Friday, September 17, 2021

My love goes on

(2025)  Arati karite kata dekechi tomay

Many a time I've called to Thee for making greeting.
You did not arrive, Dear; do tell the reason.
Oh please say why, do tell the reason.
Arranging a welcome-tray, I have cried;
But the tears from my eyes You failed to see.

With morning flowers I have kept a garland strung,
Heart poured out in twilight's blood-red colors.
So many songs I've sung for You to hear;
But audition did not happen.

For Your listening nothing more will I speak;
Your mind does not wish my love to receive.
In a quiet psychic niche, always I'll keep tracing
A memory of Thee resplendent.

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  1. If my love I cannot give to Thee, then I will store it in me.