Saturday, August 17, 2019

If it be Your will

(132)  Janmatithite nutaner srote

On my birthday,[1] in the stream of novelty,
Light of the new may I achieve.
Lord of Rhythm's skill in prosody,
Filled with new thought, I would receive.

What You'll grant, with two hands I will accept it;
What You'll say, in heart's core I will maintain it.
This Your life, to You alone I will give;
With Your name, let me get frantic.

The tender shoot has become leaf;
It has filled up with a reddish green.
With new power, new ability,
I want to get busy serving everybody.

No longer will I sing a song of hopelessness.
I will never deem existence as a burden.
In myriad rhythms, with sweet jubilation,
May I go on conveying Your message.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Hearts pouring out

(131)  Nava varsa elo aji

Today a new year, it appeared
To give delight to everybody–
In fruits and blooms, in sap and leaves,
In fragrance to impassion psyche.

Those who've left for distant place,
From far off to further away,
They are still alive today
In dulcet jingle of tuneful refrain...
Now their boon is in musical stream;
May it inspire on the journey.

The spinning of six season-times,[1]
The rise and fall of polar ice—
Having arrived inside this ambit,
Life let's dispense for everyone's benefit.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

We move ahead

(130)  Sonalii bhor jiivane mor

The golden dawn in my life,
Is it returning another time?
Countless pains, countless torments,
Countless shames— the gloom is rent.

So many eves, so many morns,
So many nights, both spring and autumn,
So much hope and expectation–
Upon tears they've floated off.

Morning's sun smiles in the eastern heavens,
The wind rises on fragrance of flowers;
With the new year, with new happiness,
Memories of affliction, they all vanish.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

In His all-embracing melody

(129)  Surer dhara egiye cale

The stream of melody proceeds,
Moves along with the life-stream.
Cyclone, storm, and thunder; tenderness,
Affection, and a friendly residence...
One and all are tied up in melody;
In melody they get frenzied.

New Year's fresh luster,
It mixed its melody with Yours.
Nothing is unmusical
In this field of cosmic sport.

I know, my Friend, that You are only near;
My load of joy and grief You have carried.
When musing-musing on Your story,
I'll float adrift upon Your stream,
In Your smile, this New Year's morning.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Prayer for the new year

(128)  Vatsar nava vatsar tumi

Oh Year, you are the new year;
On every side bring welfare please...
In the beckoning of a new morning,
With the new dawn's new light-beams.

Creepers and trees, let them be replete with green;
Wild creatures, safe and secure let them be;
And the birds, with their throats full of nectar,
In every direction, let them take wing.

Let differences among humans disappear;
Let misuse of intellect be kept from happening;
And the prowess of corrupt persons in power,
Let that be suppressed everywhere.

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He re-inspires

(127)  Ek nutaner sur aji bajlo bajlo

A melody of the new rang out today,
Making every flower sway.
Earth was dressed in fresh apparel;
Every pain or trouble was forgotten.

Today, on the path of progress no impediment is there;
Full-throated song is rehearsed in only one melody.
Today, overlooking disparity, in concert let's go forth laughing;
Come let us move together, taking everybody.

In rhythm of dance, with a pleasure immense,
In the fragrant scent of heart's pollen,
In this climate of the new year's happiness,
Oh, where is He Who made everybody frolic;
He gave excitement.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019


(126)  Ek parikramar halo anta

One rotation[1] has finished.

The days[2], they transpire;
The year passes by.
So many flowers fall to ground;
So many fruits tumble down.
The year passes by.

Through many songs with heat and beat,
Through much anxiety and flow of tears,
With my life the year did blend;
But now, alas, it's getting spent...
It slips away into obscurity.

Those who come, arrive to leave;
Those who depart, go to appear.
Those who float off unto yon blue,
They will return anew...
They will turn up in fresh beauty.

One rotation has finished.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Who has come?

(125)  Aj akashe tarar mela

Today, in the heavens is a festival of stars;
The world is enthralled.
In the floral fragrance on a heady wind,
Everyone is brimming with gay liveliness.

Today, a stream of luster is flowing;
In delight, the nightingale sings.
Today, with a sweet jingling upon rosy feet,
Lo, Who came, filling life?

Today, a stream of nectar is flowing;
In delight, the universe sings.
Today, with honey-syrup all ardor is smeared,
Lo, Who came, filling mind?

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Musical magic

(124)  Sharat tomar surer mayay

Autumn, through your music-magic,
Wind and sky, they got delighted.
Heaps of nectar from blue yonder
Brightened Earth's existence.

The rivers with water brimming,
Plants and trees in verdant beauty,
Fruits and flowers with scent of honey...
They aroused a golden dream.

In sweet clouds silver-colored,
Every aspiration wakened,
Racing speedily is every penchant...
Everything was made to dance toward Him.

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There she comes

(123)  Sharat oi ase oi ase oi ase

Autumn, there she comes, there she comes, there she comes—
Autumn, ever stepping in dance cadence after cadence,
With a stately meter,[1] she smiles upon Earth.
Autumn, there she comes, there she comes, there she comes.

Autumn, she is not just in the pleasant scent of night-jasmine;
Autumn, she is not just in the rafts of white cloud-mist.
Inside life autumn comes, inside mind autumn comes;
Having charmed the world, autumn smiles at heart's core.

Autumn, she is not just in the scent of pamplemousse;
Autumn, she is not just in the rhythm of swaying kush.
Inside life autumn comes, inside mind autumn comes;
Having charmed the world, autumn smiles at heart's core.

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(122)  Pathik tumi ekakii ese

Traveler, by Yourself having arrived,
Jasmine falling at the end of night,
Seeing that my door was closed,
You had stood beside the road.

In sleep, my eyes up-rolled,
A bit I see, a bit I don't;
So on night's close, being dew-soaked,
At dawn, fading into formless, away You did go.

The juhi creeper on my gate,
To this day Your message it conveys;
Drops of dew ever to mop away,
Hoping for You, it stays awake.

At that time, if entrance I had opened;
In Your ear some words I'd have spoken;
To their tune on that late night in autumn,
Floating, we would have left together.

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My autumn garlands

(121)  Sharata sakale shishirete dhuye

Drenched in the dew on autumn morn,
I've strung a wreath of shefali.
Taking pains I will adorn Your feet;
With this ambition I have come.

Then drifting on the sky, white-cloud heaps
Had roved about, coating with honey.
Then had swayed in fragrant ecstasy
Laughing red loti and water-lilies.
In that same atmosphere, sitting entranced,
I have threaded my garlands.

My garlands aren't just strung of
Fallen jasmine that's picked up.
There is a song of love, a love for dawn,
Entwined with each petal.
The whole morning, all my work neglecting,
I have strung my wreaths.
Just those having smiled tenderly, lovingly,
I have brought on account of Thee.

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The Lord arrives

(120)  Sharadaprate mor ektarate

With one-stringed lute, early on autumn morn,
Scented by night-jasmine, mind has got rapt in song.
Neath a sweet and pleasant wind,
In this mortal world by dew made damp,
Earth has rushed ahead with cadence and dance.

Today on the path of light, from clouds there is no menace;
All the birds have spread their wings on the blue firmament.
With new zest for life in this unobstructed atmosphere,
To where has the overflowing heart gone floating?

Today the torrential rains have abated;
Emergent land-surface has put on new garments.
Betwixt earth and heaven, tenderly adorned in bliss,
Who are You, gave up Yourself, in everybody's presence?

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(119)  Megh tumi kache eso

Clouds, you please come near—
Rain and more rain we beseech.
Green paddy seedlings, they are withering;
Not a drop of water is there.

Till now, nectar did not fill the lemon bloom;
In the sweetsop flower clung no fruit.
The pomelo blossom did not run amuck with scent;
From this cruel drought, rescue we would get.

The kadam[1] buds are all dropping down;
The tuberose[2] flowers fail to open out.
With waves of blazing heat the earth is getting burnt;
Rainfall's soothing coolness, where do we discover it?

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Let's go

(118)  Varasa eseche bharasa eseche

Monsoon has come; faith has arrived...
The chatak's[1] thirst has been satisfied.
The dried grass, in verdant beauty,
Has assumed the form of carpeting.

Making pitter-patter, rain's been falling down,
As if heaven's ambrosia drips to the ground.
In trees, the sweetness lost has been revived;
The animals have got new life.

Come now, let us race toward the target
With relentless song and dogged spirit.
Reminiscence and sleeping in...
Today, all scope for that has vanished.

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We are one

(117)  Varasar dine sabakar sane

On this rainy day, together with everybody,
Let us march ahead in harmony.
If you wish not to proceed,
Abed, you but tell the story of a fallen leaf.

Everyone today has been roused by the beat;
In peacock's throat is a clamor sweetly calling.
Bashful Earth, dancing it proceeds,
Mind seduced, having been garbed in green.

At this grand assemblage, revelry-filled,
In many directions blows a restless wind.
With ecstatic music and euphoric lyrics,
Everyone's existence, suffuse and uplift.

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He just teased us with summer

(116)  Varasa eseche niipanikuinje

Rain has come in the kadam bower;
To dance and to dance, in the cane arbor,
By the meter every peacock's been excited.
With songs sonorous from the lutes playing,
An Earth bereft of cadence has attained life.

Juhi fragrance wafts on the humid wind;
Mental pollen laughs in the pleasant magic.
To beat after beat, with a huge happiness,
All half-dead trees have risen up, awakened.

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My sky-kissing pride

(115)  Varasar rate tumi esechile, rajaniigandha vane

On a rainy night, You had come
Into the tuberose[1] grove.
I had been in a huff,
Setting bolt upon home;
In a tiny nook I'd bode.

Storm after storm has come;
Blow after blow has been endured.
Yet all night long, without sleep You'd gone,
In concert with the tune.

The rain's come down in torrents;
Gust after gust of wind's been felt.
Yet all night long, without sleep You'd gone,
In sweet love's attraction.

On a night of storm You had come
Into the tuberose grove.
I had been inattentive,
Setting bolt upon home;
The tuberose knows.

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Krsna appears

(114)  Keka kalarava mukharita prate

At dawn, the din of peacock calls resounding,
Who are You Who came, ankle bells on Your feet...
Myriad rejoicing lyres jingling sweetly,
Splendor of clouds lacquered on Your body.

Today, fan palms and bay leaf trees have been decked in new beauty;
The kadam arbor has smiled with aroma sweet.
A cooling breeze, dabbing screwpine pollen,
Floats away to the far blue yonder.

Today, frogs have hopped about happily in a frenzy;
Along with them, jasmines, what could they be saying!
A shy kamini bloom, having strewn her fragrance,
At Whom does she gaze, time and again?

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(113)  Vishakhatanay vaeshakh tumi

You are Vaesháka,[1] Vishákha's[2] son;
You have come with luster of Bhaerava.[3]
Within each and every earthly atom,
You've infused a fierce glitter.

From dust storms, all is made gray;
Verdure's beauty is well-nigh faded away.
With soil burning and grass sere,
Rapidly, you've announced the time of year.

Dissipating is the river-water,
And cloudless night is flooded with stars.
The One by Whose sport divine everything exists,
In a form marvelous, you have delivered Him.

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In days of need

(112)  Iishan konete megh jamiyache

In the northeast, clouds are gathering;[1]
Fiercer winds are blowing.
Today, the nor'westers[2] have appeared.

Shutting both window and door,
Becoming scared by thunder's roar,
Seated now inside the home, everyone
Is listening to the dancing water.

Uprooted many cherished trees are getting;
To the ground wounded fruit is falling.
Neath hailstorm, the hurricane's refugees,
Birds, bereft of their nest, are weeping.

In the form of thunderbolt amid summer-heat,
The Ferocious Lord, how He dances wildly!
In great dread the ship at sea,
Billow-cradled, it is swaying.

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Midsummer day

(111)  Venukar van kii katha kay

Today, the bamboo grove tells what story?
Ah me, out of grief for the falling leaves,
At that, mute-faced, she stays gazing.

She's been losing all her greenery;
With dust storms, each exquisite beauty.
In kadam and rattan groves,
A pleasant wind no longer blows.

Fearsome Lord, what is this Your game,
A ruthless sport neath fire flames?
How far away is the monsoon's melody?
With desert-thirst, pied cuckoo[1] is pleading.

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Unbearable heat

(108)  Raodrer khara tape

Afflicted by a sun that's fierce,
Under summer's scorching heat,
Morning's jasmine and a mild breeze
A little coolness they bring;
But mind requires yet more soothing.

From their load, the mango-tree boughs stoop;
Rose-apple shrubs droop with their rows of fruit.
The brutal heat can be borne no longer;
This the mind constantly utters.

On the nocturnal wind and floral fragrance
Some abatement does get carried;
But mind craves still more relief.

Countless births and as numerous afflictions,
It's as if they were fused in the summer.
Fearsome Lord, send down the rain;
Mind always says the same.

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(107)  Vasanta aj haslo

Today spring did laugh;
On this earth is only merriment...
In the flowers' candied glance,
In the flowers' honeyed nectar.

Today, let us race off toward heaven
With rhythm and song, peacock and cuckoo call.
Let us wipe away all filth and gloom;
On spring night birds importune.

The seasons' King is come to the gate today;
Now flower buds, they are always awake.
Let us cast aside all inertia
Inside life's warm current.

With touch of life everything beams;
All things float upon His stream.

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Manifest at long last

(106)  Phuler saji sathe niye

Bearing a flower basket,
Who did appear, oh Who appeared?
With garland of songs in hand,
He floated on a stream of melody.

Bakul and wood apple want eyes opened;
Flower of liquorice, intoxication it causes.
Bumblebee wants its words heard,
Infatuated with sweet scent.

The star of remote sky does smile,
And floral dust drifts on the wind.
Life's pollen having mixed with it,
The whole world has grown bright.

Waiting, waiting for long aeons,
I'd been hoping for Whose advent?
This same morning with own hand,
Spring's cradle He did rock.

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Spring appears

(105)  Vasanta pavane liilayita carane

Today, on the spring wind, with lilting feet,
Like waterfall, dancing I proceed.
With painted eyes, on the cloudless sky
I keep tracing the sweetness that is mine.

Today, I move ahead in Your cadence;
I am fragrant with Your scent.
Laughing, I stroll about in happiness,
The path I color with the hue of kinshuk flower,[1]
For Your sake, my One most intimate.

Today, for progress there is no obstruction...
My heart is strung into Your necklace;
To Your tune my song is practiced.
Today my all, with sweet notes of cuckoo's call–
It flows in Whose direction...
To the One offered obeisance.

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(104)  Nrtyera tale tale nrtyera chande

In the cadence and rhythm of dance,
There comes spring, there she comes.
The fog-shrouded trees, having become sparkling,
They smile again with fresh blooms and leaves.

Decorating His whole body with wildflower-trinkets,
Spreading unloosed and disheveled hair cross the firmament,
He makes haste in the rhythm of purvasha dance,[1]
Nature well-bedecked in this month of Chaitra

A billow of gentle wind appears; a warm ocean laughs;
The departed sweetness, it arrives again.

The One from Whom this sweetness, Whose is this greatness—
Constantly the thought of Him arises.

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Spring has awakened

(103)  Vasanta aj jaglo

Today spring awakened,
In mango buds and mimusops, bombax, parul, and palash,
In company with wildflowers, unbidden, uninvited.

Come, Abiding Friend, we all
March in step to Your beat.
We match our cadence to Your rhythm,
In this fresh atmosphere,
Intimate with everybody.

In bauhinia grove getting full of flowers,
A cuckoo has been rapt in a song of novelty.
Today, that same song in floral fragrance,
It flows toward Thee
With spotless entrancement.

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Spring comes

(102)  Ashoke palashe nava ullase

Among ashok and palash trees, with fresh jubilation,
The king of seasons comes today.
On the vernal breeze, in a ceaseless dream,
Flower pollen wafts.

The fragrance of flowers, he has brought with;
It has made all sweetness roll about.
Throughout the world, on a lukewarm wind,
The lamp of life grins.

With a flash of color by Your Majesty,
Earth is flooded with glee.

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At winter's end

(101)  Shiiter shesete nava pata ase

At winter's end fresh leaves appear;
The old ones get shed.
Spring came to the door
With many dance beats.

In dance-cadence, braids overflowing,
Bun slips, getting disheveled.

At winter's end, the tree without flowers
It gets loaded with buds.

Confident the snow will melt,
Every sprout peeps out with a smiling face.
In their nest, the birds sing Your song;
They all sport new raiment.

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