Monday, February 19, 2024

Together is our destiny

(2921)  Tomare bhalabesechi, tomar katha bheve jai

I have held You dear;
Of You I go on thinking.
Please come close to me;
Nothing else do I crave.

You'd been mine back in antiquity;
Why flung remote will You concede?
Why would you go and forget me?
Today, this I explain.

In future too You'll persevere;
You won't be wiped from psyche.
Even if wishing it, You won't succeed;
As I know, hence I daresay.

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I stand in awe

(2920)  Mane mane ekii karecho

Oh my, what have You done, inwardly;
You have enticed me.
By the light of day You've kept smiling;
With night's ebon You've gone into hiding.

All the yogiis from age after age,
Around You they celebrate.
Staying on flower's body at an unknown place,
With fragrance You've made replete.

I am a servant, extremely simple;
I know not scripture, I know not doctrine.
Morning and evening, within my mind,
Why have You gone on calling?

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Living in Your paradise

(2919)  Ke tumi ele aji

Now Who are You that just arrived?
My flower tray, full, You supplied.
Hymns You poured in air, on sky,
Dancing frenzied by love's light!

Oh the Panacea of my life,
I deem You only as the highest prize,
The Dearest One, because I realize:
By Your flow of kindness I survive.

On the heavens You strew sweetness;
Wind You fill with a sweet scent.
You rouse life in those distressed,
Both earth and sea, dressing in countless styles.

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Sweet grace

(2918)  Andhar sagare tumi ke

Who are You on the dark sea?
Ever smiling You appeared.
After spewing the sweetness of psyche,
Then, lamp ignited, You did leave.

In the pitch darkness, I could not see a bit;
For self-knowledge, I've pursued chimeras.
But You disillusioned me;
The path You revealed.

The path's goal, Lord, You can furnish well;
About Your path, who else will know, do tell?
You bestowed mercy
By filling with vitality.

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

I never asked You to go

(2917)  Baliniko jao

I never told, "Do leave";
"Come anew", to You I speak.
You're a dark world's light for everyone;
You love everybody.

In the depths of gloomy darkness,
When to see I am not able,
With a hundred moons' luster,
Pearl-dripping please do beam.

In everyone's psychic realm, meditation-worthy;
With linguistic rhythm, fit to be revered;
The mental honey, kindly let be smeared...
Please arise on sky of psyche.

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For You, my Lord, anything

(2916)  Danrao ksanik ajana pathik

Unknown Traveler, tarry for a moment brief;
Obeisance I make to Thee.
You are the ocean's gem, of deep abyss;
And hence familiar I can't be.

At my mental arbor You alone I desire;
Your hymn I sing in my garden-paradise.
You have been fulfilling me all the time;
Yourself I remember constantly.

Hey the most Beloved from times long ago,
Kindly pull everyone still more close.
Of Your burden, grant me a tiny load;
Without indecision, that will I carry.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

My joy in life

(2915)  Ei jiivana saekate

Upon this life's sandy beach,
Oh You, Who goes there?
The star-studded Autumn sky abrim with magic,
On this very day, You woke me.

You are the container of all forms, Beloved;
Unlike space and time, unparalleled.
Please let me be glazed by mental sweetness,
Every instant with love's flaring.

In the wind is combined a laughter sweet;
The ground You made sway by tall grass and reeds.
To the gray clouds You brought a tinge silvery,
From luster of golden sands smiling.

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In this respect helpless am I

(2914)  Mane mane dekechilum

Inwardly had I invoked,
(I to Thee) constantly.
When had I remained so?
In three states: abed, dreaming, and unsleeping.

Inwardly, I have sung many a song;
Inwardly, with hundred garlands I've adorned.
Seated in the mind-realm with blooms of psyche,
I had strung those wreaths carefully.

Even now I keep on calling at times good or not,
Ignoring the hour and what is within earshot.
As long as I'll remain I will think about You;
Although solitary, I will go on speaking.

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Monday, February 12, 2024

I am obsessed

(2913)  Tomar asar patha ceye, din cale jay amar

Having watched Your arrival path
My days they go by.
The mind is effusive; when, pray tell,
Will I see hope's ray of light?

On eyelids there's no urge to sleep;
The bed I find it thorny.
I wander with anxiety;
For getting You close by.

Just one concern is within psyche,
Mine is only that...
Kindly free me of that worry;
To me please come proximate.
From the moon's light no nectar do I glean;
And inside honey no sweetness is there.
Around the One am I revolving constantly;
That One is everybody's Valentine.

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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Our Hero

(2912)  Sabakar sane susmitanane

Attending all with gently smiling face,
You convey the mental sweetness.
One who's fallen cries beneath sorrow's weight;
You wipe away his eye-water.

A bough of the mango tree without leaf,
You make it splendid by adorning psyche.
The world, with that luster, You keep making;
You go on forgetting who is kin or unrelated.

Frequently won't return opportune juncture;
What's the condition: You neglect censure.
By saving those tormented You get pleasure;
Sing You the mantra of Great Merger.[1]

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Friday, February 9, 2024

Even when I don't see You...

(2911)  Meghe dhaka e shravanii sandhyay

On this cloudy monsoon evening,
Mind goes floating, goes a-sailing.
Both moon and stars covered, with moonlight concealed,
The psychic peacock dances to what sorcery?

At each instant with ambrosia[1] frolics ecstasy;
In the world did a feeling heavenly appear?
Everything on Earth in cadence has been frenzied,
Through a cascade of love overflowing.

The Unknown Traveler came into my mind;
Each and every moment He gave touch of life.
Having made sweetly scented psyche's paradise,
To His import did He couple me.

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In this life please

(2910)  Kehai jakhan thake na takhan

When none at all remains, then
You please stay, Lord, stay with me.
Neglected, like a flower shed,
I'm fallen down; hey, look and see.

How many times I have come, I don't know;
My destiny's with You only, that I own.
Ever in my throat, I sing Your song alone;
For but a minute, please pay heed.

Like a blade of grass afloat on stream of water,
I know not where I go at any moment.
Memory and thought process, making a success,
The honey of my name, kindly smear.

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

And I do too

(2909)  Raune raune bhare diyecho tumi

You've suffused with many colors
This Your earth beloved.
Darkness You've disposed of;
In every direction You've poured scent.

Your earth revolves around the sun,
Like a dance in rhythm throughout ages.
Your instruction, it promotes and fosters
By just Your love and fondness.

With love and fondness is Your Creation;
To Whom shall I sing the amaranthine song?
You alone will I obtain by Your ideation;
That attainment lays waste to the darkness.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Nearer than near

(2908)  Eso priya amari majhe

Darling, inside me please arrive–
Now the air is coated with sweetness;
Only Your ankle bells echo in the mind.

The psychic Jamuna flows upstream;
Times good or bad it does not heed.
Upon Your contemplation it is overflowing;
It longs for You in captivating attire.

With fantail a-greeting, the peacock goes on dancing;
Having seen sky's cirrostratus he does sing.
By that fantail wakens a swaying to and fro in psyche;
It implores You to become still more nigh.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Show me Your smiling face

(2907)  Tomake ceyechilum

I had wanted You
In sorrow and glee, at mind's pleasure garden.
Yourself I'd believed
Ringed by prickles, with love's tingle.

You arrived today, making heart replete;
Upon face, that which is not revealed–
Cadence and tempo with a melody
On the coast of ebon's ocean, waves in tandem.

Far apart kindly don't be absent;
With You please retain me forever,
Granting my encirclement
By diffusion of emotion's luster.

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Monday, February 5, 2024

To You I belong

(2906)  Ganer devata tumi

The Deity of Song are You;
Into my every life please do come.
To You I bow, You're the sea of tune;
Allow embrace in my meditation.

A string of waves You scatter upon Earth;
The pitch dark, in a wink You disperse.
Above all desire and attainment You endure,
With enterprise always new and glorious.

Wherever in the world has been whatever song,
It has been vibrated by Your intonation.
It is mingled with Your love and devotion,
On excursion to a site ever unexplored.

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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Bliss beyond measure

(2905)  Tumi esechile, mor manera kone

You had gained entry
To my mental cranny,
In bower of magnolia, with sound on breeze,
A shake is given to and fro in a hundred streams.

On seeing the swing, You've arrived– I understood;
My invitation since ages, today You have heard.
You have taken notice of my inner words;
Such bliss... to whom will I speak?

With that swaying go on dancing animals and birds;
In tempo, beat, and rhythm are the trees and branches.
Whatever I view is overwhelmed with passion,
Enthusiastic to attain Thee.

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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Let me think of You always

(2904)  Pathe pathe ghuri tomarei smari

On many pathways I roam, recalling You alone;
Why I am unable to view, please tell me.
My sadhana, Your compassion,
In this fashion, myself why deceive?

Everybody's aim of meditation, You're loved greatly;
You are every mind's Person Who is always revered.
May You bring satisfaction to every psyche;
Please ignite the lamp-flame unflickering.

Go on playing Your Game, there's no harm,
Long as I can get You easily when I call.
All my devotion, just that I'm yielding up;
With Your ideation, make me overflowing.

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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Having found love

(2903)  Calechi bhese canderi deshe

To the moon's kingdom, afloat I've gone;
Wholesome is this, wholesome is this.
You are in front, and all have merged into One,
Filling the universe with just the One's brilliance.

I catch no sight of hindrance, there's no pullback;
Everyone is my own, when and where I glance.
Having loved the One, close to Him having come,
In a wink I see that ebony did He rid.

Without failing or deficiency, infatuation's powerless;
The Prize of everybody's life, affection is unlimited.
Having taken all along and explained real import,[1]
Into everyone's psyche, You pour love's current.

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