Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You are my obsession

(1891)  Ami tomay kena bhalabasi

Why am I in love with Thee?
I ask the mind, but no answer I receive...
For Your sake only, I laugh and I weep!

Notwithstanding, You don't gaze in my direction;
You don't speak to me in songs.
You don't touch me heart to heart,
Love's blooms having appeared.

I muse on You on autumn evenings;
Spring nights are Your painting
I keep tracing silently and secretly.
At heart's core, Your flute I hear.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To get You nearby

(1890)  Ruper jagat periye giye

Having crossed the world of form,
I will find the formless You nearby.
Reckoning and settling desire's obtainment,
Only after paying dues, psyche will I satisfy.

I had thought that by applying intellect,
Everything will I get, my hopes accomplished.
Looking now I perceive, everything is a deception;
Having wished, just a speck of mercy I'll acquire.

It's a diminutive creature's great expectation:
Only in the breast of a molecule is God's residence.
The dewdrop is suffused by the light of sun;
In many hues I will paint and make bright.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

He befuddles us

(1889)  Bhule jete jata cai

To keep forgetting, as much as I want,
To forget, why can't I?
To people I tell: You are euphoria,
A drunkenness that on my own I don't put aside.

For honey's intoxication comes the bumblebee;
On crimson's spellbinding realm the blossom beams.
The moon's heady magic flows like a tsunami;
To this picture, I don't turn a blind eye.

Drunken with the sun, Planet Earth does reel;
Drunken with the image, psyche gets replete.
Inebriated gets the heart that is overflowing;
This same thing, Lord, is Your enterprise.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

One way or another

(1888)  Ata bhirer bhetar theko na

Don't stay mid a crowd so large;
Come alone within psyche.
Don't look on, like a stranger;
Who has constrained smiling?

I speak all my heart's distress,
But into ear do those words enter?
So mental fragrance I dispense,
Dawn to dusk just for Thee.

If You don't manage to hear words,
My heart's emotion in poetic verse,
Then all of my love's anguish
I will set afloat in pollen-clothing.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Not ready to commit

(1887)  Rekho na katha rekho

Don't keep Your word, but do keep
A rose upon my grave.
If thorns remain, then let them stay;
The nightingale gets no pain.

A tiny moth, with a lantern,
For approaching, it can rush...
Wings can burn,
Can be abandoned, to reach love.
Therefore, don't light a lamp;
Dangling in the dark I'll vacillate.

Bed of grass I don't request
If dust of feet I get.
In solitude, to the tomb
I'll let sail unkempt hair.

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Friday, April 9, 2021


(1886)  Tumi je path dekhaye diyecho, se pather nai kona tulana

The path that You've revealed;
That path is unique...
It has no beginning; its end, challenging...
Infinite is this Your sadhana.

On a jungle-track I had blossomed, undefiled therefrom;
By the hand You took and lifted up.
You told: "Abide with me;
Even the meek unfold with no comparison.

"You're not poor or lowly,
And who says you are weak?
You exist within Me, merged in the Everlasting;
One who claims you are useless, he knows not!"

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Game rules and reality

(1885)  Tomake cineo cinite pari na

Even though having met, Yourself I just cannot peg;
Even after becoming acquainted,
I see I know next to nothing.

For Your sake I stay awake;
On my eyes Your kohl I paint.
Mid illusion's darkness deep, nonetheless I perceive
All of Your playing.

Your playing is there, and also You are present;
Unto Earth You have brought me in addition.
Basic truth You've kept hidden;
I don't fathom why that is.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Finally I've paid the price

(1884)  Dur akasheri apsara

You're the nymph divine of sky afar...
Colored wings and crimson scarf,
Flew in today, rejoicing heart.

Whose pain at any place, whatever intimate secret...
Whoso laments bitterly, racked by suppressed grief...
Where the balm to apply and the misery to fling,
Full of love, You know the inner sphere.
Upon sorrow You cry, and on crowning You beam;
But You traverse not a path that's rigid.

I have wanted You at a flower-garden;
I've received You in a mind grief-stricken.
I've entreated You with articles of worship;
I had gotten You when totally impoverished.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

He is not my enemy; the enemy is my conceit

(1883)  Tomare bhuliya gechi taruvar

Oh great Banyan Tree, I have kept forgetting Thee;
But as Your tiny blossom, I am not forgotten.
I saw You not within the pond of psyche;
Inside the riverstream, I find Your soothing sweetness.

I am just a tiny jot, and You are the nebula;
In You only is created these seven worlds.[1]
The puny says that like a shudra I observe:
He is our lampstand; hence we get effulgence.

Conflagration resides in the spark that is slight;
In the tiny drop of water dwells a dragon-fire.[2]
After pain is given to the minuscule mind,
There is no other cure except for His adoration.

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Arms spread wide

(1882)  Aj vetasa vane tumi ke go ele

In the bamboo grove today, Oh Who did appear
On this brimming Phalgun, this advent of spring?
You came bringing the grandeur of exquisite artistry,
Every life spirited, fresh in heart and psyche.

Bakul shed the sweetness of their amity;
Mango buds tell the story that is theirs only.
Bombax and red carnations, observing the beauty,
Do caper openmindedly.

Kinshuk say: "I ignite a fire;
With this fire, heat-free, I bestow delight."
The wicker tray[1] of parul with a fragrance mild,
In solitude, it smiles.

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

If Your love is true...

(1881)  Asibe bale ele na

Having said that You will come, You did not arrive;
Word having given, word You did not maintain.
Residence had I bedecked after heart's delight;
But You did not arrive... it was to no avail!

My everything is for the sake of You only;
Fruits and blooms had been placed inside rows aplenty.
On its stand a lamp of ghee was blazing;
Do say: did You fail to recognize the way?

Any form of fame mine, it is negated;
What and how to do are facts that are learned.
Beyond action, You transcend the world...
But I am bound by rules; that You did not contemplate!

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

I may complain

(1880)  Bhalabaso jani

You love, that I know;
Pleasure by making cry, why would You get?
You attend, that I note;
Why then do You give a test at every step?

Puny I am very;
But You are my buddy everlasting.
Knowing that, don't You see,
Why dress me in such sportive raiment?

Oh Great One, You're the state of utmost bliss,
Wisdom to be gained and life's mundane happiness.
In respect to me, take and make Yours;
According to Your wish, carry on.

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