Thursday, September 30, 2021

You are my everything

(2039)  Tumi cao ni kichu niye niyecho sab

You wanted nothing, but You've taken all;
I offered nothing, but I find I've given all.
Having ignited light in my dark heart,
You've granted me such realization!

Your light shines in moon and stars,
Inside the nebula of sensory perception.
You exist, and thus I also live,
Full of adoration at this grand celebration.

With Your name dances the entire world;
By Your song what a vibration is brought!
You wanted naught, but everyone has given all;
You are the wine of survival, my Love.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

You are mercy

(2038)  Eso amar hrdaye eso

Come, please come into my heart;
For You in a room that's dark
I do cry... bringing light please come.

For this darkness You alone are light;
Pitch black are my earth and sky.
On this gloomy night, dark as charcoal
In my soul, dropping gold, You smile.

Inside cavity of ebon is light's grandeur;
Mid a molecule there awakens radiance.
All anguish, all lamentation
Having rid, You rise on the firmament of mind.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Only human am I

(2037)  Amar manomajhe eso

Inside my mind please arrive,
Like You had come in olden times.
Though I don't see, You're close I know;
Do advise, by which song shall I invoke?

You are present in both moon and star;
You are in the light's downpour;
Noticed and unnoticed You exist
To revive the one who slumbers.

You are in the magic mirror;
You are in the ringlet ebon.
You are in love's jeweled necklace
To entice the one who falters.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

You are all I need

(2036)  Ek phali cand shudhu akashe

Upon firmament, just one moon-slice...
With only that Earth is deluged by light.
Full moon are You, and in form full kindly arrive;
With moonlight imbue my psychic sky.

As Consciousness Supreme, You are light's ocean;
By You each and every drop is brightened.
Ignoring You does not succeed;
A cloud comes and leaves.

Everyone longs for Thee, knowing-or-unknowingly;
Through string of love, everybody gets You near.
You exist, so I exist
On emission of Your ambrosia.[1]

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Now that You've appeared

(2035)  Path bhule jadi

When the path having forgot,
You arrived at my place,
Then even if You do not want,
You will have to stay.

No lamp was lit, no garland threaded;
On Your altar I laid not a tray of flowers.
Only the mind had wanted, it had cherished;
Thus mayhap You came to be gracious.

Never more will I let You leave;
On my heart, a fastened latch will I keep.
In smiles and tears, gladness and sadness, and in grief,
Mad will I stay, Yourself always to see.

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

You drive me crazy

(2034)  Bhalabesecho more jinecho

You have loved and won me over;
Yourself You've bequeathed.
Sin You demolish, good You consider;
In virtue and beauty, I've distinguished Thee.

Seeking You, to holy site I did not go;
To get You, I did not make any oath.
My mind I have given, Your Mind I've received;
In the world I exist with a mind that's frenzied.

Your story, speech can never chronicle;
What lacks start or finish, where is the middle?
Here You'd been, and here You be;
Forever You will go on staying.

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Why clandestine?

(2033)  Maner majhe kon se kaje

With what action inside mind
Are You here, do tell.
Not one thought can I hide;
Oh what is this torment!

Fathoming Your liila is a burden;
Like the sea, it is deep and limitless.
When I go to gauge it, I lose myself;
Consciousness is set adrift.

In case embrace You do not give,
State what You want, Game-Master.
Your wish is also my wish;
That too, don't You know it?

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Your two-way street

(2032)  Tumi jakhan ele ghum bhaunge ni

When You came, my slumber broke not;
Why did You retire?
What words You had said, I heard not;
But I know that You had smiled.

Still now on that path, on the way You had arrived,
With colored flowers blossoming, You reside...
In the beauty of hues, in the liquor of perfume,
You gave and left behind.

Still now on that path, on the way You have left,
There's not any liveliness or even beguiling dress...
On the strings of heart's lute, in hurt lyrics and tune,
I scrub with the water of eyes.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What is life in Your absence?

(2031)  Madhur madhu pranera bandhu

Honeyed sweetness, You are my darling dear;
Why are You remote, won't You speak...
Do tell me, tell me please.
On a refreshing wind, in a smiling firmament,
Oh how much I rove about, seeking!

My capability, however little it may be,
In trade, it all dances with grace and melody.
At heart of each molecule, You I'd be holding;
Yet for what reason don't You yield?

In Your absence my birth is fruitless,
Motionless, like a fish out of water.
A mountain minus its snow-bracelet,
What is this... is it not Your deceit!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

To myself I reply

(2030)  Amar kajal ankhir pare

My stibnite upon eyes,
Your shadow falls alike.
In which place, in which way, I reside,
It's as if You may not retire.

Your molecule, I am tiny;
And impurities are there.
But despite that, You, the Cosmic Repertory,
You've remained jam-packed in my psyche.

Eyes are opened by the morning sunbeams;
Love gets poured out unto Thee.
I rise on Your every beat,
Time having kept in order to please Thee.

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It seems You've come for everyone...

(2029)  Katha diye kena ele na

Word having given, why did You not arrive?
Seated in expectation of Your arrival,
Ages aplenty, they've gone floating by;
How many nights... I don't even know that.

I hear You are present within psyche;
To inner secrets You are listening.
Inside my mind, do You not reside?

Yesternight has disappeared;
Arrived has the crimson morning.
Yet this night of mine, why is it not excised?

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Monday, September 20, 2021

I just don't get that

(2028)  Ei phagune kar manovane

On this advent of spring, at whose bower of psyche,
Stealthily, oh Mind-Thief, a flower You plucked.
You then went away, taking bloom with its honey;
But the stalk You left behind, hey Callous One.

I ruminate about only Your message;
But You go on making sport, not a word You utter.
In the pulse You bring is talkativeness,
And in that is my mental chukor;[1] absorbed.

Since time out of mind You are my companion
Upon the endless path, the thread of Your love.
You having wiped my tears, it keeps me tied up;
Thus, by Your ideation I've been stunned.

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Forever in Your debt

(2027)  Tumi acho amio achi

You exist, and I too exist;
In these three worlds there is no one else.
Only You have fetched, also You have kept;
Your grace I gain in life and in death.

Only Your touch I obtain neath the daybreak's light;
Through lotus and water lily wakens only Your delight.
Inside a desert You bring bounty green and succulent,
Like a pleasant dream, coated with sweetness.

On vast blue sky You caper with a flower's fragrance;
Unbodied in psychic niche, You drift akin to a dim hint.
Like a sedate lightning Your splendid beauty grins
For cosmic mind, both without and within.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Perception and relativity

(2026)  Amar asa amar jaoya

My coming and my going
Is Your pleasure's whimsy, Dear.
Life and death, my receiving of it,
That's not worthy of Your notice.

The span of a day is long for me;
For You ten million years is scanty.
Boundless and very deep is the great sea,
But it's not even a dewdrop for Thee.

I arrive on Your current of effulgence;
I am floating, tugged by Your attraction.
Riding on Your loving stream,
Though I exist, no I is there.

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Friday, September 17, 2021

My love goes on

(2025)  Arati karite kata dekechi tomay

Many a time I've called to Thee for making greeting.
You did not arrive, Dear; do tell the reason.
Oh please say why, do tell the reason.
Arranging a welcome-tray, I have cried;
But the tears from my eyes You failed to see.

With morning flowers I have kept a garland strung,
Heart poured out in twilight's blood-red colors.
So many songs I've sung for You to hear;
But audition did not happen.

For Your listening nothing more will I speak;
Your mind does not wish my love to receive.
In a quiet psychic niche, always I'll keep tracing
A memory of Thee resplendent.

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

The sun also rises

(2024)  Amake balechilo se

To me He had said:
"In what respect should you fret;
I am here, so do not cry."
Myself He had told:
"The golden light will arrive;
It will rid all ebony;
Mind my words, and don't forget."

A line of stars in the heavens
Say they also are not helpless.
By moon's smile will get erased
Their pain and distress.

In the scorching heat of summer,
If flames be unbearable,
A southern breeze will carry
Honeyed implication.

From anybody's pinching words,
If at heart be felt a hurt,
The tune of hawk-cuckoo, essence of ambrosia,
Will remove all torment.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Somehow I aspire

(2023)  Eta duhkha diye amare

So much sorrow given me,
Your mind did it please?
Ever do I swim in tears,
My heart being squeezed.

A Trove of Grace, people say;
So why is mine another fate?
Every day a load of pain
I go out bearing for whose sake?

Kindly do You hover over everybody;
Myself only You don't see.
Even so, I'm with hope night to morning;
Could it be a mote of mercy I received?

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Surely Your word must be good

(2022)  Asbe bale giyechile cale

Saying You will come You'd vanished;
The time of Your advent did not happen.
When nigh, You had cherished;
You had said You won't forget.

Countless trees and creepers, planets and stars,
They are flooded by Your love!
Why was I set far apart;
In memory why did You not store?

Like me, how many are erased,
Anguished and sprawling in the dust?
Your mind, does their pain not penetrate;
Please say, what sort of mind is thus?

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

My logic fails, so I abstain

(2021)  Tumi kakhan kii bhave

Hey You, when and to what mind-state,
Oh my Darling, You allow embrace?
Who knows the answer, who can say!
To logic, that's unlikely, even though
He Who Grants Liberation does so time and again.

On dry ground does the lotus ever blossom?
Mentally do bumblebees sing any song?
And yet if You but want it, clouds dense and dark,
They quickly rain, and ambrosia drops.

By Your desire is our attainment;
At our wish never be it gained.
This same thirst-and-acquisition, it's been going on
For ages beyond ages in myriad fashions.

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Friday, September 10, 2021

I will reflect Your light

(2020)  Esechi tomar icchamata calite

I have come to move at Your desire;
My life's vow: While alive and when I die,
To brighten with Your light.

From its dawning is my sun's decline;
Hey Master, You have given insufficient time.
Please be kind; let the load be re-assigned...
I go on making the sunshine abide, abide.

Wealth and respect I don't crave, nor celebrity;
Please just grant me a resolute faith in Thee.
Let it be that in Your work I achieve the acme,
By the strength of Your blessing only.

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sometimes I feel abused

(2019)  Tu bhalabasis shudhu shune thaki

I keep hearing that You only love;
Why then do I see elsewise in practice?
I won't say it; those words I'll endorse no more.
I won't ignore, I won't ignore, I'll ignore no longer.

There are garlands strung, and there are floral clusters.
In my pockets are mahuwa; my basket is filled.
But I won't give to You, I won't give, I will give no longer.

Yonder the sun rises, came a dawn of many hues;
You are Whom I choose; if not to You where do I move?
When You are near, this mind of mine gambols;
Round You would be orbiting my world.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

No cause for worry

(2018)  Tumi andhar ghare jvalo alo

You spark light inside a dark dwelling;
Those afflicted, You hold dear.
With two hands away You wipe
Sin's ebony from affected bodies.

Except for You no second doer is there;
So in Your direction everybody peers!
We are with You all the time...
And You pour love eternally.

Never and nowhere is anyone solitary
When Your Varábhaya[1] perseveres.
The mountain peak goes on with head declined...
A dyed flambeau shines on me.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

It seems You are amused

(2017)  Ese hese kena cale jao balo

Why leave, having smiled after arriving, please tell me;
Don't You even look at them–
Those who hold You dear?

On earth You've scattered lustrous beauty;
Particles of sweetness You have filled up to the brim.
Through hints and winks You've gone on calling;
What for the deceptive tricks, please do speak!

You don't want to grant embrace; why then come and leave?
Having come again with light, why be tucked away in darkness?
One moment You make laugh; the next one, You make weep...
What is this lively game, please do speak!

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Monday, September 6, 2021

Don't limit the search

(2016)  Tomake khunjechilum

Yourself had I pursued
In laughter, joy, and liveliness.
But I had neglected
That also amid sorrow You get detected.

You are in the nectar of a bloom;
You are in the moonlight's moon.
You are in the petal's sweet perfume,
And You are in a cyclone's threat.

You are in nirvana's luster;
You are in a lifetime's thrills.
Upon Earth and in Heaven You've endured,
And You are in a bolt-of-lightning's fiery vexation.

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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Absent You I'm destitute

(2015)  Aloker jatrapathe

Upon light's journey,
Day and night please stay with me.
Master, I'm alone and helpless;
Two arms extending, I beseech Your mercy.

In happiness, please enter my dwelling;
Full of love, I will appease.
In my sorrow also, stay not far away;
My humble fare, it is for Your sake.
A lamp in my dark home, kindly ignite.

With You afar, in worldliness I get lost;
With You surrounding, myself I discover.
I laugh and cry, I sing Your songs;
In thoughts of You I stay absorbed.
To You I proffer a thousand prostrations.

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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Both love and grief only last so long...

(2014)  Bhalo besechile, kena balo

You had held dear;
Why, do tell please...
When to me You did not yield;
When You weren't moved by my tears.

I have kept bedecked my home,
And I've ignored both friend and foe.
Crying I've been struck by sorrow,
But the night did vanish.

Finally the flower molted;
Tears mingled with the wind.
Grief adrift on firmament,
It was defeated.

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Friday, September 3, 2021

You set me free

(2013)  Aji path bhule tumi ke ele

Losing Your way today, oh Who came
Amid the mind, giving a shake?
You cast away both fear and shame.

Why did You come without a hint,
To be prepared did not permit?
I failed to keep a lantern lit;
But You brought light to darkness.

Lest You say that You have cherished,
Why then have You stayed afar?
And why have You kept me apart...
Does anybody call that fondness?

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Why did You go away?

(2012)  Ami tomay bhalo besechilum, mor pane phire cao ni

I had cherished Thee,
But You looked not at me afresh.
Mistakes I'd made deliberately,
But still today that love I did not forget.

Oh why had You entered my psyche?
Fathoming the agony, mind You'd commandeered.
After flooding my whole being,
You departed far away and never reappeared.

Inside of my petals, any honey that had been,
It dwelt within Your lively contemplation.
You withdrew, and in drops nectar got shed;
Ever since I found that not returning.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Open your eyes

(2011)  Tumi priya amar amio tomar

You are my love, I'm also Yours;
In many rhythms I dance to Your nature.
I am on life's riverbank with gloom and light-beams;
Through a series of waves I behold with feelings.

On the journey constantly You give inspiration;
You never neglect to furnish work's impetus.
And when I've been forgetting You, stricken by tears,
With a honeyed wine You dismantle lethargy.

Inside of You there's no place for narrowness;
Intrinsic to You I find an all-combining ideation.
As to brains wracked by pain amid gem-studded beauty,
You make them overflowing with a bright festivity.

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