Friday, October 13, 2023


(2789)  Je tarii bhasiyechilum ajike

The boat I'd set afloat today,
May that boat advance unchecked.
Unchecked does not mean absent impediment;
Let it race ahead, contending with hindrances.

On whose singed forehead is the mark of annihilation,
You are his Destroyer, the flame of conflagration.
Destroyer, otherwise a flow of honey, that You be;
Knowing You accompany, he proceeds, upon You reliant.

With six seasons,[1] You arrive in ever-new shapes,
Sometimes honey-sweet and other times enraged.
But even if You be angry, don't be apathetic;
Don't withdraw Your stream of kindness.

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  1. I'll go ahead, thankfully accepting grace in any form You grant it.