Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Limitless possibility

(1745)  Ganer jagat ashes

The world of song is limitless;
Listen, fair-eyed maiden, listen.
There's no end to imagination,
No matter what you may create.

On the other shore of the sea of darkness,
Songwaves come in streams of dulcet harmony;
There's never any termination,
Despite what you may calculate.

On route to the source, light's flow on earth is infinite;
In forte and vibrato, musical compositions ever rise.
Pray tell, who will put an end to that,
That by which thought is surpassed?

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


(284)  Eso phire abar phire

Come back, come back again.
Fill our heart;
Light our lifelamp.
Adorn our path with exquisite flowers.

Anticipating Your arrival,
We now await.
We'll count the time, moment by moment,
Till once again we shall sing with Thee.

This happy memory on the canvas of our mind,
It will endure, ever bright.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Taking leave and saying thanks

(283)  Elam ese kaj karilam

I came and did the job;
Now it's time to go back.
I received a trayful of flowers,
And threaded a garland in return.

Compared to what I received,
I exchanged much less.
What I got in color and form
And fragrance was the best.

For those who loved me,
This garland is wet with tears.

Drawn by duty I am leaving,
But memories stay with me for life.
This sweet memory, this undying song,
Can it ever be forgotten?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Where goes the time?

(282)  Manete lukiye theke

You lie hidden inside the mind
Within the mind, You do Your liila.
In the mind, Lord, I catch hold of You;
Outside, You don't let Yourself get caught.

Your game consists of pleasure and pain—
So much respect, so much neglect.
Your liila, eternally—
Where it leads, please let me see.

If I don't look enough within,
Don't You perceive my sincerity?

Meanwhile, Lord, where goes the time?
Today, I stand alone in the dark.
Piercing the heart of darkness,
Let loose the splendor of Your light.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015


(281)  Vishvatiita vishvaga tumi

You are beyond the world and moving in it;
So why am I still desperate to find Thee?
In fire and air, in the vast blue yonder,
It is by Your grace that vibrations occur.

You are the source of all inspiration,
Of every beauty of the whole creation.
I get overwhelmed by Your liila,
Engrossed in its contemplation.

In the deepest corner of every mind,
Awake, You await, each second of each moment.
Constantly seeking in outer surroundings,
In that way, my time passes in vain.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Alpha and omega

(280)  Eso tumi ruper chatay

Lord, please come in splendor,
In a torrent of divine light,
Consummating realization,
Illuminating with effulgence.

Both beyond and of this world are Thee—
The origin of thought, the substratum of earth.
I do Your work, and I envisage
An ever new humanity.

Never keep me at a distance;
Make me mindful of Your rhythmic melody,
So I won't get lost and know sorrow,
I won't quiver with grief.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015


(279)  Tomay kii name dakibo go

Lord, by what name should I call Thee,
And what would Your worship be?
Of what use are flowers and sandalwood,
When everything happens by Your design?

Transcendental, You are above all;
All that exists is within Thee.
With what instruments could I pay You homage;
In what temple would I install them?

You are in everything— in fire and wind,
In heaven and hell, and in the far azure.
There is no invoking, no relinquishing;
Incantations cannot bind You.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


(278)  Tomake sanpechi go paran

Lord, I entrust my life to Thee;
Will You not gaze once more at me?
All my aspiration, all my adoration—
Around You do they now rotate.

The sound of Your footsteps to hear,
Night and day I remain ever awake.[1]
Fresh, fresh garlands I string,
Dampening them with my tears.

On the eastern horizon, light streams;
With a gentle smile, it beams.
That radiance, it is Yours, Lord;
It is full of beauty and gaiety.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Only You

(277)  Shudhu tomakei ami bhalabasiyachi

Only You have I loved,
Unknowingly, age after age.
By Your inspiration, onward I race
With the speed of a meteor.

Without sleep I've gone ahead,
Passing so many nights, so many days.
Still, there's been no pause in my journey;
My eyes were ever open.

Today, Lord, I've found You close by,
In captivating, exquisite attire.
Today, all my pain has dissolved
In the divine form and color[1] of Thee.

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Friday, May 1, 2015


(276)  Jyotir chatay bhasiye dilo

He has spread the splendor of effulgence.
Embellishing the entire universe,
He filled it with lifelight.

He told: "No one is unrelated to Me;
I want to carry everyone along.
With but a tender smile, with only love,
I go on dancing toward infinity."
It is He who has won the hearts of all.

The collective mental anguish—
He discerned it and gave solace.

He stirred up the sea of light;
He impassioned every mind.

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