Tuesday, October 31, 2023

True wisdom

(2807)  Tomare khunjiya gechi vane vane

In forests aplenty I've kept seeking You;
Searching, I looked not inside of mind.
I've taken many oaths, gone to holy sites;
Never I imagined that You are so very nigh.

You're the light of thought, the Soul Unseen,
Staying deep inside everyone, You hold dear.
On eyes intertwined with anxiety You stream,
A flow of love subterranean, day and night.

With frail intellect that which I've well realized,
I've done it just by giving my strength entire.
Forgetting love and devotion, into knowledge have I dived;
But through ink and paper, unable to hold was I.

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  1. Book knowledge won't instill devotion or disclose the object of our love.