Friday, August 9, 2019

My autumn garlands

(121)  Sharata sakale shishirete dhuye

Drenched in the dew on autumn morn,
I've strung a wreath of shefali.
Taking pains I will adorn Your feet;
With this ambition I have come.

Then drifting on the sky, white-cloud heaps
Had roved about, coating with honey.
Then had swayed in fragrant ecstasy
Laughing red loti and water-lilies.
In that same atmosphere, sitting entranced,
I have threaded my garlands.

My garlands aren't just strung of
Fallen jasmine that's picked up.
There is a song of love, a love for dawn,
Entwined with each petal.
The whole morning, all my work neglecting,
I have strung my wreaths.
Just those having smiled tenderly, lovingly,
I have brought on account of Thee.

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