Monday, August 31, 2020

Boosting a desire for collective life

(1688)  Rudra tomar visana bejeche

Rudra,[1] Your horn has resounded,
With the tunes of nor'westers.
Narrow-minded thoughts, where have they drifted off,
Amid frightful cyclone's roar?

Neath a sheet of dust is the greenery;
Lost has got its glossy subtlety.
All sweetness is become obsolete;
In lamentation, bamboo groves weep.

There is no more staying idly preoccupied,
No more scope for futile waste of time.
By the boon of Rudra, all of you, come on alike,
Vying with the Stormgod's ire.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

What a bizarre tune...

(1687)  Pathik tumi gan geye jao

Pilgrim, the song You continue singing...
To what tune, tell me please.
Beacon upon gloom extreme,
Lit for whom, do You keep?

You dwell both in tempo and in beat...
Generation-Operation-Destruction concurrently.
The whole cosmos, with great ease,
In Your playhouse You make leap gleefully.

Light mid that which cannot be described,
On a lamp-wick You ignite.
By that very luster, wrong and right,
Earth, she falls into a spider's web of sorcery.

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If You would but speak

(1686)  Ratri dine mane mane

Night and day inwardly,
I think about You when I'm lonely.
Not a word do You speak, hey my Deity;
Nonetheless, on You I muse absentmindedly.

Without You as mine, who else would there be
Eternally in the midst of this same street?
Perhaps You don't grasp my inner-spirit's story;
Yet with me every minute You are there.

On this same pathway of the light
In rhythm and song You have bided, my Dear.
Through each rise and fall of life,
You have stayed to the last gasp, resounding.

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Friday, August 28, 2020

One thing I just can't say

(1685)  Adrir majhe tumi himagiri

Amid mountains, You are the Himalaya;
Amid blooms, the amaranth.[1]
Within hearts, upon the soul's veena,
Its strings You do pluck.

Repeatedly I am coming, Yourself I am holding dear;
But only revolving near, heart's content I've not achieved.
This time You've arrived, You have brought love's merchandise;
Do remain along with me, day and night.

Among loved ones, You are everyone's most dear;
Among those intimate, You are the Most Near.
What You are, it's hard to speak with language;
Please accept one hundred meek salutations.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

My life You imbue

(1684)  Nabhoniilimay madhu sandhyay

On a honeyed evening, across the blue sky,
Who did distribute the luster of light?
I don't recognize You, although heart desires;
Mentality You painted bright.

Endless is Your glory;
Your greatness surpasses boundary.
Your likeness fades into eternity;
Ignoring sin and virtue, You came down here.

No place exists where You aren't there;
There is no thought that You don't think.
As if by Your blessing it might stay replete,
Each moment the mind is contemplating Thee.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

He makes me, He shapes me

(1683)  Sundara prabhu vishvatiita vibhu

Beautiful Master, divinity transcendent,
You are the source of boundless luster.
Unimaginable, mind-enticing storehouse of all knowledge,
You are the singular elixir of essence.

Having neglected You I exist... forgetting not, I proceed;
Having gazed at You I exist... attaining not, I receive.
No matter where I come or go, I live on inside You only;
You are the shaper of each and everybody.

Besides You, there is not any second entity;
Body and life You are filling, and You fill my psyche.
Even when nothing had been, still You were there;
Surpassing time, You are the shoreless sea.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Oh wow

(1682)  Vasanteri agamane, dhara nava saje sejeche

On the advent of Spring,
Earth has dressed in new clothing.
The world of living beings
Has been filled with gladness, hue, and beauty.

Oh Sculptor, having appeared before me,
Eye-opening and smiling sweetly,
In Your fascinating garb, see fit to tarry;
Mid the world, let me embrace Thee.

Hey King of Kings, You know how to play;
Though full of love, why make me cry today?
Enter a heart that's shy, hey Lord Without Shame;
Kindly arrive with cadence and dance.

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A devotee's complaint

(1681)  Prati palake pale pale

At each instant, every moment,
You have built, then demolished; what a liila!
Within flashes upon flashes,
You dance on; wondrous is Your style of movement!

Only for the sake of wrecking,
Do You make, knowingly?
You are playing inattentively
Sitting perpetually, unaccompanied.

Do You hear the words of another?
Not someone in the three worlds!
Had You but listened to that person,
You'd be decked out with a lasting love-girdle.

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

To Your beat I sing

(1680)  Tumi chande chande ele priyatama

My Dearest, in many rhythms You arrived,
Seeming like the honey from Paradise.
My multi-scented, restless life
Was touched by sandalwood unrivaled.

The heavenly, elysian river dances
All around You, with different forms and ornaments.
You appeared, bringing heaven's sweetness...
What nectar irresistible did You dispense?

Without You the full moon is bedimmed;
While filled with You, Earth exudes sweetness.
You exist; hence, the whole world exists...
Before You I genuflect, Essence of Essence.

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Now that He has arrived

(1679)  Vasanteri agamane, shakhay shakhay phul phuteche aj

With the Spring's arrival,
Flowers have now bloomed on every branch.
In the mind's private garden,
After contemplating Him, why do I get abashed?

Nectar had been plastered on my petals,
Covering the shame-and-fear based flaw.
But watchful waiting for eons was over;
Fruitful now was all of my labor.

I don't want Him to carry on outside of me;
I prefer to keep Him held inside of psyche.
My fear is that on some day suddenly,
He may forget me, oh the King of Kings.

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Ode of a woodland doe

(1678)  Nrtyeri chande ke ele

In dance cadence Who arrived?
Won't You tell me; kindly say.
Cymbals play at shrine of mind;
For Whose sake that homage is paid?

On silent feet You appeared at core of psyche;
Secretly having come, a seat in mind You took.
You made ring the anklets of tranquility;
But for whom You make liila, that's not understood...
No, it's not understood.

Fickle are the notions of a woodland doe,
But my song on forest trail is surging.
Reverie is effusive upon psyche's road...
Eyes bright, oh the eyes are smiling.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sweet and juicy

(1677)  Nece nece jay mukhapane cay

He proceeds, dancing, dancing... at the face he peers;
Do say what's the reason there is nothing in return...
Pray tell, what's the reason?
The mind he entices, but no word he utters;
In loveliness and amity, he is always lively.

Not a thing does he fancy;
A heart overflowing, he has been dispensing.
Constantly, with love-interest heart is filled;
At the fragrance, ever it gets restless.

There is nothing that he mentions;
He has kept on infusing an unspoken ideation.
Thought and its transcendence, only twixt the two he is,
With a juicy sweetness, intuition's blue lotus.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

One day He will yield

(1676)  Madhura chande mohananande

With cadence sweet and glee infatuating,
On a mild breeze, today You appeared.
At mind's cave, with hue and form and melody,
Good gracious, You bestowed such swooning!

The One at Whose arrival path I had been staring,
Came that Migrant; and now heart is brimming.
Annihilating ebon gloom from a bygone age,
On a trifling mind colors bright You did paint.

So it happened, my path-gazing was redeemed;
Upon ideation yearning of eyes went a-floating.
You did yield to transcendental thought and beauty,
Oh the Sea of Happiness, billowing.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Autumn white

(1675)  Sharateri shubhra shuci

Autumn's white is undefiled,
Just like a night that's bright.
Setting all aside, please do come,
Into the core of my churned heart;
And blend it with Your sweetness.

Beneath the light of moon You smile,
And on the perfume of a bloom You ride.
With the warmth of an ardent life,
Remove even a trace of lassitude.

Inside of You every little thing is stored;
That I know, I realize, hey All-Embracing One.
Only with You is my world;
You are both its origin and its conclusion.

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Monday, August 17, 2020

It's the deal of eternity

(1674)  Nibhrta manamukure

On my solitary looking glass of mind,
Yourself I have spied
Through the dense gloom of a new-moon night.

In love with You am I;
On account of You I laugh, I cry.
For Your sake, ardent heart does fly
To some far-away celestial site.

On the inside of the mind You are there;
You have filled the mind with sentiment and beauty.
Thus You have appropriated my everything;
In exchange You have given Yourself to me.

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

No cause for vanity

(1673)  Megher gaye raun dhareche

On cloud's body color has fastened;
Can this be the sun's affection!
Dewdrop, having sparkled,
Rises now, bringing what?

In the bloom a fragrance is present;
Not its own, the blossom has fathomed.
He Who has infused that sweet scent,
Let it be known, to Him goes the credit.

In breast, the honey that today is laden;
Mid a cosmic assemblage, it is self-sufficient.
By His attributes made full,
Song of Him only is heard.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Opposite

(1672)  Chande chariye dile pran priyatama

Dearest, with cadence life You versified;
You filled song with linguistic style.
The air and sky, with expectation You made bright;
Halloo the Great, mistake You did vaporize.

Amid naught existing, You brought everything;
The vacuum in space, You made it replete.
With gala of light and the wine of living,
You conferred Your grand feat.

Upon the earth, mute and inarticulate,
You filled its throat with music.
The sorrow of non-existence got dismissed;
Came a lasting flood of just bliss!

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Friday, August 14, 2020

How could You go; why did You leave?

(1671)  Arunacale ke go ele

O'er purple mountain,[1] oh Who did appear?
My heart and mind You took and conquered.
With no warning You departed;
Doing so, for what reason did You make me weep?

I was not knowing how much You are dear,
Such love, so alluring.
Yourself I got near and to heart's content received;
The lamp of life You kept on igniting.

What comes, that goes; the rule is this only.
I was understanding that You alone are its anomaly.
Even though I did not know that You also were before me,
I was knowing You went on, forever in my company.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Was it really so dark?

(1670)  Andhar paravarer shese

At end of the dark and gloomy sea,
Dressed in light, You did yield.
In a recess of the mind, in complete privacy,
You are brimming inside all that I've received.

Nothing did You ask from somebody else;
All that there is belongs to You already.
Amid the luster of a hundred gems,
You reside, exuding beauty.

Nectar of flowers, moon of full-moon days...
You alone are sweetheart to each and everything.
Secluded are You in vain;
The Earth is overflowing.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What do You receive?

(1669)  Vishvaliila racana kare

Having made the Cosmic Game,
In what web did You get snared!
Everybody, in the same sandcastle You produced,
Ceaselessly they dance around You.

There's no restful intermission;
Earth and sea, wind and sky, they are calling.
Within galaxies and constellations,
Ideation goes on floating, kissing Your feet.

In surroundings filled with floral resin,
Hoping for nectar only, comes a bumblebee.
With what expectation for it,
Did You stoop unto the mortal sphere?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Why are we so lonely?

(1668)  Priya tumi priya tumi priya tumi

You are dear, You are dear, You are dear;
Kindly abide, surrounding me.
Your touch, sweet and syrupy,
Its subtlety makes me replete.

In Eden what's the reason You are lonely?
At a moonlit home the full moon goes on crying.
Deep in Your psyche is a lonesome peacock cry;
There is no one on all sides.

No one else is there for me,
To mop the tears of my misery.
You are cosmic quintessence;
For Yourself everybody yearns.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Hidden by a storm

(1667)  Bahire bahiche jhar

Outside blowing is a cyclone.
When He did show,
A floral touch was piercing soul;
But Him I did not know...
Why does He like so?
He took me and made His own.

Hurricane speeds rapidly, unrestrained;
Lightning goes on flashing to a storm's refrain.
Into my ear, privately He did say:
"Filled with song, be most brave";
And on my throat, His sweetness was sprayed.

The storm has abated, blows a gentle breeze;
Still, the same memory springs to mind constantly.
He has gone to a very distant country,
Garbed as love's deputy;
He left, taking with Him heart-core's speech.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Angel on high come nigh

(1666)  Phuler vane parii elo

A sprite entered the flower grove;
What on earth for, no one knows!
Having doled out nectar to the bosom of a blossom,
Inside both ears, privately he whispered.

Floral dust, having wafted, having drifted,
It got scattered on the remote firmament.
The world atomic, it got blended
With the vast pulse macrocosmic.

Petals of assorted colors,
Light's lantern let them be kindled.
In the mortal realm the sun arrived
With the ninth paradise.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

He made us sing

(1665)  Kon arunodaye mathita hrdaye

On some sunrise inside a crushed heart,
You had arrived, oh Luminous One.
Dispelling darkness and instilling rhythm,
Fear-delusion You consigned to oblivion.

I know not from which odd place You hail,
But on the weak I do allow You showered grace.
Mindstream to abate, You did not tolerate;
Having sung, it proceeds... that triumph is Yours only.

Abiding Friend, You made what's remote near;
In an atom, You mingled the seven seas.
The unknown path's ally unique,
You are my constant companion, hey Insight Embodied.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Do I need to remind You?

(1664)  Kane kane gane gane

Privately, through one song after another,
You did tell: "I'll arrive; rest assured...
Keep Me in mind; Myself do remember."
Lo, You did not appear, oh my Heart-Robber;
The promise did not survive, please do consider;
Just one time, kindly think about it.

In the forest-fire of my woods,
I am like the sappy trees that burn,
Like dry stones, all tears having wept.
Don't You ever think of them?

To which realm have You gone and stayed?
You've disdained all my heart's pain.
On oblivion's landscape,
Whose live-portrait do You paint?

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Love won't wait

(1663)  Candanavarna

Is the love that had spread wing.
A sweetness naked,
And yet gone off alone has she.

Where I gaze in the boundless heavens,
That crane I just fail to see.
She is limitless and filled with beauty,
Coated with resounding sweetness.

Even now that one past tells a tale,
Her eagerness, beyond imagination.
She is angelic, that love-in-a-puff;[1]
With reason she does not get veiled.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My only insecurity

(1662)  Eso aloke prati palake

Each moment please arrive in splendor;
Sweetness-coated enter psyche's arbor.
Come into this worldly realm of form,
And appear every instant inside thought.

You are the Dear most near,
Like unto the coastline of a stream.
In bower after bower are hearts aplenty...
On Your song, honeybees in speech.

It is said there's no end to Your story;
You alone are the God of Love embodied.
At tip of Your feet, this is my earnest plea:
Do stay, in each breath resounding.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

So now I dance in plain sight

(1661)  Niilakashe niiharika

A nebula on blue sky,
Sandal-coated and star-lined,
With Your lamp-black etched on eyes,
At no time alone am I.

Outside and in, as one they have become;
The peacock of psyche, its wings have opened up.
With fantail aquiver in converse sweetly pleasant,
Peacock-notes rise afloat on the enchanting raga.

Latch unbarred, it has come outdoors...
It was weeping, having been home-imprisoned.
Oh, the blossom that has gained Your touch;
Its nectar, does it ever remain hidden?

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Higher and higher

(1660)  Sagarbelay madhumekhalay

On bank of the sea with a honeyed girdle,
You did rock me in a love-filled cradle.
From Yourself to me there's a gentle breeze;
You have made it flow with a hymnal melody.

Bright that night thoroughly soppy–
A shining fleck of moonlight was there.
Privately, filling up the depths of psyche,
Was a coming-and-going of the honeybee.
You and I, for not a moment do we tarry;
We have risen to the stronghold of an unknown melody.

With expression unimpeded on a sky that's free,
In both heart and mind floats that sweet memory.
Still today I am here, and always You abide graciously;
Love's flower blossoms at each and every tier.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

He pleases us, and we please Him

(1659)  Sundar tumi manohar

Beautiful, You are psyche-captivating;
The bright smile on a black-bee colony.
Only on account of You, the heart is replete;
I am full of jubilation overflowing.

South wind blows by Your thought;
And by Your kindness my heart's full of nectar.
With Your implication, with Your inspiration,
Sky is overspread by the glory of love.

With flower-fragrance, heaven craves sweetness,
Etched on eyes and on the far blue firmament.
Floating off, psychic pollen sets out adrift;
Not a bit of scope is there for it to idle.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

My Nearest and Dearest

(1658)  Tomari tare hrdaya bhare

For the sake of You only my heart is full;
Painstakingly, I am saving nectar.
Do come close, come into the heart's core,
My existence having stuffed with melody galore.

Outside blows a mild southern breeze;
But deep, deep inside of me, the heart does weep.
Oh You, the avatar of liila and rhythmic beat,
You permit me to be ringed by a sea of beauty!

You are shining, You are throbbing;
Also taking my conceit, Yours You do make me.
A speck of Your mercy, its kindness and subtlety,
Has been infused in my particles, tier after tier.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

My Muse and Music's Avatar

(1657)  Marma bhare hrdaypure

Filling the core in realm of heart,
A song You've sung, Anthem's Avatar.
Having rent the darkness of ages,
You did come, Avatar of Rhythm.

The song wafts along a path unseen
To somewhere far-away on a light-stream,
With humming of a mental veena
In a form-free strain, Avatar of Resonance.

To the tune of molecules and atoms,
Your hymn, life it does fill;
In the gloom of a stone prison
Is the lantern of You, Avatar of Splendor.

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