Saturday, June 22, 2024

His all-pervasive might

(3046)  Tomay ami bhalabasini

Yourself I held not dear;
But You have loved
Me for ages.
With Your light I produce ebony;
But taking pity, You're alert and present.

In Your universe I'm an atom trite;
By Your grace are mind and body mine.
Around You I move; neath a light but Yours I gleam;
I stay alive, Lord, by only Your fervid power.

You go on floating with heavenly emotion;
The egotism of an atom, to it You grant pardon.
In current of Your kindness, by dance Earth's intoxicated.
In both grief and glee are You present, inextricably united.

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  1. By His kindness, everyone and everything lives, shines, and dies.