Sunday, August 2, 2020

My Nearest and Dearest

(1658)  Tomari tare hrdaya bhare

For the sake of You only my heart is full;
Painstakingly, I am saving nectar.
Do come close, come into the heart's core,
My existence having stuffed with melody galore.

Outside blows a mild southern breeze;
But deep, deep inside of me, the heart does weep.
Oh You, the avatar of liila and rhythmic beat,
You permit me to be ringed by a sea of beauty!

You are shining, You are throbbing;
Also taking my conceit, Yours You do make me.
A speck of Your mercy, its kindness and subtlety,
Has been infused in my particles, tier after tier.

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  1. Though He is nearer than near, sometimes His beauty I don't see, His presence I don't feel. And so my heart remains full, never gets emptied.