Friday, March 8, 2024

Surely You can do more

(2939)  Jadi bhalabaso kena na kache aso

If You love, why not come close;
Loving from afar, it is nothing.
A path adorned by sacred art,
Always I'm preserving.

I am keeping mango leaves atop the water-pot;
Home I've decked with blossoms of sweet-scenting aroma.
On lamp of ghee a fragrant flame have I lit,
Welcome to bid, that no lapse may be.

My tiny mental mirror I'm making transparent;
The bud of ideation, I'm imbuing with pollen.
That will float, ever smiling, upon monsoon winds
In the hope of Your touch, hey the Hymn's Epitome.

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  1. Out of love I try my best to attract You; for a moment, why not come?