Sunday, July 30, 2023

God's fool am I

(2712)  Mamata makha o duti ankhi

Oh the two eyes affection smeared,
Cosmic sweetness they've drawn forth.
Psyche wants that always, I see.

All that has been hope or language fraught,
Whatever love and song have strayed off–
Entangled with each moment is a recollection;
On getting that, there's naught else left to achieve.

Having stayed watching, fear and public shame abide;
But dancing on within psyche is that King of Mind.
For Him alone staying alive, in just His garb attired,
Toward only His arrival path, I remain gazing.

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Naught is lost

(2711)  Chande gane sure ele mana madhupure

With cadence, lyrics, tune, You entered mind's sweet residence;
With the bliss of attainment, You made life replete.
Unseen and blemish-free, a gratifying cognitive intuition,
To all of my gladness, distress, and fatigue, You paid heed.

Like a river, rhythmically the lyrics go ahead;
Toward the Great Ocean they rush in waves unobstructed.
With a message of novelty, obsolete having cleansed,
On both the sky and air, they raise life's sweet melody.

On this vast stellar sky, everything has persisted;
What was once, that exists– even the lost song drifts.
I am seated, listening, hoping to hear that hymn
From star-studded space, whose presence for me has ceased.

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A lasting impression

(2710)  Sharada nishiithe tomate amate, smita shephaliite paricay

Late one night of autumn, betwixt You and me,
Amid jasmines blossoming, our acquaintance.
On enchanted lower lip, repeatedly,
What had happened, there is no forgetting that.

With You was Your charming flute;
Lively and playful, Your eyes two.
By that flute, the universe, dance-rapt;
By those eyes, the world, sweetness-packed.

Much time has elapsed consequently;
Many a nebula and star have come into being.
How much has arrived, how much has disappeared;
But still now that memory is filled with fragrance.

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Friday, July 28, 2023

His boundless mercy

(2709)  Amar andhar hrdaye

In my dark heart
Was the light's arriving.
There was no sadhana; You showed kindness–
You permitted love throbbing.

In the dust of road, alone had I fallen;
You inscribed the mark of luster upon forehead.
In thought and deed by human dharma,
You launched a beginning.

"The One to Whom you belong, His is everyone;
Within you alone is coveting's completion.
It echoes on a dormant, innermost veena,
Your own upward propelling."

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Grace is everything

(2708)  Deshatiita prabhu deshe ele

Transcendent Lord, You came in-country;
You gave up graciously.
With ecstasy this world was filled,
Eyes opened and seeing Thee.

What had been unthinkable;
With kindness it too happened.
Ended was the night of ruin,
Right away, instantly.

I have chased apparitions,
High and low, path forgotten.
Everything is just compassion,
With a smile You revealed.

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

My all-embracing Deity

(2707)  Sabar apan tumi sabara priya

Everybody's own, You're everyone's Darling;
You are of the Earth and also celestial.
Taking in throat venom-piles of the universe,
By personal virtue You've become immortal.

In qualities, not at all like anybody:
Incorporeal abode within form's pageantry.
In love and affection, tenderness complete–
Inconceivable it is, another one similar.

Like Himalayan mountain peak, You are elevated;
But You've stayed kissing netherworld's abyss.
Body and mind, I bow before You over and over,
You alone are essence of heavenly nectar.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Sweet longing

(2706)  Amar marma majhare prabhu

Lord, my soul's core amid,
Yours is light's invitation.
Vile though I be, I am Yours only;
Don't behave oblivious.

Atop mountain, in the sea, and on sky's body,
You have scattered luster's beauty.
Getting just a single speck of that gleam only,
This is how I'm made conscious.

Of existence-progress-happiness,
Of blooming kadams rain-cleansed,
The screwpine's[1] language of love's pollen,
An exquisitely fine ascension.

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My playful Lord

(2705)  Kaye jao prabhu ananta katha

Lord, go on telling an endless story,
In ear of the whole cosmos, by song after song.
With mood, beat, tempo, You've become as one;
You have been mixing with every heart.

Your playful game goes on unbarred–
In sky it purifies through water,
Desert sands, through fire furious–
By known or unknown tokens of cognition.

Boundless is the basin of liila's river free;
Intellect-and-intuition's limit cedes defeat.
That wreath on throat of the One, love-deserving,
It is brimming over 'gainst the ocean current.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Your gracious omnipresence

(2704)  Vahnishikha tumi meru hime

You are a tongue of fire in the polar chill;
You are in a heart filled.
Seeing does not fly, only understanding works,
Within life's every stratum.

To the mortal world You are heaven's luster,
Amaranthine fragrance on a Malabar silk-cotton.
You are in the colorful collection of forms
And in each string of the mental veena.

You are with every tune in both beat and rhythm;
With music, with clatter, in an unseen residence.
With twang of bows, with clang of swords,
At each minute in each hour of existence.

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The gloom is gone

(2703)  Andhar ghare mor tumi ele

At my dark home You arrived,
A light You did ignite.
The lost gem I could witness;
Opened were the eyes.

Not just outside alone was it dark;
Also in the mind it was, there was no sadhana.
There was not a sliver of aplomb or composure,
By Yourself, that You inspired.

I was knowing that You I was holding dear;
Why that's so, not at all was I fathoming.
Today, on self-introspection, keeping You in mind,
Yourself have I realized in good and bad times.

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

You are most welcome

(2702)  Janame janame ami

For many a lifetime I,
I have wanted You, Dear.
Do You or don't You love?
I know not if You love me.

In Your midst alone is sweetness,
My chimera's heady power.
Chronicles of my existence
Caper round and round Thee.

No longer reside elsewhere;
Come into mind's inner lodging.
Bide with me eternally
Through many songs, in many melodies.

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Friday, July 21, 2023

Futile is my intellect

(2701)  Desh kal patrer urdhve

Above time, place, and vessel,
Laid out is Your seat.
Loud report of thunder is not there;
Abided has a gentle, balanced beauty.

Lord, You have come to a space beyond space;
At a time beyond time You have granted embrace.
That Entity situated outside of qualities,
To also His virtue ballads do the people sing.

Multifarious is Your liila in a show dramatic;
Catching it with a unit-intellect is impossible.
Those You've let understand, having conferred grace,
Just them alone, they know its tidings.

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Monday, July 10, 2023

At Your feet I beg mercy

(2700)  Kon ajanay chile bahukal

For a long while You'd been in some unknown realm;
Today, in the known world You have arrived.
You had been the moon of a remote firmament;
Today, You have risen amid the mind.

To many human habitations around holy places,
I've been roaming about in hope of observation.
Wish was not accomplished, not a glimpse did You give;
Staying afar, You have simply smiled.

I understood the essence is Your compassion only;
For getting You another path just is not there.
So learning and intellect accept defeat;
This fact You have made me realize.

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Always and only You

(2699)  Tomar tare pradiip jvala

For You the lantern is lit,
Just for You garland is threaded,
Musing on You is survival;
To get You I am eager.

Into shape the shapeless You did come;
You arranged the wicker tray of form.[1]
Onto my everything You poured love;
Then Your endless movement was prolonged.

A single speck of Your kindness
Satisfies all fervent wishes.
Frequent visits on a path unrestricted,
Your Game proclaims the Master.

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Sunday, July 9, 2023

My ego is but a pretense

(2698)  Vajrer humkare jharecho ulkadhare

With thunderous roar You've discharged a stream of shooting stars;
Hey Rudra through tandava such is Your introduction!
Casting lightning-proclamation, bringing it to eyelids,
On wakening of consciousness, an abstract benediction.[1]

You dance onward in the style of intractable staff raised;[2]
Water, land, and outer space, in all You stir a quake.
Having poured a heap of ashes on the fire of sin, You declare:
"Know the force of wickedness comes to same conclusion."

You accept no restriction, to You everything is known;
Who has how much power, that also is not unknown.
On account of me, diverse offerings are posed;
You tell me: Never think my mind will be victorious.

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Saturday, July 8, 2023

It took a while

(2697)  Bhalabasi bhalabasi bhalabasi tomay ami

With You am I in love, in love, in love;
Why it's so, explaining does not succeed.
Never did I see, I could not envisage:
Having heard a name, mind is overflowing.

You smile with what sorcery,
Like floral shade amid a beauty green?
Moonlit night's song does it sing,
With implication blooming.

I want to keep You nearby;
After ages this is the desire.
In rhythm romps peacock of mind
Upon the thought of Thee.

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Friday, July 7, 2023

No need to waste more time on me

(2696)  Amar pane na takio

At me, even if You do not glance,
Your sweet smile simply grant.
Lips dyed, in the mind's looking glass
On one side myself please stash.

Within just Your mind everybody drifts;
In You merging, finally they vanish.
At start also You are there, only You at finish;
This principal fact, even I understand.

Lord, I'll go on performing Your trade,
Forgetting all hatred, fear, and shame.
I had been Yours only, and I be that today;
In my two ears through song You chant.

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Thursday, July 6, 2023

My Lord, so amazing

(2695)  Parvat majhe tumi himadri

Among mountains You're the Himalayan;
Among trees, You're the peepul, Dear.
You refine what is fallen from splendor;
Indescribable is Your kind mercy.

Mid deadly flames You are the sea of love,
Ocean of luster upon dark nights fearsome,
With brightly shining zest for life, overflowing,
With both fondness and sweetness unique.

To get You near craves each and every person;
They sparkle in mind and heart on Your thought.
The sky in generosity, unrivaled in virtue and beauty;
Hence for all You're worthy to be warmly revered.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A new day has come

(2694)  Ei saora karojjvala prabhate

On this sunny morning,
This same morning,
All the pain, the frustrated-anguish,
At whose magic does it disappear?

You have come today on a stream of light,
The seven-horsed chariot at time of sunrise...
Making the world full by a lustrous shine,
You did not remain in hiding or in secrecy.

Everybody wants You with utmost sincerity,
At effusive heart's niche hard-to-reach...
Not in floral garden but in grove of psyche,
With immortal song of sweetness overflowing.

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Let my dream be oft repeated

(2693)  Pradosa pavane pramiila svapane

On an evening breeze in a heady dream,
You, for the first time have I spied.
Colored by a grin had been the upper lip;
On lower lip was the gist of beauty sublime.

You said to me: "I have come;
I've fulfilled Your aspiration.
Many mounts and oceans have I crossed;
Now unload the weight of your designs."

I'd replied: "Frequently please arrive,
Scattering Your fragrance fine.
Good is it if You remain for all time,
With Your love filling my mind."

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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

It's You only

(2692)  Amar pranam nao tumi prabhu

Lord, please do take my prostration;
Yourself I adore, I hold dear.
Asleep, dreaming, or awake,
Just Your flute keeps calling me.

In everything Yourself I seek;
By Your name, I resist clash and adversity.
Through the whole world I fathom only Thee;
You have been mingling with life, mind, and body.

By bringing to the path, within eyes You exist;
You have kept watching me with a smiling visage.
You are giving everything, whatever is prerequisite;
You are on the mind-sky, all darkness abolishing.

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Monday, July 3, 2023

I fail to see the purpose

(2691)  Kata deke calechi kache nahi ele

So much I've kept calling, but You came not near;
You went on remaining turning a deaf ear.
At Your feet I have offered
Whatever You'd given me.

Alas, having loved is so hard I cannot stand it;
Thinking of You mind gets lost in rapture.
Hidden are all hopes, unspoken is heart's language;
You did not permit me to make You hear.

Days go by, moments fly, in outer space unconscious,
My presence, my existence, wanes each few seconds.
If You don't come close, if stay afar without end,
Why did You place me in this theatric piece?

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Ever a dynamic blessing

(2690)  Priya tumi esecho ajike

Today you've come, beloved,
With a cascade of just luster,
Having cleft the breast of darkness dense,
Dormant on this very earth.

Your movement's flow goes ahead
Through clay, fire, water, on the earth and in heaven,
At times with large fangs and at times with affection,
Upon rows of waves of the Great Ocean.

Never do you forbear due to any obstacle;
You don't sway in a cradle of desire and attainment.
On a path impassable, indomitable sadhana
You go on making; you don't stay pent up in Nirvana.

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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Hoping against hope

(2689)  Mor maneri alakay

In my mental heaven,
Yourself I would keep holding time and again.

Regardless of day or night about You I am thinking;
Forgetting place and time, tears I've been shedding.
Heart effusive, toward Your path am I gazing
With a hope inordinate of Your attainment.

This too I do know: You are situated near;
I accept this also: You are king of psyche.
Obtainable through love, so I tug with feeling;
Hope's ruby mine, yes, it flashes.

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