Saturday, March 30, 2024

A life for You only

(2965)  Ei shephalii surabhita sandhyay

On this jasmine-fragrant evening,
Mind sets out a-sailing
On a raft of white clouds only.
In the realm of moonlight, this same world of disguise,
No obstruction does the psyche want to heed.

Those who call me from behind, I don't want to hear;
For sake of the past, no pullback is there.
I simply go ahead, I proceed,
Footmarks traced on golden beach.

For just me my Bosom Friend, ahead He lies;
On the path, in rows He keeps lanterns alight.
Today for His sake is everything of mine;
Memories of grief and glee, in Him they go missing.

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Oh how gloomy

(2964)  Tumi satata sathe rekho amare

Always with You myself please do keep;
Helpless and to darkness never forsake me.

From the fountain of light I've come;
Ever since Creation's dawn, Yourself have I loved.
You are the élan vital in all existence, down deep.

Sun's emergence and bewitching moonlight,
This earth beauteous and a star's delicious smile,
You are filling all; everything is only Your resonating.

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

My happiness and grief

(2963)  Path calite andhara rate

Upon dark night, along the path to proceed,
Lord, You alone are my polestar.
Yourself I see.
It's so when I stay likewise,
On ocean of happiness or with eyes' tears.

What little one fathoms that relates to peace;
In Your midst his everything he does seek.
You're the tranquil ocean, with nectar replete.

In this world mingled are both sorrow and euphoria,
Neither of them self-sustaining, no, not at all.
Alas, alas, they come and go, away someplace,
Past the bank of fantasy.

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As if something is making me

(2962)  Tomay bhule thakite je cai

To stay Yourself forgot I crave;
Why that I cannot, please do state...
Why mind turns back repeatedly
And musing on You it remains.

At work during the day I think I'll leave
Upon a karmic sea, amid people aplenty.
In gaps of activity, as if by whose scream,
Your tidings get relayed.

Fast asleep at night I think I am staying
Totally enveloped by darkness dense and deep.
By the flash of lightrays at each eye-blink,
Your affection is proclaimed.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Supreme

(2961)  Malaya parashe kusuma suvase

Now, at touch of southern breeze and flower-scent sweet,
With mental glee the Bee intones.
That flow of song, with tune and tempo filled,
To far azure it moves afloat.

The scope also, it is not His;
And no time limit is supported.
His, the dance in beat and rhythm;
On both crest and trough ambrosia molts.

Glazing honey, come along with that Bee
In acquaintance and perplexity, external and at deeps.
Clutching constantly, Him I hold in thinking
Such that missing never He does go.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

We meet in mind, You guide across

(2960)  Nandanavane manoloke

At paradise in mind-sphere, do appear,
Inundating heart-core with exciting rhythm,
With smiling face sweet and charming.

In Your contemplation, the days go away;
Nights are spent with just Your tale.
On Earth Your superb beauty pervades,
A zest for life with each eye-blink.

This mind of mine is Your accomplishment;
This life, it chants Your triumph's anthem.
Pride having forgotten, on Your way I travel,
Surpassing imagination in the realm of psyche.

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Monday, March 25, 2024

When will my Darling arrive?

(2959)  Se bale giyechilo asibe

He'd left, telling He'll arrive;
Why did He come not?
In a dark home light will ignite;
But turning back, He looked not.

Upon nor'wester's night,
A lamp has got extinguished, the wind by.
The darkness having made bright,
A sighting He permitted not.

Alone in gloom I've stayed waiting;
Each minute and second I've kept counting.
Still now this my numeration,
Its end happened not.

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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Begging mercy

(2958)  Bhul kare tumi esecho

Erroneously You've arrived;
At my door You've appeared.
Poor and needy am I very;
At my home there is nothing
To proclaim welcome to Thee.

I could not bedeck my dwelling;
Naught have I, Yourself to please.
An empty heart beseeches:
Come inside, forgiving deficiency.

Abloom, mind's lotus have I kept;
Into it I have poured sweet scent.
Please do bestow touch graciously,
Alike unto the moon and moonbeams.

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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Just between You and me

(2957)  Asha niye achi bence

With hope am I living;
On eyelids hope is replete.
All my hope satisfying,
Day and night, stay with me.

In a world devoid of light,
Except for You, black is entire.
Whatever by surmise feels fine,
That also, into gloom it sinks.

Before my eyes, Lord, please appear,
Upon those dreamy lotus feet.
Whisper words into my ear;
On earth will know nobody.

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Friday, March 22, 2024

My love is unrequited

(2956)  Nam janina paricay janina

Name I don't know, particulars I know not;
But I've loved You nonetheless.
Do You know it not?
I have gone on calling You, kindness I've begged;
Could You hear my plight or not?

On the new-moon night, impenetrably dense,
Under sweet moonlight, ray-dripping and love-laden,
I have called night and day, in meditation I have craved;
I have kept performing Your sadhana.

I have yearned for You on happy days;
With bad dreams I have pined on nights of pain.
I've known that I am Yours and imagined You are mine;
To forget this I cannot.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

I can't make it without You

(2955)  Ganeri bhuvane ganeri bhuvane

In the world of my songs, in the realm of song,
Alone there is not, no one is solitary.
With rhythm and melody, in the abode of heart,
Constantly Your meeting I receive.

I go on forgetting identity mine;
Nothing I own, that have I realized.
By having lost everything, on my glee
Nectar is smeared.

Yours I'd been and Yours I am;
By Your songs alone I've stayed buoyant.
From my getting all with taste of honey,
I go on surviving.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Cause for celebration

(2954)  Tava agamane phul phutiyache

On Your advent flowers have blossomed;
In every garden hues have clung.
The bud of hope has filled with nectar;
In a mute mouth speech has woken up.

Today the southern wind's indifferent;
Where it goes soaring is unknown to it.
Nothing prevents flowing to the Infinite;
In contact with You it wants to come.

With floral pollen in each cloud cirrus,
On lightrays has the realm divine swung.
Deity has come down to the mortal world;
Heartbroken, why be crying any more?

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Such a tease

(2953)  Tomay ami bhalabasi, ekatha ki jeneo jano na

Yourself I hold dear;
This, though known, do You know it not?
In hope of Your advent I stay waiting;
Musing at an idle moment, do You see it not?

Just for You is my life;
With Your tune alone, world of mine.
On the far horizon at thought's frontier,
Only getting You is my sadhana.

What I crave and what I don't request,
In Your presence it is not suppressed.
All my yearning having painted red,
With Your hue the psyche, You fill it not.

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Monday, March 18, 2024

Making His acquaintance

(2952)  Aji manera mukure rupera sayare

Today only, in the mental mirror and on sea of form,
Recognize that Mind-Thief.[1]
Wiping away all tears and casting aside,
The collyrium of love, give it tracing.

Having been waiting, many an age has gone;
With tears streaming, fallen have many garlands.
Many a night has poured into morn;
Toward days of yore, why do you peer?

Today in life has wakened the spring month;
The Unknown Passerby, to home has He come.
A psychic peacock has run with fantail amok;
Only to His cadence go on dancing.

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Sunday, March 17, 2024

A sweet obsession

(2951)  Ganer raja tumi prane esecho

You've arrived inside life, oh the Song King;
Through song You have lavished an ambrosial beauty.
Ever You've gone on racing toward Infinity;
From a flawless realm You have come a-sailing.

Not any bondage did You ever credit;
No obstacle could make You halt even a bit.
Constantly smiling, having loved everyone,
The path You have traversed along with everybody.

Only You are the principal deity at life's festival;
And so unto You alone all make known obeisance.
You've entered the mind of all by everybody's invitation;
Everyone's psychology You have been permeating.

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With a flood of light

(2950)  Nirjan vane tumi ke ele

Into a lonesome grove, oh You, Who did come?
You conveyed light's inundation.
In the dark alone had I been moving;
You revealed path's destination.

As much as I had called, that much had I wept;
Taken aback, oft I'd stood, dejected.
You made me forget affliction.

I had thought that lone and helpless I've remained;
Is there no one fathoming my pain?
You shattered the error.

Days pass, moments pass, I make Your acquaintance;
In this world none is ever unattended, I have grasped.
You keep company each second.

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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Once experienced

(2949)  Andhare gabhiire shravane gopane

In a gloom profound and rainy, furtively,
You'd appeared inside my psyche.
Full had been the clouds, a tempest speedy;
Yet You came on silent feet.

At my door there'd been no knocking;
Summons You gave not to waken me.
But on light's touch the latch is freed;
It had elapsed upon Your coming.

Long back did it go away, that night rainy;
Many ages having come, with the past they've married.
But that day's memory, that hymn of dream,
Even still in private it rises routinely.

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Friday, March 15, 2024

Brightness mine

(2948)  Kanda ar hasa ei niye asha

Lamentation and laughter, with same wish;
In this hope, love is mixed.
Catastrophic fire, enraged bolts of thunder;
The moon's glimpse, rays of light adrift.

Crying I am going on for ages aplenty;
Through cloud-chinks exudes weeping.
A light-flash, a smiling moment,
Forgotten is pain's visit.

Your splendor floats on the mirror of psyche,
Sometimes by hint, else crystal clear.
Whenever it goes missing to a realm unknown afar,
Then circling existence arrives a mist.

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No problemo

(2947)  Ashay basechilum je tomar

In the hope of You I'd waited;
Why did You not come, do speak.
I could not express through language
How much the eyes, they'd been teary!

Everything of everyone You remain observing;
What decorates in which place, there You pay heed.
With pollen of psyche, sweetness You smear;
And You go on smiling, inwardly.

Whatever had been possible, it has occurred;
What has remained dormant, it will be in future.
Expressed or absent, that which is obscure,
The flame of wisdom's lamp You cast on everybody.

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Only on account of You

(2946)  Tandra bheunge more jagiye dio

Languor broken, kindly waken me;
Sleep of infatuation, remote do keep.
The lamp of hope, please sustain it blazing;
Steer me along light's street.

In darkness gloomy let me not falter and wait;
Absent thought, may I not state: "I wish, I crave".
You're with the ones for whom nothing is scarce;
Please dismiss the wicked turbidity.

I have gone and I'll go on holding to Your path, Lord;
I won't be despondent in the least, ever onward will I forge.
Nonetheless, when the storm's thunder and lightning come,
Please do simply cast a glance at my heart, smiling.

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Only together we move ahead

(2945)  Sabare kari ahavan

Everybody I invite–
Everyone, my heart's desire–
With one and all I would proceed
To take the bath of light.

That none may remain trailing–
No one may weep below society–
Like just one wave, all in company,
We sing the song of only life.

Between people there's no schism–
Let be told and known one hope, one wish–
Obey the one exemplary inspiration;
It makes great the humankind.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Walk, run, or crawl

(2944)  Pather alo nive geche

The path's lamp has got extinguished,
I see You via mind's illumination.
Those light-beams You go on pouring,
In affliction, sorrow, and consolation.

You are luster's central gem,
The lotus on a sea of concept.
I deem You the best of best;
And so I beg for Your compassion.

Upon path persists just a stumbling sense,
But by that does my motion halt asudden?
Having scoffed at all impediments,
I'll go on by Your inspiration.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Blessed ignorance

(2943)  Katha diye giyechile kena

Giving pledge, why had You gone;
Why did You come not?
In hand the floral garland had been strung;
Why did You take it not?

Night and day I am rehearsing a tune,
With heart abrim to sing for You.
The hours went away, day and age drifted off;
My song You overheard it not.

By rhythm I have been engrossed in many dance beats;
Gestures I've composed, Your reverie surrounding.
The tinkling of ankle-bells, oh Beloved Mystery,
Whereto it floated off, I know not.

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Monday, March 11, 2024

We are one

(2942)  Mayaloke eso cittaharii

Alluring One, please come to the realm of maya,
Accepting all sweetness mental,
All the glee of this world and all the grief in any psyche–
Everything's a garland threaded– taking it to heart.

The topic of Infinite's limit, You hear it not;
To notion of dualistic monism, credence You give not.[1]
On a swollen river-current, on the ocean hard to cross,
With a boat You are ever going onward.

The Chimera of hate and envy You wish not;
Exploitation and oppression You brook not.
Everyone's fulfillment only is Your sádhaná;
So, mingled with everybody's hope You are.

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Sunday, March 10, 2024

At Your lotus feet

(2941)  Tumi sabar maner raja aso

You are the king of everybody's mind;
Yourself do I hold dear.
In a dark mine You're the cherished diamond,
The pile of dreamy moonbeams.

You proceed with rhythmic song;
Like the vernal breeze, a touch Thine You afford.
Scorched by the sun and frozen by inertia,
A winsome flute You play to erase mind's misery.

Age after age, place after place, by Your liila
Someone laughs, and someone cries in private.
You are completely free, to You I pay fealty;
A pearl Your honeyed smile secretes.

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Saturday, March 9, 2024

As You came

(2940)  Tumi esecho diip jvelecho

You have come, a lamp You've lit;
Far away the gloom of mind You've dismissed.
In the dark, into extremity of sleep
Had I fallen, but You have awakened.

The condensed night got ended;
By crimson light the eastern sky was brightened.
In human mind love's nectar, from sleep it was awakened;
And with that, sky and air You've vibrated.

You've arrived, a song humming,
Lying down on blades of grass, fresh, dense, and green.
On both the out- and inside, openly and privately,
Everybody You've made dance, all having cherished.

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Friday, March 8, 2024

Surely You can do more

(2939)  Jadi bhalabaso kena na kache aso

If You love, why not come close;
Loving from afar, it is nothing.
A path adorned by sacred art,
Always I'm preserving.

I am keeping mango leaves atop the water-pot;
Home I've decked with blossoms of sweet-scenting aroma.
On lamp of ghee a fragrant flame have I lit,
Welcome to bid, that no lapse may be.

My tiny mental mirror I'm making transparent;
The bud of ideation, I'm imbuing with pollen.
That will float, ever smiling, upon monsoon winds
In the hope of Your touch, hey the Hymn's Epitome.

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Thursday, March 7, 2024

It was my mistake

(2938)  Nandita tumi vishvabhuvane

Pleased are You by the whole universe;
Your seat is on mind's firmament.
You're lauded in both pious and demonic realms;
In every land You exude kindness.

Of Your attributes there's no similitude;
Your beauty is unlimited by purview.
In bottomless sea, at peak Himalayan,
Floating on does Your love linger.

I did not notice You, but that's my sin;
In bondage of a unit, satisfaction had been.
Discarding memory's incomplete disappearance,[1]
In Your contemplation may I stay commingled.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

How can I think otherwise

(2937)  Andhara shese purvakashe

At the end of darkness on sky of east,
A line of crimson light.
You are everybody's love, one without a second;
In You combined is fancy with zeal.
The hope of everybody's life,
You are past compare, You have no comparison.

Throughout the night I've called to Thee;
In the pitch dark a song I've gone on singing.
The sun that's strung a friendship,
It is just You, the One fit for veneration.

The dark recedes upon Your coming;
At Your sonance life suffuses inert beings.
You exist, hence everyone has been;
You alone are worthy of recollection.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Outside or inside

(2936)  Asar ashe achi base

In hope of Advent I am waiting,
Night and day, lunar date forgetting.
Don't You understand my pain;
Don't You hear the words I say?
With eyes don't You perceive;
With eyes, oh, with sight's faculty?

My bloom, by sunshine it gets withered;
Scent is lost, nectar vanishes.
Then by my side You appeared;
Anew comes everything,
On just a moment's thinking,
On musing, oh, on thinking.

My earth has withdrawn remotely;
Nobody can recognize me.
Earth You gave,
This earth of shapes;
You will smile, bearing fruit in dream,
In a dream, oh, in a dream.

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Monday, March 4, 2024

Laser-like focus

(2935)  Takao kena aman kare

Why do you peer in such fashion,
Oh sunflower looking up?
Do you find the One you want
On far azure, welkin's bosom?

Is there not His rise and fall,
While endlessly ridding dark?
Or does He only smile from love,
Escorting in joy and remorse?

You sing love's song to Him alone;
Onward You go toward the goal.
Your history, sorrow of soul,
You float in only His direction.

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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Faith is fine

(2934)  Tomay kabhu kache pai nai

Never do I find You close by;
Merits from the lips of others I am hearing.
Why do You not come, do You even hear my words;
Why don't You speak, calling me?

At late night dark, You are the polestar;
Hope You infuse in the despairing heart.
In helpless mind, fall of light You are;
Not having seen, my life am I consigning.

With song of thought surpassing speech,
You go on staying in my memory.
With rhythmic flow You've kept on dancing;
Full of sweetness, You are everywhere.

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Saturday, March 2, 2024

By His kindness

(2933)  Andhar nishar bharasa mor

My buttress on dark night,
On desert path, the water-spring.
In chinks between ebony clouds,
Moon's coming and going.

At end of new-moon day, the crimson ray;
On summer's day, mild southern air.
At winter's finish, the springtime month of flowers;
Love's desire for all-round well-being.

There is no wish or acquisition;
Having mused on You, I get love.
With eyes open, I see evermore;
Limitless, Your mercy.

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Friday, March 1, 2024

The sweetness of You

(2932)  Maner madhurii dhaliya diyechi prabhu

I have been pouring out mental sweetness, Lord,
Upon the ground, the dust of Your lotus feet.
From time out of mind, oh Bosom Friend of everybody,
You've remained hidden in the blossom of psyche.

You have been infusing a pile of light from the moon;
It, You have showered through a magic flute.
With a bower's beauty, with the glamor of a bloom,
You've gone on dancing in rhythm and beat.

In the lamp of life, You remain in flame-shape;
But never toward anyone do You express hate.
On mind-sky You are the moon, with honey You glaze;
That honey You spread, like feeling of a breeze.

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