Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The deal was raw

(3042)  Andhakar ghare mor

At my house of gloom,
Oh You, Who arrived?
I could not see, I could not know,
In what manner You came when You had appeared.

No knock was there; but striding silently,
Stealthily, to my heart You gained entry.
You made bright with glow of beauty,
Gracing one who is unworthy.

Enchanted, I had gawked in astonishment;
Adrift I'd gone on Your game's sentiments.
An ocean of sport are You, and I had got Yourself;
By anyone at all is it called mercy?

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Yes we can

(3041)  Tomay pelum maner majhe

Yourself I obtained amid psyche,
On the sky, in the air, at present.
Hey Lord, Your whole world
Has endured by doing work.

Everyone, taking hope, they are yearning
For the day light be brought in every heart.
Hey Lord, the ever-pure, untainted by evil,
Oh King of Kings, You will beam.

In the three worlds,[1] there is no comparison;
You're the greatest welfare-endeavor.
Never hating, You want love complete;
Through consciousness You remove timidity.

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Lord, Your life is no party

(3040)  Aloke asoniko

You came not in luminescence;
You came into darkness gloomy.
You came not to wear a wreath;
You'd arrived for eye-wiping.

You came not on a day happy,
With an invite to festivity,
On water pot the mango leaves,
A rice painting in greeting.
You'd arrived on night of grief
To soothe kindly.

For You I've searched, luster within,
To circumvent the gloomy mist.
I did not think that even amid light's absence,
Your splendor shines in secrecy.

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Unusual affection

(3039)  Tumi jadi bhalabaso

If You love,
Why don't You come near?
Why do You smile from afar
In a garb, mind-delighting?

My chignon's plaited hair,
From despair, it goes unfastened.
The garland strung with care,
Arraying terrain, it has withered.
With stibnite in eye's tears,
Everything floats adrift
Amid the forms, shapely.

I hear that all You recall;
In mind You keep everyone.
Honey You coat at psyche's core,
Amid a grove of madhavi.

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

For the record

(3038)  Theko saunge pratiksane

Each and every moment kindly stay with me;
Stay, Lord, in my reverie.
If a gale goes on blowing on this earth,
In my mind please preserve tranquility.

I don't want anything in Your proximity;
For whom You are his, what is the deficiency?
This Panacea has accompanied;
Only He is cognizant of my necessity.

With crest and trough the path moves onward;
There is not the least scope for pause.
The One who has remained close, I keep telling Him:
He should not withdraw due to injured dignity.

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What am I really?

(3037)  Ganer malika genthe jai

A wreath of songs I go on threading;
Oh Lord, nothing more is there.
In gladness and in grief I serenade Thee;
By that I get pleased.

In lifeless pre-Creation You had been awakened;
By a universe You'd conferred sweetness fresh.
Amid the wee nonexistent, everything You fetched;
And hence Your merits I sing.

With fall and rise I am moving on Your path;
At times have I fallen, but ever rising stood I have.
In Your devised rhythmic dance, I am going mad;
Lacking Your presence is everybody.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

You are my entire life

(3036)  Eso prabhu eso mor mane gopane

Come Lord, come into my mind secretly.
None will know, none will see, this same visit;
By ear, none will ever hear.

A shrine have I bedecked in mind, cleansed by tears,
With sandal fragrance raising a scent sweet.
A psyche with collection motley, with flowers diverse aplenty,
Pouring out sweetness zealously.

Rain I've kept forgetting, I've forgotten year and season;
Of You I have thought day and night, evening and dawn.
You draw me adjacent, all delusion having torn,
Cogitation rectifying.

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My consolation prize

(3035)  Durer parii surer tarii

Fairy from a remote place, melody's boat
Did You set afloat, taking difficulty.
To an unknown somewhere it floats on,
Not intimating anything.

With You my relationship
Is not a two- or four-day topic.
You had been and I had been,
Surpassing time's frontier.

As You had been, so You abide;
With new tunes, You've inspired.
Me though You've cast far aside;
Through a stream of tears.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

By Your sweet mercy

(3034)  Bhuloke dyuloke tomar pulake

In realms worldly and divine, at Your delight,
A speck of mercy goes a-floating;
It goes floating, and it goes on floating.
A new moon, twixt moonlight and thirst of deer,
Between the dew and snow it's flashing.

At times by enticement, at times by enterprise,
At times on stream of tears, at times on a smile,
Having made to race in dance frenzy-wild,
It makes one swoon, orbiting Infinity.

Splendor mid the gloom, refuge of the helpless;
In a heart pain-stricken, love's ascertainment.
In pleasure a sweet memory, in woe forgetfulness,
Having brought unto Earth ambrosia aplenty.

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Saturday, June 8, 2024

He brings light...

(3033)  Amanishar avasane

On new-moon night's ending,
You entered, Dear, internally.
Everything dark moved aside;
On eastern sky the light appeared.

Oh what's this on lotus and stem!
I notice a game You've constructed.
Hiding shyness, eyes bent down,
Say I crave Thee, inside deep.

The ebon night had arrived;
In torpor had it been disguised.
Ignored was all, vile or benign,
Constricted by the ties of my misbelief.

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My Silent Companion

(3032)  Kata bhave more bhalabasiyacho

In so many ways You are loving me;
But You never told directly...
Even still You wanted not to speak.
You've satisfied hunger and are pouring nectar;
Coated is affection's honey.

Amid the new-moon night sightless,
Furtively, Your love-speck is present.
In the light's garb, spurning fear and shyness,
I see You, exciting psyche.

Dark clouds are enveloping so often;
Them Your sunbeams have dispelled.
Light has danced upon the darkness;
Never did I lose the way in situation any.

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When the sun rises

(3031)  Megher pare rod utheche

After clouds the sun has risen;
Light's smile, it is flashing.
At such time come You did;
You let be made lively.

No block today does bliss admit;
In song both sky and air are talkative.
A distant ocean conveys rhythm,
On rows of waves shining brightly.

Today the whole tale, it is closed,
Every history not told–
Joy's mementos, pangs of woe–
A lotus in state of forgetting.[1]

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Darling, where have You been hiding?

(3030)  Kon se sudure thako tumi

Which is that distant place where You reside,
In a whisper please do tell,
Oh Flame of Life, Hope's Shining Commentary,
With Your implication aglitter.

Listening to secret talk no third person is there;
You will speak, and that message will I hear.
To heart it will stay adhered, like a wreath;
This bears no delay, not even a moment.

Having loved You from afar, the waiting was hard;
Flashes Your splendid beauty, inside and external.
To get You it yearns, the mind's Vrindavan;
Upon Your contemplation, it's ebullient.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Not a man of words

(3029)  Kon se ajana pathik elo

Which Unknown Wayfarer did come?
He took and made His own everyone!
Not a word did He speak to anyone;
He smiled in a speechless tongue.

On eyes had been His love-cosmetic;
Filling throat had been enchanting hymn.
In lotus-hands, a color splendid;
Upon Earth ambrosia He poured.

Around this world luster He scattered;
Even now it flows on in boundless current.
The new moon on moonlit night, twixt light and darkness,
Dispensing Himself, He went off.

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Behind tears a smile

(3028)  Priya amar bandhu amar

Oh Beloved mine, my Long-Time Friend,
Remote why do You abide?
By swing-sport of the tal and tamal trees,[1]
A kohl of clouds You apply.

Above a forest niche having gazed,
Along with You I remain.
But to the abyss of existence, that gloom same,
Myself why do You invite?

So much lightning comes and then it leaves;
A light-flash tallies with a moment brief.
But tie in heart of You and me,
You preserve it for all time.

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Monday, June 3, 2024

You entice

(3027)  Tumi jadi na ele, vrthay manomukule

When You did not come,
In vain is it with mental bud
To stay waiting, decorating...
At a window, vigilant,
Coated by sweetness of just love,
With hope kept replete.

Oh stibnite of the eyes,
Hey misery's exile,
My pleasure of mind,
Veiled only by memories.

Why don't You come, please advise;
Shunning You continue, tell me why?
Upon a distant sky why do You shine,
So much nectar lavishing?

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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Getting old I discover something new

(3026)  Sharat akashe

Neath this same autumn sky,
A night jasmine pines.
Where does the white cloud go a-sailing,
Like a silver raft at time of evening?
Spell of dream, brimming it provides.

Brought to earth has been a form of heaven,
An amazing sorcery from green and tender.
On a gentle breeze incense fragrant,
Toward Whom does it race, not advising?

To only the One, everybody hies,
In dance and song, bird-chirping alike.
Both rhythm and sweetness filling life,
They swoon by the jingling of melody.

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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Hardships are also His grace

(3025)  Ei ghana meghadale ele

With same dense clouds You arrived,
Filling up the universe.
On heaps of ebon and more ebon,
Covering with color the firmament.

To Earth You are the gift of Paradise;
You conferred verdure by flow of life.
On summer's ruthless meteor-strikes,
You came, coating tenderness.

Fantail spread dances the peacock of mind
To cadence and music when You are in sight.
He wants naught, just to give does he desire;
With every cumulus, by thought of You excited.

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Lament not, do not fear

(3024)  Asibe, asibe bale gele

You'll appear,
You'll arrive; saying so, You did leave.
Why did You come not?
The threaded floral garland,
It kept molting, as You wore it not.

At the window, listlessly
I stay seated, solitary.
Whispers zephyr into ear:
"Promise, You kept not."

The sun, it comes and then sinks;
It goes, uttering secretly:
"Again I'll rise in the east;
Oh you, please cry not."

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