Friday, April 26, 2019

Well-directed movement

(1317)  Saorakarojjval svarnima suprabhate

On a sunny morning, golden-glowed and auspicious,
What was the tune celestial that You practiced?
In the eastern firmament with a reddish tint,
As much vexed was my heart, peace You did furnish.

Between You and me whatever distance had existed,
Beaming just one gentle smile, You rescinded it.
You are most gigantic, while I am so diminutive...
Even with this difference, You delivered nearness.

For more sitting to weep or for halting to dawdle,
There was no respite, nor was there any permit.
With Your every beat, transcendent and effusive,
You moved along the path, taking me with.

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  1. When He says: "Surrender", there is no alternative; but your struggle's just begun.