Thursday, October 12, 2023

Beneath the surface, behind the veil

(2788)  Gan geye tumi path calechile

You had walked, singing a song;
You'd asked me to sing along.
From a distance, halted, I've observed;
But bashfully, proximate I did not come.

There'd been doubt, there'd been shyness and fear;
"Impossible that You are mine" was I thinking.
Consciousness has arrived, my error has gone off;
Now, on the path Yourself do I search for.

I have roamed about searching in woodlands large
And on the snow of mountains most far-flung.
Not having found in groves or jungles broad,
At present time, in the mind I explore.

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  1. Seeking Your hiding place, I'd thought it unlikely; but, now that I've been active, there's just one realm remaining to investigate.