Monday, May 31, 2021

Is it truly mutual?

(1919)  Bhalabesechi tomay

I have been in love with Thee;
Why that's so, I don't see, I don't see, I don't see.
Vanity, far away it separates me;
To it though, I don't heed, I don't heed, I don't heed.

For You am I gathering bakul on the morn,
For Your sake arranging an altar with blossoms.
Always whirling, round and round You I cavort;
And no one else enters my psyche.

I am ocean's high tide, and You are my moon;
But You only watch and smile from far removed.
I laugh and I weep, adrift on Your rumination;
Don't You understand this reality!

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

What kind of fool am I?

(1918)  Tomake bhavite bhalo lage mor

It pleases me Yourself to ponder...
Why do You not speak, why do You not speak?
What's this hope, this hopeless dream,
A cradle rocking between wanting and not getting?

Why don't You come near, why just stay far-far distant;
Why just call me like a phantom with a beckon?
Myself upon sky You keep floating like a flower's pollen;
What is this love of Yours... is it deceit?

River, the ocean she does like to discover;
Comet comes racing into Earth's circumference.
And I too, in guise of meditation, with You want to merge;
But even knowing this, You don't take heed?

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Friday, May 28, 2021

I have found sanctuary

(1917)  Nandanavana manthana kari, tomake peyechi priyatama

Churning Paradise,
I have found You, the Most Beloved:
In a realm divine under moonlight,
At a bamboo bower is the Sweetest.

You're my ocular antimony,
And You've arrived to root out blind attachment dreary:
On Your contemplation ensues the morning,
My psyche rid of sin.

Now I'm knowing that but for You there is no protector;
I'm fathoming the intuitive intellect in everyone:
By Your grace sanctuary stays received,
Hey the Radiant Purest.

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

With Your smile and flute

(1916)  E kar hasi e kar banshii

Whose smile is this; Whose flute is this?
One who drifts travels on their litter eternal.

Oh Who are You, sweetly talking?
You arrived, the mind's dark eradicating.
All that lived at Vrindavan
With Your heart were made to mingle.

'Pon the dust from Your feet,
The forest-doe's love secretes.
Lavish are the blooms, tier after tier;
And I too say: "I love Thee."

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Why make me cry?

(1915)  Tava tare aviral

Constantly due to You,
My eyes are weeping,
Tears are falling,
I am crying.

Why don't You come near;
You don't cogitate in psyche!
Clothed in form You don't beam;
Remote You linger.

Don't You know I am Yours,
Even though You are everyone's!
Inside the molecule, oh Quintessence,
You reside, full of liila.

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Everyone depends on Him

(1914)  Je tomare bhalo beseche

The one who has held You dear,
Do You just belong to her;
And if so, why do contrite sinners
Fix eyes on only Your visage?

Into everyone alike the air infuses life,
A song in steady stream of quarter tones sings the sky,
And paying heed to no fault is the moon's honeyed light;
All of those are shared in common.

Of all who are noble You are most high-minded,
Inanimate or animate, to one and all largehearted;
Oh Guardian of Orphans, You are the patron cosmic...
You are the lord and master of everyone.

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

The greatest philanthropist

(1913)  Nijere charaye diyecho

Yourself You have dispersed,
The universe within.
You ask for nothing; everything You go on giving,
In a willing fashion.

Equal to You as a donor, there is no other one,
Father, mother, sibling, friend, or guardian.
Having dwelt amid us all, keeping all replete,
Acquaintance You retain in secret.

Name-and-fame You don't crave, but remain giving it;
Others made talented, Yourself You lie hidden.
You are extraordinary, I am bound by worlds three;[1]
Under Your refuge is happiness.

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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Don't let me loose

(1912)  Kena bhalabasi tomay

The reason I'm in love with Thee
I can't explain, no, even myself I don't know;
But staying inattentive, it was trying.

At morning in the blossom I see Your portrait,
And whatever I behold is with a crimson magic.
All that I think and also what I don't imagine,
With the beauty of You only, it is overflowing.

Any frightful vision, in just You I hide it;
Anything anonymous, with Your name I invite it.
Any enigma, the fallacy that's been given,
I have cast aside, upon Yourself relying.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

His final conquest

(1911)  Ei surera sarita tiire

On the riverbank of this same tune
You had come, yes, come had You.
With Your magic flute and its unique music,
Rhythm You did infuse.

Upstream tugged, the river, she had capered
Upon heart's tide, swollen with rising devotion.
You had watched, and You had laughed;
You had pierced her with a floral shaft.

That same flower-dart has got dispersed
Where there is longing, all around the universe.
In love You are present; You dance to its hymn...
Earth having flooded, heart You did vanquish.

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Grace beyond comprehension

(1910)  Svapnaghore tomare ghire

In a daydream ringed by Thee,
I've devised my fairy tales:
Formless came You to the form-sphere.
Twixt the sky's blue and mind's swing,
I would hear the private sayings
With light bright on the canvass of my psyche.

Into kohl my tears are shoving;
On a melting song they get reared.
Emotional gets that outpouring
At far heaven's light beams.

Vicissitudinous is Your behavior,
Rituals and verdicts beyond comprehension.
The rites of worship, they are ambiguous;
You arrived in an instant with a face smiling.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Truth will overcome

(1909)  Tumi ektu kache eso

Come You a tad close-by,
And also laugh for a while.
My penance upon the new moons,
I know You'll contrive to remove...
Come You with the moon a mere slice.

I know the new-moon night is not without an end,
However many slanders come and go in hundreds.
This ghastly dark ocean of dismal ignorance
Will get cast aside with a bowed head...
You have liking only for the light.

I won't admit defeat, no, not in the least;
I will simply remain clinging to Yourself only.
Whatever anyone may say, whoever he may be,
I will remain with a smile bright and pure...
You are my source and also my closure.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Puny in the Huge

(1908)  Shishirkana shishirkana

Dewdrop, oh drop of dew,
Inside of you is held the earth;
In you gets known the ocean.

Amid tiny is the huge,
In the garb of atoms and molecules,
In each deed, in both form and attribute,
Heedful of naught to get you.

With a nebula's silver apparel,
Mid an entourage only celestial,
At last rapture of reflexive concentration,
You are manifest through various cadences.

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Monday, May 17, 2021

Our source and our destiny

(1907)  Andhar sagarer parapare

On dark ocean's distant shore,
Who are You, oh the Glowing Avatar?
E'er cutting through obstructive walls,
Earth's denizens You make lustrous.

Those who were, those who are, what they have been thinking,
In a magic mirror, You see how much they are near.
In their thought's every metric, declining or billowy,
Everyone You make dance; You are the Embodiment of Rhythm.

Well-versed in prehistory, the endless Spokesperson,
There is not a single creature on Your exterior.
Inside of You all appear, and in You only they get merged,
Everybody as one; You are the Embodiment of Consciousness.

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Ruler of my heart

(1906)  Tomake bhule thaka jay na

Yourself forgot does not abide.
As far as I do manage to forget,
Just that extent, Your thoughts thrive.

In Your beauty I stay dressed;
Your bindi I keep on my forehead.
At Your touch of fire,
Vigor never subsides.

You're the heady property of my garden
And my river's liveliness.
Words of Yours, Your messages,
Are my life's enterprise.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

An offer I could not refuse

(1905)  Chinu unmana kena jani na

I don't see the reason why I'd been anxious;
Who is He, the mind-thief, that infatuated me?
Silently and secretly, on a night in autumn,
Having come stealthily, He had known everything.

Never did I want to relinquish my mind;
Encircling the mind were delusional desires.
In the mind was a yoke of Mayic ties,
But knowing everything was He Who had produced that Liila.

He did not want much, but He left with everything,
My very sense of "I", the liqueur of living!
Ringed by formlessness, a body blossoming,
The mind's subtlety, He defeated with eternity.

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I, a grizzly bear; You, the spring-bearer

(1904)  Agun lagiye dile

When made to feel fire
In this month of early springtime,
Then the ones with heart still sleeping,
You awakened with a smile.

A lethargic worldly stupor had enveloped me;
After being made heated, that illusion You did cleave.
By Your mercy I've awoke, and I've stayed in hope of Thee.

Hey my lasting Friend, oh Beloved, in the universe unique,
World-transcendent, beyond time, You reside upon mindsky.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Why leave once I believe?

(1903)  Alor rather sarathi mor

Oh my driver of light's chariot,
You don't observe, no word You say...
Toward whom have You raced off,
Whose affliction to assuage?

Piercing pores in darkness gloomy,
Wagon races onward endlessly,
Like the sun's seven hues,
Having sliced through jewel's nature.

Singular is the aim of everybody;
Is there any other Charioteer?
Path You recognize, cart You ken;
Only after You comes reliance.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021


(1902)  Tomay ami ceyechilum, arun prabhate

I had requested You
At the crimson break of day;
But on night of new moon, Beloved, You came,
The gloom to obliterate.

Under light of happiness, You did not manifest;
All alone You showed up on a night of sadness,
On a path thorn-overlaid,
Stealthily and unproclaimed.

In devotion had I been arrayed
With a hundred colors I'd arranged;
My readiness was made futile,
For You arrived unawares.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Says the spider to its Maker

(1901)  Ogo priya tumi

Oh You, my Darling,
I know You love me.
In that heart, for my sake,
Pain rings out, I believe.

I want to move per Your dictates;
I would speak with certitude always.
But a hundred obstacles come all around me;
Before doubt I admit defeat.

I know that I'm Your molecule;
Unprecedented, You are huge.
To get You, constantly new,
A hopeful web I weave.

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Oh please do take me

(1900)  Andhar paravarer kheya

Passage Boat For The Ebon Sea,
Seated, the helpless You ferry.
Those gloom-filled and darkness-ringed,
All of them You lift up laughing.

Bigotry You don't abide;
In vanity You don't reside.
A lamp You light; sable You cast aside,
Every sin eradicating.

To make Your acquaintance, great is the hardship;
Even after finding near, grasping does not happen.
At a mental niche having been struck by a glimpse,
Still You lie hidden from the one rejoicing.

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

A chrysanthemum

(1899)  Hemante mor kanana prante

In my prewinter on outskirts of a garden,
Who are You that came, Unknown Pilgrim?
"Nameless am I, but a name you assigned;
For your acquaintance, it you did elicit."

Though I have noticed You throughout the ages,
I could not recognize, blinded by extreme attachment.
"But upon the far shore of the sea of darkness,
Lust having got suppressed, you did submit."

In late autumn, early winter, there's no floral covering;
At present my pleasure-grove is lacking in beauty.
"But a chrysanthemum, so very lonely,
Drenched by frost, she invokes with tears of love."

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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mysterious ways

(1898)  Phuler hasite chile

You had been in the smile of a blossom,
But today within mind You did come.
I am in love, and You know that;
Why then far away had You been?

To none else an invite do I offer;
In my psyche there's no place for another.
I don't ever think about anybody other;
Why then had You been negligent?

I get that Your sport is quite hard to escape;
Yet with my heart it's a game of ducks and drakes.
Once in a while, to laugh or dance myself You make;
And at times, upon tears You cast adrift.

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