Thursday, December 30, 2021

You fulfill me

(2131)  Tumi esechile bhalabesechile, amar mane mane madhu kuinjavane

You had arrived, and You'd held dear
Within my psyche at a garden bower sweet.
Unto Thee none called out, nor poured she love;
A song she made not heard in every ear.

Oh You know how to smile, You know how to like;
With songs aplenty, You entice remote ones near.

No one is Your unrelated, everyone is kindred;
On collarbone of all You hang affection's necklace.
The person who attains You, everything she gains;
Heart to heart, she stays integrated with everybody.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Rising on the sea

(2130)  Graha tara ghore tomare ghire

Stars and planets spin round Thee,
Only waves of the sea intermittently,
Only waves of the sea intermittently.
Mind's peacock call to You when lone
Is to obtain, fantail dancing.

Atoms and molecules in bosom of celestial sphere,
They caper with great pleasure to rhythm and beat.
Whatever I am getting, whatever I got not,
In everything mind searches for Thee.

What was near, what went elsewhere,
Due to them even still mind reels.
They all dwell within just You;
Dressed in liila You are keeping.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Our secret meeting...

(2129)  Tomay amay gopan dekha

Between Yourself and me a secret meeting,
Lover, it will be at alcove of the mind.
No one will know, no one will see;
Mentally, nobody will realize.

In flowered garb You'll arrive
At effusive heart's inside...
Along with moon on moonlit night,
Like paradise with light on light.

About You any small bit I conceive,
It can't be caught in thought or speech.
Beyond all language, beyond thinking,
You come furtively; is that the reason why?

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Monday, December 27, 2021

I am Yours

(2128)  Kena esechile kena cale gele

What for had You come; what for did You leave?
What for You departed, throwing love away?
In a shoot of grass on looking glass of psyche,
You decamped, a rosy hope having kept traced.

Not a thing You ever wanted;
Nothing You gave me to manage.
You had said: "Go on doing work today,
Far-off having cast despair."

With You have I remained, always do I stay;
Evening and morning, welfare I contemplate.
Take as known that You are my darling;
Getting me is not a hope that's vain.

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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Your marionette

(2127)  Akash vatas kahiche amare

Sky and air have told me
You are close by.
This billow on water, on a sandy beach
You are there and also I.

I was not alone, never unaccompanied;
Ever with love You have kept enveloping.
Cross the length of time, with sweet subtlety,
Only Your grace I beseech.

My Abiding Friend since time immemorial,
I know You are everyone's Most Precious.
Nonetheless I deem You as mine only...
I dress in the manner You adorn me;
In Your form and color I am dancing.

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Saturday, December 25, 2021

It's all right

(2126)  Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, sabakar mukha ceye

You've arrived, and You have loved.
Gazing at the face of everyone,
Yourself You've conferred.
Just Your path adhering to,
Reciting name of only You,
We press onward,
Singing but Your song.

Upon the advent of just You,
With removal of the gloom,
What was the night's dread,
It has come to an end.

There's not any obstruction,
Nor any hesitation to set forth.
Ahead we trek;
This is our splendid expedition.

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Friday, December 24, 2021

No cover-up will fly

(2125)  Shunechi tumi dayalu

I have heard that You are kind;
Why in practice else I see?
For Your sake tears are shed;
Days pass by in calling Thee.

Know that I'm in love with You;
Even though minuscule, please regard the molecule.
With micro-pain is Macro's wound;
This too can You not perceive?

Darling, what You will, that alone please do;
Only please take me along with You.
The heart's secret is its huge solicitude;
Hiding it neath web of words does not succeed.

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

God's plan of salvation – TMI?

(2124)  Tomar katha shune shune

Having heard and heard about You,
To get near, my heart craves.
Yet how far away are You?
My sense is I'm not aware.

Many people speak a great deal;
Scriptures go down paths varied.
As for me, I swim in tears;
I don't decipher what's the way.

Your grace is my reliance;
Know that I am without aid.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Devotion is our shield

(2123)  Ami achi bhay kii tomar

I am here, what's your apprehension...
Summon me in sorrow or contentment;
Whatever bad or good may come,
Keep coated with mind's sweetness.

Burning is the summer scorch,
When torment can't be borne.
In just imaginary shade-fashion,
Screen Me with tenderness.

Under savage winds of winter,
Love's bloom to get fallen,
That by no means it persist,
Save for Me heart's warmness.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Words are not the thing

(2122)  Dur akasher tara tumi

You are a star of distant sky;
Come to my vicinity...
Within life, within psyche,
Please smile gently.

Yourself do I cherish;
I can't say why that is...
You are every being's wish,
Mixing with inmost feelings.

Upon snow-capped mountain peak,
In ocean waters the most deep,
Beyond scope of thoughts and thinking,
Kindly love me.

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Held in check

(2121)  Hemanteri himaghate

On the prewinter-frost injury,
A lotus-bud blooms no more;
It gets no honey for the bee.

With a sweet season please arrive,
Your full-fledged banner riding high.
Yes, let that fly upon the sky,
A gentle wind neath the moonlight.

You alone perceive life's feelings;
At heart's core a beat You bring.
In distillation of that rhythm only,
Borders blend with Supreme Being.

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

My kingdom for a speck of grace

(2120)  Sharada shukla nishiithe

On an autumn night, bright and clear,
In solitude I've wanted Thee.
This wish, my Dear, can be fulfilled,
By a tiny smidgen of Your kindness.
I've not force, not the strength,
Hence, candidly, I go on begging grace;
There is no claim that's worthy.

When the way was obstructed, oh Store of Compassion,
Both You gave: the constraint and salvation.
Under Your protection through mantra's magic,
Upon Your avenue I will proceed.

In the hands of humankind, so little is there;
The universe has moved by Your mercy.
Oh, a speck of compassion, he who has received,
In this world, he has gotten everything.

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Onward with Him to victory

(2119)  Bhul bheunge geche nishana mileche

Blunder has got broken, aim has been ascertained;
Just now come on, let us proceed.
Upon roads right or wrong, with us has He remained;
And so light's flash we get to see.

Never is someone among us unaccompanied;
He comes along, and having been with will get seen.
With joy of life by just His grace,
Forward only do we gaze.

For looking backward there's no opportunity;
Fear and shame forgotten, a song just His we sing.
What in hand we have received, with us we have kept;
On goal's journey, it's allowance for expense, that only.

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Friday, December 17, 2021

Symbiotic inequality

(2118)  Eta dekechi sara na peyechi

So much I've called out, no reply have I received;
What more can I do, please inform me.
My crying and laughing, my repeated visits...
In Your mind is everything.

Sensate or insensate, everything that's been alive,
It has gone on dancing inside of Your mind.
Everyone is within You, within all You too reside;
Moving are we, inextricably.

All the hundreds and hundreds of mental aspirations,
Each word spoken, and every affliction in You lie hidden.
Per Your liking You give rules and regulations;
On our side, we only entreat.

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

My diffident Swain

(2117)  Tumi kena dure acho

Oh You, why are You distant...
Remote are You; why are You distant?
Please come close, within mind,
If the mind You have wanted.

Of Yourself and me the intimacy
Is a love that's everlasting.
At my inner core Your frequenting,
No one knows, for You have kept it hid.

Hey, my Sweetheart eternal,
You have bound me with strings of love.
On eastern sky arrived the dawn,
But even now You have gone on indecisive?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Within You and without me

(2116)  Tomake khunjechi na dekhe bhalabesechi

Yourself I have sought; unseen, but I have loved.
From other people I have heard Your details:
To the dark You bring light, You know how to entice;
You want to rectify all the reprobates.

Hey Master of everyone, unstained and unbodied;
You ignite welfare's splendor at core of my being.
Any mistake I have made, any wrong path I have walked,
On this day itself, You retract my that disgrace.

I'll go on doing duties Thine, Yours alone will I bide;
Mid You I will realize life's glory.
Your enormity will be my dignity;
I'll march ahead with frontward gaze.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Our time is precious

(2115)  Dure sare jay tamasii jaminii

Far removed goes the deep, dark night;
On eastern sky a newly risen sun beams.
Having hewn the mind-fog, hope blooms
On a vibrant wind that's sweet.

Sleep no more, stay up, everybody;
At the feast of life, enough work is there.
Many enemies exist; banished they must be
With firm belief and expectation steady.

With time delimited, on earth we've appeared;
Chores must be finished, managed inside that span only.
Will your mission be successful, will it be achieved,
If the time drifted away in self-indulgence lazy?

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Monday, December 13, 2021

When as human You arrived

(2114)  Tumi esechile kache tene nile

You had appeared, You took and drew me near;
With Your own color You dyed my psyche.
You awarded what I'd earned, everything;
What was not earned, that also You heaped.

I had been forgetting You, with matter mixing;
But in the end, You conveyed sensibility.
Through a human base, You made me perceive;
The speed of my return is what You achieved.

There was not a thing to label mine;
There was no capacity, and there was no enterprise.
Now I see that eyes get opened when there's mercy;
I had been erroneous, only having ignored Thee.

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

The circle of life

(2113)  Bhalabasi tomay ami, bhule jabo na jabo na

I am in love with You;
Ignoring I won't go, I'll not go,
No, no, no.
Without You does anyone exist?
I don't know, I don't know.

Creation, when it was not existing,
There were none, nobody for You to see.
Now surrounded, everyone alleges:
Me You do not see, You don't behold.

You exist, and so everyone exists;
The world is, it has circled.
Everything takes place by Your grace;
Some understand that, and some don't,
No they don't.

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

All about You am I

(2112)  Tomare nibhrte amar kare nite

To take You as mine in solitude,
I desire, don't You know that fact?
Imagine my yearning, don't be callous;
Understand my eagerness.

At crimson-colored morning, I think of Your story;
On the star of evening Your portrait I see.
All alone at midnight, I hearken to the avenue
For report of Your advent.

Be not most remote, but to me please come adjacent;
Don't forget that You're my nearest intimate.
Do continue ringing me, neath both light and gloom,
Hey the Beautiful Sweetness.

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Friday, December 10, 2021

A lack of courtesy

(2111)  Ke go tumi aji bhare nile saji

Oh just today, Who came; a wicker tray You refilled.
I was in my floral garden, saying not a thing.
I did not beg to approach, nor invited to sit;
I did not make welcome under the awning.

You arrived uninvited, unbid You appeared;
Stealthily You penetrated my mental spinney.
Smiling sweetly, yet not uttering a mite,
You became engaged in flower-gathering.

I can't fathom what is this, Your sport divine,
Why You go on playing games with the mind.
In my grove, privately only with me,
Through love-vibration, You give a swing.

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

How foolish!

(2110)  Ke bale rayecho dure

Who claims that You've remained distant?
Staying near to such extent does not succeed!
Who deems that You've become negligent?
Every moment, You keep on considering!

I had thought that You've been distant,
So I've suffered, roundabout having rambled.
Now about You, my Lord, I am cognizant;
Your light sparkles within psyche.

You hear everybody's tale, the inner pain You digest;
A heart disclosed to Yours, You take from it anxiousness.
Oh Master, we are lacking sense, nothing do we comprehend;
But yet we search for defect in Your majestic glory.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Where united are both far and near

(2109)  Kena dure jao bare bar

Why do You go far away time after time;
This time You came, please go on staying.
Everybody in the world, Yourself they desire;
Their aspiration, please complete.

I know Yours is a mere visit;
It's not any wish-fulfillment.
Yet such is the mind's magic,
We see not even what is near.

"With this same magic does the world exist;
It has run, rotating in orbit.
Even if you were knowing that you are adjacent,
Wouldn't you be going far, notwithstanding?"

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The memories He leaves

(2108)  Ei vanaviithikay puspamayay

On this same forest avenue, amid a floral magic,
Having come in person, to me You surrendered.
The words You told, what You did teach,
That I've retained on memory's fabric.

I can't forget that day's occasion
And that same vital force, laminating with affection.
Going back over the memory amid flowers of psyche,
I sweeten it with love.

At the very core of me I have found Thee;
So many days I've sought in vain externally!
Alone in private, at mind's place hard to reach,
I've achieved all aspiration.

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Let's waste no more time

(2107)  Tomay ceye tomay bheve

Pining for You, musing on Thee,
My days pass me by.
But You hear naught, no word You speak;
What I'm to do, pray tell one time.

I will find You, I will get You surely;
Yours had I been, and Yours I'll be.
Swayed by blind attachments all around me,
I'd forgotten I am Thine.

A water lily loves the sun;
Though it be small, it thinks of Large.
And so with You I am in love;
Remaining far no longer flies.

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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Goal of life

(2106)  Tomare ceyechi ami

I have wanted Thee
At life's every instant,
In the lotus of my thought,
Mid the honey of its stalk.
Everything of mine that's fine,
Whatever be my light,
All is in exchange for Thee;
Please appear in charming garb.

Your totality alone is fine;
Upon this moon there's no black dye.
You lavish grace unjustified;
Fear and shame You make go far.

I hanker for You near to me,
No other wish is there;
And so amid all duties,
I keep hunting the Supreme Ruler.

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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Morning sun

(2105)  Ganer raja eso amara prane

King of Song, my heart please come into...
For You have I yearned and been enthused;
Every moment stay, please do.

When eastern sky arises, drunken with crimson color,
And the flower-garden wallows in a scented sweetness,
In the mind blooms an ever-new blue lotus;[1]
You having arrived, in that place be seated.

I want to lay hold of You, I would store at heart's core,
That I find You close by, in both comfort and affliction.
This humble entreaty, this keen prayer of my heart,
On its own merits kindly hear it.

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Friday, December 3, 2021

Your thought in every deed

(2104)  Tomar pane cali tomakei bhaviya

Toward You I move, thinking of You only;
Anything of mine still left behind,
Please wipe it from my psyche.

What I've done, what I didn't...
Is there much comfort or weariness in it?
That which I could not achieve, having come in human vessel–
Thinking is not work– but today will I think about Thee,
My heart brimming.

Light's flame in front, upon brow a tilak of victory,
Hey Deity, on the path will I proceed; do not stay concealed.
To Your satisfaction I'll go on doing actions by the hundreds,
Keeping You in mind constantly.

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Your sight I won't lose

(2103)  Bandhu he bhuli ni tomay

Abiding Friend, I did not forget You;
No, no, I won't make the blunder.
You were with me, now too You've accompanied...
I know You won't go far off ever.

In the dark You are there, granting boons and safety;
And mid rays of light, You are dancing in ecstasy.
With G-O-D,[1] You are in rhapsody;
But I'll not keep You at a distance.

You are in harmony with everybody;
You've been stimulating beneficial thinking.
To language of song You have paired the melody;
Forsaking Thee, I will not persist.

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In our hour of need

(2102)  Ami kusuma parage bhese jai

I keep floating mid the pollen of flowers;
And I sing in the cuckoo's plaintive notes.
In desperate hearts I am the lamp of hope;
I decorate trees in a desert.

Those who don't know Me and those who do,
Those who don't heed Me and those who do...
In the mind of all is the sweetness brought;
I convey nectar to the world.

Oh I exist for the sake of one and all;
Yes, I dote upon everyone.
Taking everybody and neglecting sorrow,
I race toward ambrosia.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A false pledge?

(2101)  Aman jalbhara cokhe ceyo na

Don't look about with eyes so teary;
I am here, right by your side.
What has happened, won't you tell Me?

Who indeed is He that has given a mind misery,
Who did not comprehend the heart's story?
Who is He, the Ruthless One that has flustered,
Agony having inflicted inside psyche.

Word having given, oh Who failed to keep His promise,
Did not raise a tune on the strings of His veena?
Saying that He will return, He did not revisit;
Upon love, He has poured deceit.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

If it's got to hurt so much

(2100)  Tomare dekhiyachi alo andhare

I am seeing You neath the light and neath the dark.
Sometimes You remain in light, other times in dark,
Ever outside and at core of heart.

Your cosmic game is hard to grasp;
What a synthesis of contrasts!
Admitting defeat, when one will surrender,
Then You always yield to him.

What a sport of opposing flavors, what a mockery of love;
Such a joke: tears in laughter, grief in an amorous gesture!
Not a thing will I speak... do whatever You please;
But please just show mercy to everybody.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Never fear the dark

(2099)  Andhar shese arun hese

At close of darkness, having smiled the morning sun,
You told: "I have come...
I've arrived, fear is no more;
I have brought the light along.

"The night's gloom was horrendous;
The long teeth of dreadful beasts ferocious,
They've all gone; now hope has arisen...
With light the world I've filled.

"Don't get afraid, anyone at any time;
Know that soon after new moon comes the light.
Creation, preservation, and destruction– listen,
I alone have bridled."

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Please guide my ship...

(2098)  Ei anurodh prabhu tava carane

Lord, only this I ask at Your lotus feet:
On the path of righteousness my mind do steer.
If at any time I be swallowed by despondency,
Please hold the lamp of hope before me.

If ever hatred, fear, or shame
At any time impede my way,
With thunderous voice bring awareness.
In the yearning for pleasures worldly,
If the mind should become frenzied,
My dormant humanity please awaken.

On Your path I will proceed;
That I not stoop to evil deeds,
You Yourself, be the journey's pilot.

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

If I shout, will You reply?

(2097)  Sabar priya pranam nio

Everyone's darling, please take homage;
Of all beings You are most admired.
Seeking You, the days elapse;
Hey Manifold Foundation, adjacent please arrive.

You stay not in holy site, You stay not in bower,
In eulogy, song of praise, or incantation.
At the psyche You reside in secret;
I make the mind hear this loud cry of mine.

Oh King of Kings, monarch on high,
With all my fear and shame set aside,
Dances it today, the peacock of mind,
With Your direction only in its sight.

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Neath Your luster

(2096)  Tomay ceyechi jiivaner diipe

I have wanted You as life's lantern.
You exist; hence I too am,
Welled up, like a sweet cadamba.

You're the fount of light's current;
In Your midst, everybody is consistent.
For all people You are the foundation,
With fruits and blooms, scent and resin.

Hey my Friend, my everlasting Love,
Of everyone You are fit to be welcomed.
This same world make it full,
With humankind's enchanting form.

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Shiva Nataraj

(2095)  Jeo na tumi jeo na, raunin dharay rupe bhare rekho

Don't go away, You, please don't leave;
Keep a painted world filled with beauty.
At no time move out of reach.

To laugh please be full of zeal,
With ingenuity beyond fancy.
Resonating with thoughts sweet,
Don't forget the world amusing.

Amid all You're well-blended;
Within every action You're mingled.
For rhythm and dance You're eager;
Hey Dance-King, do not cease.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The universal Deity

(2094)  Tava karunate sabe

Everybody, by Your kindness
They've endured, Lord, they've persisted.
Yourself excluded from the three worlds,
None survive, none exist.

Lord, those persons who don't want You,
They too are not ever far removed.
Also with them, even in their confusion,
Goes on dancing the Creation.

You feel good toward everyone;
A ray of hope are You for all.
At Your niche of mind collective,
A bejeweled lantern is ignited.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Myself He entices

(2093)  Tumi ele kena aji amar mane

Why came You today to my attention,
Hearing not my words, heeding not my obstructions,
Neath the morning's crimson color, amid the bird-songs,
Under this same Eastern sun?

In selfish worldly pleasure had I been absorbed,
Never gazing at the region of another person.
You made me forget it all, oh what have You done!
You told me to look in Your direction.

Smiling You speak, floating You proceed;
An unsightly earth You make overflowing...
The world goes to You with attributes only Yours.

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Oh my hardhearted Lord

(2092)  Kon bhule jaoya bhore, ele mor ghare

On some forgotten morning,
You came to my dwelling.
You then went afar, and return You did not.
I thereafter, for so many days and nights,
I have cried without pause; eyes You did not mop.

If I were knowing how much You are callous,
Not a bit would I have loved.
Oh why did I make such an error;
Now the love does not get dropped!

You have bound me with that tie;
But in it Your own self You've confined?
Did You not think at any leisure time:
About You someone forgets not?

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

If You please

(2091)  Ami dharar dhular pare petechi asan

Upon earth's dust I have been finding seat;
You reside atop the mountain peak.
Between us two is a gap extreme,
Yet myself always please do see.

I do not want You to arrive below,
Nor do I want You to smile from remote.
I want that You should pull me close...
Please keep me near to Thee.

I am fabricated, and You are my creator;
I am a spectacle, and You are my observer.
Even though I be puny, I am Your feature...
My entreaty: Do not forget me.

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Our permanent residence

(2090)  Sabar priyatama, nihita manase mama

Everyone's Most Beloved,
In my mind lying hidden,
Both within and without You have been;
Forgetting You does not happen.
For You everybody yearns;
In this world the gist is You only.

Anything I think is mine,
Lord, all of it is truly Thine.
From this blunder, please rescue me.

In You is the common habitation;
You are the main dwelling of all.
Each and everybody is inside of Thee.

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Friday, November 19, 2021

No cause for conceit

(2089)  Tomake cena nahi jay

Knowing You does not happen.
Any time I think I am getting acquainted,
That sensation gets enveloped by darkness.

Your kettle drum has kept resounding;
Inside You the flower-pollen is smiling.
After all is said and done, privately I see
That by Your grace everything is existent.

I possess not a thing to call "mine";
Even the thought, "my", that is just a crime.
You alone belong to me, and everything is Thine;
Everybody prays for Your kindness.

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Wherever I roam

(2088)  Ahvan kari tomare

Yourself do I invite...
Please arrive at my tiny domicile;
Please come to the shrine of my mind.

Neath the morning-sunbeams it's You I have sought
On bakul-lanes with floral splendor.
Under the evening stars with nebulas,
Upon streams of lunar light, silvery white,
Yourself do I invite.

Filling a lifetime, I have searched for Thee;
In all thoughts is a heart overflowing.
Per life's nature, amid every deed,
With a bright implication's essence of moonlight,
Yourself do I invite.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Seeing is believing

(2087)  Tumi ele kotha hate gele kothay

You came from whence and whereto did You go?
Nobody knows.
After day why does night arrive;
Why does darkness float once more on light?
To me please disclose.

When being gripped by despair due to danger,
Inside eyes again the light of hope is kindled.
Blame, praise, and disgrace having overridden,
To march ahead You goad.

Having climbed rapidly, the cascade proceeds
With conviction of an unknown sea.
To the tune of a place most remote it rises in frenzy;
No obstacle it owns.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

See me

(2086)  Eso amar aro kache

Come to me yet more near;
Stay concealed within psyche.
Say nothing, no pain is there;
I'm not asking You to speak.

I keep doing Your work only;
I call Thee incessantly.
I cram Your paean with vitality,
In joy and grief so You but heed.

This penance is without an end;
I would dismiss all of the darkness.
Still aroused is just one wish:
Flash a glance at me.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Beneath Earth's beauty

(2085)  Tumi esechile kauke na bale

You had come without telling anyone;
Then You went with no intimation.
Mine were still more songs...
Still more songs were there for singing,
With more cadence, more musical measure.

I could not imagine
You will come in such manner...
Or that You will leave like this,
Casting me away in tears.

In all the dirt of the earth,
Flowers unfold by the hundreds.
Within their unblown buds,
You left honey bequeathed.

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

It is an emergency

(2084)  Uttunga shikhara pare

Upon a summit very lofty,
Are You seated for somebody's sake?
Dust-covered is humanity;
Please do come down, post-haste.

Human beings have forgotten they are human;
They have feigned sky lanterns on imaginary heavens.
In self-centered thought they have lost their senses;
You please come awaken them.

At Your fore, certainly there are not two courses;
Saving Your created earth is that which just must happen.
The time of Your descent, it has mattered;
With Your own hand, take the helm of this ship.

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Your path is an inner journey

(2083)  Ami deshe deshe anek ghurechi

Enough have I rambled from place to place;
Yourself having sought, I did not attain.
Sufficient scripture-study have I made;
But intuition I could not awake.

All my intellect and learning is only by Your mercy;
By Your grace success and fortune I achieve.
A bloom will flower in the desert if You but wish it to be,
And it will make the earth filled with a scent that is sweet.

We are all of us Your ball to play with;
We go on working in the dreamland of Your will.
If Your path get lost, ourselves we miss,
In an instant with dust we get mixed.

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Friday, November 12, 2021

All the time

(2082)  Ei jyotsna nishiithe canderi mayate

On this moonlit midnight, under the moon's magic,
I have wanted You, oh the One-Of-A-Kind.
Whether You like or not, I do not know it;
I know only that You are incessantly mine.

My wanting and gaining are trivial to Thee,
But they are of boundless worth to me.
Hope having fulfilled, come within my psyche;
Kindly convert the hope into mind's delight.

Come You with smiling face, remain in joy and grief;
My staying alive, with light-rays make replete.
You are my Dearest, at both good and bad times.

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