Thursday, July 27, 2023

My all-embracing Deity

(2707)  Sabar apan tumi sabara priya

Everybody's own, You're everyone's Darling;
You are of the Earth and also celestial.
Taking in throat venom-piles of the universe,
By personal virtue You've become immortal.

In qualities, not at all like anybody:
Incorporeal abode within form's pageantry.
In love and affection, tenderness complete–
Inconceivable it is, another one similar.

Like Himalayan mountain peak, You are elevated;
But You've stayed kissing netherworld's abyss.
Body and mind, I bow before You over and over,
You alone are essence of heavenly nectar.

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  1. You love everyone, and everyone loves Thee... yet, by Your grace, Yourself I deem mine only.