Sunday, August 31, 2014


(86)  Megher majhe agun jvele

Amid the clouds a fire is ignited—
Like a thunderbolt, You have come.
Shaking the planet bedrock,
Over earthquake, You danced.

There's no end to Your sport,
From sky to distant horizon.
In sound, in touch, in form, in taste,
In scent, You have blossomed in my heart.

You are the pollen of the humblest flower.
You are the floor of the deepest sea.
Blending Your color with the colors of all,
What dalliance have You fomented?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beyond when and why

(85)  Dinguli cale jay

Days go by,
Impressing memories on my mental mirror.

I have forgotten when I came.
I don't even know why I came.
A pleasant breeze blows;
A great luster flows.

In just one corner of Your mind,
My psyche resides.
In just one fleck of Your heart,
I exist always.
Moonglow aplenty drifts along,
Dissolving in Your stream of stars.

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Your glory

(84)  Sumukhe asiya danraiyachile

In glory You came and stood,
Accompanied by a hundred suns.
I was off to one side,
An earthen lamp in hand.

Wave after wave crashed
On turbulent waters.
A frenzied cry for rescue rose
From the foaming torrent of life.

Countless particles dashed
In unruly song and dance,
From near to far and far to near,
In thunder and in lightning.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Call and response

(83)  Cira nutaner ahvane

On summons by the ever new,
My will rushes, dancing,
Toward yonder blue.

Today my song is only the onward march—
My life is only that alluring invitation.

Rather than lag behind, sitting idle,
I seek the one who entices me.

My mind in cosmic mind, my life in cosmic life—
They fuse into a single tune.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tremors of bliss

(82)  Tumi esecho prane esecho

You have come— You have come into my life.
Illuminating the world, You have come into my life.

The sound of your ankle bells penetrated my heart's core.
Oh, it obliterated all my sorrow.

Be with me, stay with me.
Thrilling me with sweet tremors of bliss, stay with me.
Your sweet smile has made my heart overflowing
And divested me of everything else.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Divine imagination

(81)  Svapner ghore din cale jay

In a dreamlike trance, the day passes;
Yet ever moving on is the rule.

The day passes and is not seen again;
To not see it again is the rule.

Words once spoken, pains once suffered,
Are lost in the infinite.
Day after day passes.

Those whose birth was long ago,
Their history is still more ancient.
On the surreal strings of heart's lyre,
They remain twined in melody.
Those who are lost to us
Live on in Your imagination.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The one I love

(80)  Svapane esecho anandaghana tumi

In dream You have come, profoundly pleasing.
You are the delight of all.

In the graceful heavens, You mingle with life divine.
You are allure beyond form yet incomparably beautiful.

In Your eyes there is love; at Your feet, salvation.
You are the sourceless source from which ambrosia flows.

Knowingly or unknowingly, I love only one being.
The one I love is boundless.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

A world with love

(79)  Svapanera chonya lege

By the touch of Your dream,
My life gained new dynamism.

My song echoes hope;
My melody beats out the words:
Love is limitless.

Under the spell of Your dream,
My heart was filled with sweetness.

Amid tunes surging with rhythm,
Amid blooms frantic with fragrance,
One who was lost found the polestar.

Glazed with the sweetness of Your dream,
The world has got new momentum.

In all directions the light is dazzling;
Whatever I see, it bodes well.
All atoms and molecules are animated;
My finest feelings are satiated—
Earth is full of bliss.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My tender Child

(78)  Svapane se esechilo

In a dream He came;
In that same dream He left.
Without even speaking, He left;
Without even being invited, He came.

In the private corner of my heart,
He silently took His seat.
With His own hand He strummed
A tune on my lyre.

Raising His eyes toward my face,
He wanted to say something.
I don't know why He felt hurt—
Without even giving notice, He left.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Recognized and realized

(77)  Svapane tare cinechi

In dream I have recognized Him.
In a dream, on a moonlit night,
With a dim lamp in hand,
I floated on the current of melody
And found new life.
In dream I have seen Him—
I have seen Him, oh I have seen Him.

With a flood of life, He fills the universe.
With His sweet smile, He scatters pearls.
In dance, in song, in tones of a lyre,
In the heady aroma of a breeze,
With the touch of His life, my life is fortified;
With His new light, I am inspired.
In dream I have realized Him—
I have realized Him, oh I have realized Him.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where dream and reality meet

(76)  Svapane khonj peyechinu

In a dream, I found Him.
In that dream, I loved Him.
In that dream, I realized
He is all I've known.

Tell me, when the dream ended,
To where has He vanished?
In the reality of wakefulness,
He went off, smiling.

Will that golden dream
Come again in my life?
With that hope alone, I persist.
With that hope alone, I stay awake.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

To the Goddess

(75)  Ke ele aji ke ele

Who are You Who came today?
You came and rocked the cradle of the universe.

You were in the realm of thought, but You came down
And mingled, accepting earth's embrace.

My distant divine mother,[1] You have come so near that
A faraway melody has enthralled my mind.

You are the lost notes that came floating into my ears;
You are the lost rhythm that made me dance.

Wiping away the tears that filled my eyes,
You are the jewel of the sea that soothes my spirit.

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Demand of the day

(4795)  E gan thamibe na

This song will not end.
This demand will not be silenced.

A path that brings unity bright—
That is the mission of PROUT.

Age after age, we have endured;
But the limit of tolerance was breached.
Nowadays, the demons knit their brows—
The moralists are restless.

On the eastern horizon the sunglow comes;
The era of darkness is soon to fade.
After gloom, effulgence pervades;
Further delay will not be borne.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Neohumanist revolution

(74)  Cal cal cal cal gan geye cal

March on, march on— singing songs, march on.
The lustrous flame of hope is extremely bright.

Let us elevate the world to a liberated zone—
March on from home to home— singing songs, march on.

We are the enemies of evil, the force of good—
We protect those who are weak.

Whatever tongue, whatever creed, whatever path there be—
In our reverence for all we do not falter.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh my Beloved

(73)  Ogo priya ogo priya

Oh Beloved, my Beloved—
My Beloved, don't forget me.
To attain You, I traverse the path of light.

I come to this world to do Your work, Lord;
Lord, I love to sing songs to You.

In every atom is Your sport;
In every tone is Your game.

In every desire You dance;
In every gap You lie hidden.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

What's the buzz?

(72)  Maomachi gunguniye

The honeybees with their buzzing—
In the garden, what word do they spread?

In the colors and fragrance of earth,
And the copious rhythm of a tone,
Their tune was not lost in the desert.
Surrounded by their music, I keep threading garlands,
Filled with all the ambrosia of life.

The nectar concealed in flowers,
The aroma enveloping pollen,
The love stored in the core of my heart—
All these awakened, I go on singing,
Surpassing every string of the harp.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colors and still more colors

(71)  Jagatta nay mithye maya

This world is not a delusion,
A play of false colors.
Brothers, it is a sweetly playful dalliance,
A charming exhibition of sport.

The sun rises, the dawn smiles;
All directions are inundated with color.
Flashes of color blend with life,
Pleasurable and exciting.

Day and night, in hope of Him,
I steadfastly gaze.
This pursuit will be complete, brothers,
On merging with Him.
Augmented by a multiplicity of colors,
My palette will be full.

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