Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Why are we so lonely?

(1668)  Priya tumi priya tumi priya tumi

You are dear, You are dear, You are dear;
Kindly abide, surrounding me.
Your touch, sweet and syrupy,
Its subtlety makes me replete.

In Eden what's the reason You are lonely?
At a moonlit home the full moon goes on crying.
Deep in Your psyche is a lonesome peacock cry;
There is no one on all sides.

No one else is there for me,
To mop the tears of my misery.
You are cosmic quintessence;
For Yourself everybody yearns.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Hidden by a storm

(1667)  Bahire bahiche jhar

Outside blowing is a cyclone.
When He did show,
A floral touch was piercing soul;
But Him I did not know...
Why does He like so?
He took me and made His own.

Hurricane speeds rapidly, unrestrained;
Lightning goes on flashing to a storm's refrain.
Into my ear, privately He did say:
"Filled with song, be most brave";
And on my throat, His sweetness was sprayed.

The storm has abated, blows a gentle breeze;
Still, the same memory springs to mind constantly.
He has gone to a very distant country,
Garbed as love's deputy;
He left, taking with Him heart-core's speech.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Angel on high come nigh

(1666)  Phuler vane parii elo

A sprite entered the flower grove;
What on earth for, no one knows!
Having doled out nectar to the bosom of a blossom,
Inside both ears, privately he whispered.

Floral dust, having wafted, having drifted,
It got scattered on the remote firmament.
The world atomic, it got blended
With the vast pulse macrocosmic.

Petals of assorted colors,
Light's lantern let them be kindled.
In the mortal realm the sun arrived
With the ninth paradise.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

He made us sing

(1665)  Kon arunodaye mathita hrdaye

On some sunrise inside a crushed heart,
You had arrived, oh Luminous One.
Dispelling darkness and instilling rhythm,
Fear-delusion You consigned to oblivion.

I know not from which odd place You hail,
But on the weak I do allow You showered grace.
Mindstream to abate, You did not tolerate;
Having sung, it proceeds... that triumph is Yours only.

Abiding Friend, You made what's remote near;
In an atom, You mingled the seven seas.
The unknown path's ally unique,
You are my constant companion, hey Insight Embodied.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Do I need to remind You?

(1664)  Kane kane gane gane

Privately, through one song after another,
You did tell: "I'll arrive; rest assured...
Keep Me in mind; Myself do remember."
Lo, You did not appear, oh my Heart-Robber;
The promise did not survive, please do consider;
Just one time, kindly think about it.

In the forest-fire of my woods,
I am like the sappy trees that burn,
Like dry stones, all tears having wept.
Don't You ever think of them?

To which realm have You gone and stayed?
You've disdained all my heart's pain.
On oblivion's landscape,
Whose live-portrait do You paint?

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Love won't wait

(1663)  Candanavarna

Is the love that had spread wing.
A sweetness naked,
And yet gone off alone has she.

Where I gaze in the boundless heavens,
That crane I just fail to see.
She is limitless and filled with beauty,
Coated with resounding sweetness.

Even now that one past tells a tale,
Her eagerness, beyond imagination.
She is angelic, that love-in-a-puff;[1]
With reason she does not get veiled.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My only insecurity

(1662)  Eso aloke prati palake

Each moment please arrive in splendor;
Sweetness-coated enter psyche's arbor.
Come into this worldly realm of form,
And appear every instant inside thought.

You are the Dear most near,
Like unto the coastline of a stream.
In bower after bower are hearts aplenty...
On Your song, honeybees in speech.

It is said there's no end to Your story;
You alone are the God of Love embodied.
At tip of Your feet, this is my earnest plea:
Do stay, in each breath resounding.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

So now I dance in plain sight

(1661)  Niilakashe niiharika

A nebula on blue sky,
Sandal-coated and star-lined,
With Your lamp-black etched on eyes,
At no time alone am I.

Outside and in, as one they have become;
The peacock of psyche, its wings have opened up.
With fantail aquiver in converse sweetly pleasant,
Peacock-notes rise afloat on the enchanting raga.

Latch unbarred, it has come outdoors...
It was weeping, having been home-imprisoned.
Oh, the blossom that has gained Your touch;
Its nectar, does it ever remain hidden?

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Higher and higher

(1660)  Sagarbelay madhumekhalay

On bank of the sea with a honeyed girdle,
You did rock me in a love-filled cradle.
From Yourself to me there's a gentle breeze;
You have made it flow with a hymnal melody.

Bright that night thoroughly soppy–
A shining fleck of moonlight was there.
Privately, filling up the depths of psyche,
Was a coming-and-going of the honeybee.
You and I, for not a moment do we tarry;
We have risen to the stronghold of an unknown melody.

With expression unimpeded on a sky that's free,
In both heart and mind floats that sweet memory.
Still today I am here, and always You abide graciously;
Love's flower blossoms at each and every tier.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

He pleases us, and we please Him

(1659)  Sundar tumi manohar

Beautiful, You are psyche-captivating;
The bright smile on a black-bee colony.
Only on account of You, the heart is replete;
I am full of jubilation overflowing.

South wind blows by Your thought;
And by Your kindness my heart's full of nectar.
With Your implication, with Your inspiration,
Sky is overspread by the glory of love.

With flower-fragrance, heaven craves sweetness,
Etched on eyes and on the far blue firmament.
Floating off, psychic pollen sets out adrift;
Not a bit of scope is there for it to idle.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

My Nearest and Dearest

(1658)  Tomari tare hrdaya bhare

For the sake of You only my heart is full;
Painstakingly, I am saving nectar.
Do come close, come into the heart's core,
My existence having stuffed with melody galore.

Outside blows a mild southern breeze;
But deep, deep inside of me, the heart does weep.
Oh You, the avatar of liila and rhythmic beat,
You permit me to be ringed by a sea of beauty!

You are shining, You are throbbing;
Also taking my conceit, Yours You do make me.
A speck of Your mercy, its kindness and subtlety,
Has been infused in my particles, tier after tier.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

My Muse and Music's Avatar

(1657)  Marma bhare hrdaypure

Filling the core in realm of heart,
A song You've sung, Anthem's Avatar.
Having rent the darkness of ages,
You did come, Avatar of Rhythm.

The song wafts along a path unseen
To somewhere far-away on a light-stream,
With humming of a mental veena
In a form-free strain, Avatar of Resonance.

To the tune of molecules and atoms,
Your hymn, life it does fill;
In the gloom of a stone prison
Is the lantern of You, Avatar of Splendor.

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