Saturday, October 7, 2023

Lesson learned

(2783)  Ei alojhara nishiithe manda madhuravate

On this light-dripping night, neath a mild, sweet air current,
Coated by affection, You have let it be.
From the mind, totally You withdrew all my disgrace;
You have made me pristine.

By Your stream of compassion from the source endless,
Bringing that flow, enlightenment You let descend.
In that You've suffused sensibility.

Everybody's my own cousin, no one anywhere is estranged.
Close acquaintance unknown, I did not accord space;
But I am grasping my mistake, I've taken all with me today.
Removing illusion, You've poured mercy.

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  1. Everyone is my own family; all have common lineage, and all are worthy of affection.