Friday, August 26, 2016


(600)  Ei alokojjval aruna akashe

With the crimson sky resplendent,
At a blissful, relaxed moment,
Brilliantly refulgent,
In kohl we paint hope's portrait
On eyes to which You've brought vigilance.

At any time, with tempo slow or brisk,
Constantly to cast ambrosial sweetness,
You've remained forever without sleep,
In a pleasant springtide of the psyche.

From snow-capped mount, a flood descending,
O'er heaven and earth it did stream.
Dazzling minds with crystal beams,
Finally it merged in Thee.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


(599)  Ami jagiya rayechi sara rati

Throughout the night I did not sleep,
As I've arranged an honored seat
For Thee, Lord, for Thee.
A taper of expectation I have kept alight,
As love is abounding
In my psychic shrine, Lord, in my psychic shrine.

With the five lamps of tanmatras,[1]
Phenomenal world's fragrant kadambas,
I am sitting by Your altar,
My mind eager, abrim with nectar.

On a fleet chariot of bright sunshine,
Traversing omkar's path with offerings of delight,
In vermilion colors on melodic stream,
You enter my empty heart and make it complete.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

By my side

(598)  Prabhu theko amar pashe pashe

Lord, please remain by my side—
When I'm frightened, make my fear dissipate;
When mean action leaves me soiled by grime,
With Your own hand, wipe that grime away.

In this world, none else is my very own;
My final hope and refuge is Your lotus feet.
So please inscribe Your name upon my heart,
And with Your name enrapture me.

By daylight and the dark of night,
That I may feel good any time,
In everything is Your effulgence,
Suffusing with Your holy touch.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


(597)  Prabhu carana ki kabhu pabo na

Lord, when will I ever get Your lotus feet?
You alone do I remember, only You do I revere;
So why not let me cling to Thee?

Needlessly harassed by constant beating,
I have lost all feeling of well-being.
Unattended, I am like so many fallen leaves,
Bearing in my bosom Your anxiety.

Those who arrive, soon they'll retire;
Like bubbles in an ocean of time.
But in the sea of light, with anklets of effulgence,
You do not depart; You are always present.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

This chaste vessel

(596)  Madhura anane manera kanane

With kindly countenance, into my mind's garden
Please come on silent feet, my Dearest Darling.
In a habitat of flowers, with cheerful heart,
To tempo, beat, and melody, my song I will sing.

Due to You alone, my hope endures;
Age after age, to that I cling.
Seeking You, at my core churned,
A nectar cup I've kept brimming.
Place Your lips on this chaste vessel,
And drink from it like bee from flower.

I don't get dry, swept by desert storms;
In burning sands, life itself is succulent.
From thunder's roar and angry downpour,
New-bloomed greenery is never stricken.
Alert by day and sleepless at night,
Dispelling gloom, I've kept my flame alight.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Was it a dream?

(595)  Madhura svapane mrdula carane

In a lovely dream, with footsteps mild,
You have come into my mind.
Filling my eyes with fresh floral design,
You have come into my mind.

Then, flowers were dispensing pollen's honey;
And birds were singing rehearsed melodies.
The love-sick, spurning all ties worldly,
Rushed forth dancing on way to Thee.

In a gentle breeze, with potent memories,
Love overflowing, tenderly pleasing,
I cast off drowsiness energetically;
Your anklets were rhythmically jingling.

With cuckoo's dulcet notes in garden mine,
You have come into my mind.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Father

(594)  Ke go alo jvalo

Who are You Who ignites the beacon?
Now a flood tide's arose in the sea of form.
Who are You Who dispenses moonlight?
Now utter gloom's been made vigorously bright.

Those disrespected, fallen by the wayside,
With earth's dust they'd been made alike.
Now, in the new flow, they've become ebullient;
Bogus distinctions have all been expunged.

The gate to effulgent avenue's been opened;
A knockout blow's been given to deathly slumber.
Those living as if they were somehow diminished,
Their bondage of name and color was abolished.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

On distant sky

(593)  Dur ambare prabhata samiire

On the distant sky, o'er the morning breeze,
Mid a fest of light, You stand unique.
Ever treading my path abstractedly,
New states are seen in Your company.

Flooding both banks, a river current
Rushes upstream with ardent devotion.
Heart-winning sweetness is descending;
In Your love a recluse feels complete.
Invitation dispatched from depth of mind,
With white sandal[1] is it piously inscribed.

Strewn about are streaks of light
Inside jeweled rooms of every mind.
Confidentially, heart's harp is playing
Honey-coated tunes unknowingly.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ruler of light

(592)  Alor adhiish tumi esecho

Ruler of light, You've appeared,
Bringing tidings of novelty.
You've esteemed everybody,
Giving love wholeheartedly.

White or black, dull or wise,
The needs of all You've recognized.
Everyone You've contemplated,
At everyone You've gazed.

To show the path at darkest night,
When walking through the rain,
You sang a song that's sweetly glazed,
Saturating minds with moonlight.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


(591)  E kii mamata hasite

Such affection in the smile;
Such hypnotism in the eyes!
Such bewitchment in the flute;
Such sweetness in the attitude!

Bathing in the light of Your anklets,
My swollen heart, it's getting filled.
Having tuned my cadence to Your beat,
I go on floating abstractedly.

Body smeared with scent from Your flower-pollen,
Faraway I go, adrift in a remote location.
There, the dark nights are made lustrous;
Luminaries have gone crazy with Your pulse.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why I worship Thee

(590)  Aso na jao na kabhu

You never come, You never leave;
You were, You are, You will remain.
Held in Your mind securely,
Seven worlds[1] are filled with joyous cosmic play.

A billion years ago, those who lived—
In Your eternity, even now they still exist;
They have lingered on.
A billion years ahead, those who will arrive—
They will never perish.
Enthralling everybody, You are smiling;
That is why I kiss Your feet.

A billion light-years hence, those afar—
Even they are never lost;
No, they are never lost.
With tuneful notes and beat, song and dance,
They reside inside of Thee.
You've rescued them, binding with love;
That is why I bow down at Your feet.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Attracting the All-attractive One

(589)  Tumi eso amar ghare krpa kare

Kindly come into my residence;
I've arrayed an altar for Thee.
Threaded is a garland of sweet jasmine,
And on the lampstand is the light of ghee.

My heart is coated with mental sandal
And full of honey from blooms of many colors.
I've been waiting, my ear to the ground,
Listening for sound of Your holy footfall.

In the shifting Jhulanjatra[1] wind,
My untamed heart grows flustered.
Thinking of You, she is throbbing;
Help me by staying at my home please.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lord of dance

(588)  Tava nrtyer tale uttal halo

In Your dance beat, billows arose—
All of the atoms and molecules,
The stars, the sun, and the moon.

No further leisure would be Yours;
As endless, untold rhythms You stir.
Hoping for Your feet, all come near
With folded hands, on bended knees.

A halo bright is all around You;
In the Milky Way, nebulae go dark anew.
Within the mark of kohl aglow upon Your eyes,
Azure gets embodied in the sky.

Overflowing in the dance sway was
Music personified,[1] Shiva Nataraj.[2]

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lord of time

(587)  Nutan chande tumi metechile

In a new rhythm You'd gotten absorbed,
Constructing the cosmos by an awesome sport.
With floral scent and celestial stream,
You filled up the world by some sorcery.

Oh Lord, how did it even come to happen,
And was it likely to be for a singular entity?
Maybe with herbs and creepers in flower garden;
With solitary petal, whence comes the speed?
The One becomes many, in the many is that One;
And so it goes on, largely in this fashion.

In only Your rhythm each and every second,
Our reckoning of time, it dances along.
All our sensation of space and form,
It's driven to surface in just that rhythm.
In only that rhythm dancing constantly,
Seeking ambrosia we chase infinity,
Sweetly smeared by import unending.

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Friday, August 12, 2016


(586)  Kalbhaerav uttal tale

Kalbhaerav,[1] with its rolling beat,
What's this tandava that engrosses Thee?
Love is lining Your two eyes;
In the third,[2] You've lit a fire.

The world cannot bear such a weight;
Heaven and earth, they greatly quake.
Out of fear, all stored up sins have disappeared;
For You have danced cataclysmically.

Those who were polluting Your air,
They've been extinguishing Your light.
By contaminating the clean water,
They have made this world a hell.
To scatter ashes on their ill fate,
You've unloosed Your matted hair.

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The hope You bring

(585)  Je phul phuteche mor maner gabhiire

The flower that has bloomed in my mind so deep,
Let it reside on the lotus of Your feet.
The bliss-giving flame that's all around Thee,
Only due to it are so many smiles and tears;
This love of Yours is emancipating.

According to history, with a noose that's serpentine,
Light on earth is extinguished by tyranny.
When that takes place, then comes the Supreme Being,
Awakening hope in those who cannot say a thing.

To agitate in paradise, again You have appeared;
Around Yourself, the scent of ambrosia You keep.
You don't neglect anyone, whomever they may be;
The hope that You bring is for everybody.

In Your heart, assimilate me.
With honey-coated eyes, gaze at me.
Fill me with hope by Your beauty and melody.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Such a relief

(584)  Ucchala chalachala taraunge

Upon a surging wave of tears,
With clusters of bright psychic beams,
You've arrived—
You've arrived on a high tide.

Upon dire outpour of desire,
With heart-filling and affectionate delight,
You've appeared—
You've appeared in a dreamlike ecstasy.

Upon thunderous cries and peacock calls,
With kadam pollen's thrilling balm,
You have come—
You have come amidst a vibrant sweetness.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


(583)  Maner majhare base gopan katha shono

Seated inside mind You hear secrets;
Not a single thing stays hidden.
You've spread Yourself out endlessly;
Nothing's beyond Your periphery.

A tiny grain of sand, a very petty thought—
Even of them You aren't oblivious.

Far-flung galaxies and the outmost stars—
Even from them You do not keep apart.

With a flower petal newly blown on a Spring forgotten,
With an ocean wave lapping upon some long-ago horizon—
I am failing to conceive where You don't exist;
Away from You, nothing can subsist.

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Monday, August 8, 2016


(582)  Tomar asa patha ceye

Alert for Your coming,
I am waiting patiently.
Tomorrows have no limit;
They shower on the ages.

So many eves, so many morns,
Through so many untold storms,
The bitter cold and rainy nights
I've disregarded with a smile.

Getting touched by Your heart,
A lotus bud's come to regard
The waving grass as music of dawn;
In Your fun, it's been absorbed.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Truth prevails

(581)  Sumadhur tumi sushobhan

My sweet, You are sweetly decorous;
You're beautiful, beautiful forgiveness.
At Your touch, earth becomes glamorous.
You're beautiful, beautiful forgiveness.

The ignorant deem You to be harsh;
Confused persons feel Your heart is hard.
Unruled, You're the ruler of everyone;
Peerless, You are higher than the highest.

Only by Your love and Your affection
Slumbering cognition, it awakens.
Presiding over bondage, You're the governor of maya.
You are the supreme being, remover of all darkness.

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(580)  Nandanavane ke go ele

Oh, Who came into Paradise,
Playing a flute, delighting the mind?
With the heady scent of sandalwood,
The air He did fill.

The sound of anklebells, it does not cease;
It echos in the heart.
With seven notes,[1] the seven worlds[2]
He set dancing to His lilt and beat.

Anxious hearts don't want to leave;
But, even close, they yearn to be closer.
In a ruse of liila, liila's creatures,
With love's honey, they were smeared.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Please, please

(579)  Jeona jeona dure jeona

Don't go, don't go, don't take Yourself away;
When someone has much love for You,
Do You not love that person too?

Flowers bloom on the terrace, given a glimpse of light;
Daubed with Your hue, minds rejoice on a moonlit night.
Once incognito, now You are known and familiar;
This is established fact, don't You see that?

You are the one Who is both near and dear to all;
Please furnish the sweetness in everybody's heart.
In weal and woe and censure, You're the common friend;
This is a fact... please, please, do not forget.

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A woman's life

(578)  Toke parabo bale canpa baul phule

As I would adorn You with champa and bakul blooms,
I have kept a garland threaded;
And I've tied my mind to it.

My husband's sister was a hitch, not permitting flower-picking.
Nonetheless, to forest I went; and there I gathered blossoms.

A cloudburst came and made the slopes slippery;
Yet, soaking wet, I've kept moving on my way.
Selling fruit of mahuwa,[1] Your portrait I've acquired.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


(577)  Cira nutane jatane manasaratane

Always modern, always zealous, with sterling mind,
Ever embellish, thereby fulfilling your life.
No longer mindful of past mistakes,
Convey awareness of new light rays.

The crumbling rags of dogmatism,
Banish them from your mental kingdom.
Reporting the new in glowing words,
With bright thoughts, brighten the world.

Don't try to restore the days of yore;
Don't seek to run wild with old alcohol.
Brilliant sunrays are abounding;
With new wine, arouse everybody.

Those who came long ago into existence,
Their forward movement will never finish.
In the new billow, tempo, and swing,[1]
Fill their hearts with tunes of novelty.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One and only

(576)  Ami dhulikana alor sagare

I'm a speck of dust in a sea of light;
I've lost myself at break of day.
From whence came the flash of light;
To where did it send me sailing?

With the ebb and flow of a lightstream,
He's set me dancing drunkenly.
Forgetting myself amid that sea,
I've gotten absorbed completely.

A speck of dust is my small form;
From formful to formfree I have become.
The One And Only's inspiration and His implication,
Today, with a light ray, to many that was given.[1]

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Into the blue

(575)  Niilainjana ankiya nayane

Lining Your eyes with blue kohl,
You cast Your gaze at azure sky;
Please say whom You think of today?
On muladhara's[1] altar of consciousness,
With what hope do You evoke stridulation?[2]

Did You recall some happening of yesteryear,
An ancient song revived with a strum?
Who is so great, so magnificent,
That in Your mindsky[3] he could reside?

The resounding gong[4] at anĂ¡hata,
It churned all my concentration.
Discarding shackles of the finite,
My mind floated in Your mind's sky.[5]

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Magical garden

(574)  Maya malaince mayar mukul

In this magical[1] garden, the buds of magic,
With a magic wine, they get besotted.
In the magic desert's hot airstream,
Every grain of sand is flying.

Enchanted by the magic, dawn's red color,
It gets lost in evening's complexion.
Those who come, they will depart,
Bodies daubed with magic's sweetness.
In the play of magic, minds expand;
And the Wizard gently laughs.

Enchanted by the magic, musical airs,
With seven-note scale, they get sung.
Of songs that are done, a trace remains,
By pleasant magic, with good reaction.
This magic is not false; its enduring feats,
Therein the Wizard is dancing.

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