Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Just Your whim

(1986)  Maner kone kon gahane

At some place hard to reach, a cranny of the mind,
Who knows when You'd arrived?
You know it, but people do not realize.
Science having understood, philosophy scrutinized,
The reply nowhere did I find.

In the flame is a capacity for burning;
In the oyster shell, a nacre filling.
The supreme devotion of human psyche,
Who had conferred on the lonesome?

To the world why had You brought me?
By joy and grief myself You had ringed.
Why had You left and got concealed?
The answer for these is in Your whim.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

His songs are the music of life

(1985)  Tomar tare jiivan bhare, gan geye gechi priyatama

Because of You life is replete;
I have gone on singing, my Dearest,
Oh You, new and amazing, unprecedented.
For all existent, with rhythm and melody
Yours is the mode of music that had intoxicated.

In cadence frolics the life-stream;
My song's tune rings out to that beat.
In that same beat Your love dwells gracefully,
A sweet fragrance glazed with heady power.

Amid the undulating current of the sea,
Form-free adorns the ones bereft of beauty.
Swayed by a symphony, they dance and they reel,
The created beings, Your greatness.

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Monday, August 2, 2021

My Beloved Mystery

(1984)  Bale thako bhalabasi

You keep saying, "I give love";
But evidence gets not found in practice.
Why are thorns there in a grove of flowers,
And where go the petals that fall?

Splendor of the moon's bright beams,
A dark and broad cloud-bank conceals.
The visual illusion of a forest-doe,
Why does a hunter hotly pursue it?[1]

At core of life's unfolding evolution,
Why does the shadow of death cavort?
Eye-consoling, mind-delighting,
A rainbow, where does it vanish?

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Having heard His call

(1983)  Pare elo bela halo kheladhula

At last it befell: the games are past;
So head on back to your own quarters.
Like the soaring geese, your days elapse;
With wings outspread, to which nest do you return?

Coming and going are inside of borders fixed;
Desiring and obtaining are time-delimited.
Afterwards, forsaking all, comes sailing of the ship...
Calling you is the shoreless ocean.

You can't say: "No, I won't quit;
Let all else go, but I will remain seated."
The Bhaerava[1] calls with a thunderous edict;
Yes, His is a stirring invitation.

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Please make a date next time

(1982)  Ke tumi ele abelay

Who are You that came at close of day?
Why did You come, where had You been,
And why had You cherished me?
With gentle laugh, a soft caress You gave;
Then to a place unknown You went away.

On body are Your tender leaves, fresh and green;
In heart there blows a southern breeze.
To a dance-beat, oh Song's Epitome,
You rise upon realms heavenly.

In Your company, but there is no familiarity;
On You I had not got the scope to think.
Beyond time, hey my Playful Entity,
You are smiling privately.

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Giving is a blessing

(1981)  Tomay ami ceyechilum, jiivan belar balukay

Yourself had I observed
Along the sands of life's time...
On morning sun's crimson tide,
At blush of my twilight.

Having given mind, a mind I'm requiring;
What I've wanted, that I've not received.
I am understanding it has been a mistake,
Like barter-trade with the same desire.

Nothing more will I beseech;
I'll only go on giving wherever You may be.
The tears of mind's doe, they will emanate,
A forest-stream's sea-conduit alike.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021


(1980)  Tumi kii ceyecho jani ni to ami

I knew not what You've wanted;
As to what You've given, I know a bit.
To You nothing did I give;
Just to take are my hands open.

Those with human base, You have sent,
With a little expectation, for certain.
What that wish is, I knew not; and I did not want to know it;
I merely weave a web of vain contentions.

Scarce is the time, but in negligence has it passed;
At the moment opportune, cognition[1] has not wakened.
My days have gone by, neglecting my own self;
Today I count the stars, seated mid a desert.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What makes You laugh

(1979)  Tomake ami jani go jani

Oh I know You, I know indeed;
Unto love You pay no heed.
That You'll get melted by my tears,
I simply can't imagine such a thing!

Won't You please inform me what Your heart desires;
Having stayed afar, why does it flash a smile?
With joy's rocking cradle why does it make cry?
Today won't You kindly say, candidly?

I have seen, I have seen, I'm fathoming habitude;
I've analyzed: there is no repudiating a stubborn nature.
In this habit I will stay, I will go on loving You;
What it is You conceive, that I do not think.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Your garland

(1978)  Sedin nishiithe jyotsna sumite

On that night the moonlight was well-measured;
In my mental garden Yourself I have seen.
Stirring a flower's sweetness,
With a honeyed countenance You were smiling.

In the universe whatever is attractive,
Anything that is good, fit to be sought after,
In You it is contained, in You it is situated;
It longs for You only, at somewhere hard to reach.

I also, I am Yours, oh Beauty Sculptor;
Don't far-discard my love.
To place on Thee, a floral wreath is strung;
I have kept it in existence, painstakingly.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

From home to home

(1977)  Ami tomake peyechi shyamaray

I've found You, the Dark Prince,[1]
In a lifetime's sweetness.
In somber heart light You ignite
With power of intuitive cognition.

The life of everybody, You are magnanimous;
To the mind sunshine-heated, shade You confer.
Along journey's way respect You pay, full and cordial,
On this same joyous peregrination.[2]

In a desert's mirage I've discovered Thee;
And I've got, with a succulence refreshing.
Along with You I keep, while living and dying,[3]
A heart effusive for all existent.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Be diligent

(1976)  Mor ghumaghore tumi ese anahuta

Oh You, having come uninvited into my deep sleep,
Myself You did awake, You did awake, You did awake.
You told me: "Today, many chores are there...
Sleep when the work is done; time, it slips away.

"The day's duration, you know it is limited;
By minutes and seconds, rigidly it is restricted.
Once they have gone away, they don't return again;
Go they behind time's curtain, behind time's curtain.

"Neath time's three teeth[1] is also your movement;
On a cyclic track it journeys, a garland threaded.
This, rest's wayside tavern, it is delicate;
Let it not be neglected, let it not be neglected."

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Speak to me of love

(1975)  Balechile more gan shonabe, shonabe maner jata katha

You had said You'll sing a song for me;
You'll talk about all intimate subjects.
On nights of Fall, on morns of Spring,
In blooms and fruits how much is the sweetness.

Inside Your song, what's outdated is not there;
I get only novelty in new beauty.
With cadence and melody always is carried
Information of the One Ever-Fresh.

Hey Ruler of Holy Sites, Life of the Universe,
Among great men, You are the most noble.
Even the mere particle You make greater,
Having lavished heart's munificence.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

The answer is a query

(1974)  Ami jatatuku bujhite pari he devata

The little I can comprehend, hey Deity,
That which I understand, I cannot speak.
What You are is not known to science or philosophy;
So even the question does not arise of telling it.

Nobody knows the place where life begins;
"On limitation's outskirts" is deficient.
What is bound by measurement stays absorbed in it;
But nonetheless ego does not quit.

If the small calls itself tiny,
That is normal– it is not modesty.
This very nature, hey Deity,
By Your kindness, why not fulfill it?

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Can I truly serve Thee... and if so when?

(1973)  Jabe tomay pelum mor anubhave

At the time I found You as my psychic image;
Then You have replaced the filth.
Even when I heeded not, still then You have watched;
Now I see that filling mind You have been.

Ever since days of yore, hey the Person Ultimate,
To fathom You, whose is such knowledge?
Having tried to comprehend, intuition pays attention:
Intellect and intuition, all of it You've conferred.

I did not give anything, I have taken only;
More than what I've wanted, I have received.
And when I've tried to give back Your thing,
As recompense, that You've packed in my wicker basket.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

By Your divine mercy

(1972)  Tumi gan gao kahara tare

For whom do You sing,
Having kept the world unhearing?
You observe and laugh, arrive and leave;
But Yourself none may see.

The earth, through Your rhythmic song,
She gets both tune and tempo, Master honey-tongued.
You are close, and along with You is love;
But Earth can't keep company with Thee.

Your loving visitation oft,
Your smiling gaze and psychic touch...
The cosmic mind are You, You rid the dark
In atoms and molecules held within heart.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


(1971)  Ananderi ei nimantrane

At this invitation to happiness only,
Why do you sit alone and weep?
You're like a bloom swollen with heart's feelings,
Not having mingled with everybody.

In festivity everyone is passionate,
Ocean waves in a dance that's rapid.
They're atoms and molecules in thought restive;
Far removed, for Whom are you hoping?

There's no need to be morose;
The Maker of the Cosmos is also your own.
Smiling sweetly only He is the kindest soul;
Know that He loves also thee.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Ego's peril

(1970)  Tumi esechile mor manovane

You had arrived in the garden of my psyche;
I was waiting apathetically.
At my face You had peered;
Who knows what I was thinking!

In between You and me, the impasse,
It was not any block hard-and-fast.
Yet, I was not able to come near;
From afar I've gone on in a pique.

Tranquil was Your countenance;
My two eyes were tear-drenched.
But I could not wipe my eyes;
With Your heart I could not unite.

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Universalism is the creed

(1969)  Tumi esechile bhalo besechile

You'd arrived, and You had loved;
To cosmic life Your life You wed.
Who honor You or who even disrespect,
That subject You'd ignored.

Given its tininess, the minute rivulet,
With boundaries, it stays back at a distance.
But when comes a flood, all get merged,
Limits shattered by the great water.

Inside every human being, envy exists;
That, absent intellect, has brought bitterness.
Having cast it far away with their hands firm,
A single society You did get established.

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

A sky lantern

(1968)  Megher pare megh eseche

Clouds upon clouds have appeared,
Tunes upon music-strains.
I do not know You, but after arriving,
Off You sail, far away.

You dote on me from remote;
But on Your own You come close also.
You keep on watching with loving eyes,
Sweet ankle bells having chimed.

Throughout the universe, You're the Best Person;
I'm a paper balloon on the sky of ideation.
In my bosom having wrapped the lamp of time,
To that unfamiliar fortress I now fly.

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I may be adrift

(1967)  Balo e pather shes kothay

Pray tell, the end of this path is where?
I find no conclusion, nor a start do I see;
The answer, who will give me?

The initial point of causal theory is:
To be dormant Who exists? That sea of consciousness!
To inhere at the outset, at end also He's in there,
And also in between, all along the journey.

Philosophy or science, however we may like to name it:
A disturbed humanity, we may find a path tranquil.
The Master, Path-Creator, ever from the path straying,
He does not make it happen, I know for a certainty.

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

A string of flowers

(1966)  Katabar asa kata bhalabasa

How often I've arrived and how much the love,
How many the tears shed and smiles beamed around Thee,
Intellect discerns not, and intuition does not fathom
Why am I frequently coming and going.

From olden times Your cadence,
It goes on flowing with a bliss measureless.
No one can suppress that thing;
In circles all spin round You only.

Hey God of Gods, Your information,
It cannot be contained by any chronicle.
Statements in essays of reason and logic,
On the waters of kindness sail off somewhere.

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His limitless compassion

(1965)  Nai je kona gun sabi agun

I have no quality, all is without worth;
Nonetheless You came, Lord, being gracious–
You bestowed a kindness beyond measure.
By Your own virtue, You made me beholden;
Because You demonstrated what is compassion.

By one's own strength nobody obtains Thee;
Indra's elephant cannot be bound by a flea.
But despite our inability, our own penury,
We still see Your grace in myriad fashions.

In Your presence, Lord, I will ask for nothing;
More than You I am not aware of me.
My transition from resistance to being ready,
Time and again, You keep getting it done.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A new day is coming

(1964)  Tandra sariye ele madhurii dhaliya dile

You came removing stupor; You gave sweetness-pouring.
Then You departed, quietly blending with the vitality.
We were not knowing much, and this we were not grasping;
We were merely lasting, our eyes glued shut.

At Your touch the speechless are made talkative;
With love's passion taking shape, liveliness sparkles.
Mid a desert-mirage is greenery in new attire;
Having been embodied, in the song it does rise.

On Your ideation, away narrowness does float;
With rhythm in dance Your lyric tunes overflow.
After having loved You, resultant from Your thought,
Worldliness sails unto the state of being conscious.

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Monday, July 12, 2021

You are the one sure refuge

(1963)  Eka tumi vaibe kena sab bojha

You alone, the whole weight why will You carry?
Upon also my pate, do give a bit,
Graciously You gave that capacity.

Only due to You am I strong...
With just Your power, on the path I walk;
And my intellect, it too is Yours,
Laughing and dancing around You only.

Except for You no one else is mine...
Yes, all are friends in happy times;
But in times of sorrow, You alone do I find–
Both living and dying are with You only.

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Compassion beyond comprehension

(1962)  Kusuma parage tumi ele

You came like flower-pollen...
On a gentle wind, welcomed and taken in,
As if You were a visitor unbidden.[1]

Who longs for You, who has not looked,
Who has forgot, who hasn't even understood...
Thinking of that, You do not get distress;
Mind's sweetness You did lavish.

I too have not yearned, not knowing, not understanding;
But You've come in front of me, dressed in peerless beauty.
The flag of compassion, oh Condensed Consciousness,
You've unfurled against the blue heavens.

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Not at all transactional

(1961)  Amar jiivane raunin svapane

In my life, with a multicolored dream
Having instilled, Who did appear?
Oh Who came; Who are You that came to me?
Yourself I don't know, Yourself I don't recognize;
Nonetheless, having come, dye You applied.

Day and night, about You I've been thinking;
Heartily I've longed for You in privacy.
Like the spore of a flower I have risen upon Thee,
Floating on the waters of only Your beauty.

Hey my Darling Dearest, supremely reverend,
To You my existence, it is fastened.
You alone are my effort and objective;
That is why, I realize, You came privately.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Now and always one and only

(1960)  Kusuma kanane smita anane

In the garden of flowers, with a smiling countenance
You arrived after so long, oh Merciful One.
Dormant hopes and all my love,
Today are they embodied by Your implication.

In consequence, what I'd wanted, that I have achieved;
And what I did not want, that also I've received.
With majesty of bearing at both crest and trough,
You came face-to-face, oh Avatar of Compassion.

Never is there a beginning or an end of You;
Nonetheless, in ignorance I seek residue.
At all times You're the same Master Absolute,
In form, beyond form, oh my Playful Lord.

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Friday, July 9, 2021

Where logic and selfishness get defeated

(1959)  Maner kone he venudhar

In a psychic corner, hey the Pipe Bearer,[1]
When You entered stealthily,
With dance and song, tone modulating,
To my thinking You did cause a frenzy.

In regard to Your beauty, it has no end;
And virtue having pondered, I'm out of my depth.
At playing the cosmic game with great expertness,
Throughout the universe You are revered.

Wastage of time, oh, I do not make;
With just strings of love will I certainly attain...
Through the sweet flow of devotion for no personal gain,[2]
At a contemplative space hard to reach.

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

My quandary

(1958)  Tomake bheve bheve balo kii phal habe

From often musing on You, say what fruit will be,
Though You did not come to my dwelling.
I think I will not think, but still why do I think?
Come and inform me.

Aglow, the lamp of hope had been sustained;
A garland of flowers had been arrayed.
In mind-blossoms at a garden solitary,
Nectar had been kept replete.

What I am to do or not to do, declare right away;
Surrender's formula kindly inculcate.
Sitting in meditation-pose with ardent psyche,
I would hold on to Thee.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


(1957)  Man balechilo tumi asibe

Mind had told that You will come:
Embrace You'll grant, You won't remain distant.
After closely noting all, heart had fathomed:
Having mused on only You is a jubilation.

As soon as I long for You only,
I get satisfaction from no other thing.
And You, likewise, only after taking me,
You go on playing silently.

Were I absent it would be Your inconvenience;
When there is no drop, is there ocean either?
Only with me is Your cosmic entertainment
At a festival perpetual.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I follow Your lead

(1956)  Pather disharii mama

Oh my Trailblazer,
Yield to me in the realm of meditation...
Like the pearl in oyster shell,
Hard to reach, in the deeps of consciousness.

Sin or virtue or whatever is, of it I have none;
I don't care to look in that former direction.
I want just to attain a speck of Your grace,
Every instant inside of my existence.

Oh Lord and Master, I am Your puny machine;
Based on only Thee is my power to conceive.
All around You only is the wine of my lifetime,
Everywhere overflowing.

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Monday, July 5, 2021

A flower with its honey

(1955)  Bhomra gane phuler kane

The bumblebee, through a song in flower's ear,
Who knows what it did speak...
Maybe a verse, loving words;
Maybe an ache, lackadaisically.

The pollen bears Whose tidings;
Only His ditty the hawk-cuckoo sings.
Laughing the bumblebee, come to listen,
From the cuckoo[1] it got lessoned.

Stricken by distress, mind's bumblebee,
It sings His couplets everlasting.
And bereft, on account of just His honey,
Rush it does toward Him only.

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

It must be realized

(1954)  Andhar eseche alo jvalo

Kindle light... darkness has come;
This utter ebon can't be borne.
Imbue all things with humanity;
I want prosperity and more prosperity.

Many an age has passed, musing on inertia;
It has brought self-recognition like a desert-mirage;
So bring you the ever-new, no more stuff outdated;
An evening jasmine having laughed, hope it awakened.

A host of people you are overlooking...
You don't realize that it's blistering humanity.
Languor past ignored, hands upraised invite everybody;
The flag of victory is seen... flying it began.

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Saturday, July 3, 2021


(1953)  Amar dharay jvallo alo

In my world a light burned
On Your cordial touch.
So everything felt good,
With happiness of love.

At home's niche lone had I been;
Crying, crying secretly.
That crying mine was fruitful,
As with a smile You did come.

Having wiped away my tears,
You averred: "I am yours...
Do not weep, but proceed,
Striving for completeness."

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Focus on Him

(1952)  Andhar nishiithe tumi ele

You came on a dark night;
A lantern You did light.
On rainy night, You complied;
Good fortune You assigned.

When at my home was there
Abundant light overflowing,
Brightness was glittering...
You had come but did not reply.

Now am I deprived of all;
On my own I've built a stone-prison.
Tears falling, I have called;
Only on hearing, at my hut
Rapidly You arrived.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

A charming magic

(1951)  Shyamal shobhay tumi ele

You came with a green loveliness;
Upon surface of the earth You scattered it.
Kindliness You instilled
With blooms and buds, dynamic and static.

Hey Shyam,[1] You have no equal;
I want You with mind and heart.
Oh sweet Mohan,[2] what fascination
Is inflamed by Your love-lamp!

In Your presence I do not covet aught;
Those who have You have it all.
With the Kaostubha jewel over Your heart,[3]
You are luminous in good times and bad.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Love without cause

(1950)  Tumi esechile, maner andhar dure sariye dile

You had come;
The dark of mind You cast afar.
Dejection having expunged,
You lit hope's lamp inside heart.

Knowing or not knowing it,
In the mind just You I've wanted.
Only now, in this isolation,
Me You took, making Yours.

You did not ask for a thing,
And for You I did nothing.
Myself I knew not a bit,
But still love You lavished.

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Monday, June 28, 2021

His love is now and always

(1949)  Ganer sagare dhelecho

In song's ocean You have poured
Emotion of Your heart.
So I see no termination;
Constant is the flow of love.

By the shore a chum had said:
"Good enough was the quicksand...
Upon ship mayhap I got no berth;
Perhaps I got not my compartment."

I had waited, my own self forgotten,
At the bank of blind attachment.
Presently You took and stowed
My load on Your boat.

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Diamond in the rough

(1948)  Maner raja kena dure rayecho

Oh Mind-Ruler, why have You kept remote?
At core of my psyche, please do come close.
You are a diamond, and its radiance also;
Though in shapeless attire, set Your light afire.

Through bell and conch shell and lamp of ghee,
Having set out to appease, I found naught in psyche.
Now please come Yourself and by Your own means,
Teach me by which deeds occurs árati.

For how many ages upon You have I thought?
Via countless formal rites have I sought.
Now defeat I am conceding; mercy I implore
That Your bugle may resound inside the heart.

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

No one else need know

(1947)  Tomare ceyechi maneri gahane

I have wanted You at only the mind's recess;
Apprised will be no one else.
On a moonlit night, against the vast blue sky
Nobody will divine a crane's feathers.

King of Psyche, at mind's core You will dwell;
Cosmic Emperor, You will rid all the darkness.
Visiting in secret, intimate in private,
There won't be anything falsely demonstrative.

I don't pray for drums of triumph, rather, a mild jingle;
Amid all that is harsh, I request a bangle and an anklet.
In the language quiet, in the discourse of the deaf,
Worldliness won't be able to persist.

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

You've got a Friend...

(1946)  Ghor timire matha nata kare

In darkness dense, my head bent,
I had sat, feeling lonely.
From a golden heaven, wings having spread,
An angel says: "Morn and eve, I accompany.

"You are not alone, no, never had you been;
I am your lasting companion, don't you know Me?
Heaven's angel, inside mind I reside;
Melancholy one, don't be worried.

"Though You forgot Me, yourself I will not forget;
You did not recollect, yet to the side I won't set.
I stay mingled with the mind, painstakingly I provide;
Even by mistake, I do not neglect."

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Both inside and outside of me

(1945)  Niil sarovare ajana prahare

At some obscure hour on a blue pond
In mind's mirror You had blossomed.
Hey the Psychic Lily soft and tender,
Having filled me, You are both outside and in.

Ever recognized are You of uncharted place;
Acknowledged or not, You are known by name.
Hey Ruler of Holy Sites, salute at feet
I offer Thee frequently.

More than soul You are one's own self,
The principal kinsman, person most honest.
Venerated by smiling, sweet magnolia,
Upon myriad streams, You've got scattered.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

His greatness

(1944)  Kon arup lokete chile

In which formless realm had You been
Ere stooped You down to form-sphere?
With blooms and leaves, buds and greenery,
Sweetness You did lavish.

This, the splendor of Your shapes,
Not earth nor heaven can contain.
The swollen heart overflowing,
Oh what feelings You delivered!

Those who've known Your name's greatness,
They have understood the glory of Your love.
As for existence, development, and bliss,[1]
To them their fragrance You furnished.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Who does not love Him!

(1943)  Nandana vane ke ele

Who arrived at the Garden of Eden,
Coated by sandal fragrance,
Bathed in snow's pure water,
Face veiled with moonlight?

The sunflower, looking skyward it declares:
"Except for Him there is naught that I crave.
To Him my mind I have given, to Him my life I have given,
On this earth staying alive only for Him."

From its core innermost sings the bakul tree:
"Out of love for Him, a sweet scent my blooms carry.
Him I revere in psyche, Him I draw near to me,
Storing sweetness in my heart on account of Him only."

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Don't stop there

(1942)  Eso mane eso dhyane

Please enter the mind, arrive inside meditation;
Rhythmically resonant, oh Bearer of Liila.[1]
Into life please come.

Come into my garland of mental states;
Come into my floral wicker-tray.[2]
Enter mind's pleasure garden,
Under its lovely pavilion.

For You there is nothing that's a mystery;
All persons in the universe are known to Thee.
Everybody's story, heartcore's agony,
Is strung upon a song.

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Monday, June 21, 2021

In this world we are touched by the Supreme

(1941)  Ruper sagare bhasiya calechi

In an ocean of form I've gone swimming
Hoping for Your formless touch...
Like a bee of mind neath that spell of love
Who has risen frenzied on this spring month.

The stripe of form You have started sketching,
Inside that Your life You have been infusing.
In form there is life, in life there is form;
To one who drifts in the world, this truth is the core.

The world of form, it comes with both light and shade;
In that only is the tiny, in that only is the great.
Bound to just that are wrong and right;
The heavens float on that mind-sky.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

I am not a threat

(1940)  Bhay pao kena asite

Why do You fear to appear;
Why do You fear to come near?
Yourself dabbed by speck of love; a dry stone, me...
Is it lest I influence Thee?

You are infinite, transcendent, everybody's Master;
Finite, I am limited; never do You need to dread.
You have given form to me with only Your form, then
From me what is there to fear?

Life and death's magic wand, in Your hand it is;
I am a ball to play with, the whole world knows it.
Please don't ever stay remote for any reason;
Mind, it frolics inside of You only.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

In love with the sun

(1939)  Ami gulbagicay bulbuli

In a rose garden, I am the bulbuli.
Talk I don't, but I am also with speech...
I croon, and I put forth melody.

Daytimes come and go, sweetness on strings of rhyme;
In my mind, they leave behind colored dyes.
As love's repayment, under the sun gold-dripping[1]
Golden songs I sing.

I know your words, fashioned well;
For all of you I knit a golden mesh.
That netting's gold does not get seen...
A champak bud is made to bloom in psyche.

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Only by Your grace

(1938)  Calar pathe prabhu klanti jadi ase

On journey, Lord, if come fatigue,
Please do furnish zeal.
In flocks, at breaks between deeds,
Should there come misgivings,
You remove them please.

Coveting the floral nectar, insects,
Should they enter psyche's garden...
Dense rains like in monsoon season,
Should they darken the blue heavens...
You please come with a smile genial
And elicit consciousness.

Yours is the power, I am feeble;
Savior, I am Your dependent.
With desire for grace the days I number,
Please ignite a lamp of expectation.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021


(1937)  Tomari ashe base base

In hope of You only, having waited and waited,
Ages come and go; how many I don't know.
Days-dates-moments and who comes long ago
I go on neglecting; about You I don't forget.

Upon the duststorms, reddish-brown, of summer,
Many a bamboo grove, it slumps downhearted.
From the monsoon flood-bursts of rainy season,
Lodgings float away; how many I don't reckon.

Under the soft moonlight of autumn,
Nectar drifts on pollen of night-jasmine.
In my lifetime, love makes me swoon;
I think of not a thing but You.

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