Thursday, March 31, 2022

To Earth please bring peace

(2219)  Gan geye jai tomake shonai, jiiver dukher katha

A song I keep singing, I sing it to You,
A living being's doleful tale.
Whether You pay heed or not, what can I do?
I go on conveying the angst.

Light is there upon Earth, on mind there is none;
Kindle light in the mind, oh Lord be so gracious;
Hey the Deity, only this is my prayer.

The cosmos You have built with benign imagination;
Supply peace to everyone under Your protection.
Why this civil war, this game of ducks-and-drakes;
Please issue a nectar-like communique.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Common cause

(2218)  Aloker e utsave eso sabe

To this festival of light please come everyone;
The world I awaken with cognition's splendor.
In this great war today, together work is done.

No person is anybody's enemy;
Absent understanding, remote is even the near.
So humankind may realize what is its identity,
For that only, I arrange this celebration.

I won't stay back, I won't stare at times gone by;
And none will I permit to stay left behind.
Together with everyone, this is our enterprise:
This light will obliterate aggregated languor.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mercy please

(2217)  Asibe kabe priya tumi

Beloved, when will You arrive
My dark heart within!
As much as I kindle light,
It dies out, struck by wind.

A lot of seasons came and went,
Meteors aplenty fell.
Many a loved one left,
Forever dismissed.

Taking pity, You please come;
Stay no longer distant.
Day and night tears fall
For Your sake at a home barren.

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Have I been duped?

(2216)  Kata dekechi kata kendechi

So much have I called, so much have I wailed;
But close came You not, hey my Darling.
Tales I've told, misery I've proclaimed;
At some stage, the night's turned to morning.

With me has stayed just one complaint;
You are mine, but Your touch I do not find.
You are so remote, on far shore of some ocean;
With a string of flowers, how do I bind Thee?

Master, make no more deception playful;
To compete with You, am I ever able?
I simply love– for Your sake I weep, I laugh;
Dazzled I remain in contemplation of Thee.

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

We are one

(2215)  Tomay ami bhalabasi, cai na kona pratidan

I am in love with You;
In return, I want nothing.
Your smile and sweet flute,
My life they keep replete.

You stay at mind's interior,
And You remain through all my works.
When like clothing You preserve,
Hey Great One, You look closely.

I know I'm not at all solitary;
You indeed are a pal for eternity.
To propel a carriage-wheel,
A tug, hey Driver, You are giving,
Your song in my larynx.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

My light in darkness

(2214)  Tomar pathe jete jete

On Your path to proceed, to proceed,
Before eyes why does fog appear?
More light, ignite more light
To remove all amassed ebony.

Hey Lord of Luster, oh Polestar,
Show the path to one who's lost.
I lose myself in Your meditation;
In You my sense of 'I' gets absorbed.

With Your mantra Earth You wake from sleep;
Please take and make me Your machine.
That I may think only of Thee,
Your work done by my hand kindly receive.

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It could be so fine

(2213)  Bhorer alo laglo bhalo

Good felt the light of dawn,
Painted upon eastern sky.
At such time, hey Lord of Song,
Were You to stay beside...

Twixt You and me this acquaintance,
Ceaseless and full of sweetness...
You exist, I too exist,
With opportunity that never dies.

To me please come still more nigh;
There is honey packing mind.
Due to You full is a guy,
Gushing with delight.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

As I can't go to You, to me You must come

(2212)  Man kere niyechis ghar chara karechis

Mind You have vanquished, home You've made give up;
What more You want from me, oh, say it please!
Everything I have offered, I've retained no surplus;
And yet, nonetheless, why don't You appear?

For You a threaded garland I have saved;
Kept in hand is a floral bouquet.
To You I go on calling night and day;
Hello, aren't You able to hear?

Anywhere and everywhere I keep hearing Your name;
Never do I hear a word of Your dwelling place.
If earlier I knew that, knew where You remain,
You too, on my way, oh, I was fetching.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Dance with me, my Darling

(2211)  Tomar tare jiivan bhare, geye gechi tomar giiti

Due to You life is fulsome;
I've gone on singing Your song.
Intertwined with that song is my love;
In that song are strung my recollections.

At the time of sun, at the time of shadow,
I have played the game of joy and sorrow.
In that very game, in Your divine sport,
I am absorbed, oh my Constant Companion.

I want not fame or high repute,
Nor lofty rank or any boon.
I ask just to keep singing a song,
My gaze trained on You, continuous.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Every vacuum is filled by You

(2210)  Andhar esechilo

Darkness had arrived;
The sound of Your ankle-bells rang out,
And came the light.
The darkness had veiled with rain-clouds;
Then it retired...

Religious austerities had continued without cease;
Through myriad ages nights were so many.
Their ritual oblations were complete;
You arrived, ambrosia oozed out...

The hope that was suppressed at core of even a breast,
The speech that never flourished in beauty's dress,
The day that was ne'er engaged in any accomplishment...
With blooms and fruits, and with honey, they filled out...

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Monday, March 21, 2022

My One-and-Only

(2209)  Mor manasa sarovare

On the pond of my mind,
You are the golden lotus.
Having looked Your way, the dance mine
Is resuscitated with life, anxious.

Lustrous beauty of Your form lies scattered;
Filled with sunbeams is the pleasure garden.
In arbor after arbor, a bee murmurs;
It receives a honey immaculate.

Contenting You is my endeavor;
Barring You, I want nothing more.
My wish is this: Kindly fulfill love,
Oh the frisky, Sportive One!

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Life eternal

(2208)  Nabhoniilimay sur bhese jay

A melody goes floating on the vast azure sky
With cadence and beat to a faraway, unknown site.
There is no end at any time;
Any delay by obstacle does not fly.

At bosom of a molecule the tune had stirred,
Its sound thrown upward by the mouth of universe.
That sound, it moves ahead with immense pleasure,
Without hesitation, on the stellar sky.

In a distant past the hymn had risen;
That undying song frolics on time's current.
Even still it's remained in the modes of music,
In the ambrosia-flow of an endless sky.

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

As You choose

(2207)  Kata je deke gechi tomare

So much I've gone on calling Thee;
No heed You paid, You did not come.
I keep hearing that You hark unto inmost secrets,
But inside my psyche maybe You don't lodge.

I don't know if You can listen;
Perhaps You don't give an answer.
Or maybe You inflict anguish disguised as liila:
Even though piercing ear, in the mind it entered not.

Pray tell, except for You who else belongs to me;
And that is why I shout in just Your vicinity.
Even now what's been spoke, more has kept lingering;
I'll recount those anecdotes of heart's core.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

To seek, to strive, and not to yield

(2206)  Tomare bhule bhesechi akule

Yourself having forgotten, I have been in crisis;
So please show kindness, hey Depot of Mercy.
With mischief has elapsed the day, unproductive;
I'd forgotten I am but Your offering.

You had sent me forth to go on doing work,
To execute a wish of Yours...
To furnish colored beauty on Your earth,
To suffuse everybody's life with glee.

Time has stayed in hand at this very moment;
Should Your favor be, what more cannot happen...
Pray, may I find the boon of fearlessness
To go on doing work, a song to sing.

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My Old Friend

(2205)  Praner pradiip saunge niye

Bearing life's lantern,
On this earth oh Who appeared?
To forget You, it cannot succeed.
In ample prosody You've got scattered,
Smiling sweetly with exquisite beauty.

Through affection You attract everyone
To a stream of melody blithesome.
You dwell in the mind space impervious,
But incarnate are You in majesty.

At some ancient past You had come;
Love's receptacle, You'd been poured.
Stir to thought, yes You brought;
Then on earth You went in hiding.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

What Your light fails to illuminate

(2204)  Nutaneri alo

Just novelty's effulgence,
Everywhere it arrived, it arrived;
Presently, why are You in hiding?
Sky and wind, in Your direction having spied,
After fathoming Your sport divine, are not pleased.

All flowers have blossomed beneath Your light;
By Your light, crimson-flushed has been the sky.
Phonta on brow Your reflected light inscribed;
It colorized every dream.

In charming attire, come before me, oh Beloved mine;
The psyche, it resounds upon strings of Your lyre.
To Your rhythm and beat dance all the time
Everybody's life and death around Thee.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

God is my own

(2203)  Tomare khunjechi, tiirthe marute

Yourself have I sought
In wilderness at places holy,
In the mountain-caves hard to reach.
I found not anywhere, I got no satisfaction;
Weariness has it brought, with despondency.

For everyone, You're the man who is their own,
More intimate even than the soul.
For that cherished kinsman, for that bosom buddy,
I have searched in solitary;
My mistake had been in respect to understanding.

My Own Man, nearby will You be residing;
You will wipe away affliction's tears.
In concert with my smiles will You mingle beams;
With light-rays You'll dismiss obscurity.
Awareness has arrived, my blunder is breaking;
I've realized You have dwelt in the psyche.

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Truth be told

(2202)  Amar maner madhuvane, tumi esechile

In my mental pleasure garden,
You had entered.
On it You did lavish nectar;
Blooms, You made them blossom.

To You no word did I utter;
On a golden throne You came in.
With a smiling face, exuding luster,
Mind You took by storm.

Secretly, in the mind You dwell,
Hard to reach, at this very thought-realm.
None will note, none knows how to detect,
If that You don't wish for.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Dumb but now we speak

(2201)  Tumi je esecho alo sathe enecho

You have come, with You a lantern You have brought;
Every mind's darkness You have sent afar.
You did not regard practices popular or customs local;
Deeming everyone alike, You have loved.

You're the one and only star on heavens immense;
The flow of Creation dances to just Your cadence.
To please You ring all one-stringed instruments;
Hope You have poured into mind and heart of everyone.

Come You still closer in raiment always new;
Hey Novel One, among those mute You've diffused tongue.

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Sunday, March 6, 2022

No time for heaven

(2200)  Jagat tomare cay

For You the world pines;
Master, please come close.
Don't reside at a remote paradise.
The mind's tale,
Heart's travail,
Your ear to hear, don't they find?

The rain falls on account of You;
Recalling You, flowers bloom.
Your touch is what effusive heart desires,
Perpetual in the casket of mind.

The sun rises on account of You;
Recalling You is a smile of the moon.
The flower spores and rainbows,
Yourself would they satisfy;
Down to Earth, kindly come and alight!

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I may wend, I may expend

(2199)  Tomar tare vishva ghure

Having gone around the world for Thee,
My touring had been futile.
Your sight I caught not anywhere;
I did not find the honey of my mind.

With diverse people, they speak differently;
One might even raise useless reasoning.
Someone believes in science and philosophy;
But that serves not to catch You, oh Moon of mine.

I have no stockpile of knowledge.
I just know that only You are the essence.
When a tiny speck of Your kindness be shed,
Then alone will I get You, oh sweet Friend of mine.

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Why was I so foolish?

(2198)  Tumi esecho bhalo besecho, sakaler mane mishe gecho

You have come, and You've held dear;
You've got mixed with everybody's psyche.
But the star of my sky, it is dark and gloomy,
For You are not with me.

To search for You I have gone on pilgrimage;
I've practiced vows, penance, and ablutions.
I sighted not anywhere, did not find even a hint;
You have grinned, seeing me constantly.

Descending, heaven's envoy has approached;
On the down low, in my ear he has told:
"That panacea will arrive at the very moment
When toward the mind-core you have peered."

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We can't get what we really want

(2197)  Candan makha dur niiharika

The far-off, sandal-coated nebula,
What does it keep saying?
To it, let us listen in.
It says: "Much I've seen, much I've heard;
In that a heart flashes.

"Whatever I have seen or heard,
Most of it I have forgotten.
Per this knowledge limited, to that Bhagavan
It's not possible to hold on.

"Those who go afloat upon the blue heavens,
Through life's pollen they yearn for vibration.
But vibration, it starts racing on the remote firmament;
And to find it close, therein lies a dilemma."

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Our connectivity

(2196)  Ami tomar tare kichu kari ni

For You I did not do a bit;
For me You have done everything.
Upon Your effulgence, sable I have spilled;
Darkness removing, You have brought light-beams.

With fruits and blooms, the plants You've filled,
But those same fruits and flowers I have repealed.
With two hands, You've endowed, I've accepted;
Notwithstanding, You have gone on giving.

Knowledge You have given, and understanding;
The route You have given, and cash for traveling.
By Your wealth, myself, having been enriched,
I have taken You for granted;
You have kept watching, and You've laughed tenderly.

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Saturday, March 5, 2022

So magical

(2195)  Ei bakul tarur tale

Under this same bakul tree,
Having strayed from the path, You'd appeared.
From blossoms dropped I had gone on stringing a garland;
At that time, I was solitary.

For Your identity had I inquired;
But You said: "Just now" was no time...
"At right time, that will I surely advise"...
I reside in the lotus of Your psyche.

To me You had stated, gently smiling:
"Couldn't you recognize Me...
At atomic layer of one's being,
I remain awake, timely or untimely."

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Friday, March 4, 2022

You left me paralyzed

(2194)  Asbe na jadi kena ta balo ni

If You won't arrive, why didn't You say?
Be it told in advance, what harm was there?
Amid the forest, at base of a bakul-lane,
Time went away unproductively.

I've believed I'll find You close at hand;
For You is a Spanish-cherry garland.
In the mind, honey has stayed jam-packed;
But through no activity did that appear.

Having given word, why did You not keep it?
You did not appreciate my anxious impatience.
The heart's message of a favorite,
Had that been understood, it would have been fitting.

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Please learn from my mistake

(2193)  Aji sajala samiire salaja prahare

Today neath a rainy wind, at an hour chaste and modest,
Only to obtain Him hankers the psyche...
Neath a rainy wind.
Even though eyes be restrained, mind does not pay heed;
Toward Him it proceeds repeatedly.

Much as I believe: about Him I'll no longer think,
I see that He has owned the psyche.
After forgetting Him, forgetting His existence,
Surviving has become such great difficulty.

In this same state if some of you should be,
To stay for a while, please pull Him near.
A mistake I am making, I am keeping at a distance;
Now I see there is no means.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

One family

(2192)  Manus jena manuser tare

For the sake of humankind let humans
Go on doing anything and everything.
And this fact also let them heed— that beasts
And birds are not their foe; even trees wish to live.

The path is getting lost under gloomy darkness;
Why else are the people weeping bitterly?
Our hopes and whatever love
They will take and pull near, over and above.

Those who lack in food and education,
Scorched by fate's conflagration—
Everybody taken and given protection,
This we will forge into a heaven.

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Though I slept

(2191)  Tumi esechile, praner chonya diye cale gele

You had arrived;
Heart's touch having given, You retired.
Asleep had I been;
Why did You not shatter that slumber mine?

In a daze has passed existence;
There was no inclination then.
Your touch I gained on slumber's nether side;
That touch You gave, stroking frame entire.

I've realized that mine is You alone;
Anybody else is not one's own.
Everyone goes on losing sight,
But You don't neglect at any time.

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