Sunday, September 30, 2018

Naming the game

(1112)  Hrday bhariya ele

Filling the heart, You came;
Without notice, You went away.
So what's the reason for this advent?
Having spoken sweetly, why You left?

Within Your endless universe,
Countless creatures in loving postures...
Eternally, they've been dancing;
Honey-sweet is Your liila's deceit.

Perpetual coming and going,
Jilted hearts just gazing at the path...
Is only this Your ambition,
The sole thing on account of liila?

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Saturday, September 29, 2018


(1111)  Sabar saunge tumi acho

You are with everybody;
You are there, Lord, You are there.
With love You have vanquished psyche.

Mid fierce tempests, in death's grip,
At final moment, the Grim Reaper closing in,
Getting devoured by callous foes,
You dance in a smiling pose.

When Creation had not yet begun, was still to come,
By no means the days were getting reckoned;
Nor was there hope-and-desperation's deception.
Then You had been, and still now You exist...
In liila's flow You are present; You appraise affection.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Within Him

(1110)  Nandanamadhunisyanda

Delighting honey-cascade,
With love You are inlaid.
Sandal-paste soaked in ambrosial essence,
You're the one anointed with a gentle wind.

For those with no one, You alone are theirs;
You're the orphan's guardian, coated with sweetness.
Worshiped by the universe,
You are ever-involved in benign action.

In Creation's game, waves in billions emanate;
Yet to outside of You, not even one ever leaves.
On the far side of darkness transitory,
You are streaming light, never-ending.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hail to my King

(1109)  Tumi tumi tumi

You, oh You, oh You...
Please come near and nearer still.
With many prosodies I weave Your wreath of victory,
With but fragrant emotions I fill up my wicker basket,[1]
And, at times, to the ground I place my ear.

With sweet touch, please liven me;
With heart's flame, please brighten me
To Your cadence and Your song, in ambrosial stream,
Please utilize me for Your deeds.

I am but Your atom, and You are always novel;
Within You, I receive love's nectar ever-fresh.
All my yearning and my hundred salutations,
Incessantly they beg Your compassion.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dwell in me

(1108)  Eso eso tumi

Arrive, please arrive
Inside this my shrine.
Mind's shrine, with bright hues
I have beautified for You.

I have cleansed it with love's incense
And I have embellished with colors.
All affection and devotion that was there,
Made empty now, I've dedicated fully.

Only You listen to my inner-speech;
My heartaches, only You perceive.
Having heard me, having known me,
Graciously, enter my psyche.

Touchstone-black on all four sides,
Amid the darkness, only You are light.
Whatever's any good with me,
Capering, it moves round Thee.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


(1107)  Tandrahata ankhipallave

On eyelids whelmed by sleep,
With luster's touch Who wakened me?
In the wretched shrine of psyche,
You set lamps alight everywhere.

Inside mind was no luster;
Sadhana was unenlightened.
With the lanterns of jewel-casket,[1]
You made me illumined.

My life lacked exuberance,
Walking a path with few provisions.
Cloud-cast slumber You did burst asunder;
You told me to heed Your invitation.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Catching a butterfly

(1106)  Prajapati pakhna mele

A butterfly, wings outspread,
Went away with the blossom's pollen.
From which place did he arrive,
And to which place did he go hide?

In flower's chest had been distress...
Regarding that how did he apprehend!
Upon modesty's many-colored scarf,[1]
What image had been etched?

With a smile the flower says: "Again come;
From age to age, give your love.
Your favor and your sweet song
Produced a dancing in my heart."

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oh so sweet

(1105)  Tumi acho prabhu jagata ache

Lord, You exist, the world exists,
And life exists for Your service.
In Your cosmic game, a sweet magic,
Around Thee everyone dances.

Honeyed sadhana, a pleasing construction...
Diverse hopes and tongues are dabbed with sweetness.
Your inspiration and Your implication,
They have furnished everyone with life's current.

Those who come to the world, they surely depart...
On coming-and-going's path, none get lost...
They look Your way, they beg for love.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

My love has gone

(1104)  Kende kende tava kabarii bandha

Crying and crying, your braided hair
Got unloosed on account of whom, please say.
With mournful eyes, the shrouded anxiety–
That you cannot hold in music-mode and melody.

The daylight has got faded;
Gloaming's sun has begun.
Alone now, why are you in jungle?
Whose memory has been stirred, do tell.

A stork[1] soars away, very far away...
Then to its nest comes back again.
Your sweetheart, if indeed he went away,
He will return again someday.

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Friday, September 21, 2018


(1103)  Dharma amari sathii

Dharma is my companion;
Dharma is my life.
Supreme Consciousness I worship;
I am Dharma's sacrifice.

From my life's first morning,
Dharma has been with me;
And with me It shall abide
Till life's final point in time.
I have walked on Its path only,
Not forgetting I'm Its offering.

In this universe wherever you may be,
Everybody, dance in Dharma's glory.
All of you, stay in Its reverie;
Its song please go on singing.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018


(1102)  Jiivane eso prabhu

Come into my life, Lord,
Dressing Yourself in form and color.
Smile upon my thoughts, Lord,
Manifesting in a thousand manners.

In refulgent wave-series,
Many things they come, and many things do leave.
May You keep on staying,
Becoming mine in private reverie.

The celestial cradle swings;
Many things they dance, and many things do sing.
With rhythm may You persevere,
Infusing tune, tempo, and beat.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The impossible dream

(1101)  Ashoke palashe durva ghase

Within ashok and palash, and in the crabgrass too,
Whimsical are You, oh my Lovely You...
You are beautiful, so very beautiful.
In the chirping of a bird in deserted forest,
In the murmur of a spring, You are enchanting.

With deep blue garb of far azure
On ruby sunrise in the eastern heavens...
With play of hues at fest of sweetness,
In color You trickle on the seashore.

Yourself can anyone else catch?
You are the Lord, immensely vast.
Only by Your grace the world proceeds,
And yet with words and thought You are beyond reach.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Is our love real?

(1099)  Dur akasher niiharika

Distant sky's nebula,
Why'd You go and stay afar?
Mind's precious gem that You are,
My psychic contact have You got?

The abstract acquaintance tween us,
It's a long and cordial friendship.
Have You forgotten in whose residence...
In which heaven... a lamp You have kindled?

In love with You am I;
For You do I laugh and cry.
My wicker basket[1] holds a wreath,
And I am waiting... have You seen everything?

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(1098)  Tumi alakadyuti ami diipashikha

You are heaven's splendor, I am a lampflame;
I am a lampflame, I am a lampflame.
You are the prime focus of all cogitation;
You dwell in so many deeds but don't allow perception.

Outside of me there is the whole cosmos;
Having borne all inside, You are so enormous.
More respected than the reverend, You are that magnificent;
There is no one who's alone in Your universe.

On some night out of memory, having neglected Thee,
I'd gone traveling down some erroneous streets.
Today my blunder burst; I've come back again in Your vicinity.
Now I see, spinning round joy and sorrow, only Your wheels,
Only Your car-wheels.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The sole solution

(1097)  Gharer andhar pradiip jvele

Having lit a lamp, home's darkness,
I am able to dispel it.
But mind's darkness to banish,
By no means can I accomplish.

Outside, oh what dark-moon night,
But joined with it are star-smiles.
Due to stinginess the mind's darkness
Is only made still darker.

At the core of mind in utter privacy,
Having retrieved thought's lamp of ghee
From tiers of waves in form's sea,
Impinging on the sky of psyche,
Every instant I remember Thee.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sweet drink of life

(1096)  Eso eso mor maru hiyate

Into my desert-heart come, please come
To make green, make flowers blossom,
And fill with sweetness.

Not a single bloom or fruit is there in me,
No offering with which to worship Thee.
By Your touch, full of sap a barren tract will be;
Come, please come, to clothe me in beauty.

Upon scorching sand applying Your blessing,
You make it cool... more and more coolness You bring.
By Your touch and sweet thought-stream,
You suffuse vitality with honey.

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On psychic plane

(1095)  Je amake jahai baluk

Whatever anyone may say to me,
I remain in love with Thee.
Your affection's song celestial
Plays the flute in mind's Gokul.

In a grove of Vrindavan everlasting
Do we stroll about in utmost privacy.
You are the gem of my eyes;
Your ardent aspirant am I.

Mind's Jamuna flows upstream;
It speaks of Your love-story.
Only with Thee is my world;
Only with Thee are Earth's denizens.

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Friday, September 14, 2018


(1094)  Manete bhomara kena ba ela

Why did a bumblebee come in the mind?
And whereto did it fly away again?
In the forest why crooned a nightingale?
To whose call did it reply?

Looking in the mind, I saw someone seated there;
Moving in the forest, I saw him give a mild grin.
Why did it happen like this?

In the psyche why is he in hiding?
And why, deposited in forest, is he residing?
Your inner purpose please confide in me.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Formless begins with form

(1093)  Tumi esecho alor pathe nava prabhate

You have come on path of light with a new morning
To confer on everybody bliss.
You have drifted on form's stream with pleasant mentality
To remove everybody's psychic filth.

Age after age countless songs were sung;
For You was so much invocation.
With mantras aplenty were the many noble hearts...
You came to Earth, delighting all.

Everybody knows that You transcend both form and attribute,
But still they long to see You with those two.
Keeping everybody's wish in mind have You,
Through meditation and its wisdom, imparted the Truth.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ever Lovely

(1092)  Alor jharnadhara neve eseche

A cascade of light has come down,
Do say, on whose account?
Golden colored was that source of beauty;
It made distant everything gloomy.

Painted in new hues were all creepers and trees;
Under the sway of new ideas was humanity.
You poured ambrosia lavishly.

In scent, shape, and color, flowers were well-adorned;
Like pearls were the shiny drops of water.
Amid beauty the E'er-Lovely allowed His embrace,
Having rendered unwarranted grace.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Light the lamp that dispels apathy

(1091)  Manera kone kisera alo

Wherefrom comes the light in a niche of psyche;
What unfamiliar touch did your mind receive?
Oh please do tell, do tell please.
Stored up within spirit,
Which ambition was fulfilled?

Counting time how many days went by in vain;
How many grand conclaves were dispersed in despair?
Hope and hopelessness, both being washed away,
Which unexpected guest came today?

In a garden withered, your bud has arrived;
Ashen lips have now become colored bright.
All gloomy fatigue being cast aside,
His advent's lamp you ignite.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

One family

(1090)  Manus sabai apan

Every human being is family;
In but one soul all hearts are wreathed.
Everyone is of the same community;
Every human being is family.

In grief we cry, in joy we laugh;
We love friends and well-wishers.
In hunger we take food and drink collectively;
That we acknowledge as a common need.

We all love this earth,
Sky's moon and stars, and the forests.
To the same beat we dance, to the same tune we sing;
With one and same mind, we appeal to the Supreme.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Swing low, sweet chariot

(1089)  Aloker saorarathe

On light's solar chariot,
To take everyone You've come.
Big or small You disregard;
You have heard the thoughts of all.

Sight unseen, in love I have fallen;
Heedless, I've become enthralled.
Good or bad I don't perceive;
I realize that always You are here.

You have done so much for me;
In return, You've asked for nothing.
Even though my hundred flaws are known,
You have taken me, making me Your own.

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(1088)  Mananikuinje harasapuinje

In mind's grove with much pleasure,
Please do come, You Matchless One.
With moonbeams of many complexions,
Kindly smile, You like nectar.

Far azure's got covered with light,
Swan's avenue revealed thereby.
Gladdening my psychic sky,
Oh Dearest One, please arrive.

Earth's been lost in thought of Thee;
With crest and trough filled is the sea.
On gentle wind is touch exuding honey...
I pay homage at Your feet.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Rescue me

(1087)  Tomar vediir tale basechinu diip jvele

Under Your altar I had sat, igniting a light
At the time of dark-moon night.
Of that fact did You lose sight?
Upon my tiny lamp, the like of a firefly,
Once You had glanced, spreading the lids of Your eyes.

Today how far away are You; I am in a pit of gloom.
Raising me up, take me from great danger to refuge.

I know that light alone is truth; darkness I don't mind or fear.
Light's source are You; keep me below Your auspicious feet.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tried and true...

(1086)  Gan geye jai tomake shonai

I go on singing, to You I sing my song;
Tell me if it pleases You or not.
Adhering to Your path, I have moved along;
In company with me, kindly won't You walk.

Through many an age I am rehearsing my tune,
Having constantly mulled over You,
In hardship and adversity, in comfort and prosperity,
With bosom filled to overflowing.

Please come closer, come into my mind,
In ever fresh, inventive attire,
In each tremor of psychic delight,
With rhythm that is very bright.

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It will be

(1085)  Dekha dao dekha dao

Please appear, please appear.
Resting, dreaming, alert, or asleep,
In my mind ever reside, ever reside.

In the midst of Your Creation, a mere atom am I,
Inside of Your mind a dust particle on light.[1]
This body mine is fashioned by Your benefaction;
Energetic, please take it and set it to work.

Oh Great Ocean, for You there is no restriction;
Between You and anyone, there is no comparison.
Vast beyond measure is Your reverend majesty;
Complementary, please take me and coalesce me.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Have You forgotten me?

(1084)  Balechile more asbe phire

You had told me that You will return;
But You left and forgot Your words.
You had loved just verbally;
So You don't understand my agony.

The beauty of decked shrine has got discarded;
Unloosed have become my braided tresses.
Down has fallen hairbun's garland;
What's remained is just my anxiousness.

I keep listening; I fetch strength from bosom,
Whether Your footsteps I hear or not;
Days I count in hope of Your advent;
My heart is filled with eagerness.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Guest of honor

(1083)  Tomar tare base base, din je cale jay

Waiting, waiting for Your sake,
The days, they go by.
At this great festival of light,
Alas, why are You far away?

Bloom after bloom has burgeoned;
With vanity they have dropped.
Your touch and Your good cheer,
Everyone wants to achieve.

With song and dance, meter and rhythm,
We would keep You joyful.
If You do not observe, our everything,
Wasted it is going to be.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018


(1082)  Vane upavane khunjiya khunjiya

In forest and in garden ever seeking,
Nowhere do I meet with Thee.
On mountain, in the sea, or over the galaxy,
Where You are, that is a mystery to me.

One who is in love with You, his[1] words
To consider, aren't You curious a little?
One whose whole life has been offered,
In Your mind is there no place for him?

Today I've understood that You've stayed in the mind;
The psychic realm have You kept making bright.
Always searching in the world outside,
I would send away the One Who remains nigh.

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

And from that day

(1081)  Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, amar citte esechile

Silently, privately, on a moonlit midnight,
In my mind You had arrived;
Smeared with sweetness, You had smiled.

Together with black clouds, the sky's moon[1]
Had arose excitingly, as in peekaboo.
With honeyed postures redolent of laughter,
On the three worlds, You had lavished nectar.

Flower petals, untethered,
Had provided passage to blue yonder.
Forgiveness fair, love captivating,
Had appeared on heart's neep tree;
You had set alight the lamp of life.

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