Friday, August 23, 2019

Life of my life

(138)  Ami jedike takai heri o rupa keval

Anywhere that I look, only that Form I see;
Outside and inside, it keeps on shining.
It floats on air and sky, with a glow immaculate;
In flower after flower it laughs with a pleasing magic.
At heart's core a song it sings in a tongue unspoken;
In dance-beat it arrives with sweet implication.

Ah Him, how will I put out of mind?
The seven realms,[1] ever He excites.
To hide from Him, if I enter cave of mountain,
If to trick I go to blue sky in blue garments,
Anywhere that I look, He encircles;
He grins, even amid black hue of eye-pupil.

However much I would forget Him, oh I don't forget;
I do not forget!
To go on living having left Him, oh it was so hard;
Oh how hard it was!
Anywhere that I look, only that Form I see;
Even inside of me, He smiles brightly.

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  1. I don't know how I ever lived apart from Him, but I cannot do it now.