Saturday, August 22, 2020

Now that He has arrived

(1679)  Vasanteri agamane, shakhay shakhay phul phuteche aj

With the Spring's arrival,
Flowers have now bloomed on every branch.
In the mind's private garden,
After contemplating Him, why do I get abashed?

Nectar had been plastered on my petals,
Covering the shame-and-fear based flaw.
But watchful waiting for eons was over;
Fruitful now was all of my labor.

I don't want Him to carry on outside of me;
I prefer to keep Him held inside of psyche.
My fear is that on some day suddenly,
He may forget me, oh the King of Kings.

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  1. My longing only grows. Now I find that I've one shameful, fear-based desire.