Friday, August 9, 2019

Krsna appears

(114)  Keka kalarava mukharita prate

At dawn, the din of peacock calls resounding,
Who are You Who came, ankle bells on Your feet...
Myriad rejoicing lyres jingling sweetly,
Splendor of clouds lacquered on Your body.

Today, fan palms and bay leaf trees have been decked in new beauty;
The kadam arbor has smiled with aroma sweet.
A cooling breeze, dabbing screwpine pollen,
Floats away to the far blue yonder.

Today, frogs have hopped about happily in a frenzy;
Along with them, jasmines, what could they be saying!
A shy kamini bloom, having strewn her fragrance,
At Whom does she gaze, time and again?

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