Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Divine dispensation

(2472)  Kache eso jeo na dure

Come close, faraway don't leave;
Stay, having filled my psyche.
You're the jeweled luster of the seven worlds;
Into darkness please do not recede.

I know that in my mind is a vast ignorance;
It has no capacity for sadhana.
On Your compassion is my reliance,
The polestar in darkness gloomy.

Logically, there is naught that I can wish for;
But compassion, there's no bar to implore.
Ages upon ages, it's my fervent aspiration;
Drench me please in mercy's tears.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

No uncertain offering

(2471)  Tomar tare ami

I am for the sake of Thee;
Life have I given.
May You kindly receive
This my paltry contribution.

By the morning sunbeams
I contemplate You only...
On eastern sky I see:
Depicted is Your painting;
In our colors, mine and Yours,
Is the song they sing in concert.

When the sun gets submerged
Under twilight's ocean,
On just its hue blood-red
The mind, it dances ahead...
To the cosmic beat my meter
I unite, wounded pride forgotten.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

My sweet Darling

(2470)  Esechile mane kon se phagune

When You'd come to mind, in which Phagun was it?
I've forgot its precise date.
All that I recall is with sweet lips:
"I'm your guest", You did say.

Knowing a specific date is no prerequisite;
In just Your thought is the whole requirement.
Stay with me, both life and death within;
Exuding honey[1] night and day.

Master, though Your home is time-transcendent,
Over and over You appear, time-defeated.
In a bone-dry heart, You are nectar's essence;
And hence I keep on singing Your lay.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

One is enough...

(2469)  Ei ucchala unmada vay

Upon this same pervasive, insane wind,
Unto someplace unknown the mind drifts.
The chains of home it wants to strip off,
Having loved a far, azure tint.

There are no rigid practices–
No tardiness, no swiftness.
Tears of sorrow are not shed;
Free mind is lost within the Infinite.

What occurred, I cannot comprehend;
I do not know who came, who went.
In trade for everybody, with the One along,
I'm absorbed in just that One in private.

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

I owe You, I worship You

(2468)  Vishvadhip vishvambhar

Cosmic Proprietor, Cosmic Sustainer,
What song of Thy praise shall I sing?
Through Your jingling tune and divine pulse,
Brightly Your glory is revealed.

The first day when I've set forth,
Along Your path ahead I've gone.
That very day, hey Master, Lord of the Cosmos,
I've obtained a place at Your feet.

But for You is there another who's my own,
Who'll manage to grasp torment's load?
Only You do I know, only You do I adore;
Freedom's bath is by Your mercy.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

The time has come

(2467)  Ei aloker utsave

At this light's festivity,
Mid this flower-studded beauty,
In new form I found Thee,
Dressed today in novelty.

Nobody is unholy or ominous;
Voice I join in voice of all.
I go forth with all as one;
Sounding are the drums of victory.

Oh the sole, one Consciousness,
You get rid of dusky sin.
In a foolish human bring out sense;
With dance-cadence rouse from sleep.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Can I not still love Thee?

(2466)  Bujhite jadi na pari tomare

Though I cannot fathom You,
What's the harm to love?
I can't know with puny wisdom;
To approach, what obstruction?

You are the vast ocean, I am just a bubble;
You are the mass of water, I am a red lotus
With heart and mind hemmed by set borders–
Hence I ask undeserved compassion.

You are the forest fire, I am a spark;
You are the lofty mountain, I am but gravel
With atomic sadness and atomic happiness–
Without Your wanting it, I stay absorbed.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Now that I'm awake

(2465)  Varsar rate tumi esechile

On a rainy night, You had entered;
Sound asleep, I was senseless.
Stealthily You came in;
I could not know it then.

More quiet than the night You were;
Toward me, eyes open, You had looked.
With light and thunder, sleep You'd shattered;
Myself You made sentient.

Hey dear Guide for whole of life,
Graciously unto light's holy site,
Hold my hand and kindly squire;
Stay with me constantly, every moment.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

My life revolves around You

(2464)  Bhalabaso ki na jani na, tomay bhalabasi ami

If You love me, I know not;
Yourself I hold dear.
Because of You tears drop;
I smile for You only.

In the hue of morning sun, it's You that I see;
On twilight's reddish glow the luster I smear.
Lacking rhythm is life's veena,
When I start forgetting Thee.

Near or far, anywhere You abide;
Don't stay paying me no mind.
Keep a watch, harsh or mild,
Heaps of gloom eradicating.

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Blinded by selfishness

(2463)  Mor pane ankhi melecho

In my direction eyes You have spread;
Like a champak garden, at depths of psyche
You have suffused fragrance.

In extreme darkness I was sound asleep;
I could not think about the morning's sunbeams.
Light You poured out at my dwelling
Inside life, You've infused sweetness.

Nothing except my own self did I consider;
Controlled by attachments, I lacked consciousness.
With personal troubles I have filled the world,
But my delusion You have dispelled.

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Love's swing

(2462)  Tumi je esecho, maneri mukule

You've arrived
In the bud of my psyche.
You've been filling with a smile;
Sweetness You bequeathed.

In the manner I have wanted,
Just like that I have gotten.
You came, overflowing
On both banks of the stream.

I know You don't make mere visits,
But that's not the feeling I get.
So when I sense that You're nearby,
The mind spreads wing with glee.

I am in love, the reason I know not;
Love, it is my sadhana.
To bind through logic I cannot;
So intellect expended I let it be.

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Sunday, November 20, 2022


(2461)  Kona mana mane na mor ankhi

My eyes obey no constraint;
Always to see Him they do crave.
At a cave or on a hill, outside or in,
Filling mental depths I save.

By day's luster and night's darkness,
In all bad and good of the universe,
His alone, the light and shade; His alone, the playful Maya,
Coating with just His sweet grace.

As much as was my shame and fear,
Everything He took along, emptying.
What occurred I fathom not, all got lost in the One,
Draping the entirety with the One's lightrays.

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

At the point of suffocation

(2460)  Mor kabariir mala shukiyeche

The garland of my chignon has withered;
Throat's song has halted.
Weeping this evening,
Mind simply prays for Your kindness.

Just one time please reply: "Have no fear:
With you I have been, I will be perpetually."
I am lost, oh I am lost– this fear I receive;
Hope's light, it is getting stifled.

Notwithstanding, I'll not ever be held back;
On Your thought I get power, Master.
Now about to die out is that hope's lamp;
In it has come ghee and wick.

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Friday, November 18, 2022


(2459)  Tomay amay dekha halo

Between us a viewing was
At the sea of darkness.
You let loose light's ocean
Upon that great blindness.

I was understanding nothing;
Far apart I had kept Thee.
By four walls was I ringed,
In my own prison cell.

Jail-broke and brought outdoors,
You took me, nearby drawn.
With all vain conceit cast off,
Myself You possessed.

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Lost in thought

(2458)  Ei sandhyamalatiir gandhe

On this same twilight-jasmine scent,
The mind, it goes a-sailing,
Sails off to some distant realm
In many a dance beat, and in cadence
With frisky ankle-bells.

In my throat is Your name and song;
Ignoring lethargy, onward life has gone.
Thinking only of Your great contribution,
What did I become, through me what did You beget?

Love I know and I perceive;
Before affection I'm acknowledging defeat.
Except for You, I've forgotten everything,
Upon Your sweet veena's jingle.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Take me out of here

(2457)  Eso smita mukhe mor ghare

Come with smiling face to my dwelling,
All the dark dispelling.
Come with song like fresh leaf in the arbor of my psyche,
Wiping off affliction's tears.

At my home the darkness that's amassed there,
It cannot be rid by a luminescence worldly.
Sunk am I inside a prison very gloomy;
You please fill with splendid beauty.

Except for You, oh Darling, I call whom else;
Who has remained my own true self?
You are the gist of my existence;
Break the blind-infatuation-sleep.

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Monday, November 14, 2022

When night turns bright

(2456)  Andhar pather saungii tumi

You are a gloomy path's ally–
In wretched heart, hope's song,
Hope's song.
Musing on You mid life's festivities,
Ample falls light's flood.

Upon the lower lip a sweet smile,
A fair night's heap of moonlight–
In blue sky with a gentle breeze,
Full is Your contribution.

What I do and don't imagine,
What I do and do not notice,
Amid all is Your compassion,
Showing as affection.

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Knowing that You're with me

(2455)  Ami tomar name tomar gane

I, with Your name and with Your song,
A life will I complete.
Staying engaged in Your chores,
I will fill up psyche.

Coming and going is world's custom,
Along with remains Your love.
Always moving on Your course,
I'll obtain You only.

Wherever You bide, near or far,
Beneath eyes myself do guard.
Fetching You by pull of heart,
A song for You I'll sing.

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Restoring what's been lost in plenitude

(2454)  Mandrita meghe uthechinu jege

Roused by rumbling clouds I had risen;
Darling, in new form Yourself I witnessed.
You are tinted with propitious color,
Throbbing like a fragrant kadam.

A stream heavenly You are diffusing;
Rugged desert You've made green.
Lifeless existence You are packing with vitality,
Infusing sense of consciousness into matter.

Summer's flame You are removing;
Dwindled river You have made replete.
With juice a sapless earth You're filling;
Darkness You are ridding with hope's lantern.

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Open my eyes

(2453)  Agun jvalale kimshuka vane

Fire You lit in a forest of teak.
A forest fire entered mind;
Through songs it brightened psyche.

By color's wine, the mind's been frenzied,
With color the world has gotten filled.
Into my hue, the hues of Thee
I will mix constantly.

Affixed to the universe is a game of color;
In color the self of all gets lost.
A balloon goes sailing
Toward the sky of psyche;
Hope's lamp keeps burning
Along with that same zeppelin.

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Come what may

(2452)  Tomar panei jabo ami

Only toward You, advance will I;
I will advance, oh I'll proceed.
Any restriction I won't heed;
All hurdles will I overleap.

A very tall mountain peak,
A bottomless pit of sea,
Dread having met yet pausing not,
To the fore will I proceed.

Any that praises or reviles,
Whoever sings hymn of attachment blind–
Within my ear naught having brought,
At the objective will I reach.
All love and heart-song mine,
I will accord to Thee.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

A moment please spare

(2451)  Kata kleshe achi vedana sayechi

I am in such pain, agony have I endured;
Don't You know it, don't You see?
In the mental mansion if hidden You had been,
Then You're not deaf; why don't You hear?

A hundred hundred times have I called unto You
With tears of pain in fortune and misfortune.
You cast a glance not back, spoke not a word;
I don't grasp: what's this Your methodology!

Riding on light's chariot at speed just meteoric,
With a vital flurry You keep racing forward.
Solitary, I am here, at a far distance;
In both light and shadow is my coming and going.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

When form was introduced

(2450)  Arup kothay chile

Formless, where had You been?
When You came down, in form You appeared.
By song, the world You frenzied;
In sound a cadence You did bring.

Neither had there been a summer nor a monsoon;
There had been no autumn with succulent dew.
There had been no one to speak to, no refuge;
Time-transcending, You had been asleep.

Prewinter, winter, and spring, some person
Was not rousing waves at the heart's core.
Anyone, by touch of hand happily,
Wasn't playing a lute with tune and beat.

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Life of my life

(2449)  Tumi amar praner pradiip

You are the lamplight of my vital spirit,
Rhythmic flow of song,
A flow of song.
Lord, on the path I don't get lost;
For You are my polestar.

The throat, when speech it lacks,
With melody Your song drives mad.
Even in a dormant mind, You are pervasive,
Always vigilant, sleep defeated.

Blended are mental state, language, and melody
In presence of Your reddish feet.
I hear the sound of just their anklets,
Shattering the prison of inertia.

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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Your liila

(2448)  Surabhi bhara ei sandhyay

On this evening, fragrance filled,
What says the bamboo forest?
The verdure sails off on dark magic,
With a semblance sweetness-coated.

With the moon clouds play a game of hide-and-seek;
Upon the blue of immense sky, new comity's pervading.
The dance by my mental peacock is engaging;
Time and date, they get forgotten.

In both light and shade is traced eye-salve;
With pleasant devotion mind is packed.
Taking away everything, everything it gives;
A sea of pain gets lost to which remote location?

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Praying for a reed pipe

(2447)  Ei sandhyaraktarage

On this same evening-blood-red color,
You had come, come with affection,
Making wreath of night-jasmine swing upon clavicle
With a sweetly smiling pollen.

Sailing had gone rafts of clouds white,
And in bower of Kans grass, an argent smile;
But sounding had arrived Your bamboo pipe
With raga of jubilation.

Will those days not come once more–
Evenings ringed by winds of autumn,
But the gloom of all their torment cleft
By the Vanguard of Existence?

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Thursday, November 3, 2022

You shine a light

(2446)  Bhalor ceye bhalo tumi

Better than good are You,
A gloomy heart's ray of light.
My ceaseless companion are You;
Mind's ebony You set aside.

In new-moon night's darkness dense,
On thinking of You light is shed.
Disseminated are the shining gems;
Nectar of serenity You supply.

Nothing I desire in Your presence;
You are there, my all it is.
Within You in rhythm dances
Entity, place, and time.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

You put music to my words

(2445)  Campaka vane virale vijane

At a champak garden, secluded and solitary,
For Your sake I have composed many songs.
In the mind had been a hope, had been a love,
And so into those songs I've infused a lot of heart.

For listening there had been no other one;
There'd been no capacity, there had been no effort.
There was just a glut of endless inspiration,
A speck of Compassion's loving attraction.

With those same tunes I am moving on a jungle path,
But the pollen of champak I've mingled with that.
Yellow overflowing, a golden hue resplendent,
Into songs melody that sweetness has brought.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Sweet misery

(2444)  Ashrukana kena duliche balo hena

Do tell please, drops of tear, why they are hanging that way,
From the eyes a-dangling?
Who has given pangs of grief? Not a word did He say;
He has torn a flower of the wreath.

Beneath twilight's smiling luster, a shy jasmine of the night,
Why does He not call her through the rifts of clouds white?
He fails to grasp her pain, the heart's heavy weight,
Why her untied braids are shabby.

Who is He that holds dear but comes not close-by?
Staying far, He smiles and hides in the sky of mind.
His love, hard it grows to appreciate;
Like the rose this is prickly.

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