Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Says the spider to its Maker

(1901)  Ogo priya tumi

Oh You, my Darling,
I know You love me.
In that heart, for my sake,
Pain rings out, I believe.

I want to move per Your dictates;
I would speak with certitude always.
But a hundred obstacles come all around me;
Before doubt I admit defeat.

I know that I'm Your molecule;
Unprecedented, You are huge.
To get You, constantly new,
A hopeful web I weave.

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Oh please do take me

(1900)  Andhar paravarer kheya

Passage Boat For The Ebon Sea,
Seated, the helpless You ferry.
Those gloom-filled and darkness-ringed,
All of them You lift up laughing.

Bigotry You don't abide;
In vanity You don't reside.
A lamp You light; sable You cast aside,
Every sin eradicating.

To make Your acquaintance, great is the hardship;
Even after finding near, grasping does not happen.
At a mental niche having been struck by a glimpse,
Still You lie hidden from the one rejoicing.

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

A chrysanthemum

(1899)  Hemante mor kanana prante

In my prewinter on outskirts of a garden,
Who are You that came, Unknown Pilgrim?
"Nameless am I, but a name you assigned;
For your acquaintance, it you did elicit."

Though I have noticed You throughout the ages,
I could not recognize, blinded by extreme attachment.
"But upon the far shore of the sea of darkness,
Lust having got suppressed, you did submit."

In late autumn, early winter, there's no floral covering;
At present my pleasure-grove is lacking in beauty.
"But a chrysanthemum, so very lonely,
Drenched by frost, she invokes with tears of love."

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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mysterious ways

(1898)  Phuler hasite chile

You had been in the smile of a blossom,
But today within mind You did come.
I am in love, and You know that;
Why then far away had You been?

To none else an invite do I offer;
In my psyche there's no place for another.
I don't ever think about anybody other;
Why then had You been negligent?

I get that Your sport is quite hard to escape;
Yet with my heart it's a game of ducks and drakes.
Once in a while, to laugh or dance myself You make;
And at times, upon tears You cast adrift.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Evolution or heredity?

(1897)  Ei chayaviithi priitite tomar

In Your love, this same lane that's shaded,
It began echoing Your song, filled with cadence,
And with untold bliss.

You don't want anything, You just go on giving;
Good or bad traits unseen, the moon doles out beams.
The nectar of my bud trickles overflowing,
Cordial reception, the one mode of worship.

The termination of this lane, nobody knows;
And where it had begun, imagination does not go.
Who is its Creator, Who is its make-up artist,
And even what's the reason for Liila making it?

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

My Dear, being unique...

(1896)  Smita diipaloke chile dyuloke

Like a smiling lamplight You had been in heaven;
At whose aspiration did You descend?
To the delight of heart at every single moment,
You made frontiers blend with endlessness.

Alike unto Yourself no one else is there...
So much generosity, so much loving quantity...
Upon Your clavicle, sweetness on a string;
And at Your temples, the glory is dazzling.

Everyone's very own, everybody's darling,
Everyone's holy place that they are following...
Into the soul of all ever fit to be received,
Both in outer space and in sky of psyche.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

A coat of many colors

(1895)  Chayar deshe shese ese

At shadow's realm, at last appearing,
You astonished with such sorcery!
In every heart with songs aplenty,
You suffused melody.

Neath shadow I had been alone with me,
Gazing at myself only.
At the paradise of illusion's territory,
You did dye a rainbow motley.

In Your presence I require not a thing;
In my mind, abide please.
It transcends desiring and acquiring–
Now and then the thought of Thee.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

In every incarnation

(1894)  Alokojjval ei sandhyay

On this same resplendent evening,
Bearing mind's sweetness, removing weariness,
Upon the vast blue sky, oh Who did appear?

Having lit a lamp for Thee, planets and stars,
They are fully occupied with love's passion.
The silver-colored nebula,
It hangs speechless
While You've kept capering, continued sailing,
Diffused and all pervading on the sky of heart.

I have wanted You over a hundred lifetimes;
Death after death, I have held to that desire.
I will go on wanting You with each reverberation
On the insane stream of existence.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

As soon as I've wanted You

(1893)  Loke bale tumi dekha dao na

People say that Yourself You don't reveal;
If that's so, what's the purpose that You came?
People say that to logic You don't heed;
If so, nectar drops after what takes place?

As soon as I've asked for You, oh Beloved...
Kindly take and make me Yours, I've told...
At once You have heard and come close;
Grace emanates in torrents.

I am very small, while You are gigantic...
You are the Great, while I am bound by limitation...
At Your touch, verily my filth is rid;
In the mind, a flower blooms at each layer.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Seed of the future, history in the making

(1892)  Chotta haleo tumi bara

Although you be tiny you are great,
Hey speck of dust, hey pollen-grain.
Dwelling in you is the cosmic tale;
You are tidings of the age,
Wings spread upon the air.

Who says you have no vitality;
Who tells there's no song in thee?
Within atom and molecule's tiers,
Vigor, it has stayed replete...
Overflowing with musical strains.

Who says loveliness you don't provide;
Who tells that no resin you ignite?
From inside abode of laterite,
With green grass you attire...
With sweet scent you dampen, free from care.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You are my obsession

(1891)  Ami tomay kena bhalabasi

Why am I in love with Thee?
I ask the mind, but no answer I receive...
For Your sake only, I laugh and I weep!

Notwithstanding, You don't gaze in my direction;
You don't speak to me in songs.
You don't touch me heart to heart,
Love's blooms having appeared.

I muse on You on autumn evenings;
Spring nights are Your painting
I keep tracing silently and secretly.
At heart's core, Your flute I hear.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To get You nearby

(1890)  Ruper jagat periye giye

Having crossed the world of form,
I will find the formless You nearby.
Reckoning and settling desire's obtainment,
Only after paying dues, psyche will I satisfy.

I had thought that by applying intellect,
Everything will I get, my hopes accomplished.
Looking now I perceive, everything is a deception;
Having wished, just a speck of mercy I'll acquire.

It's a diminutive creature's great expectation:
Only in the breast of a molecule is God's residence.
The dewdrop is suffused by the light of sun;
In many hues I will paint and make bright.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

He befuddles us

(1889)  Bhule jete jata cai

To keep forgetting, as much as I want,
To forget, why can't I?
To people I tell: You are euphoria,
A drunkenness that on my own I don't put aside.

For honey's intoxication comes the bumblebee;
On crimson's spellbinding realm the blossom beams.
The moon's heady magic flows like a tsunami;
To this picture, I don't turn a blind eye.

Drunken with the sun, Planet Earth does reel;
Drunken with the image, psyche gets replete.
Inebriated gets the heart that is overflowing;
This same thing, Lord, is Your enterprise.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

One way or another

(1888)  Ata bhirer bhetar theko na

Don't stay mid a crowd so large;
Come alone within psyche.
Don't look on, like a stranger;
Who has constrained smiling?

I speak all my heart's distress,
But into ear do those words enter?
So mental fragrance I dispense,
Dawn to dusk just for Thee.

If You don't manage to hear words,
My heart's emotion in poetic verse,
Then all of my love's anguish
I will set afloat in pollen-clothing.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Not ready to commit

(1887)  Rekho na katha rekho

Don't keep Your word, but do keep
A rose upon my grave.
If thorns remain, then let them stay;
The nightingale gets no pain.

A tiny moth, with a lantern,
For approaching, it can rush...
Wings can burn,
Can be abandoned, to reach love.
Therefore, don't light a lamp;
Dangling in the dark I'll vacillate.

Bed of grass I don't request
If dust of feet I get.
In solitude, to the tomb
I'll let sail unkempt hair.

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Friday, April 9, 2021


(1886)  Tumi je path dekhaye diyecho, se pather nai kona tulana

The path that You've revealed;
That path is unique...
It has no beginning; its end, challenging...
Infinite is this Your sadhana.

On a jungle-track I had blossomed, undefiled therefrom;
By the hand You took and lifted up.
You told: "Abide with me;
Even the meek unfold with no comparison.

"You're not poor or lowly,
And who says you are weak?
You exist within Me, merged in the Everlasting;
One who claims you are useless, he knows not!"

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Game rules and reality

(1885)  Tomake cineo cinite pari na

Even though having met, Yourself I just cannot peg;
Even after becoming acquainted,
I see I know next to nothing.

For Your sake I stay awake;
On my eyes Your kohl I paint.
Mid illusion's darkness deep, nonetheless I perceive
All of Your playing.

Your playing is there, and also You are present;
Unto Earth You have brought me in addition.
Basic truth You've kept hidden;
I don't fathom why that is.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Finally I've paid the price

(1884)  Dur akasheri apsara

You're the nymph divine of sky afar...
Colored wings and crimson scarf,
Flew in today, rejoicing heart.

Whose pain at any place, whatever intimate secret...
Whoso laments bitterly, racked by suppressed grief...
Where the balm to apply and the misery to fling,
Full of love, You know the inner sphere.
Upon sorrow You cry, and on crowning You beam;
But You traverse not a path that's rigid.

I have wanted You at a flower-garden;
I've received You in a mind grief-stricken.
I've entreated You with articles of worship;
I had gotten You when totally impoverished.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

He is not my enemy; the enemy is my conceit

(1883)  Tomare bhuliya gechi taruvar

Oh great Banyan Tree, I have kept forgetting Thee;
But as Your tiny blossom, I am not forgotten.
I saw You not within the pond of psyche;
Inside the riverstream, I find Your soothing sweetness.

I am just a tiny jot, and You are the nebula;
In You only is created these seven worlds.[1]
The puny says that like a shudra I observe:
He is our lampstand; hence we get effulgence.

Conflagration resides in the spark that is slight;
In the tiny drop of water dwells a dragon-fire.[2]
After pain is given to the minuscule mind,
There is no other cure except for His adoration.

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Arms spread wide

(1882)  Aj vetasa vane tumi ke go ele

In the bamboo grove today, Oh Who did appear
On this brimming Phalgun, this advent of spring?
You came bringing the grandeur of exquisite artistry,
Every life spirited, fresh in heart and psyche.

Bakul shed the sweetness of their amity;
Mango buds tell the story that is theirs only.
Bombax and red carnations, observing the beauty,
Do caper openmindedly.

Kinshuk say: "I ignite a fire;
With this fire, heat-free, I bestow delight."
The wicker tray[1] of parul with a fragrance mild,
In solitude, it smiles.

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

If Your love is true...

(1881)  Asibe bale ele na

Having said that You will come, You did not arrive;
Word having given, word You did not maintain.
Residence had I bedecked after heart's delight;
But You did not arrive... it was to no avail!

My everything is for the sake of You only;
Fruits and blooms had been placed inside rows aplenty.
On its stand a lamp of ghee was blazing;
Do say: did You fail to recognize the way?

Any form of fame mine, it is negated;
What and how to do are facts that are learned.
Beyond action, You transcend the world...
But I am bound by rules; that You did not contemplate!

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

I may complain

(1880)  Bhalabaso jani

You love, that I know;
Pleasure by making cry, why would You get?
You attend, that I note;
Why then do You give a test at every step?

Puny I am very;
But You are my buddy everlasting.
Knowing that, don't You see,
Why dress me in such sportive raiment?

Oh Great One, You're the state of utmost bliss,
Wisdom to be gained and life's mundane happiness.
In respect to me, take and make Yours;
According to Your wish, carry on.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Dream or reality

(1879)  Marur mariicika sariye

Mirage of desert cast away,
On light's carriage, oh Who came?
All sad darkness erased,
With gentle touch Who made awake?

I did not think that You remember me
Or that my place is inside Thee.
Darkness-surrounded, I'd been sound asleep;
But You watched over with eyes sweetly smiling.

Like a desert was my life,
A sandstorm on my four sides.
Hey Peerless One, tender and green,
Profound awareness You did bring.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Never fear

(1878)  Megh asiya kaye gelo kane

The approaching cloud kept on whispering:
"When storm is come, don't you worry!
The cloud's source and storm's wellspring,
That is at the same place, don't you see?

"Though the sea was engrossed in reverie,
It lies covert inside waves billowy.
In just the one are two, and one is in the twain;
From this basic truth don't go astray.

"In Whose one hand is a skull fearsome,
In His second hand is a fount of ambrosia.
At the feet, liberation; in the hands, boon and courage;
Don't forget His confident assurance."

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

From phenomenon to Noumenon

(1877)  Aj mane pare balukabelay

Today I recall on sandy shore,
Having gone to gather shells,
Our sudden introduction,
Oh my Purely Psychic One.[1]
On ideation's ardor You had been adjacent;
And in that I had been absorbed.

I could not fathom that 'twas after ages many
I was seeing You, hey my Sweet Darling.
From the days of yore You had been surrounding me;
Then You've come sailing in, hey Avatar of Consciousness.

I go on forgetting the day, date, and moment;
Once again that sandy beach I have not spotted.
I have kept it adorned only in mem'ry-flashes,
Your touch, hey Avatar of Song.

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Monday, March 22, 2021

By sending me afar You draw me near

(1876)  Dharar bandhan diyechile

You had given worldly ties;
"On Earth you live," You'd informed.
"Along with you do I abide;
There won't be a thing to yen for.

"Ever with the day's light-beams
Will rise a frenzied work-stream.
When night is come with moon along,
Don't neglect also to sing a song."

Having forgotten You, on Earth I dwell;
Exactly this, isn't it Your intent?
With my work, with my song...
And You, You apply the pollen of love.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

I have tried every way

(1875)  Tumi je path dekhaye diyecho, se pather kabhu nahi shes

The path that You've revealed,
That path never ends.
Coming from no beginning, it goes to infinity;
Limitless is Your realm.

Yourself I have sought in a flower garden;
Now I am searching within mind's pavilion.
To reach You many songs having sung,
In this life, song's faint echo lingers.

In which way will I attain You, please do say;
For ages upon ages I have moved about in vain.
Though You hide within mirror of the mind, grant embrace;
Inside of You only, let my psyche terminate.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

The thrill of Him

(1874)  Sumanda vayu bay

Blows a wind slow and sweet;
Today for whose sake, do say, for whose sake.
With many hues billowing,
For Whom is my mind awake?

That Pilgrim has shaken the mind;
Every moment that Pilgrim excites.
Wishing Him near, finding Him in one's life,
In every psyche that's devoted is this desire.

That Pilgrim never craves a thing;
Not a thing just-for-show that Pilgrim receives.
He holds us dear, He rids the gloomy ebony;
Mind races toward Him only, giving up everything.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Who made this flood within?

(1873)  Sarita bahiya jay

The river goes on flowing,
Due to Whom, please say on Whose account...
All obstacles get powdered down;
Who is the One keeps calling it?

Toward blossom, the bee goes racing,
Hoping for honey, neath canopy of madhavi...
To please it with a song sincere
On strings of inmost feelings.

Heart's Ruler, galvanizing,
Who is He, the Unknown One, making replete...
Propelling every entity
Unto love's rendezvous beyond understanding?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Understanding is overrated

(1872)  Niil akashe tarar deshe

On blue sky in starry territory,
Which music comes a-floating,
Having blanketed the world and intoxicated psyche
With some unknown ecstasy from a remote sphere?

I don't have the wisdom of comprehension,
Though a hundred times I look upward...
Hey everyone's Beloved, I wonder,
With what hope do You go on singing?

Paired to the world is a beauty that is Yours;
Its depth my intellect does not discover...
Fruitless is all logic and reason;
In the end emerges only a speck of mercy.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Am I simply too puny?

(1871)  Ekante ese bale jao

Do come and tell privately
For what fault, distant You are keeping me.
Why do You not draw me near?

The sun is tugging planets and their moons
So that the stars go not far removed,
Fallen from these heavens huge.
Hence, ever toward there You do peer.

Ocean is enticing the waterway;
Earth invites the burning flame.
A peacock also calls out, fanning his tail
To the distant cloud; that too did You not see?

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A joy far beyond relief

(1870)  Ke go tumi ajana atithi ele

Unknown Visitor, Who are You that did come?
You came without caring if the day be auspicious.
Strewn on the path and making it fragrant, love,
It is dancing to rhythm and song.

Eager were the eyes for Your observation;
Afflicted heart was praying for Your touch.
Having passed a lengthy night without sleep,
In psyche's garden, withering was the flower garland.

I had thought You've gone and left behind;
This tiny I, have You kept it in mind?
You've stayed engaged in cosmic deeds;
But now I see that me You have remembered!

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Beyond conception

(1869)  Megher deshe elo ke se

In realm of clouds Who did come,
A stripe of fire blazing,
Blithely having engulfed
All facsimile.

By Your love's psychic attraction,
Those who had been hidden,
Arose at every corner,
Smiling and lonely.

Those who say You're beyond attribute,
Only they claim You became virtued.
With a great incarnation having come,
Commingled with a streak of beauty,
The binding trio[1] danced neath spell of thought,
At thought's abode undergoing training.

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Please make me understand

(1868)  Tomay chilum bhule ami

Yourself I had been forgetting,
For how many lifetimes I know not,
Even just to count them, I cannot.
Why did You not rid the blunder;
Won't You say it in a whisper?

How much light of day has passed;
How much black of night has overcast?
How many suns, having sunk,
How many moonbeams did come?

Abiding Friend, You know everything;
And You entice everyone with lovestrings.
So why then, after taking me,
The making of diverting sports?

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Friday, March 12, 2021

My time is nigh

(1867)  Kalo jethay aloy meshe

Where ebony with light does meet,
On the far shore of seven seas,
Oh Friend, to me You'll grant embrace,
On that very same resplendent bank.

Twixt You and me the intimacy,
A love that's everlasting...
The vast ocean to give hindrance,
Never, no, never it can.

I was Yours, and still today I am;
I've discerned infatuation's lapse...
Life's pollen having scattered,
Please paint me crimson.

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And so it begins

(1866)  Ami bhalo basini tomare

For You I did not feel fondness;
Me, though, You have cherished.
I've extinguished the lamplight;
In the dark a light You've lit.

Your love, myself it's familiar with,
With my thousand flaws and demerits.
But You are forgiving me, keeping me with Thee,
Every hour, every minute.

Oh God, take me and make me Yours;
Inner and outer, with You make them full.
The sea's drop of water, can it ever be
Flung outside by the ocean?

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

My place in the universe

(1865)  Andhare diip jvele jai

In the dark a lamp-flame I keep lighting;
A lamp-flame I keep lighting.
The matchstick is Yours; the lantern is Yours also;
You are the ghee and wick; of me there is nothing.

For making the contact, a matchstick I am holding;
Oh Most Beloved, that too is a speck of mercy.
The "I" that is called mine, even though noticed nearby,
In hard times I find it not in company.

Lord from time out of mind and eternal Master,
You've been creating a teeming world to rule over;
Round me You are creating, and You are along always;
A song to the triumph of You only do I sing.

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My house was not in order

(1864)  Andhar tithite esechile

On a gloomy day You had appeared;
Why not in light You came?
Why visit on a night of grief?
My domicile was not arranged!

You'd said You'll come at the right time;
You'll be a guest at home of mine.
But prematurely You arrived;
The decoration got not made.

In the gold lamp was ghee and wick,
And in the censer was a resin aromatic.[1]
The alpana's rice-paste was pounded;
You allowed me not the time to paint.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Even in my final hours

(1863)  Jiivaner ei balukabelay

On this same sandy coastline of life,
Shells having gathered, the days go by.
Many they arise, and many they retire;
In my direction no one casts an eye.

Many a red sun, it appeared and then vanished;
Many a smiling moon got lost in the darkness.
Many stars, having smiled, falling they departed;
I go on watching at a secluded site.

You had said You'll come again:
Taking me, You will cross the ocean.
Frequently, I keep counting days and moments,
Looking out for Your late arrival.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Correcting course

(1862)  Tomari nam niye dilum bhasiye

Taking only Your name I did set afloat,
The tiny boat of my existence.
You are my life's essence,
Like a ray of light in darkness.

Thinking of myself, time I've been wasting;
Looking out for me, all things I am doing...
But You are everything, only now that I'm knowing;
Pardon the offense, committed in ignorance.

From today, it is You I would choose;
Yourself on my eyelids I would hold onto,
Pleasing You through action, with a dance tune
Matchless in both cadence and its mode of music.

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

On my way to the Supreme

(1861)  Kiser ashay kon se neshay

With what expectation, under which intoxication,
This world had You created?
With scent and touch, form and flavor,
You'd been filling it up.

Oh Divine Tailor without peer,
Every creature's Most Dear,
All my hopes and hankerings,
Upon mind You alone had conferred.

Oh the One with shape and properties unique,
With a sweet ideation fit to receive,
My wholehearted love, do take it please
On both banks of thought's river.

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My Lord of Dream

(1860)  Kal svapna dekhechi ami

Yesterday a dream have I viewed;
In it You'd appeared,
You'd appeared at my dwelling.
With a luminous splendor You,
You did bedazzle me.

While in dream, close-by You came;
Awake, remote You went away...
Why are there in this conscious state
These worldly ties of blind affinity?

All pain on forgetting Thee
And the great joy upon Your receipt...
What's the reason for this cosmic game
You go on making, oh the Heart-Thief?

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Your humble servant

(1859)  Bhalabasa diye man kere niye

Love given and mind snatched,
Myself You did beggar.
On charming feet, in sweet sonance,
You came near with a gently smiling visage.

Of Your cosmic game, there's no start or finish;
Through probing and deliberation I don't find a limit.
Sometimes You make me laugh, sometimes You make me cry,
And sometimes You make me float away on vast blue sky.

Hey the Unflagging Charioteer, Your wagon-wheels
Affording courage by my never being lonely,
With me You abide in hard times and prosperity;
Per Your direction, the universe proceeds.

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Friday, March 5, 2021

Such a mystery

(1858)  Eso manete eso

Enter the mind, please do come!
Why remain so far-distant,
If You are enamored?

Because of You I continue working;
On Your mention eyes fill with tears.
Love's current in a hundred streams,
You just watch it run and smile from a distance.

My time of day is for Your sake;
At night for You I stay awake.
Incessantly I beg for grace,
But nonetheless You rise at a distance.

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

The golden magnolia

(1857)  Kanak canpa kanak canpa

Kanak champak, golden magnolia,
In Whose mental garden had you unfolded?
In Whose psyche had you been hidden?

The big tree, straight and lofty, having filled,
Blossoming in layers you'd ascended.
At Whose lotus feet, blessing to collect,
Night and day, a sweet scent you lavish.

More than gold unalloyed, a joy to the mind,
With pollen scented like a bloom of paradise...
The Clothier Divine, Who is He that sent you?
Yourself Who had prized?

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Let me not be distracted

(1856)  Jadi nayane na dekhi tava priya chavi

Should I fail to see Your precious portrait before eyes,
Please appear inside the mind.
If Your touch on world I do not find,
Then sail upon the joy of life.

My going and coming, crying and laughing,
To You ajangle are my love-feelings.
Not a thing remains unknown to Thee;
Ignoring flaws, smile sweetly.

Hey the Great Ocean, amid Your kindness,
This my drop, its days go by.
If I go on moving, having forgotten You,
Then Your own molecule, please hold it dear.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

To Thee I sing

(1855)  Gan gai tumi shono

I sing, You please listen;
Ever since my birth a tune I am practicing;
Know that it's to sing to You.

Summer has come with a scorching heat;
And rainy season has brought water-streams;
Autumn was with dew dropping down like tears...
No fault of mine was there.

Came prewinter with night struck by frost,
And winter with extreme snow-fall;
Then spring arrived, and she allowed outpouring
Of a song along with feelings.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

In loco parentis

(1854)  Ami parager rage naci go

Oh I dance with the passion of a pollen spore,
And to the petals I do give a tremor.
With Your love in absence of anklet-jangle,
Long-tongued am I become.

Heavenly summons having given, You then leave;
From upon the skyblue You entice me.
In creation-stasis-dissolution, You go on dancing;
Yet I sing apropos of Your ambrosial essence.

I'm a tiny flower-dust-mote, floating on sunlight;
While You, Lord Krsna,[1] You play the bamboo pipe.
Forgetting You, I had been stupefied;
Now on Your path I run along.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Just a few formalities

(1853)  Mane ele raun dharale

Unto mind You came, and dye You made it grip;
Then, name unspoken, You departed.
Your details, state them please:
Where You were and the reason for Your visit.
Oh, do explain to me!

On top of the mountain, static and impassive,
Snow was there in layers.
You got it melted
Through incantation's feeling.[1]

The mind, lying dormant it had been;
You applied paint on it.
With tune and tempo, rhythm and lyrics,
In it You incited dancing.

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It's a brand new day

(1852)  Ei puspita kanane

Unto this blooming garden,
You had come with a mind full of gladness
And a visage jubilant.

All the distance intervening had sailed off;
Heaven's sweetness, it had smiled inside thought.
Earth's sublime beauty and azure of the sky,
They had integrated with both the heart and mind.

Dormant was the tree, in a state of lethargy;
Stirring, it arose with a newfound glory.
The bud, soundly sleeping throughout course of ages,
Blossoming, it arose with one song after another.

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