Monday, April 29, 2019

His garland

(1319)  Ami path bhule cale giyechinu

Forgetting path, I'd gone astray;
But You have pointed out the way.
I had craved transient happiness;
But You've filled me with eternal bliss.

Ever sitting in a flower garden,
Futile thorns I had plucked out.
Pulling back the bud's petals,
You've poured nectar in my mouth.
Scenting me with sweet fragrance,
You have strung a floral garland.

With abundant coal surrounding me,
I'd merely been coated with blackness.
Bringing change in my psychology,
Luster of diamond You have kindled.
Casting out my imperfections,
You have taken me and made me Yours.

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  1. The floral wreath that He weaves, to whom does He give it?