

Sky is enclosing the diminutive Earth;
Although the Earth be tiny, it is not at all trifling.
Inside of the ocean, many are the drops of water;
Taking them together is acquaintance with the sea.

The flower bud, the grain of sand,
Who thinks of them, fallen upon side of path?
They alone have composed Earth, diffusing dreamy fragrance;
Having been their role, they remain perpetual.

With scope for freshness in the history of novelty,
We will go on creating within amity's periphery.
Those who go on making, and those who've left after making–
Their private thoughts in mute mouths are loaded with honey.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Just testing

(1291)  Kena ankhi chalachala jala bhare

Why do your eyes brim with streaming tears?
Oh what has brought you down,
An undue monsoon now?
Upon your cheeks why does the light rebound?
With Whose love are they glistening?

Aided by ambrosia's essence in your neck,
And a milkmaid's[1] load of love borne in your breast,
You float off to some remote sphere.
Who is He that calls you endlessly?

To your path of movement there's no finish;
What you long for, it is nectar limitless.
Is that why, shunning all, ascetic's garb you have worn?
Oh touchstone-streak[2] pristine, you are in fixed ideation.

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