Tuesday, October 31, 2023

True wisdom

(2807)  Tomare khunjiya gechi vane vane

In forests aplenty I've kept seeking You;
Searching, I looked not inside of mind.
I've taken many oaths, gone to holy sites;
Never I imagined that You are so very nigh.

You're the light of thought, the Soul Unseen,
Staying deep inside everyone, You hold dear.
On eyes intertwined with anxiety You stream,
A flow of love subterranean, day and night.

With frail intellect that which I've well realized,
I've done it just by giving my strength entire.
Forgetting love and devotion, into knowledge have I dived;
But through ink and paper, unable to hold was I.

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Monday, October 30, 2023

Perhaps it's just a fantasy

(2806)  Tomare dekhini kona vanii shunini

Yourself I did not see, I heard no communication;
Nonetheless I have loved, I will go on loving.
I have wanted You near, I've seen it in imagination;
Wakened that reflection will I keep.

I know You are Controller of the universe;
And yet I still regard You as my helper.
The seat spread for You inside a heart meager,
I will embellish painstakingly.

Behind curtain of dark clouds the moon You are;
In all these troubles, You are love's nectar.
I've simply kept crying, having thought You are far;
With Your color I will brighten psyche.

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

By Your love am I drenched

(2805)  Surabhita niipanikuinje

Fragrant in the kadam bower,
You are a rain-shower.
In fresh shoots and green leaves You've dissolved,
Getting lost in sweetness.

In Your presence, there's no difference or division;
Between large and small I sense no distinction.
Whoever one may be, if he's gone amiss,
You are his Polaris.

And so, Lord, You're the sea of charity;
The jug of love is filled with Your beads.
In grief and in sorrow, to the affliction-stricken,
You are the emission of kindness.

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Tonight I feel Your touch

(2804)  Ei varsanasnata nishiithe

On this very night rain-cleansed,
Filled by a screwpine's pollen,
With many a rhythm and scent,
Psyche races, as if what to get?

On this night is a stream of compassion;
Pupils, entwined with passion tremendous.
Amid the gloom are heaps of love,
Conveyed by Whom there and then?

This night, may it arrive often,
Mingled with a speechless mind's sweetness,
With veena's octave like caress,
A clatter having raised in secret.

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Saturday, October 28, 2023

I want to want Thee...

(2803)  Baliya giyachile asibe jathakale

You went saying You'll return at proper time;
Even up till today did that time not come?
Eyes wrapped in tears, I am waiting, lonesome;
This circumstance, did You not think of?

Why word You gave, mayhap dismissed from mind;
With that anticipation You have kept me why?
You may come or not, love or not;
But frustrate me not in this fashion.

I am tiny in excess, You are most immense;
Round about Your feet dances the time endless.
With many a cadence in every pore of mine,
You create desire intense and impassioned.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

How could I have been so blind

(2802)  Esechile pashe malaya nirjase

You had come beside me like extract of vernal breeze;
In those days, Thee I could not realize.
With smile was my Friend, the moon of mind's firmament;
But even having scrutinized, You I did not recognize.

Moonlight, by the night its beams were overshadowed;
And yet in a moment why did my heart billow?
Now looking closely, pouring light is You alone;
I did not know that also the moon's light is only Thine.

I inquired: "Why far-remote had You been?
In gloom You had kept wrapping me."
Then You told: "My return you did not see;
Never was I missing from your mind."

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Monday, October 23, 2023

Hey Vishnu

(2801)  Campaka surabhi makha

Coated by the fragrance of magnolia,
Via psyche's light-rays, I have beheld You,
Painted with the kohl of affection.

From infinite origin, You have appeared;
With endless significance You've held dear.
What have You not done– the heart You've made replete;
You had been enveloped in a golden love.

By raiment of forest-blooms, honey You have smeared;
In the psychic casket, You have gone on dancing.
You have pardoned and ignored failings or deficiencies;
Alone, You have made, broken, and then made one and all.

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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Where but for You go I?

(2800)  Gane gane tumi esecho

With songs aplenty You've arrived;
In life after life You have combined.
Through meditation You've resigned;
You've smiled on the mirror of mind.

Of Your attributes there is no comparison;
In form physical You don't get lost.
You are amid everyone, but in spite of that,
Respective to everybody You've stayed on high.

That You are an ocean of compassion,
Both Heaven and Earth know, all of Creation.
You don't crave a thing, but in spite of that,
You've taken along my everything entire.

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Hey Lord

(2799)  Tomare jakhan dekhechi takhan

When I've seen You, then
There had been nectar in a mango's bud.
A palash bloom with eager hue,
It had looked on, in hope of aroma.

Parul and shimul, off to one side,
They had spoken of a golden light.
But the tiny bakul has swung crosswise;
It had smiled, perfumed and excited.

From thenceforward, much time has transpired;
Mingled with the dark have many nights of mine.
Now in dream, inwardly ponder I:
What sweet day had come?

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The stage is set

(2798)  Kandbo kena base tumi acho pashe

Why will I cry, You are seated right beside;
I exist within a play of Yours.
Through lightning's ruin and hail-strike,
Yourself have I discerned.

You smile upon nights moonlit;
Under tender light You cherish–
Like a fantail in the rain You frolic;
Ride You on a screwpine's pollen–
At a mental cranny I've observed.

For You, own and strange are not there;
Always You are with everybody–
Candelabra for all light-beams,
The Self's boundless family–
This basic truth, now I've understood.

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The dark You removed

(2797)  Alor dhara elo mane prane

A stream of light came ardently
Into my life, into the life of everybody,
Having dyed the horizon east
Upon the dark-of-night's ending.

Deathly inertia has disappeared;
Arrived has fresh life's splendid beauty.
Difference of else and me has beat retreat,
With the Ever-New One's songs aplenty.

Oh You Who have stayed behind a curtain,
You've danced on while remaining hidden.
Who is tiny, who is great, You've disregarded;
You enabled making clean by bath of liberty.[1]

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023


(2796)  Mor cidakashe vimukta vatase

In my mind-sky, on a gust of wind completely free,
About You alone I ruminate recurrently,
You exist; and thus everyone has been
Dancing all around You only.

Heavenly happiness, mundane distress–
A dream of sweetness, face beset–
All known or unknown goofs and defects,
They await removing far, far remotely.

All significance that's been upsurged,
From You it does emerge, in just You it's situated.
The anguish and sorrow intrinsic to existence,
They go on staying in Your love-wreath.

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Never will I dread the night

(2795)  Tarar pradiipe dharar samiipe

Like a lamp of stars in Earth's proximity,
Arrived today the evening.
Reverently welcoming, holding in contemplation,
Each moment stored will I let be.

Not to be forgot, this dusk delicious;
You had come, ignoring a hundred flaws.
Like clap of thunder, giving roar,
Instantly You made pristine.

Always will this nightfall stay in memory;
It will instill consciousness amid melancholy.
It will lay far aside the darkness of agony,
By dint of perfect-wisdom beams.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

A little kindness please

(2794)  Madira aveshe kusuma suvase

With the heady allure in a floral fragrance,
Come, please come... come with love-dense ideation.
With lips dyed and with heaps of elegance,
Smile, do smile... smile in a succulent form.

I have sought You, Dear, afar at great distance;
Ankle-bells I did not hear, I did not catch a glance.
Today, please give in to mind's looking glass;
Kindly do not keep even a trace of indecision.

On a restless wind with a rhythmic resonance,
On crest and trough in ringing notes pleasant,
At mind's niche impervious, with jingle of cognizance,
Kindly rise in new and imposing splendor.

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Monday, October 16, 2023

You gave love

(2793)  Bhalabasa dile hatasha sarale

You gave love, withdrew frustration;
You made bathe in the light's shining sea.
By a mantra of freedom at each pore,
Into notions of newness, You infused vitality.

Where every atom and molecule had been,
Dancing, Your inspiration was arisen.
With many a rhythm to Your charming elation,
Only Your music everyone goes on singing.

All came near, space intervening disappeared;
In Your vicinity, love's infusion they received.
You are not remote, in psyche are You copious;
In the air and on sky floats a sweet melody.

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I know the truth, I'm on my way

(2792)  Tava path dhare asiyachi cale

I've set forth along Your path;
I hear not what whoever says.
Your splendor unfading, affection unmerited,
It glitters on mind's looking glass.

You alone are the goal, the sea of compassion;
By a single drop the bucket is made full.
Upon that sails the whole Creation;
Billows the ocean of cognizance.

You are the path of movement's start, Master;
You confer Self-awareness on one and another.
Of the journey You alone are the finish,
Upon earth, in heaven, and on azure vast.

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Sunday, October 15, 2023

To my arbor He comes

(2791)  Madhur e madhavii vane

Sweet in this myrtle grove,
The Dark Prince,[1] You have appeared.
With a smile You've made engrossed;
The earth You set a-dancing.

Cascades Your laughter;
From the lips, a heap of pearls.
That laughter has remained mixed
With Love's Jamuna of psyche.

The fresh verdure of young grass
And the sweet-smiling beauty in a kadam,
They declare, obeisance made known,
"I am wanting You wholeheartedly."

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Saturday, October 14, 2023

A fragrant lotus

(2790)  Ageo ajana pareo ajana

Unknown in days past, in future too a mystery;
Just somewhere in between acquaintance be.
Where I'd been and where I'm going,
From when I've set forth, I don't perceive.

There'd not been sky or wind or trees enormous;
Filled with sweet scent, there was not a lotus.
Magnificent assemblage of hope and love–
That contemplation, it surpassed thought and speech.

You had been in the past, You'll endure to the end;
Unlimited, You'll rise upon psychic environment.
Mingled inside Your midst, all remain existent–
It's Your fervent wish: they will go on staying.

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Friday, October 13, 2023


(2789)  Je tarii bhasiyechilum ajike

The boat I'd set afloat today,
May that boat advance unchecked.
Unchecked does not mean absent impediment;
Let it race ahead, contending with hindrances.

On whose singed forehead is the mark of annihilation,
You are his Destroyer, the flame of conflagration.
Destroyer, otherwise a flow of honey, that You be;
Knowing You accompany, he proceeds, upon You reliant.

With six seasons,[1] You arrive in ever-new shapes,
Sometimes honey-sweet and other times enraged.
But even if You be angry, don't be apathetic;
Don't withdraw Your stream of kindness.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Beneath the surface, behind the veil

(2788)  Gan geye tumi path calechile

You had walked, singing a song;
You'd asked me to sing along.
From a distance, halted, I've observed;
But bashfully, proximate I did not come.

There'd been doubt, there'd been shyness and fear;
"Impossible that You are mine" was I thinking.
Consciousness has arrived, my error has gone off;
Now, on the path Yourself do I search for.

I have roamed about searching in woodlands large
And on the snow of mountains most far-flung.
Not having found in groves or jungles broad,
At present time, in the mind I explore.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Hard to catch sight

(2787)  Kache theke dure

You are distant from close-by;
Mind innate, mind You've kept on seeing;
Yourself I cannot espy.

Mid the bloom You have poured a fragrance sweet;
You have gone on dancing with desert and tree.
The persons neglected You have drawn near;
But through Game You make me cry.

You are restless like the water of a stream;
Billowing are You within life's anxiety.
A jewel in the sea, You are glittering,
Both at inside and outside.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Real and unreal

(2786)  Dyuloke bhuloke bhariya rayecho

You've been filling both Heaven and Earth;
You have been upon an eye's lashes.
Searching for You is not being in transit
To holy site, ocean, or mountain.

Taking and making room in a mental niche,
My psyche You have brightened,
Giving subsistence, splendor, bliss,[1]
Surging with a happy thrill.

Other than You I can't think of aught else, not a mote;
In front and behind, ideation moves like a ghost...
Wherever one will go, it had been both high and low,
Distinctions ignored, with falsehood assimilated.

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Monday, October 9, 2023

You fashioned the world with love

(2785)  Bhalo besechile, andhar ghare alo jvelechile

You had held dear;
You had kindled light in a dark dwelling.
With lost melodies,
Life and mind You'd made replete.

You cherish only well;
Alone, You rid the darkness.
You smile in my mental depths;
The world had dived into that beam.

You are this world's sculptor;
You are in the pulse of all.
You are there with heavenly reverberation;
Garland You had varnished with honey.

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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Elevate my love

(2784)  Ami marme ceyechi tomare

At core of heart I've wanted Thee;
I would not store outwardly...
My only prayer, just this submission:
Stay not far away, forgetting.

Any precious stones of Mammon I have gotten,
Appraising and understanding, I have been dejected...
I am knowing that You are the greatest gem;
Please remain filling me.

All that I'm observing, all I am hearing, whatsoever,
I've managed to fathom: everything is bogus...
I have gone on estimating with eyes dolorous;
Please take pity on me.

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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Lesson learned

(2783)  Ei alojhara nishiithe manda madhuravate

On this light-dripping night, neath a mild, sweet air current,
Coated by affection, You have let it be.
From the mind, totally You withdrew all my disgrace;
You have made me pristine.

By Your stream of compassion from the source endless,
Bringing that flow, enlightenment You let descend.
In that You've suffused sensibility.

Everybody's my own cousin, no one anywhere is estranged.
Close acquaintance unknown, I did not accord space;
But I am grasping my mistake, I've taken all with me today.
Removing illusion, You've poured mercy.

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Friday, October 6, 2023

Looking on the bright side

(2782)  Megher pare megh jameche

Clouds after clouds have gathered;
Through just their gaps is the light.
Yet dark alone is not life;
In it too is the sublime.

Clouds lifted by a mental wind
You implement when storm's arisen,
Dazzling skies will emerge;
That lamp just now you ignite.

Clouds just arrived in life, they persist;
Pain's melancholy blankets the happiness.
And yet you march ahead, having scorned it;
Love's nectar you spread far and wide.

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Ever onward

(2781)  Tumi je path diye giyechile priya

The path having given, You had gone, my Darling;
On that path even now, a sweet scent has persevered.
The song You had sung with melody and music beat,
At heart-core, that is here.

I did not forget Your story, to forget I cannot;
For a hundred lifetimes, You are my sadhana.
Despite not staying close, far off mind does not keep on;
It has been engrossed in thought of Thee.

Though You left, forgetting, I will not ignore;
With full ardor I will go on singing Your song.
The mountain insurmountable, upending I will cross;
Love and devotion has bound me.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Please don't leave

(2780)  Na na go na caliya jeo na

No, no, oh no, going away be not.
The one who comes, retires;
Yourself, please hide not.

Through chinks of white clouds moon peeps out;
Amid the psyche dances a luscious zest devout.
With a thrill rises up my flutt'ring heart;
This atmosphere, please erase it not.

You are my Beloved; am I not also Yours?
If so, why dispense affection ever new?
On Earth, in Heaven, You've been in mind's luster;
That effulgence, please don't make it wan.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Your mission is my purpose

(2779)  Aloker jatra pathe

On the corridor of splendor,
Do remain with me, Lord,
That I may not lag behind,
In either crest or trough.

I have no fear of being tied;
So I plead at feet divine:
To accomplish work may I,
By Your boon auspicious.

Earth spins by the wheel of action;
On same stratum, cosmos and an atom.
With them myself please welcome
As Your willing apparatus.

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Monday, October 2, 2023

Apparently pleased

(2778)  Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, khule hesecho

You've arrived and held dear;
You have smiled openly.
A song You've sung with hopeful tidings.

On the earth heaven's quintessence You have poured;
On hills aloof, in blue of sky You have mixed love.
In a gentle breeze and life's cleansing aqua pura,
You have gone on dancing.

On ringing of Your ankle-bells the vast sky is vibrated;
By Your magic flute, both heart and mind are stirred.
Atoms and molecules, in thought of Thee, are fascinated;
You have kindled light-beams.

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

We play our part

(2777)  Vishvadolay dol diyecho

To the cosmic cradle a swaying You have given.
The world dances playfully,
From afar and near, in assorted melodies
Amid a song-stream.

Distinction twixt own and other it makes forget;
Both gate and window became opened.
At the moment is only going ahead;
Having forgotten shame and fear.

The world is Your dramatic performance;
What won't occur exists, what is will not happen,
Crying is just futile, entreaty is useless,
In raiment of play-acting.

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