Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Says the spider to its Maker

(1901)  Ogo priya tumi

Oh You, my Darling,
I know You love me.
In that heart, for my sake,
Pain rings out, I believe.

I want to move per Your dictates;
I would speak with certitude always.
But a hundred obstacles come all around me;
Before doubt I admit defeat.

I know that I'm Your molecule;
Unprecedented, You are huge.
To get You, constantly new,
A hopeful web I weave.

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Oh please do take me

(1900)  Andhar paravarer kheya

Passage Boat For The Ebon Sea,
Seated, the helpless You ferry.
Those gloom-filled and darkness-ringed,
All of them You lift up laughing.

Bigotry You don't abide;
In vanity You don't reside.
A lamp You light; sable You cast aside,
Every sin eradicating.

To make Your acquaintance, great is the hardship;
Even after finding near, grasping does not happen.
At a mental niche having been struck by a glimpse,
Still You lie hidden from the one rejoicing.

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

A chrysanthemum

(1899)  Hemante mor kanana prante

In my prewinter on outskirts of a garden,
Who are You that came, Unknown Pilgrim?
"Nameless am I, but a name you assigned;
For your acquaintance, it you did elicit."

Though I have noticed You throughout the ages,
I could not recognize, blinded by extreme attachment.
"But upon the far shore of the sea of darkness,
Lust having got suppressed, you did submit."

In late autumn, early winter, there's no floral covering;
At present my pleasure-grove is lacking in beauty.
"But a chrysanthemum, so very lonely,
Drenched by frost, she invokes with tears of love."

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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mysterious ways

(1898)  Phuler hasite chile

You had been in the smile of a blossom,
But today within mind You did come.
I am in love, and You know that;
Why then far away had You been?

To none else an invite do I offer;
In my psyche there's no place for another.
I don't ever think about anybody other;
Why then had You been negligent?

I get that Your sport is quite hard to escape;
Yet with my heart it's a game of ducks and drakes.
Once in a while, to laugh or dance myself You make;
And at times, upon tears You cast adrift.

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