Monday, March 30, 2015

In His song

(262)  Ekela patha cali kichute nahi tali

I walk a solitary path; I never waver a bit.
I proceed, drawn only to Him.
Past events I leave behind;
Ever I move onward in His song.

Alas, circling my mental paradise,[1]
So many things come and go.
I cut away fascination with their flashy forms;
Ever I travel in His direction.

I rip out the thorns on my path;
I paint with light the path of all.
Respecting everyone and sympathizing with them
Merges us in His sweet melody.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


(261)  Tomar asa tomar jaoya

Your coming and going
Never happens.
You were, are, and will be

Lord, like the morning sun's light,
You dance in my mind.
You dance forever
In every mind.

You are the beacon of every life,
Every mantra ever heard.
Sustaining everybody in every respect,
You sport lovingly with Your own self.

You are the creator of all form,
The foundation of all meditation.
Knowingly or unknowingly,
We are gazing at Thee.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015


(260)  Bandhu amar balite para

My abiding friend, can You say
In which land You remain?
Through play of light and pageant of form,
Why do You summon me?

In the recess of my mind
In the recess of my mind, ever mystifying,
Sometimes in shouts, sometimes in whispers,
You go on calling me with honey-coated voice;
You keep overlooking my ignoble thoughts.

Showering a stream of nectar—
Showering a stream of nectar, inducing oblivion,
Truly dark anguish You envelop with effulgence.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mercy appeal

(4579)  Tumi kache thekeo dure go

Lord, You are close but still far away,
Close but so far away.
In the jewelbox of my mind
Enter my meditation without delay.

So many births, so many lifetimes,
Transpired in hard endeavor.
So many griefs, so many joys,
Sailed off in hopes of Thee.
Today, it is my humble plea, oh Evernew,
Take me.

As I was, I remain—
Heart and soul, only Thine.
I never forget; I have only forgot
That I cannot forget.
Forgiver of sins, manifest in
A drop of mindfulness.

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Monday, March 23, 2015


(259)  Phalguner agun laga

Igniting Spring fire[1]
Who has come into the palash grove?
Looking on, it seems that He
Is familiar.

Unconsciously, I have been in love—
In His color, a flame I ignited;
In His ideation, mind delighted,
Dancing ever closer to Him.

Realizing not virtue and vice,
I have attained the philosopher's stone.
So, my mental jewelbox[2]
Revels upon this month of Spring.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Charioteer of the sun

(258)  Arun tomar bhorer aloy

Charioteer of the sun, with Your light of dawn,
Will You not carry me away?
My universe is colored crimson—
Will You not speak with me?

I will go on moving along with You,
Blending my hue with Yours,
Coloring all life,
Awakening new conscience.

All are accommodated by collective mind;
Everyone is native, no one is foreign.
We all came to this world alone
With but one and the same concern.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ready and waiting

(257)  Asana pata ache aj

The seat is now ready
For You.
My garland is now threaded,
And I remain alert.

Enter slow and stately
The temple of my mind.
The lamp is lit now
To reverently greet You.

Oh come, please come;
Come now smilingly—
I beseech Your grace.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Once and ever

(256)  Varsamukhar rate nrtyera sathe sathe

On a rainy night, with dance,
You came, brightening my heart...
Runujhunu[1] runujhunu runujhunu runujhunu
Runujhunu runujhunu runjhun runjhun...
With honey-coated music and profuse love,
Shattering the darkness of all my desires.

Your sweet, warm eyes were full of grace;
Your charming voice packed wondrous magic.
Oft You summoned, effused streaming nectar;
Smiling so gently, You gave me great delight.

You made me realize that in this universe
None else will I find so affectionate.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Diplomatic solution

(255)  Ami tomara lagiya jagiya rayechi

To have Your contact, I remain alert,
Always gazing at Your path,
Threading a garland for You, and
And bearing Your reflection in mind.

Why did You bind me with restraining cords;
Oh why did You bind me?
Why did You set me adrift on my eyes' tears;
Oh why did You set me adrift?
There is no way I can forget You;
What was the need for this great plight?

So, Lord, steal into my mind,
Confidentially, becoming mine.

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Monday, March 16, 2015


(254)  Mana bhese jay sajala haoyay

Mind goes on floating in the damp breeze,
Smeared with fragrance of magnolia.
The unknown lover, He is all the sweetness of life.
Fervently, I summon Him.

Why does He remain far afield;
Why does He not come near?
Oh why does He not gaze at me;
Why does He dance at a distance?
In His cadence and song, I go toward Him,
Who has kept Himself concealed.

No, no, no, He is not far away;
He is the one who loves me best.
In fortune and misfortune, He stays by my side;
Keeping out of sight, He smiles tenderly.
Though unknown, He is not unfamiliar;
About His liila, there's no more to grasp.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bridging the gap

(253)  Manera mukure

On my mental mirror,
With vibrant melody,
Your song came floating.
Without my asking,
In my mind,
Appearing, it let itself be caught.

I cannot forget the notes of that tune;
It still calls me time and again.
From my heart to Yours,
It formed a unifying bridge.

All my love, all my eager anticipation,
Rose up chiming with Your melody.

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Unlocking the mystery

(252)  Ke go geye jay surera mayay

Who is He, singing with musical magic,
A rousing rhythm with binding implication?
Dancing He departs, gazing at me,
Not saying a word as if He knows me not.

Transcendent, free from desire,
Sheltering all, absolute virtue—
He pervades every heart and mind;
There's no such thing He does not know.

Profound joy, rightful master,
Merciful, universal God—
Feeling everyone's pain and ever alert,
No one at all does He neglect.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


(251)  Aji mor ankhite van

Today, in my eyes is a flood—
What kind of heart have You;
Seeing, You visit not.

I am moving toward You
In Your song;
Musing, You care it not.

Those who love You,
Weep and laugh for You—
Their life story,
Their heartaches,
Hearing, You heed it not.

Nevertheless, I will proceed
Along Your path.
Take note—
No matter what, I won't give up.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Separation anxiety

(250)  Kena dharay esechi

Why I came to this world—
I have forgotten;
I have forgotten that story.
Why do You not come?
Lord, why do You trouble my mind?

Sent to earth alone,
Distanced and ignored,
What is this love of Yours?
What sort of affection is this?

Lighting a lamp in a dark room,
I am waiting to be with You.
No more delay, time is passing—
Understand my unease.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


(249)  Tomari asa patha

Your arrival path—
I am watching that.
You haven't heard my story;
Here, You did not yet reach.

Today, my heart
Is like a monsoon screwpine flower.[1]
My fragrance dissipates;
Desolate, I kiss the air.

My fragrance floats
Around the world, across the sky.
The pain of fallen pollen—
Will You not hear that tale, oh Lord?

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

High tide

(248)  Ajke prabhu tomar sathe

Today, Lord, with You
Acquaintance was struck anew.
Removing my dense illusions,
You let me apprehend this world.

So, now, in my flower garden, I see
A high tide has arrived.
The breeze, drenched with sweetness,
Refreshes and delights.
In my ears just one air I hear,
An intonation surging round the globe.

With many tunes Your melodic wave
Resounds in every life today.
To every heart satisfaction has come;
Throbbing occurs by Your undulation.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Your flute

(247)  Bhara badale tumi esechile, esechile prabhu sure sure

Showering rain You came;
You came with melody upon melody.
Out of pride, I kept silent;
And You went far away—
Far away, Lord, far away.

Today, having come closer, sit by my side;
Linger in my meditation with Your tender smiles.
Ego-free, I ever sing;
To Your tunes, the flute sounds—
The flute sounds, Lord; the flute sounds.

With the jingling ring of Your ankle bells
My mind has become overflowing—
Overflowing, Lord, overflowing.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Divine rain

(246)  Bhara badale tumi esechile, jalader chata makhiya gay

Showering rain You came,
Your body coated with the splendor of clouds.
Those days, they are enshrined in my memory;
In my heart, even now, quivering is aroused.

So many days passed, so many ages passed;
On earth's body, many colors have ensued.
Ancient tales of those bygone days
Still spark lost tunes.

There is coming and going for everyone;
You alone are constant, it is said.
You were, You are, You will remain.
You made Yourself known only by that rain.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nothing is lost

(245)  Ganer surete tomare peyechi

In the melody of song, I found You;
You soothed the collective mood.
In a flash of effulgence, I spotted You—
You revealed the transcendental jewel.

Whatever comes, whatever goes—
It all moves within You.
With Your music, with Your beauty,
You've sheltered everyone on Your lap.

In the created universe, those who come and go
Are never extinct, because You witnessed them.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Good questions and an even better attitude

(244)  Tomar e agamane bhutale gagane

With Your advent, on this earth and in the sky,
What a melody resounds today.
Ages and ages, to this world I came, just calling You;
After many lifetimes, You heard the call, oh Mastermind.

Why do You not come close without being called?
Why wait in expectation of a call?
Why do You not speak without being addressed?
Why wait in expectation of address?
What is this custom of Yours, strange and unheard-of?
Why carry out Your own work with playful artifice?

Whatever You desire, that alone will I do,
That I may ever behold Your alluring trappings.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Play it again, Krsna

(243)  Nupura dhvani abara bajila abara bajila

The sound of ankle bells rings out once more
In sweetest melody.
My doleful heart,
Infused with rhythm, has begun to dance.

With beauty, love, and floral fragrance
The world today is brimming.
In the clear sky and refreshing breeze,
Earth gambols in ecstasy.
Those from somewhere distant have come near,
At this high tide, full of bliss.

Why He remained afar, I cannot say;
Why He has come, that too I fail to understand.
I craved Him; and, lo, He Himself appeared
Upon this world's dusty earth thereafter.

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