Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Is it any surprise?

(2651)  Calaman ei dharitriite

On this earth, ever in motion,
Those who'd come, they have gone.
But their footprints have persisted,
Dust upon and mind amid.

On this earth not a thing is fruitless,
A smile of face and a tear of distress.
With those two, Earth plies a river's existence,
At times mid a desert, at times in form's garment.

Those who've left, in Your life they are present;
Around You they dance with a mind liberated.
You're the people's shelter, a marvel transcendent;
Your sweetness rings out at everyone's core.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

What happened?

(2650)  Sajala pavane chinu anamane

Under a humid breeze, I had been inattentive;
Having come alongside, You awaited.
Ringing in both my ears was the wind,
So much tender language; what did You whisper?

Floating had arrived the screwpine pollen;
Burflower bower was full of sweet scent.
In the bamboo-flute's arbor, to sound of a peacock-holler,
Ever smiling had danced the peafowl bird.

You appeared, as if static-electric;
Pearls You dropped with a sweet grin.
Eagerly a sleeping bud awakened,
Eyes opening in hope of Your vision.

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Monday, May 29, 2023

Manifest destiny

(2649)  Aloke snata anande smita

Bathed in light like a glee gently smiling,
Master, may this dawn be everlasting.
On the distant heavens and inside my psychic niche,
Let Your splendor stay shining brightly.

With hope I'd been waiting through an era;
But today, the wish You made fulfilled.
My earnest desire received kindness;
Let it flow for ages, this stream of mercy.

It had been known that You dwell the mind amid;
Today, dressed in beauty, You became visible.
You exist and I am, in mind and heart I live;
But this drama's not Your last word, I have seen.

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Sunday, May 28, 2023

My silent Partner

(2648)  Alakha nirainjana manorainjan

Unseen Supreme Being, pleasing to mind,
From time immemorial, You're the all-enchanting Lord.
Delightful consciousness, and by the world glorified,
You consume the existential bondage of everyone.

Contemplating You, I am at a loss for words;
Even someone with no means is nonetheless only Yours.
Ambrosial sweetness sways beneath Your lotus feet;
Colors of a flambeau paint the world with light-beams.

You are with everybody forever and always;
Morning and evening, all pray for Your grace.
Your path of love, bright chariot of mind,
It goes leaping over all hurdles delusory.

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Saturday, May 27, 2023

You came with light

(2647)  Badha eseche bheunge geche

Hindrances have come, and they have gotten crushed;
By Your grace, Lord, they have been reduced to dust.
Any threat, any question puzzling,
It has come to naught.

Hard times have come with large teeth, fearsome visage;
Mist has wished to dissolve into dark.
But henceforth, days demonic with their dance macabre,
By a speck of Your compassion, far off they've withdrawn.

Hey Charioteer, You've arrived on a cart of light;
All delusion You have wiped.
Ignorance, stupidity, all mental poverty,
Light's clear apprehension has torn apart.

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Friday, May 26, 2023

On this dark day...

(2646)  Ei ghana varasay esecho aji

In this heavy rain You've come today;
It's Your amazing mercy,
Your mercy.
Upon every leaf a stream of rain has fallen;
Shed from the blossom have been tears.

Blue sky veiled by dark clouds getting propelled;
A peacock of forest has danced at that spectacle.
Peacock of mind has longed for You adjacent;
This time, still closer please appear.

Every now and then lightning-streaks have startled;
By thunder's loud report other sound has been defeated.
Mind's inmost thought I utter in just Your presence;
Your very own please make me.

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

What is Your intent?

(2645)  Anadi pather pathik je ami

I'm the pilgrim of a path with no origin;
Toward You I proceed for eternity.
Time and again in mind's mirror I perceive
Your smile in a tune with melodic key.

Where had been the path's commencement;
At which minute was the journey's outset?
And who had witnessed that day's movement?
In my own mind, now I muse on it only.

Within Your thought had the path started;
Birth had taken not a day or moment.
My locomotion, it had simply witnessed
Your inclination, Lord, privately.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Having received Your invitation

(2644)  Cira nutaner ahvan

The Ever-New One's summons,
Those who've heard, at residence
To remain, are they able?
That pull is tenacious!

At mind's Jamuna, a flute goes on sounding;
All closely listening, they can hear.
Infiltrating ear and entering heart's core,
It sings a Providential song.

This song of love from time immemorial,
A psychic lyre-string vibration,
To the limitless azure and entire universe
It brings a flood of ambrosia.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

You are my learning experience

(2643)  Tomar priitir gabhiirata

The depth of Your affection,
It's not plumbed by logic and reasoning.
Staying afar You simply laugh and love;
Close-by You don't come, why that's so I don't perceive.

You have given refuge from sunshine and rain;
You've given fire against snow's cascade.
Intellect fails to fathom whatnot I'm desiring;
With sense of the inmost, You understand everything.

Knowing and unknowingly, crimes I have made;
Even then, accepting ignorance, You show the way.
I go on forgetting You, but You don't forget me;
Every moment, myself You are educating.

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I am confused

(2642)  Ami tomay deke calechi

I have gone on calling You;
You gave no response, Darling.
Can You hear that call or not,
Though the soul You are filling?

Amid heart's core You are seated;
I know not in what business You have been.
If words You do not want to hear,
Of what type is Your affection-stream?

On nights of grief, tears have fallen;
Under happy lights, mind has got excited.
That gladness and sorrow, that very history,
The whole world has heard, yet You lent no ear.

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Monday, May 22, 2023

Truly speaking

(2641)  Tumi ese priya

Darling, You, having come,
Brighten mind of everyone.
After showering with light,
To the mouth combine diction.

Those deemed unfamiliar or unknown,
They were not drawn close.
Having brought them nearby,
Break our mental misconception.

Only You float in light's lack;
And in light You alone do laugh.
You hold dear, remaining distant;
Grant this fact's comprehension.

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Sunday, May 21, 2023

I live in constant hope

(2640)  Diner pare din cale jay

Day after day passes,
Your path observing.
My decades vanish.
Someone does not fathom mind's affliction:
I am lonesome, I am helpless.

By day I suppose: "At night You will appear,
Lantern of hope in hand bearing.
On eyelids deprived of sleep,
You will pour a stream of ambrosia."

By night I suppose: "At morn You are coming
With a crimson dawn's glow ruddy.
Light igniting on mountain of east,[1]
You will rid the darkness."

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Saturday, May 20, 2023

For whose delight

(2639)  Chotta pakhi bulbuli

Oh little bird, bulbuli,
At a tiny rose-garden, hoping for whom,
A song you sing, proffering whose melody?

It's not yours, the cares or stress;
There exists a nest and a sky immense.
Go on singing, giving a whistle,
All pained burdens forgetting.

The rose, of yourself it is fond;
Petals bright, smiling it looks on.
Body foments a sweet pollen,
Colored days overflowing.

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Friday, May 19, 2023

The love we get from meditation

(2638)  Sandhya samiir suvase adhiir

An evening breeze with a sweet scent restless,
Unto me in each ear it whispered:
"Don't stay seated, remain busy;
Singing songs, be completely satiated.

"Coming on this earth for a moment,
Far away you will go in motion's rhythm.
You're a pilgrim, home is on the path only;
Hold to love as contemplation's worthy direction.

"You have come and you have gone quite often;
Movement's ambit is past measure, limitless.
In your forms ever-new, it accompanies,
That elusive treasure arising from meditation."

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Tale of a pollen spore

(2637)  Phuler parag bhese jay

The floral pollen drifts along;
The One Whom it would please,
To some odd place He dances off.

A spore who'd been amid the bud, singing praise,
It had obtained pleasant sweetness in that place.
Now in the compound of life, on a wind that's free,
The azure sky it has adored.

A bloom had come from some unknown sphere
For proclaiming Whose majesty?
Familiar though it may or may not be,
It overruns with just His love.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

I yearn for Thee

(2636)  Amar sakal jvalar

For all my burning pain,
The salve of relief is You.
Closer still You please appear;
Accordingly, mind always searches for Thee.

Come You into my song please,
Into hushed meditation, into every deed.
You touch me very deeply,
Mid a heart effusive and overflowing.

I have no competence;
So I beg a speck of kindness.
In argument and debate I am out of depth;
Graciously, come in a costume enchanting.

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Practice makes perfect

(2635)  Tomate amate dekha hayechilo

Between You and me a meeting had happened;
In which ancient times, that's not written.
Planets, stars, and light-streams from those days,
They've got lost, all of them.

A meeting had occurred, yet there was no acquaintance;
The peacock of psyche did not study dance.
In small talk and fantail, upon love's discussion,
There was only longing, but it was unexpressed.

Fanning its tail is that peacock today;
To dance all around You it craves.
Quivering rhythmically it comes,
It loves, without any recompense.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

As You desire

(2634)  Ei jharnadhara elo kotha theke

From where came this cascading stream?
That same life-spring is because You give it, Lord.
Wherefrom have I come, and whereto will I go?
Only You know, hey the Self-Born One.

I come and go, my movement has no end;
Without break I race toward an unknown realm.
Why I come, and what's the reason that I go?
I never got a proper answer for this purpose.

I know that my advent and departure are circling Thee;
From where the drop comes, it returns to Him only.
On the treacle of Your liila I float in ecstasy;
But the Master, Yourself, I never ignored.

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Monday, May 15, 2023

I know You know

(2633)  Kon deshete acho tumi

In which place do You reside;
In what guise do You stay dressed?
At my heart-core Your exposure,
Will it not ever happen?

Night and day, in meditation and in song,
I remember You with all my heart.
A bud of hope sways back and forth,
Should close You call asudden.

To call my own there's not a bit;
With Your all the world is filled.
I too am Yours, it's the true gist;
Far away knowingly, You neglect.

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I want You alone

(2632)  Tomate amate kabekar paricay

Between You and me, when long ago we met,
No one else perceives; yet You know.
Twixt an atom and Supreme, this extreme closeness
Is known by all; and You admit it also.

Absent God, an atom can't remain a bit;
Atom not abiding, then God also does not persist.
Through the two is sweetness, and beauty exquisite;
Both, mixed, become one– that why don't You own?

In all realms and no realm, You exist in splendor;
Being rhythmic, with a thrill each and every second.
In mind You are hidden, with mind You make sport;
Though hearing intimate thoughts, listen You don't.

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Maybe not on the outside

(2631)  Aji sandhyagagane jyotsna svapane

Today, upon the evening sky in a moonlit dream,
Whose footfall keeps on getting heard?
Throughout the ages, that One I've been seeking,
Is it He Who now at me does look?

In so many creature-bodies, how often I come,
Knowing or unknowingly, Him do I love.
So much I cry and laugh in such grief and comfort,
After long, I understand compassion.

Font of kindness, love's splendor, it is He;
Dressing up, He arrives with incandescent beauty.
One says that He, not having come externally,
He sparkles in the worshipful heart.

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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Just the thought of You

(2630)  Eso maner madhur diipaloke

Oh come below the honeyed lamplight of psyche
With a flash of tepid hope only.
Churning and amassing exquisite beauty,
I will welcome You respectfully.

Births after birth have supervened;
So many stars became a galaxy!
Dropped have floral petals aplenty,
Over many ages in many a sphere.

A celestial flow has arrived, descending;
It has brought sweetness inside tempo, tune, and beat.
Excited it has, with rhythms merrily enticing,
With the thrill of every jiffy.

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Friday, May 12, 2023

At our darkest hour

(2629)  Snigdha sajala meghakajjala

Cordial, teary, and cloud-darkened,
At midnight You had arrived.
Come You had with profuse light;
You had floated on mirror of mind.

Pearls had dropped upon Your laugh;
On flute world had got up adance.
From upper lip's blood-red tint,
With eastern mountain[nb 2] You'd been dyed.

The night departed, came a newly risen sun;
Mind of mankind gained the light of dawn.
With sweet rhythm and enchanting mirth,
Love You'd amply supplied.

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Follow the line of light...

(2628)  Tomakei bujhi tomakei khunji

Only You I explore, only You I seek;
Nothing else do I perceive.
In all desire, in all sensation,
Only Your lightrays are flashing.

The universe You have enchanted;
Granting pulse, life You've awakened...
By light-lines, form's resultant inscription,
Drawing everybody still more near.

Who else but You is there, do tell,
Diffused in time, space, and vessel...
Internal to everyone, at everyone's exterior,
You remove all the filth of everybody.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Please don't try to distract me

(2627)  Cander alo lage na bhalo

The moon's light does not feel good;
Darling, You did not arrive.
What serves a fish wearing a pearl coronet,
If cozy nest be not acquired.

Today the bed of thorns is my dress;
Mixing with lasya there is shyness.
Eyes shed tears, heart-and-mind's pithy essence,
What is this to which You gave rise!

Celestial moon is not of use to me;
Moon of the mind-sky I'd find near.
Thoughts seething, I keep singing
In a tune, rhythm, metric time.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How we survive

(2626)  Ei sandhya sindhu kule

This very evening at seashore,
Below horizon the sun sets,[1]
A colored powder dissolved.

All the day's distress and weariness,
The error of covet-and-get's burden,
Give-and-take's fatigue intense,
Is poured onto waters of the ocean.

A painted morn will come again;
At night's end is a golden cataract,
With action-and-reaction of survival
O'er the eastern mountain of form.

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His leadership

(2625)  Prane esecho mane esecho

Into heart You have come, into mind You have come;
Overflowing the two shores, You've floated at inmost core.
Akin to You there is none, none that is Your equal;
You have laughed with lips in a sublime reddish color.

What I can conceptualize and that which I can't,
Small or large, to You it has no resemblance.
In a realm inconceivable, with splendor unembodied,
You have danced with sweet-smiling implication.

Intellect can't perceive, it can't recognize Thee;
Eyes blinkered by obsession, they don't get to see.
But those who would commingle with Your thought-stream,
To them You have surrendered, in compassion.

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Monday, May 8, 2023

Past my prime

(2624)  Sharada prate jhara shephalite

On this autumn morn, with fallen jasmine of night,
Mind and heart, become one, Your merit they sing.
On a shore beyond speech, imagination goes a-floating;
Anything impeding does not succeed.

Along many lifetimes, I've gone on singing a song;
In it had been love and hope and ego's self-absorption.
At affront, there had been heartrending lamentation;
What was there, what was not, hard it is to conceive.

Once again in life that autumn has arrived;
It would seat You underneath the canopy of mind.
By rhythm and beat, by melody harmonized,
With delicious implication it wishes to please Thee.

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

When He takes a body

(2623)  Arup ratan tumi rupe esecho

Formless Gem, in form You have appeared;
And You have been filling up the depths of psyche.
You have broken time-place-and-person's[1] railing;
You've received and made Your own everybody.

You don't want anything, You have simply given;
You alone are the moon on everyone's mind-firmament.
In a bud and in a petal, the honey is hidden;
But in life You have been upgushing.

Oh I cannot forget You, no, not a bit;
In ever-new beauty, the earth You embellish.
Anywhere I look Your splendor, it flashes;
Yourself, You've not managed to conceal.

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Friday, May 5, 2023

What use is war?

(2622)  Ghurnivatya rate esechilo

In the night had come a whirlwind
In the blooming jasmines' garden,
In my mind along with them.
In my room then, the latch given,
Inattentive, I'd been seated.

Blows the roaring gale has stricken;
Wounded mind's trembling has risen.
Boughs in bloom, breaking, have fallen,
Shedding tears in distress.

Many blooms have been lost in cyclone and torrent;
Floated has a heady-scented pollen.
To which place unknown have they departed...
On just that I ponder every moment.

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Such nobility

(2621)  Andhar jethay aloy misheche

With the light where dark has mingled,
I have seen You upon that same line.
Swimming the gloom, so troublesome,
Hearing a call there You'd arrived.

Not once myself did You tell:
For Me You are enduring much distress.
With a sweet smile on lips enchanted,
Seat You took in heart of mine.

Many a day has passed, and many ages;
Blending with heartcore that memory has bided.
Storms have come, and meteors have fallen;
I forgot not that, even under lightning strike.

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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Lord, reinstate me

(2620)  Arup ratan tumi vishvamohan

Formless Gem, You're the All-Enchanting One;
Why remain afar, please come near.
These three worlds You've kept absorbed;
A light You keep ignited on the dark sea.

Your everything is measureless,
A sweetness indelible of existence.
With a song, tune, and music mode, lute is filled;
You call everyone on the path to eternity.

Lord, You are mine, and I am Yours;
With all luminaries are my quarters.
Inside space, form, and time,[1] myself forgotten,
I have fallen; how do You not see!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

My heart is full

(2619)  Bhalabaso jadi tabe eso

If You love, then please come
To this hut of a poor one, Dearest Darling.
On heart's veena, a tune I've been practicing
To sing for You wholeheartedly.

I have got no intellect and education,
Nor a heap of virtue and famed reputation.
There's only love, a liking for Your contemplation;
And by means of that alone, I will gratify Thee.

I have got no high prestige and settled indignation,
Nor upon You any mental perturbation.
There is only gratitude for what You have given,
A causeless grace, bestowed on me.

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Monday, May 1, 2023

Crumbs of love

(2618)  Lukiye tumi kaj kare jao

Hidden, You go on working,
Storing up no expectation.
You keep playing hide-and-seek,
Observing those searching for Thee.

Garbed in light, You stay darkened;
Mid the new moon, luster boundless.
Bridge between two banks, life and death,
Yourself, You make concealed.

You are the hope of a despondent heart,
At nighttime's end, a colored dawn.
Way You show to one whose path is lost,
Having strewn love everywhere.

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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Must be a mistake

(2617)  Diiner kutiire tumi ese gele

When You came unto a poor one's shack,
Date and way forgotten, the why I know not.
There's no fruit of virtue or power of sadhana;
This is the unmerited compassion.

What I could not ever imagine,
Gave You that today; in life it did happen.
To a devotee lax grace, affectionately granted.
Crying eyes You can't stand.

A throat ever-calling has become decrepit;
Night and day in Your meditation have I wept.
Now, taking pity, along a road erroneous
Came You, the all-pervading fount of effulgence.

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Our wedding is coming

(2616)  Ei unmada malayanile

On this frenzied vernal breeze,
Full of honeyed scent,
With the bela and bakul, champak buds
Are ecstatic in the forest.

For the sake of getting You, heart is zealous;
My tiny river has spilled over shore.
Having loved, hope sways like an earring, back and forth,
For the One alone, husband I have chosen.

Darling, please arrive on silent feet,
With springtime flowers welcoming, welcoming,
Mind conscious and subconsciousness in thought smiling,
Shedding light that is golden.

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Your pursuit is charity

(2615)  Ogo prabhu tomar liila apar

Oh Lord, Your liila is boundless;
I have not the intellect to comprehend.
What You give is for welfare;
Had You wished ill, no more would You witness.

On Your liila's love-stream I go floating;
Through only Your power, I find speech.
In Your melody, a hymn to Thee I receive;
In grief and glee, forgotten is affliction's burden.

My Dear is everybody's Love,
Fit for esteem at just heartcore.
Within the seven realms[1] the One worthy of welcome,
Everlasting, You are nectar's essence.

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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Always let us agree

(2614)  Prane eso mane eso

Into life please come, into mind please come,
Lord, please come into my entire being.
Into life please come.
Psyche's latch, I've kept it free,
Yourself, unimpeded, easily to receive.

With sandal fragrance on an air intoxicating,
Moonlight in the sky, floral essence exuding,
You please come with meter, dance, and song, tune and key;
Inundating heart's inside with ideation privately.

If You can't come, there is no harm;
To get You near I merely want.
But You are on the vast azure, with hope You convene;
Know that on my firmament two moons there are not.
Then into Your fest of life, kindly attract me;
This particle would be in harmony with Thee.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

He is ever with

(2613)  Aloker path dhare, jara giyechilo dure

Along the path of effulgence,
Those who had gone off far-distant,
Hey Lord, they have stayed pervasive,
Within just Your midst.
"I've got lost" is a wrong thought;
The earrings that sway back and forth,
Beyond recollection's length,
They are with rays of the sun.

"I am lost, I am lost", always I stay thinking,
Even if naught gets lost and surplus remains nothing.
The great Tandava dance, when You are in,
Along with You everyone is.

You have been in the light,
And in dark pits You reside.
In deficit and plenty, with a smiling sense,
You are reverberating on strings at core inner.

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All on board

(2612)  Aji notun aloke pulake palake

Today with new splendor instantly a thrill
You instilled on earth and in heaven.
What was old and what was giving obstruction,
From the path You withdrew them.

Oh the Great Incarnation, resort of the static,
Boundless is the speed on wheels of Your chariot.
Scattering that luster in every direction,
Upon everybody You dab brightness.

So that none lags behind on the path,
Of both body and mind is this sadhana.
By Your rhythm is awakened aspiration;
You drive everyone toward fulfillment.

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Monday, April 24, 2023

By Your mercy

(2611)  Andhar jiivane alok enecho

In a gloomy life You have brought effulgence;
You have given, distributing Yourself.
Who is wise or ignorant, You did not consider;
Unstintingly, You have poured water of kindness.

What is one's necessity, he knows it not;
Without cause he desires, for cause he wants not.
He believes the remote close and the close, remote;
You have been at my heartcore, but I am not cognizant.

What is one's necessity, You accept;
Grasping that, You bring rain, warmth, and coolness.
To the mute, You give speech, You supply confidence;
But You've gone on doing all work by Yourself.

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In a proper order

(2610)  Nijer katha balte gele

Going on telling own tale,
An age, it passes by.
Should You relate Your story,
Attendant ears are satisfied.

For hearing just one chronicle,
So many lifetimes I'm attentive.
Just one smile's flash, for its sake,
Overflowing is the mind.

I won't talk more 'bout myself,
A base mind's hope and distress.
Toward You, hey Bounding Main,
Let this tiny drop hie.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

My Beau in private

(2609)  Kusumer papri sama anane

With a face, flower-petal-like
You had arrived
In my mind.
With moonlight, like the moon You had smiled;
That, who did realize?

All the closed doors, they got opened;
Through a window into home a free wind did enter.
Letting Unknown be discerned, You were recognized
At a lonesome site.

In only my mind's tiny bin,
You are hid; You are mine, a whole world's throng amid.
Close or remote, pleasant dreams filling, You abide;
You have been in my surmise.

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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Please draw nigh

(2608)  Jeo na kache thako

Please don't go, remain close;
With You is the world of mine.
Neath moonlight it feels not whole,
If under gloom You stay recondite.

How often have I come and passed;
Around You have I danced.
Yourself never I forgot,
Hey Lord, at any time.

Hey, Life's Polaris, Star of North,
You have been filling heartcore.
In Your form getting lost,
With the Infinite I go unite.

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Friday, April 21, 2023

The magic of tears

(2607)  Ei sajala samiire susmitadhare

On this same humid wind, with lips gently smiling,
You'd arrived at my dwelling.
I did not beg to come, did not tell to sit;
But happiness was in my tears.

Spreading it Yourself You had taken seat;
You had known the news of well-being.
Love's bouquet You had kept preserving,
With its blooms scented sweetly.

Again has come a soggy breeze;
Your song has gone on, heard by ear.
With unobstructed luster, instantly thrilling,
It has set afloat on ocean of melody.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A tiny request

(2606)  Tomare ceyechi ami rupe rage sure

I have longed for You in form, hue, and melody;
I've wanted inside intuition's faculty.
But You did not reply, gazed not back at me;
You have gone and stayed afar elsewhere.

On Your side trifling is my desire,
For You my attainment is futile;
But for me every sea-churned gem,
At that You make a mockery.

Darling, I'm atomic, while You are immense,
I obsess with pettiness, You are high-minded;
You are with the myriads of unit-selfs–
Who can comprehend Thee?

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Friday, April 14, 2023

Only He is permanent

(2605)  Kalo megher phanke phanke

In openings between black clouds,
A ray of hope allowed a glimpse.
Not only dark is the existence;
Bad and good are commingled.

Today that which you abhor,
What you deem inferior,
Tomorrow it becomes a deity,
If Sea of Grace wanted it.

Today that person wealthy and esteemed,
Whose furious prowess is paid heed,
Tomorrow into dust he gets crushed,
If Providence became displeased.

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

No more will I be distracted

(2604)  Tomake ceyechilum je

Oh I had wanted Thee
Within life's every deed...
Far off I wished not to keep;
So why are You withdrawn notwithstanding?

I could not realize
You are only nearby.
Both inside and externally,
You have kept me replete.

Resolve oft ignored on the call of inertia,
I've gone on forgetting Your path and Your work.
Despondency has descended, cascaded have tears,
Upon thinking in vain about myself personally.

Today, the rains' screwpine akin,
My life's pollen
Drifts on sky, darkness I rend,
Seeking You at infinity.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

By Your grace I survive

(2603)  Utala pavane madhura svapane

In a pleasant dream, on a restless wind,
Oh Who are You, come at this auspicious moment?
I could not recognize, I did not invite nearby;
I did not tell You to sit in mind's garden.

I was not able to know that You are my own,
A collection of love, the Kinsman of Soul...
But today, Dear, heart prays for Your closeness,
By this charming throbbing of subconscious.

If showing grace You did arrive,
Stay with me for endless time...
In summer heat You're water, fire neath winter snow,
Tenderness please remain, with a smiling visage.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Life and meditation are a stream...

(2602)  Tomake ceyechi ami dhyane

I have wanted You in meditation.
You please enter mind of mine;
In my mind do appear, into life kindly come.
I have wanted You in meditation.
I am seated at an altar, flower adorned;
This shrine is in the mind-pavilion.

There's no end ever of craving;
So please go on staying with me.
Eternal Stone of Philosophers,
Please look in my direction.

Dumbfounded be power of speech;
Hope is fulfilled, having got Thee.
Ambition and acquisition float above,
A flowing tune of satisfaction on a river-song.

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